Pit Bull Rescue Tia Torres husband ex...

Duncan, OK

#330 Jan 21, 2012
Tia is a good woman. She takes two of society's "Outcasts" Pit Bulls & Parolee's, she dedicate's her time & her knowledge, and her personal self....she uses her talents of training dogs & teaches that to the parolees. She gives them an education that they may not have found ever in life anywhere else. It takes a special kind of person to be able to take an absolute WILD dog, especially the PIT BULL, and trains him, shows him love & brings out the very sensitive side of these animals to make them loving, trusting animals & then puts them up for adoption ONLY AFTER she inspects the home & owner. The parolees? She finds their soft spot for animals, she nurtures the good in them & shares her life & her family to bring out the best in these guys, and shows them the simple rewards in life of being a person with self respect & integrity. She turns them around and if she reaches just one, to make a difference in his life to keep him off drugs & the mindset of being a criminal & re-focus's that onto the importance of their family & children. They are able to go out into the world after release with a second take on life.....The State of California doesn't give them that....Tia Torres does. This could be your neighbor, your daughters boyfriend, or boyfriends brother....I myself am thankful for Tia & her efforts & triumphs over they time she takes for these loving dogs that get the crappiest rap & reputation. When they are loving LOYAL dogs that give back what the get. Same as human beings. They are no different than any other dog except for some people take what they are capable of and nurture the wrong side of that and use it for personal gain. HORRIBLE to see TWO dogs put in a cage together to see them tear each other to shreds...if the dog doesn't kill its opponent, then the owner does. It is as HORRIFIC as it gets. The owner's of these dogs that get off on watching & participating in bloodshed. They are sadistic people. No better than people who offend by thriving off the suffering of children & pain afflicted onto another human being just so that person can feel something good. Why would anyone want to degrade someone for wanting to do good in this crazy world we live in. Like there isn't enough bad already...the mindset seem to me that they want to STOP anyone they can who is doing the grater good, just to satisfy the fact that it gives them an excuse to sit on their butts & do nothing....or they can sit on their butts & do nothing and it all seems like normal. When most people do small things daily just to make this world a better place, even if is to assist an elderly person through a door way of a business or store they are at, or saying "Thank you" for a courtesy given or a gesture of kindness given. NOT this Holliday person, they make it their life's mission to attack Tia Torres & her people just because they are jealous. That's why good things are happening in Tia's life. & Probably not much in this other persons. What a shame. So if your heart is in the right place, you can accomplish many good things through work & effort. Good things. Things you can be proud of. Thank you Tia Torres & everything you do to make this a better place. May you & your family be blessed richly!
kim gomez

Woodbridge, VA

#331 Jan 21, 2012
i totally agree with this whole atatement what her husband did he did his time leave these people alone they are only doing good! they are not only helping animals but also helping get some people help getting back into the world again helping with their self confidence and theres no telling the good they can do if givin the chance just like the animals after they have been givin alittle love its amazing what they do here they should be applauded so why dont you open your eyes and see the wonderful things they sre doing a huge thank you to tia and all the people who work and help her you are trulely one of gods little angels you have our hearts/QUOTE
Brutus s MommY

Elizabethtown, KY

#332 Jan 21, 2012
I do not know Tia, but I sent the center an e mail with a question about my dog and received an immediate response. I see nothing wrong with her work and what she does! So what her husband has a past who doesn't? It takes a real person to look past a persons faults and see who they really are (man or animal)and love them for that! My 5 year old 80lb pit bull who thinks he is a lap dog that only weighs 5 lbs is my baby. He is great with our 5 kids and has changed the hearts of many whos paths he has crossed. I owe my pit my life as he saved my 3 month old baby at the time as we were out walking and a loose dog came out of nowhere and went after the stroller. My pit jumped infront of this dog who was attacking him and all he did was look at me. He did nothing till I told him to get em. What did my dog do? growled never bit! People finally came and helped us. They praised my dog and after a very large vet bill my dog is safe laying by my feet here at home 3 years later. Don't judge a book by its cover! And so everyone knows I use to feel that pits were a bad breed, that is till I met Brutus's mother when she was a puppy. I own chi's, boxers, poms, and several animals on my farm. He never bothers them, or any other people. After the city living and the harsh neighbors yes I packed and moved for my dog. Now in the country we are welcome, and btw my neighbors love my Brutus. Funny thing is a person can learn alot from a dog....Keep doing what your doing Tia! This family is a pit family and we want to send our blessings to yours!

Bethlehem, PA

#333 Jan 21, 2012
I just started watching this show so my boys could see pit bulls aren't bad. My boys were terrified of them because we witnessed an attack of an elderly man who just got off a bus. We were stuck behind the bus in our car. I was shocked by some of the things I've read on this site! I truly believe Tia is doing a great job. I also don't think her choice in men is our business ; however, I don't believe the people on this site excuse her husband's behaviors because he killed a child molester! I think he would receive a pass if he was a car jacker that robbed six banks as long as he was an animal lover. That's just my opinion. I am glad I was able to show my kids a different side of.this breed of dog. Oh and before someone judges my parenting skills.....I made my boys lay down in the car until we were able to get around a very hectic. Scene.

