Heroin: 1 Travis Stump;0

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Van Wert, OH

#1 Dec 4, 2010
Final score.
Drugs kill

Ottawa, OH

#2 Dec 5, 2010
He isn't the first and will not be the last. My sympathies to his family and friends. Life is full of choices with consequences. If you are on drugs seek help or live or die with the consequences.

Van Wert, OH

#4 Dec 5, 2010
i also have dog sex, there little weinners feel warm in my butthole, wroof, wroof!

Van Wert, OH

#5 Dec 5, 2010
Mount Gilead, OH huh? im so glad 2 c that ihave followers already. people who wannabe me. dog sex? i dont think so. altho id rather have sex with a dog than over dose myslef on heroine lolloloololol

Ottawa, OH

#6 Dec 5, 2010
Who is Chad Stripe and why would he hate do many people on here?

Van Wert, OH

#7 Dec 5, 2010
yeah it's hard being this cool, you know i hardly have the time to do this anymore, you know since Ive been dicking down that fat wal-mart lady! oh yeah momma raines hold on to our reines dadys going to ride that pony, pony. ha you get that Reines is horse tack, ha, see you are so dumb i feel the need to explain this too you.
See i can't have dog sex there penis are too big and it makes me jealous and I punch them in the balls. plus I love the fat wal-mart lady. She keeps me off the old Heroine, she will trade fart sex for big macs, so I am always a Mcdonalds spending up my 600 a month, thats Iam hood rich at the 1st. God I am dumb!
stacey dawson

Philadelphia, PA

#8 Dec 7, 2010
y dnt you i smoke crack get a f***en life stop commenting on every ones s*** if you cant be a man an have your name out there then i really think you should keep your retarded a** shout about my sons dad. travis stump was a great man an a great father to my son he got in some bad s**t and paied the price so your rude a** comments you can take them an shave up your blown out Dog F***en a** dnt you have anyone that loves you? are you just that lonely that you have nothen better to do with your pathetic life then to talk down about ppl when really im sure your the lowest f**k on this earth. so why dnt you have some respect for his family an my son if you cant do that then go comment on your on worthless pathetic life an stop talken s**t about someone you knew nothen about. i think it might be time to grow up just a little. you make yourself look dumb as f**k on here talken about eveyone when we all no your just f***ed up in the head with nothen better to do with your worthless life trien to hide from everyone like the little b***h we all know. so untill you can be a man i think it would be a wise idea to keep a real mans name out your mouth we got an understanding fagget

Van Wert, OH

#9 Dec 7, 2010
laugh out loud. Your so funny. good man? try heroine addict. hiding, who me? never. think about it this way stacey dawson why would i want my name to be known to a bunch of loosers like you? why would i want your people to come looking for me when your apparently nuthing but a bunch of junkies? its not bout being afraid kids its about being smart. i kno you and i knew that loser travis stump to. he want nuthin and never will be nuthin now. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhah ahahahhahahahahahahhaha1!!!!!! !!!!
shouldnt u be at home greving instead of comin on here talking smack. SMACK. good father u say. i doubt it. he was to busy shooting up to worry bout his kids.did he shoot them up to i wonder, maybe. you think i need to ghet a life? you think in eed to stop commenting? try this on stump was a worthless crap pile and now he is bein eaten by maggots.may be i am sick in the head. but u still know that the things i say make you mad.i get to u dont i? knwo how i know i do??? because u will be back to make another comment on my comment just like everyone else. so where they burry travis at any ways girl?maybe i will go dig him up and have some fun.or may be i will just throw some needles on his gravestone in his memorie

United States

#10 Dec 8, 2010
You are right, ismokecrack, you WILL get someone to comment on your post. Me. And I am NOT anyone affiliated with Travis Stump. I don't even know who he is. Or any of the other people that you talk about on here. But I just have to say that I am dissapointed in you. The posts that I got used to reading from "ismokecrack" were properly spelled, punctuated, and gramatically correct. The post above, not so much. Which leads to me believe that I was correct in my earlier assumption that "ismokecrack" is, indeed, several people or he/she is schizophrenic. If it is just one normal person then I am not sure why your posts would be so well written one time and then look like a mentally impaired person wrote them the next time.
I also love that ismokecrack said over and over that they did heroin every day and then they come on here and make fun of someone that overdosed on heroin. Um, are you confused? Think it can't happen to you? Or is it just one of your other personas that does heroin every day? Lmao...and yes you are right that people will comment on your posts because you make them angry. But that is definately not why I am commenting. I just couldn't resist your obvious charm. Didn't Johnny Murphy already call you out as being Aaron Hatfield, along with a couple of his homosexual buddies? Either way, keep up the great work. Your misspelled words and posts that look like you have a 2nd grade education are great entertainment to me. You are like the ultimate irony. You put people down and make fun of them to get them all riled up, while by your own admissions you do the same things as them. Whether you're lying or not doesn't matter. Either way you make yourself look like a huge jackass and it gives me a good chuckle.:)
no ones perfect

New York, NY

#11 Dec 9, 2010
i cant believe someone would be so harsh about someone who died. so u may not like this guy but have a lil respect for people who do.. that man had a family and friends that miss him dearly and for u to write the stuff u did is just down right harsh.. ismoke crack there is a age on u go comment on that and trash ur self and leave people who isnt hear to defend them selves alone!!
Just me

Van Wert, OH

#12 Dec 9, 2010
Im with stacy on this one. DO NOT say shit about the dead. EVERYONE has their issues and when you are an addict you dont always see a way out and you dont get help until you want to. He WAS a good man and always will be in our hearts. People make mistakes and yes he did pay the price and his family and friends are left to pick up the pieces. Im sure many of you on here have made mistakes and I know some of you and I know that you have made many mistakes but you are still here and you should be thankful for that. I will defend travis till the day I die too.

