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bath time

Lima, OH

#1 Apr 4, 2011
Is bath salt a real drug? what is it like?

Delphos, OH

#2 Apr 4, 2011
Yes, and its worse than coke and meth itself. Its pretty much the equivelent to meth. I watched a couple/few people i know be all crazy on it. They did too much and were up for days and it was bad. I seriously cant believe its legal, and pretty much the only reason it still is is because its still new and hasnt had a chance to get banned cuz noones DIED from it. But that will happen soon enough. It was scary to watch them, at first they were sooo happy and said it was almost like an x/meth mix, then after the next hours and couple times they did it, realized they did too much and was downhill from there. Gave them EXTREME paranoia, they swore up and down they were being followed and watched and would stare out the house window and if they had to leave would bout have a heartattack driving across town cuz they thought cops were following and gonna pull em over even tho they didnt even have the stuff on em lol. Cant sleep, cant eat, cant concentrate and wow the nonstop talking. It was funny in a way but also scary to watch them trasform from normal to just crazy. I hope it gets banned soon. Cuz now they are addicted and the only way it will stop is if its banned. Its baaaad bad bad.
oc Jones

Lima, OH

#3 Apr 4, 2011
THATS not the way i saw it. it depends on what you get,just like everthing els,some a hole has to cut it,to try to get their rocks off for free
crack head

Lima, OH

#4 Apr 4, 2011
ask a 1st timer, about anything and it will probley b bad.1st time smoking pot was like hell'1st time hugover druck1 of the wrorst,1st time
layed well that wasent that bad.1st time w/salt not good gave me a bad gut.extreme paranaio ,thats a crack heads bad day.iwas abal to stop smoking crack w/it.and the help of a very good freind thank god for my sweet & betiful wife.GAD BLESS ALL US CRACK HEADS,,,

Delphos, OH

#5 Apr 4, 2011
Its not their first time using it. They are highly seasoned of all the hard drugs. Except i dont think they do crack. Heroin and meth and coke mostly.. and pills. Always on something. Like i said, at first they felt great. Then when they did more, it wasnt great anymore. And it probably woulda been fine if left at the small amount they first did but they kept doin more and more. Theyve done it 3 different times now that i know of, and probably more. I remember the first time they did it, the first line was all good, then they did more and more on top of it, and then it got really bad. After that they swore up and down never ever again. Yet less than a week later, were doing it again and then complaining just the same. And so went the 3rd time. nothing but complaints and up for days and stomach hurtin cant eat, cant sleep, extreme paranoia, callin me every 5 minutes frickin out about this and that. So, i guess if you have willpower to limit the amount you do, then go for it, they said it was like a meth/x mix at first, then they overdid it and it got really bad. So maybe just dont overdo it and it will be alright :), if you like meth, then it is pretty much the same and legal. Which im not by any means agreeing with it or saying to do it and try it cuz im not at all, but if your gonna do it then your gonna do it no matter what anyone says or warns you of

United States

#6 Apr 4, 2011
where can you buy it in cleveland, i know some head shops, but what are some of the smaller stores, gas stations that sell it? don't worry i've done it b4, don't abuse it, and can't handle it. i need it to help finish this paper due 2morroow, so if you know where to get it 2nite let me know

Ridgeway, OH

#7 Apr 5, 2011
i heard its a senthetic drug (like k2) its a substance like speed that u can smoke, inject, or snort.. so yes its senthetic drug
pissed off in VW

Lima, OH

#8 Apr 5, 2011
so it isnt like the calgon bubble bath salts? I dont do drugs so this is all new to me.. what the hell are ya'll talking about???

Delphos, OH

#9 Apr 6, 2011
LOL!!!! No its not like calgon. it kinda looks like corn starch. Its really fine and no lumps or anything already all ground up. Yes its synthetic just like k2 except you snort it.. or smoke whatever but most snort it. K2 is an 'incense' they call it, that you smoke.
Pissed off in VW

Lima, OH

#11 Apr 23, 2011
ok so what exactly is K2? My kids could be doing this and I wouldnt even know what it is....
Dr Pepper

Van Wert, OH

#12 Apr 24, 2011
I seriously disagree. There have been several deaths due to "bath salts". It is a very dangerous drug and even some hard core drug "enthusiasts" warn of its danger. Being in the medical field, we have seen this already...
Stick with the safe, fun stuff.... Life is to short....

