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Myrtle Beach, SC

#147 Oct 3, 2011
Several ancient farmers grew corn, barley, collected milk from cows and eggs from chickens, and grew other food-stuffs; they also cut lumber and built their own homes.

In other words, they actually fed and housed each other by trading their goods and services.

Then one day came a very clever "sheist-er," and he told the farmers that he had this supposedly precious metal he called "gold" - which is really almost worthless as a commodity - and that they might borrow this from his home - really a bank - for some of their food and building supplies; and that they - the farmers - might then use this "gold" to trade with each other their food stuffs and building supplies.

But the "sheist-er" said that there would be "inflation" at times, and/or depressions at other times, and even though the farmers had plenty of food stuffs and building supplies to trade, they did not have enough "gold" to trade with!

So the poor farmers went without food and/or building supplies at times.

The "sheist-ers" were very happy though, because they had much more wealth than they really knew what to do with, and they really didn't do nearly as much work as the farmers did to earn this wealth.

The "sheist-ers" had VERY big houses, and they drove around in their shiny new autos, as well.

Then along came a fella named "Tricky Dick" Nixon, and he made the "sheist-ers" even happier, because "Tricky Dick" told the "sheist-ers" that they no longer needed "gold"; all they needed was "Faith" alone, and this then was put on the worthless "money" which the farmers used to trade food and building supplies with.

Well, one day the economy of the nation was so very, very bad, that it seems that the farmers will soon decide just what they are going to do!

And I am wondering just what this will be; if anything!!!

Dr. James E. Dunn

Myrtle Beach, SC

#148 Oct 4, 2011

There is a social movement beginning to occur in this country, and it may be seen by the leaderless protests on Wall Street in New Your City today; protests which have been going on now for about three weeks.

Now, however, the same leaderless protests are beginning to occur in Washington, D.C.; in Chicago, Ill.; in Seattle, Washington; in Los Angeles, Calif; and in other cities around this nation.

And they, too, are daily growing in size; and they, too, occur every day now!

These demonstrations are the answer to the TEA Party Republicans and their constant political b.s.- in the House of Representatives, especially - and just "What?" may be the outcome in the elections coming in November of 2012?

Well, only about 60% of the registered voters voted in the last general election in 2008, and these non-voters who are protesting - many making up the other 40% of the Registered Voters - and are called "radicals" by the TEA Party Republicans, are probably going to vote in mass in November of 2012.

We might be presently viewing the beginnings of a Democratic landslide in 2012!!!

Dr. James E. Dunn
George the Great

Seattle, WA

#150 Oct 8, 2011
Sure in Vancouver the idea of civil discontent is to block railroad shipments, dump the load on the tracks, hold security guards hostage, and destroy the tracks to they can't supply the port...civil discontent....damn....just damn....god bless these unions fighting other unions...just damn.....lol

Wait...wait...then cry police brutality! Gimminie x-mas....have these union guys gone mad!

Arrest all of them..they lost my support whne they took the guards hostages....unions...what a symbol. geez.

Myrtle Beach, SC

#151 Oct 8, 2011

The demonstations in New York City, and the demonstrations in over 30 other cities and growing all across this nation, may be the very beginnings of a rather massive social revolution, not only in this country, but in many counties in Europe, and more all around this world!

These average people WANT and DEMAND that the 99% of the common people be treated fairly by the 1% of the people who have most all of the money, and are paid millions - billion even - each year.

These common Americans are going to win a resounding victory at the polls in 2012, because most all of them either voted against their Democratic incumbent in 2010 - or didn't vote at all - but this time they will definitely vote, and they will vote AGAINST the TEA Party incumbent they unknowingly voted into office in 2010!

Much is going to happen between now and the Election Day in November of 2012, and President Obama is going to soon champion this dramatic social movement!

