I grew up in walkerville, I always wonder why there has never been no true unity in such a small town, unless your into drinking and putting someone down, your really not accepted.
I never fit in I guess, and I don't really care too.
I am not suggesting that there are not good people in walkerville, but from the time I was a child I always noticed that there has always been a sort of MOB mentality in walkerville.
I was surprised to find that the cabin so many of us worked hard on is gone now, myself along with many others put alot of hardwork too build it and it just was basically used as a storage unit for sometime, instead of what it was meant to be build for and the was a centenial cabin commemerating 100 years of walkerville times, atleast thats what we were told.
I guess no one keeps there promices in this town.
Well thats all I got too say.