Lima, OH

#13 Apr 24, 2011
i just watch somebody jacked up on this crap almost kill somebody else bc of the paranoia....they were hillucinating and there was nothing that anybody could say to change his mind...i have never seen anything like that before...i will never use it or allow it anywhere near me...and fyi i was just a neighbor that winesssed the whole thing so no i was not delibrately around it....IT IS REALLY BAD SH*T

Bellville, OH

#14 Apr 24, 2011
pissed off in VW wrote:
so it isnt like the calgon bubble bath salts? I dont do drugs so this is all new to me.. what the hell are ya'll talking about???
its intended use is to put it in your bath water and obsorb it through your pores , and it will lift you up, then some asshole decided to try snorting it, and now its the new fad cause there is no test for it YET! and yes it is very similar to meth, the dimentia usually comes on after being awake for a day or two, and yes it will be banned at some point. it is generally sold in headshops and all night service stations , but not all of them
WhatIsWrongWithP eople

Mount Vernon, OH

#15 Apr 25, 2011
For anyone who does that crap... YOU ARE STUPID!! My brother is sitting in ICU right now from it. I dont care if you "think you can control it" Its just not something to mess with! No one really knows what exactly is in it! Why do something that is going to make you just freak out i dont get it! I really hope bath salt becomes illegal quick!

Lima, OH

#16 Apr 25, 2011
my cousin works in an e.r.(not vw) and he said that they see so many cases a day from this stuff....he said it is really really dangerous and it does yea it needs to be banned quick!!

“Ave Satanas”

Since: Apr 11

Hades, Ohio

#17 Apr 25, 2011
People are always going to get high. It's a fact of life. Animals do it even ... cat's with catnip (catnip is hallucinogenic to cats), birds and other mammals have been observed eating fermented berries. What I'm saying is that people are always gonna try to get high just for the feeling from it. And I'm not against experimenting. Every single emotion/feeling that we have ever had is a result of different chemicals in our brain that occur naturally. Why should we be forced to limit ourselves to those which are naturally produced? I do however think that people should stick with real drugs that have proven benefits like Psilocybin Mushrooms, DMT, LSD ... stuff like that. I believe Psilocybin mushrooms is something everyone should try at least once before death. With drugs like that it's not a high it's an experience that will often times change your outlook on life for the better. You wouldn't understand unless you've done it. BUT this bathsalt stuff is just that ... people trying to get high and the more we try to stop it the more popular it's going to become. Should it be illegal? Personally I don't think any drug should be illegal for an adult to use themselves in the privacy of their own homes. I don't do drugs anymore but I still think people should have the right to choose if they want to. And yes, they do know exactly what bath salt is but I forget the actual chemical name. Just because people someone obviously over did it, had a bad reaction, or just couldn't handle it is no need to ban something. I know people who have overdosed on Aspirin. Will that be banned next? I do believe it will eventually be banned just like Salvia Divinorum was awhile back which by the way was really dumb to do because that wasn't hurting anyone the way this K2 and bathsalt stuff seems to be doing. Ban it and something else will take it's place. It's a never ending cycle.

Delphos, OH

#18 May 9, 2011
Pissed off in VW wrote:
ok so what exactly is K2? My kids could be doing this and I wouldnt even know what it is....
K2 is same as pot except synthetic and legal. It comes in incense form and you smoke it.

Lima, OH

#20 May 12, 2011
hahahhaahhahha you keep doing that shit your all gonna go nuts. its killing people brain usage and people are going seriously crazy because of it. and you all sound really stupid. that shit is for the birds man. people who arent on probation dont need to do that. and you all look liek a bunch of f'n losers! like you;'re that addicted that your gonna do bath salt? and snort it and shoot it up? WOW. junkies.

Lima, OH

#21 May 12, 2011
anyone with a brain wouldnt do that.

United States

#22 May 12, 2011
All the lowlifes stupipid enough to do any drug deserves everything they get from it! Grow the hell up you d@minute idiots! a

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