Dr. James E. Dunn
George the Great

Seattle, WA

#152 Oct 9, 2011
Keep dreaming...most if not all Americans may agree with issues with these 'dirty' people, who can't pick up after themselves and deficate on public property. However, most Americans still agree that Congress should control the budget...last time I checked, the Democrats haven't passed a budget in over two years. People are aware of the 'war of classes' but are smart enough to understand that it begins in government. The budget needs to be controlled and out of control spending needs to stop....then the war on bankers can proceed...anything less will put our grandchildren, and their children for many, many years.

It's gonna be an intesting election...those that can camp out, not work for weeks on end vs those that work and provide without looking for a handout. Haves vs those that refuse to work.

Myrtle Beach, SC

#153 Oct 11, 2011

The American citizens that you say are living on the dole, this is FAR from the truth!

Better than 99% of them are either looking for work and can't find any, or they support the efforts of those looking!

You are watching too much FOX News these days!!!


Myrtle Beach, SC

#154 Oct 11, 2011

It is certainly interesting that the Radical Right – mostly the well-to-do TEA Party Republicans – label all the millions of downtrodden demonstrators now in over 70 cities and GROWING all across this nation, dirty, filth, degenerates, and much more disgusting verbiage.

The Ding-bat TEA Party Republicans must be getting real scared to give this growing multitude of demonstrators so very, very much attention!

Dr. James E. Dunn
George the Great

Seattle, WA

#155 Oct 11, 2011
Ah, doc, some of those downtrodden are union members or students so that 99 percent figure doesn't compute. Besides...I'm thinking the exact numbers haven't added up to a million nor millions yet. Well, unless you are using Diane Sawyor's numbers then it might be possible considering since according to her the demonstrations have spread to over a thousand countries. lol.


Radical right wing, well-to-do Tea Party Republicans...ding-bat tea party republicans....

Typical hypocrite Liberal talks about labeling....tsk..tsk..tsk.

Myrtle Beach, SC

#156 Oct 13, 2011
Keep dreaming your dream, Georgie!

Some on this board, and other boards, are beginning to question the Republican opposition to the tax bill, as well to many other bills, that they were previously in favor of voting for.

It is really not that difficult to understand, however.

The Republican Party is really two separate parties: the regular Republicans, and the TEA Party Republicans.

The regular Republicans are afraid of making the TEA Party Republicans mad at them for voting as the Democrats vote, while the TEA Party Republicans are against most everything intelligent that the Democrats propose.

And here we find ourselves: the Democrats, and better than 65% of the American voters in agreement with each other - and growing; and the TEA Party Republicans, and Regular Republicans, representing 35% of the American voters and falling.

Kind of like the Regular Republicans find themselves "between a rock and a hard place"!

Must admit, however, that I actually LOVE IT, and I am not really a Democrat!

Dr. James E. Dunn
George the Great

Seattle, WA

#157 Oct 13, 2011
lol...not really a Democrat...code for I am to the left of the Democrat party.

Doc, try looking at REAL polling numbers. Obama and the Democrats are still in deep trouble with independants and moderate Democrats. Majority of the people think this tax bill...aka job bill is a way to spend more money and reward croonies. Heck, citizens even know that the tax increase won't even come close to paying for the spending increase.

As you would say....the American people are wise enough not to buy this crap again....goodie...goodie.

Myrtle Beach, SC

#158 Oct 14, 2011

Now the Ding-bat Republican TEA Party posters have changed their tune a little bit.

Instead of posting "when President Obama loses ....", they are now posting "If he should win ...."

What is happening fellas!

Dr. James E. Dunn
George the Great

Seattle, WA

#159 Oct 14, 2011
I understand that you probably remember that I said that I am not a Republican Tea party poster or member but where are these posters? There are only two of us? No one else is here. And I never have changed my tune.

Doc...are you seeing people that are not here? lol.

Myrtle Beach, SC

#160 Oct 15, 2011

I think we are experiencing a small lull before the storm!

