scabbey eustler
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Los Angeles, CA

#1 Jul 17, 2012
we use to be friends. untill i realized what a nasty person she really was. if you know her. look out. she will pretend to be your friend just to fuck your man behind your back. she has warts and herpies. she shares needles. and is always on something. she shoots in her neck with her daughter in her van watching. she uses herion salt and meth an you can always tell when she hi cause she always says everyone is fake but her and that everyone is out to get. she almost o.ded an died and was in a comma over using drugs. she didnt learn a damn thing from it. shes a whore and will suck or fuck anyone for a joint or a vic. when we were friends she slept with 5 diff men within 24hrs all for drugs. shes the shadyest scabbest fakest rotten cuntest dirtyest person you.ll ever meet. dont trust her. not even with ur pets. shes sell them for dope... i hope for her daughters sake that welfare saves that lil girl. from her solfish junkie mother. befor that lil girl finds one of her mommys needles n is contamuated... she is dirty hardly showers her or that baby. she lived so dirty an didnt clean that her dad is knocking down the trailor they lived in.. because its unsafeable with grossness... if you meet her watch your back. she will do anything to benefit her drug habits... she even goes as far to trade her food stamps thats 4 her kid 4 drugs thats why shes always outta food stamps by the 8th every month.... i am posting this cause no one needs a funk infested fake dirty creature like her in their life.s if you be.friend her YOU HAVE BE WARNED!!!

United States

#2 Jul 17, 2012
you must have been turned down by her!

United States

#3 Jul 17, 2012
i am a chick an no i wasn.t turned down by her. i wouldnt fuck her with kermit the frog dick. and i definitly wouldnt want any girl that beens with 6 of the buckner.,s and har merisa in their mouth. her lip was bigger then bubbas offa forrest gump. the only thing i offered her was true friendship n when i saw how shes been with everyone an their cousin and uncle.s i tiook my friendship back but obvis mr.spider has hit that . to u spider frog me.. enjoy your lifetime of both funks 4 the rest of your life an every time u brush your teeth i hope you think of her.. she still has all three funks to this day. n you obvis wouldnt have said been turned down her if you weren.t or hadnt ate or tapped that funk... hope it was worth it. i would take a billion dollars to hold that bitches hand

United States

#4 Jul 17, 2012
no its beth,your pissed off cause abby dont want to run with you nomore.. you are oh so funny. it just ticks you off when your friends arent your friends anymore?moomy cant make them like you ?to funny to laugh at you .beth you are just as bad as anyone here saying shit about someone else.beth wreath has herpes and warts so i wouldnt screw her either.beth wreath is nothing but a JUNKIE also thats why her uncle is paying bills at his house while she lives there and girls are with their daddies.she still getting asst.from welfare while not having them so who are you to talk beth wreath. A NOBODY THAT TRYS TO BE A SOMEBODY AND NEVER WILL.a nasty nasty person.

Los Angeles, CA

#5 Jul 17, 2012
First off my name is not bethany. obvis. scabbey has more serval ex.friends.. I.m happy for her to be your friend. I hope that works out for you!! I must say it.s likely your friendship won.t last long. An if it does it.s only because you haven.t realized or figured out yet..... What she has done to y.o.u!!!! if in ten years you two are friends. Then thats great. I am making a statement about how she treated our friendship. an other people.s that i know. i have known her for over ten years and our friendship only made it under 3 years. she has done unfriend things to me. an i.m sharing this so pep can have their guard up. an realize it befor she does something shadey, trashy, hurtful to you. like i said you have been warned

Van Wert, OH

#6 Jul 17, 2012
Unsafeable with grossness? Contamuated???
Can someone translate this thread into English, so I can laugh at it?
Why can't you dirty VW drug zombies hurry up and pawn your electronics...

Harrod, OH

#7 Jul 17, 2012
she hangs with eva leindecker.. hope that tells you something!
Hell yea she is on everything. and she did damn near die not long before her mom did. she dont give a shit about her family her kid or herself thats why she was just screwin jamie partin

United States

#8 Jul 18, 2012
wow what ex friends you are .if you didnt want the friendship then why try.sounds to me as if your just ticked over something.what she didnt do for you what didnt she get for you didnt take you somewhere?ok theres alot of peeps that actually piss me off but i dont get on here and trash them.its just a quarrel over something stupid and it will blow over.or maybe not and yall wont be friends again ..if its to be then lets just say thats life and go on no need to be mean to anyone.

Van Wert, OH

#9 Jul 18, 2012
notafriendofmine wrote:
she hangs with eva leindecker.. hope that tells you something!
Hell yea she is on everything. and she did damn near die not long before her mom did. she dont give a shit about her family her kid or herself thats why she was just screwin jamie partin
eva just got busted for stealing at walmart.