United States

#334 Jan 21, 2012
I have been an avid viewer of P.B&P since the firsit season. Owner. I along with everI give Tia a lot of respect for all she does. Before PB.&P I never EVer would have EVER considered being a P.B. I along with everyone else HATED this breed because I was afraid and ignorant about them. I was in the thinking " kill them all!" Attitude. Since my exposure through this show and discovering the breed first hand, they are such a misunderstood breed. YES....they have the ability to do damage. But its not because they are mean. PEOPLE make them mean. Every P.B. I have come.across that is treated with love and kindness by their family and freinds are great wonderful dogs. I now have a smaller breed dog(s) that are snappy, so until these lovely Bostons have lived out their lives, I will not own a P.B. but when I no longer have a dog that would antagonize a P.B. there creating a possible volotile situation.....I will rescue a PB. Now that Tia has moved nearer to my Arkansas home...I will be able to get in touch with V.L.P.B.R. and get me a wonderful Pit. Thank-you Tia for informing this ignorant person<3....
I do have a.couple questions. Please someone answer me this..... is Tia's husband still incarcerated? And whats the truth about all of it?. Are the Boys ok? And wth? A brothel?

Bellaire, TX

#335 Jan 22, 2012
but what was he originally in jail for?

Bellaire, TX

#336 Jan 22, 2012
and are the two girls his daughters?

Ephrata, WA

#337 Jan 23, 2012
To everyone who downed Tia & her family, have u ever rescued a dog before?? Even just 1? Bc I lived in Arkansas where pit fighting was the "in" thing 2 do, backyard fighting happened everywhere, well since I was raised with pits my whole life my hubby bought me a pit puppy for our 2nd anniversary, when the police department of the small town we lived in learner how much we cared about our pit,(Her name was Kasey Lynn) he asked us if we would be willing to take in some of the pits they rescued from pit fighting, since I 1million percent disagree with pit fighting we said yes.
We figured it would be 1 maybe 2 dogs ended up with at 1 time we had over 10 pits, 2 were pregnant, even with 10 only vet bills killed us, not to count food, shelters, kennels, everything. People complain how small Toad shelters are, with that many dogs what do you expect?
And even with what her show pays her and donations, she has to pay bills, payroll, vet bills, its a never ending cycle!
Then she has to deal with idiots on top of that Downing her! We dealt with idiots to, wanna know how that turned out? Our house burnt one night & 3 of our rescue dogs went missing, the others were killed. We never learned who burnt our house.& killed our dogs, but 1 man found out we had his dogs, which the police took away from him Bc he was fighting his dogs, & the police places his dogs with us, he showed up demanding his dogs, we said not unless the poilce gave us the ok, less than a week later our house burnt.
Luckily Kasey was with us, but our other personal dog, Kujo also died that day, when the firemen released him from the cage he ran into the burning house, we assume he was trying 2 find us...

Point being hatred breeds bad things, this lady & her family opened their home for these dogs, so she can be bitchy at times? Like u wouldn't be if u were stressing over all this, so her husbands a.bad guy for joining a group in prison? What do u think would happen to him if he said no? Do u think if he did join maybe he did it Bc someone threatened him or his family maybe? Nobody but he knows, don't be so quick to judge, Bc if he did join he has his reasons, but obviously they are not racist!

And as far as the idiot who said all pits need 2 be put 2 sleep, do u realize how many pits have saved peoples lives? Kasey saved my husbands, he worked on a farm & he was being attacked by a momma cow, Kasey heard him yell, she ran in the pen with them & she bit & shook the cow until it started attacking her instead of my husband, when my hubby was out of the pen she ran to him. 4 years later she was diagnosed with cancer & she was in the last stages,.so at the age.of 7 she was put to sleep...
Austin TEXAS

Austin, TX

#339 Jan 25, 2012
Holiday wrote:
Aren Marcus Jackson has been officially charged on felony counts and is currently waiting his next court date on the 26th (inmate locator) in the LA County slammer. Jackson is on a no bail hold for $950,000.00 (that aint chump change). Jackson married Tia Torres owner of Villalobos Rescue for Pit Bulls about a year ago, and ever since he's been busy making a name for himself amongst the young adults of Agua Dulce, Acton, and Palmdale. Tia has been unavailable for comment other than to show her disatisfaction with those she "believes" reported her husband to his parole officer. Neighbors are outraged that such things are going on right under their noses, as are many parents who found that their kids learned more than how to clean cages while visiting the Torres family at the compound.
Ignorance is bliss~
Slander- look it up people.
I will just make this comment... Stop WASTING time complaining & get out help your own community. To judge, hmmmm... yeah- it is not your job. Maybe if the "neighbors" located around the pit bulls were involved in THEIR community they would not be so "shocked at what was going on under THEIR noses."
P.S. Pits & Paroles on t.v. ROCKS !!!
<3 Austin TEXAS
Austin TEXAS