The news this morning tells of demonstations in now over 100 American cities, and more demonstrations all around the world in their major cities, as well.

The demonstrations are just in strongly capitalistic countries, however, where the banks are holding on tightly to they money, and they are not allowing middle class individuals to attempt to make a small business to grow and to flurish.

As a result, unemployment is going rapidly up, but this time around - thanks to the computer and the Internet - the communication between these many citizens of this, and other countries, is solidifying this "MOVEMENT."

It continues to grow, and to grow, and to grow, and ....!

Dr. James E. Dunn

Myrtle Beach, SC

#161 Oct 16, 2011

"Occupy Wall Street goes global" are the headlines on CNN today.

MSNBC and Fox News, well, you might as well forget them for any REAL news.

If you want a case of Ding-bat-itis, however, Fox will do you well.

If this protest continues to grow world wide, as it has been doing the last few days, well ....!


Myrtle Beach, SC

#162 Oct 17, 2011

Figuring out just why this is mostly an ultra-conservative and TEA Party forum at first is a rather difficult chore, but it will rather slowly become apparent to someone who is not yet retired.

The posters on this blog are mostly retired individuals; a year or more older than the beginning-to-retire Baby-boom Generation.

Their philosophy for government, and nationhood for America, is consistant with that of the Pro-Viet Nam Generation, but this philosophy will become smaller and smaller as the Baby-boomer's begin to retire in larger and larger numbers; and their offspring, and even some of their offspring, will soon advocate the philosophy of government President Barock Obama!!!

Dr. James E. Dunn

Myrtle Beach, SC

#163 Oct 18, 2011

The Federal Reserve Board will exist with or without our federal government.

In point of fact, this country made its money BEFORE it had a government: the Articles of Confederation or the Constitution.

We, the People ...." however, expect the federal government to "bail us out."

Then we just owe the Federal Reserve more money, however, but to whom do we really owe it?

To NO ONE really!!!

Our "debt" is totally a figment of our imagination!!!

More on this when I get the time.

Dr. James E. Dunn

Myrtle Beach, SC

#164 Oct 19, 2011

Myrtle Beach, SC

#165 Oct 20, 2011

I read "Scientific American," and I watch the Discovery Channel, Nat. Geo, and Lifetime.

Together they have really confused my living!

We live in just one solar syatem, but there are about 200 Billion solar system in our galaxy.

Moreover, there are about 200 Billion galaxies in the universe, all of which started out with a "big bang."

It is now known that each galaxy has at least one "Black Hole" in it. A "Black Hole" is something even light can't excape from; everything just disappears!

Where does it go???

Some scientists believe that on the other side of the "Black Hole" everything become the opposite of what it is today in this solar syatem: positive become negative and so on.

And there is the exact opposite of you and me, as well!

Go figure?

More confusing is the fact that what is known about gravity suggests that the universe will slow down its expansion and fall back into itself, but it was just discovered that the universe is INCREASING its speed instead, defying the laws of gravity!

There is a scientific experiment in several European countries, which together have built a gigantic tunnel many, many miles long.

They have shot a small particle through it, and it went at a SPEED FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF LIGHT!!!

Now according to Einstein's Theory of Relativity - E=MC2 - this is IMPOSSIBLE! The mass of an object become infinent when something approaches the speed of light, and it is therefore impossible to reach that speed!

All of science has therefore been put into question?!

I guess I will keep reading and watch tv, but life is sure getting very interesting!

Dr. James E. Dunn

Since: May 09


#166 Dec 22, 2011
yes, 2 out of three marriages end in divorce.
and how many of those who are married
and just staying together
'just for the kids'
or the house,
or because she or he knows some secret crime.

or it is cheaper to keep her
and he or she has threatened to take him or her to the cleaners...
which leaves us to maybe one percent that has the heavenly marriage.

they say it takes two. but it takes at least one to keep a marriage together.

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