Do you approve of Steven Palazzo as R...

Ocean Springs, MS

#22 Feb 8, 2013
Looking into it answers please. Thanks for the tip.

Mcnary, AZ

#23 Feb 9, 2013
Orville wrote:
Palazzo voted no but I doubt he knows why.
I think you just NAILED his entire schtick in a simple answer that's so simplistic its genius. You NAILED the topic.

The secret to Palazzo is that he's a drone. He doesn't know what in the f**k he believes in. He is a party "yes-man" who does whatever his higher ups tell him to say or do. His leaders tell him to vote "nay" on this bill, he does so, tell him to vote "yae" on another, he follows like a good dog.

He's a tea party stooge with no core beliefs about the greater good of the coast. Gene had his partisan "follow the leader" moments but @ least as a general rule you could tell he genuinely cared for the coast & bucked the party when it countered the better needs for the coast.

I'll never forget the time a year or 2 ago Palazzo let the teatards cut a half-billion dollar contract from Ingalls & when Gene's former staffer publicly called him out for it in the local media Palazzo hurried back & only got about half of that contract's value back knowing he'd lose his ass in the next election if he didn't do anything. And then one time I'll never forget when he voted against a NASA expansion bill that would have directly benefited Stennis & I called his idiot staffer who seemed clueless as all hell when I explained that voting against it would, you know, take jobs away from Harrison/Hancock Cos.

This guy is beyond clueless. He just plays follow the leader & does w/ever his higher ups tell him to do.

Have any of you been in his office in Gulfport? I went there to inquire about something a few months back I think it was & they have a buzz lock on the door. Gene's old office was you could just walk right in. Now the lady has to buzz you in.

And the entire time I was there she acted like I was trespassing on her property.

Please guys, next election let's boot this goofy teatard motherf**ker back to the curb & send him home.

Mcnary, AZ

#24 Feb 9, 2013
answers please wrote:
I would like to know if Stephen Palazzo approves of his fathers sale of 323 Front Beach, Ocean Springs to MsDMR for almost a million dollars per acre.This property is low an in a V zone.The purchase price in my opinion is about 6 times more than the best this site could bring but in reality there is no development value.How did this happen or better yet who made it happen? We the taxpayers would love to know
How? Wasn't his father involved in that Cedar Point land deal that was borderline legal & that Mike Moore said something like he 'looked it up & down trying to find something illegal about it' but couldn't find anything.

The Walkers/Palazzos/all part of the same good old boy club...

Since: Nov 12

Location hidden

#25 Feb 9, 2013
Patriot Guard wrote:
I'm sure the Congressman would love to respond to your cowardly attacks on him.
No, as some people have already pointed out, Palazzo doesn't respond at all. Like many others, I have sent him respectful letters requesting information and urging him to support legislation. What I've always gotten in return is some computer-generated form letter. In fact, I now have 4 of those letters responding to four different things and have receieved the same exact letter for each of them. I am very disappointed in his performance as a representative... Palazzo supports his party more than his people.

Mcnary, AZ

#26 Feb 11, 2013
For the life of me I still can't get over this. We on the coast voted to keep Gene in.

It was those idiots up around Laurel & Hattiesburg who elected this buffoon. Now of course I'm not blaming every person there as many up there did vote for Gene but I remember WLOX saying that it was 'the Pine Belt Region' who gave Palazzo the extra votes he needed to win the election. Please oh please Gene run again, ppl have had enough of this idiot.

Some foolishly said 'its time to get new blood in there' but as can be seen --'new blood' can also mean no brains.

Come back Gene, you stood up for your constituents.

There is a phrase 'you never know how bad you have it until its gone.' Sure enough.

Ocean Springs, MS

#27 Mar 24, 2013
Update on our two geniuses in the Senate. Both voted yes to raising taxes on all Americans via the 'internet sales tax'. And we are supposedly the party of low taxes and individual liberty? Our entire federal delegation from Mississippi needs to be fired. I'm not sure they can do any more harm on K street than in elected positions but lets give them the opportunity.

Ocean Springs, MS

#28 Jun 24, 2013
Wicker just screwed every Mississippi resident. He voted for the amnesty bill, all 1200 plus pages of it. Please tell me he read and understands what he voted for. It essentially gives Napolitano Cart Blanche to set and enforce any policy she deems necessary to establish a permanent democratic voting block of about 11 million minimum wage workers. Good work Roger, you certainly lost at least one vote in your next reelection bid.

Ocean Springs, MS

#29 Jun 27, 2013
Wicker must have found religion between Monday and Thursday because he voted no on the final Senate version. I believe it was a 'reluctant' no brought about by Mississippians letting him know that giving amnesty to 11 million illegals is not what he was elected to do.
Need info

Sioux City, IA

#30 Jun 28, 2013
Even if it passed its DOA in the House. At this point I think we're f**ked as a nation. There are just too many hispanics & their birth rate is too high & too many politicians of both parties want their votes that they'll cave on this issue. I actually lean liberal on most things but I think my own party is absolutely insane for backing this amnesty. Its going to bankrupt Social Security & other welfare programs probably a decade sooner than they otherwise would have been.