Van Wert, OH

#13 Dec 9, 2010
defend travis all you want. i will say what i say when i want to say it til the day i die 2. least i wont die of a heroine overdose. prlly cause im not a filthy junkie.
WHO ever said i was aron hatfield by tha way? jonny murphey sorry i dont know that guy and no im not aron so why dont you just get off of this guy names arons dick for once. alls i hear is people talking bout this guy and it makes me wonder what he must have done in his life to get so much love from everyone. he owns you all for some reason hm wonder why you all think so much of him.
so seriously though did they evert find out who sold travis the heroine? u would thnk that the police or the sherriffs would be out looking for who dun it. i have heard it was a few different people but dont know if there is any truth to it. i have heard it was the infamus kara motter i have also heard it was kevin lagdencamp. and i heard it was shanon hartmen. i dont know any of the poeple besides kara but shes a junkie herself so i dont think she sells it. ive heard shannon is a big heroine dealer in the citie. any one know about her? what about kevin lagdemcamp? i dont kno anything at all bout him. personly i think it was this shannon chik. at lesst thats the one every one keeps bringing up. they say she is a heroine dealer and that she is also a skam artist cuz shes ripped many off my takin their money or sellin um fake drugs. least thats wat everyone saying around town when i been askin about these people. kust look at what all you have let youre little town turn into. a big big big pile of drugeys and addicts. aint you proud/.?

United States

#14 Dec 9, 2010
I'm proud that I can spell simple words, unlike you ismokecrack. Seriously, you sound like a f**king retard. Infamus, citie, heroine, drugeys, personly??? For real dude, my 8 year old daughter would beat you hands down in a spelling bee. Why don't you take some of the welfare you probably get the 1st of each month and buy a dictionary. That way you could look up each word as you type it and then maybe, just maybe, we could understand what the f**k you were trying to say. I tried to read your post but was laughing so hard from the stupidity that I didn't even understand half the s**t you were trying to say. F**king loser...

Elko, NV

#15 Dec 10, 2010
I bet it was that nasty, douchbag Kevin L. Hes always rippin people off and he is a big junky piece of shit who needs shot in the face. I heard he molests cats in the neighborhood. Keep your Kitties safe!

Van Wert, OH

#16 Dec 10, 2010
like i said i dont know but one of the people i mentioned.mainley everyone is going around town saying that it is this shannon hartman chik but i dont know her so i cant say for sure.
and yes i do spell some words wrong. glad you get a laugh from it. it dont bother me none because i still get my point acroos.

Lima, OH

#17 Dec 10, 2010
Well Ismokecrack maybe if u put the crack pipe down and buy that dictionary maybe u can figure out what respect means...Did u even know travis? I didnt think so..Like i said put the damn crack pipe down and look at what u have said. He made a mistake and ur not the one paying for it...Braxton,Jason, and the rest of his family are. I think maybe u should just mind your own damn business..get off the damn computer and go get a life it might make u look like less of an ass!!!
Lisa Carroll

United States

#18 Dec 10, 2010
Seriously grow up and get a life. How can u talk shit about the dead when he cant even defend himself. Ive known Travis since i was like 12. He was a great guy. Ive seen him with his son and he was a great father. Just bc he chose the wrong path 2 do drugs dont make him a peice of shit! He lost his life 2 young and god rest his soul. Thats sad u have nothing better 2 do then dog him when hes dead. U obviously didnt know Travis. All u know is he done Herion and died so stop running ur mouth. Yea he was stupid but cant nobody take that back so stop talking 4 the sake of his friends,family, and son. Seriously its immature. Travis was a awesome person and i will also defend him till the day i die too. All ur doing is making it worse 4 the ones who had 2 bury him. Dont u think their going thro enough pain then have 2 turn around and read this shit? Grow up..........ONLY THE GOOD DIED YOUNG! RIP TRAVIS MICHEAL, HAVE FUN IN THE AFTERLIFE AND WATCH OVER THE ONES WHO LOVED U THE MOST:)

Van Wert, OH

#20 Dec 12, 2010
aw look its lil lisa carol to the rescue!shut up lisa. you aint nuthin either.so what that he died.nobody who wasnt his friend or family cares.and so what if this affects his friends and family while they going through such a hard time dealing with his death.they shouldnt be so worried about what people say about theyre heroine addict friend or son on the internet anyways.he died because he deserved to.he was the biggest peace of crap that i have ever known and i for one am glad that he is no longer.he went to hell you know?no way would god let him into heaven dying the way he did. he is in hell better believe it.
pd raines

United States

#21 Dec 12, 2010
Look u so tough over a key board u wanna talk tough stuff over my dead dude come on now plz show ur face up at 332 n chestnut st i got something 4 u man or waman i do not care travis was a great man n friend n 4 u to talk his family n friends n even his mom like that u low life sob i cant wait till u lose 1 of ur children! the only reason u talk tough bout him now that he is dead n gone is cuz u no stright up he would put it on u like u never have had it put on u b4 plz show ur face or just let me no who u r u dont have 2 come 2 me i promise u i will come 2 c u who ever u r idc just plz let me no till then keep ur mouth shut! philip david raines sr!!!! c dont b scared 2 put ur real name on here!!!!

Van Wert, OH

#22 Dec 12, 2010
pd raines: shut it guy. you dont know nothing and you never will. your probably the one who gave him the heroine in the first place. seriously though pd where were you at when he was shooting up his heroine if you were such a good friend? you could of stopped him. your almost just as responisible as him so get over it fast.you keep calling people out but you aint about nuthing.you live like a slob with the w h o r e of vanwert county.just look at her pd.ew.and think about something of course you were friends with him u deal drugs in town.

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