Plymouth, MI

#10 Jul 18, 2012
It's just to damn funny! abbey, eva, jackie.. all of them girls have always been nasty,, really nasty!

Los Angeles, CA

#11 Jul 18, 2012
i know all three of them girls abbey jackie and eva. an they all use to hang out, but they do not now an have't hung out or been friends in years. i saw where eva got caught shop lifting and everyone gets caught at sometime or another.. thats on her. obvis. you are jealous of eva and jackie. they are both some fine ass bitches. they are both way better then scabbey. i.d fuck both of them girls. they both have better and more morrals then abbey. jackie's been with her man 5 years and eva with hers for a few. i think two. but not sure. i posted to warn pep that scabbey's a terr. friend and dont waste a sec. of your life regarding friendship on her.... it had nothing to do with anyone else except that useless whore. act. known eva and jackie for also ten years. an i know both them girls have made bad choices in their lifes and have been thru alot with their choices in men. yet neither of them have ever lied or talk shited about me. i dont know anyone they have done wrong. unlike the scabber... damn just thinking of them two HOTT CHICKS MAKES ME HARD
Mary Jane

Van Wert, OH

#12 Jul 18, 2012
Sounds like some idiot got butt hurt. Buckner, is that you?

Bellevue, WA

#14 Jul 19, 2012
i didnt start this post nor do i care about whats being said! u guys r sad every post u guys make about someone i know u seem to bring me up.. i havent been bothering anyone hell i even been staying at home.. me aand abbey was very good friends we have our times! right now is one of them and im sure itd the last time.. so once again say what u want i didnt start this and if wanna post then like now ill use my dam name!! have a good day

United States

#15 Jul 19, 2012
really lmfao i am not beth i dont even know her. but fuck her too obvis..... ur one of scabbeys many men or women that she f@ˇks n gives t4he funk u dont know me and i aint that beth twit. i s2ee shes got her own page on u u lil twits posting on her are lame this is a friendship herpie n warty page bout scabbey. if i wanted to write bout that twit beth i.d be on her page. i.m 32 a man went to spencerville lived few doors down from scabbey. so u obvis dont mind that scabbey gave u the funk cuz u so nasty and porkerish that no one else will touch u. so if u wanna hate on porker beth go to her page cuz u dont know shit...... scabbeys already f@ˇked contamiated gVe herpies and warts mersia and prob herp to ur mom sister brother cuz uncle.......... tha4t why u standing up 4 her cuz her drippy pussy doesnt bother u.... you are a twity ass STUPID BITCH that why u an scabbey still friends..... lmfao at u dumb bitch....hahahahahahaha u should stick up 4 ur family not say it okay that she gave them the funk 4 ever!!!!...... you must be just as nasty as her to act like it kewl........ go take a bath you skanky dirty twit!!!!!+

Los Angeles, CA

#16 Jul 19, 2012

Van Wert, OH

#17 Jul 19, 2012
Abby is scabby!!

Van Wert, OH

#18 Jul 19, 2012
It's beth don't let her fool ya. I'm sure she'll say someone else told her that her name was on here and she just came to clear it all up. She'll say she never even comes on here anyways. Buy the truth is it was her all along. She came on here and made the post using her real name less than two hours after she was called out. Then she waited an hour and made another post under her fake name. Notice how she made sure all the wording and even the spelling was so dramatically different between the real name Beth and the alias Beth? She's just so stupid and she thinks we all are too apparently. Well guess what Beth? We ain't all as stupid as you! So you have so much to say about abby why don't you just say it? I think you're a pos too but I agree with u about Abby
thought you was such a big tough girl? Or was that a lie? You seem to lie a whole lot anymore don't u Beth? Hahaha! I'll be seeing u amd your little nasty boyfriend too sooner than what u think. Tell lil Nevaeh I said hello will ya?
i wish

Willard, OH

#19 Jul 20, 2012
I wish someone would shut that nasty fatass bitch down. Them babies need to be with their daddies where they will be treated like kids and not pawns. They need to be loved and shown the proper way to be and live which they're not able to get when with that nasty ass junkie. I know both of her baby daddies and they sure as hell are golden compared to that over grown waste of space. Somebody take them ugly sluts out of here so them daddies can have a chance to save their kids from being the same way.

Los Angeles, CA

#20 Aug 6, 2012
Scabbey baby daddy needs to take her little girl. She shots up in her van with that baby right there in it. She has been with six buckets. An she has aids gave them to my cousin the dirty bitch
that is nuts

Ada, OH

#21 Aug 6, 2012
What makes you think that all of you teenage juvenile delinquents are so wonderful?

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