Supposedly these people will be the replacement workers for the aging white population. I don't buy it. The out of wedlock birth rate for latina mothers is a little over 50%. And even those where the dad is there they consume far more in taxes/bond proceeds than they pay back in. They're a net drain. As our workforce ages we're going to be up sh*t creek without a paddle. Bringing these people in -- and its going to happen when the Democrats take the House back & the corporations start leaning on the McCain types in the GOP to push it thru in 4 or 5 years.

There are just too many of these people & they form the back bone in too many battleground states like Colorado & Nevada & soon when the demographics change a bit Arizona too will go Demographic.

I've been reading a few articles recently about Texas even -- the cowboy redneck state by stereotype if there is one. I don't think most people know this but Texas is close to 60% non white/minority. I have no idea how Rick Perry & the Bush family are maintaining control in that state but sometime in the next decade TEXAS will become a Democratic state as well. And despite the stereotypes there are liberals in that state outside of Austin. Houston, San Antonio & Dallas/Ft Worth have lots of Democrats who have moved in from up north looking for work.

If Hillary runs for president next time around she'll probably carry Texas.

The Republican Party is finished -- but longer term its a pyrric victory for my side as well because all these immigrants legal or otherwise going on welfare will bankrupt the country.

I'm no gold or gun nut but it wouldn't be bad to start stacking up on some silver or gold that you can trade in to the pawn shop when the shtf in a few years. Just buy regular scrap silver/gold/platinum & put it in a safety deposit box & sit back. Start a garden & start stacking small amounts of canned food.

When the welfare starts getting cut off then the fun lead & a good Mossberg 12 gauge too, you're going to need it.

Ocean Springs, MS

#31 Sep 28, 2013
Just an update on the two geniuses we have supposedly representing us in the US Senate. They both voted for cloture which means they voted for ObamaCare. I have never been a picket carrying activist but when these two clowns run again I will be actively campaigning against them. They have become the consummate RINOs.

Ocean Springs, MS

#32 Oct 16, 2013
Our two consummate RINO Senators just voted for cloture on the ObamaCave bill. If these two morons are the best conservative voices that we Mississippians can send to DC to represent us then we deserve our fate. Cochran (hopefully) will retire to K street when his reign of incompetency is up. Wicker will have to be primaried. Can you say Gene Taylor the independent candidate?

Ocean Springs, MS

#33 Oct 19, 2013

Sioux City, IA

#34 Oct 19, 2013
Orville wrote:
Our two consummate RINO Senators just voted for cloture on the ObamaCave bill. If these two morons are the best conservative voices that we Mississippians can send to DC to represent us then we deserve our fate. Cochran (hopefully) will retire to K street when his reign of incompetency is up. Wicker will have to be primaried. Can you say Gene Taylor the independent candidate?
Gene was actually more conservative than Palazzo. Gene is more like Trent Lott & the old 90s conservative movement.

Palazzo isn't a conservative, he's a libertarian neoconservative. He gives a little sweet talk to the anti-abortion/"God, gays, & guns" crowd to keep them shut up & then basically governs like Rand Paul.

Sioux City, IA

#35 Oct 19, 2013
Orville wrote: 17/5829520/former-mississippi- congressman.html
Thank the Lord amen. I'm a Democrat & I'd vote for Gene even if he was a Republican out of respect for what he & his staff did for my family after Katrina & for what he has done over the years for this region unlike that f**king clown Palazzo who got where he is because of his rich daddy stealing money in the Cedar Pt. deal.

Ocean Springs, MS

#36 Dec 7, 2013

Now is the time to retire Cochran. He has been in Washington as a representative and Senator since the early 70's. I sincerely believe he has completely lost touch with reality and certainly the people of Mississippi. I will be supporting McDaniel both financially and in whatever capacity I can,e.g., neighborhood canvassing etc. I urge the people of Mississippi to support new leadership in McDaniel and send him to Congress to press the 'Conservative Revolution'.

Houston, TX

#37 Dec 11, 2013
Palazzo is a IDIOT he will never get my vote again

Ocean Springs, MS

#38 Jun 22, 2014

Show Low, AZ

#39 Jun 22, 2014
Orville: Sir from your own article:

Cochran still has disproportionate control over Congressís purse strings. He is the ranking member of the Defense Appropriations subcommittee, and if heís reelected and Republicans take control of the Senate, Cochran will chair the full Appropriations Committee. Heís also a senior member of the Agriculture Committee.

These perches allow Cochran to send money back to Mississippi, and thatís been a core message of his campaign.

Not sure what you do for a living but say you own a small business -- when those shipyard workers get laid off & stop coming into your business or when the airmen or sailors start not shopping at your business because they are not there any more -- what then?

Safford, AZ

#40 Aug 4, 2014
Good honest man. Needs to find his own voice, but heart is in the right place.

Lewiston, ID

#41 Sep 19, 2014
I am voting Moore in Nov! Mississippi deserves more!

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