tom vincent john coon and esetle all ...
Got Caught

Grafton, OH

#62 Jun 19, 2013
Florida don't put up with people like her, if she stays there they will take the kids

Bryan, OH

#63 Jun 19, 2013
One could only pray that someone steps in. She's only teaching her children that it's ok to much off other people and have other people take care of you. I don't understand how they can get away with working and still receive so much in food stamps and cash benefits. It makes me sick to my stomach. Pond scum. That Tara girl that is ruining with them hopefully she can see how bad Tom Tonya and Billy are b4 it's too late.

United States

#64 Jun 20, 2013
Hey Tonya. It's me. Lmao! You f*cked up pill poppin yuck mouth! You messed with the wrong sister. You already took one sister now you have Tara stealing shit for you?! Your are worthless!

United States

#65 Jun 20, 2013
dumbbitch wrote:
hell tonya let her kids b alone with billy,he would walk them around ohiocity bumming scrap metal and cigs. off of people,i dont see how she still has them kids,they have been put thru pure hell by her,when she was homeless with them they should have been taken away,her mother dorothy is just as bad,she treats her kids the way tonya treats hers,like mother like daughter,but chilrens services needs to get thier heads out of thier ass n take them kids out of that environment,im sure they already have mental issues from everything tonyas let happen to them!
the little boy has severe autism. He needs to be with someone better equipped to handle a child like that. And the girl missed tons of days of school. Would walk to the bus alone when she was in kindergarten. its pretty dark in the winter at 650 am for a 5 yr old to walk alone. Those kids deserve a better life. Are they both tom and tonyas biological children?

United States

#66 Jun 20, 2013
No they are not I don't think Tom can have anymore kids. Thank God and hopefully Tonya can't reproduce either.
Got Caught

Medina, OH

#67 Jun 20, 2013
Tom can't have kids, he just gets with women that has kids, he tells everyone they are his and then trys to adopt them so he can get more money in social security. I am thrilled that he finally got caught and hopefully goes away longer than the 3 twelve month prison terms that is over his head. In most states when you run from a warrant it is considered escape and that is a automatic 5 year sentence. You cannot rehabilitate some people and he is one of them. As for Tonya she won't change either, the only thing that we can hope for is, child welfare does their job, hopefully she keeps her ass in Florida, they will for sure take those kids, they don't play

Wapakoneta, OH

#68 Jun 23, 2013
Why is everyone putting down Tom and Tonya? What is wrong with them thinking the world owes them a living? They deserve to get free food stamps, free welfare checks, and free cigarette money every month. Don't you know it is hard work to get out of bed at noon or 1 o clock everyday. That is hard work checking to make sure that welfare check is deposited every month. They seem to be smarter than most people in that they know how to work the system to get free shit. Heck look at tom, nothing wrong with him other than being a dumb fuck, gets free money mooching off all of the taxpayers who work for a living. Someone please enlighten me on wtf is wrong with tom that he gets paid to sit on his fat lazy fucking ass and get paid for it. Watch and see he always manages to weasel out of going to prison, he will get a little pat on the ass and sent free. They need to just throw his fucking ass in prison and give him a stiff sentence. Make that prick work while he is in prison to pay for his stay.

Lake City, TN

#69 Jun 28, 2013
IAMARedditor wrote:
Did you guys read my jail stories about Estle on the other thread on this same subject? Good stuff, lol.
Dafuq is wrong with that Tara Lee chick anyways? She's disgustingly stupid.
you don't even know what you're effen talking about!! she's not stupid she has an illness and can't make good judgement or decisions on her own..thus resulting in her making the wrong decisions and getting mixed up with the wrong people! trust me she has learned her lesson this time getting mixed up with the vinson's and estle was the worst thing she could ever have done
ho fo sho

Wapakoneta, OH

#70 Jun 28, 2013
LMMFAO!!!! Tonya learned her lesson???? She married that loser. It isn't that she got mixed up in anything. She is just as much to blame for everything. Poor tonya., her illness is stupidity and if tom is the brains of that family that is scary. Although maybe one could argue that she the intelligence of a retarded monkey. You are a full blown dousche canoe by the way.

Lima, OH

#71 Jun 30, 2013
ho fo sho wrote:
LMMFAO!!!! Tonya learned her lesson???? She married that loser. It isn't that she got mixed up in anything. She is just as much to blame for everything. Poor tonya., her illness is stupidity and if tom is the brains of that family that is scary. Although maybe one could argue that she the intelligence of a retarded monkey. You are a full blown dousche canoe by the way.
They was not talking about Tonya but Tara Lee

Lima, OH

#72 Jun 30, 2013
are they all out of jail now or what?
Got Caught

Cleveland, OH

#73 Jun 30, 2013
Vinson just got expedited back to Van Wert, Estle and Lee are in Osceola's county jail and do not know where Tonya is, but she should of been charged also in all of this, heard she was the driver in all the break-ins they did. Anyone heard where she is at?

Wapakoneta, OH

#74 Jun 30, 2013
why is everybody always picking on me

United States

#75 Jun 30, 2013
Tonya wrote:
why is everybody always picking on me
o please. Lmao. This can't really be Tonya. If so you'd know y.

United States

#76 Jun 30, 2013
Ya didn't figure it was Tonya. To scared that Kathryns gonna beat the butter off your teeth.lmao.

Wapakoneta, OH

#77 Jun 30, 2013
chitowngirl61 is a skankass, lowlife that think she is in Chicago but really she is just a ghetto booty bouncer that gets passed around.

Akron, OH

#78 Jun 30, 2013
Like to know who I get passed around too... First off, I have more respect for myself and my body then to jump from man to man or in your case every man. I have a job, pay my bills, lived in the same place for 5 years, take care of my kids, don't drink or do drugs. I don't live off the system or steal to support a habit, I don't have to worry about the law showing up at my door with a warrant or child services investigating me for negligence... So yeah I may not be in Chicago anymore but I still carry the attitude that comes from being brought up there, so
before you start saying you know who I am, why don't you come find out for yourself, always love to show people the real me. You must be one of the low lifes that stick up for tom and tonya, you see where their life has gone, you keep hanging with them you will end up there too

Valley City, OH

#79 Jun 30, 2013
She nodda bad person,yousa ho

Elyria, OH

#80 Jun 30, 2013
Stick and stones may brake my bones but words will never hurt me ha ha lmao bitch
Got Caught

Elyria, OH

#81 Jun 30, 2013
Wow not a bad person lol let's see, she takes off knowing her husband has a warrant, she moves a child molester in with her kids, she has another girl go out and steal for her now that girl is on jail too. You must really be stupid or just plain dumb. I can't wait for the courts to send Tom away for a very long time, cause I can guarantee Tonya will be next.

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