Austin, TX

#340 Jan 25, 2012
Ignorance is bliss~
Slander- look it up people.
I will just make this comment... Stop WASTING time complaining & get out help your own community. To judge, hmmmm... yeah- it is not your job. Maybe if the "neighbors" located around the pit bulls were involved in THEIR community they would not be so "shocked at what was going on under THEIR noses."
P.S. Pits & Paroles on t.v. ROCKS !!!
<3 Austin TEXAS

Hardy, AR

#341 Jan 25, 2012
You can take each and every pit bull out behind the barn and shoot it. Bang

Corpus Christi, TX

#342 Jan 29, 2012
wow some of you people are so judgemental. tia rescues animals. WHAT DO YOU DO that makes you so much better? just wondering/(and before you ask me the same, i will answer, i volunteer at my local shelter, and in two weeks i will get my first "foster dog." i will keep him/her until he/she is adopted.)

Ephrata, WA

#343 Jan 29, 2012
Lisa wrote:
You can take each and every pit bull out behind the barn and shoot it. Bang
Wow Lisa can you be a little more cold hearted? Pits are not bad dogs, there is no breed of bad digs, there are just bad owners... guaranteed if I still had Kasey (my pit) you would much rather be around her than you would my poodle I have now,

Anyone who thinks all pits are awful dogs and say all pits should be killed show their ignorance right away.... pitbulls are the most loyal dogs, they have saved many lives, they are wonderful children's dogs & they will risk their lives to save the ones they love...

Also pits make great service dogs, as a matter of fact a little boy in California has one, so since u feel that way why don't u go tell that little boy his service dog should be shot?

You really need.2 wake up & grow up....

Saint Catharines, Canada

#344 Feb 3, 2012
I think Tia is doing a great thing. I live in a province that has enforced a law making pitbulls illegal because they have proven to be mean. I believe it is all in the way people raise them. Any dog can be mean if put in a situation of being raised that way. I have been around a number of pitbull before the new law and not once ran into a mean pitbull. They have been nothing but loving and playful. Way to go Tia!!!!!!

Duncan, OK

#345 Feb 3, 2012
I think her biggest challenge is the one's she rescue's that have been trained to be fighting pit's. Ya know. I am with you 100% on how they are raised. I (well) my son's have had pit's they have bought, I ended up raising them. & I fell in love with all 3. I had always been scared of them. Once I had them, they were just like my babies. Now, I had one, that was aggressive by nature. I mean he was the biggest loving pit. He would hold me down and just lick me to death. It was so funny. He minded all of his commands. But, let the cable guy or some man even look my way to approach me and he would growl. I had to hold him. Even when I commanded him down, I didn't trust he would not break that one. Just to be on the safe side I always had control. But he was especially one of my very favorites. His name was Muscles. I loved him so very much. I had to have him put down in 1996, and just the love in his eyes for me and the excitement of seeing me...was there...and to walk away knowing they were putting him down was all I could take. I cried all day. Thank you for all the positive outlooks on things for Tia. She is taking some hard knocks from some B....H. & I mean that in every sense of the word. This woman is giving her legal trouble. She is like Gladys Karvits! Poor Tia is working herself down to the very light of day, & this woman & her family is just strait up jealous of her. But I believe good con core's evil. Thanks to you again! Keep the posts coming!
Kandie Rosales

Logan, UT

#346 Feb 11, 2012
Bridgette wrote:
I personally took a visit to Tia Torres's shelter for stray animals. I wanted to adopt a Pitt Bull. I have had this breed of dog long before the media slandered them. After she gave me a tour of the shelter she left me alone to wander around the compound. I noticed many things, she knew every animal by their name, they all greeted her with love and affection. I also noticed that along with Pitt Bulls, she housed Timber Wolves (another type of animal people disgard) racoons, and large cats. In fact she was fighting back tears half the time because she was so worried about one of her sick cats. Besides last time I checked animals don't do backround checks they go by instinct so her husband can't be that bad. Why should her husbands legal issues even be an issue with her and her animals. There isn't anyone else taking care of the unwanted animals as well as she does. So quit blaming those around you for your childs drug problem and the other problems I'm sure he suffers. The probem starts at home. Maybe your not doing your job as a parent properly. Hope counciling goes well for your whole family.
Sincerely, Bridgette
Anyone who cares for someone, or something, unwanted, rather human or animal certinly has a bigger heart than many. Abuses towards children and animals is growing earth-wide. Hell, abuse towards all living creatures, period, is growing. When people like Mrs. Torres and the other wonderful people with her, willingly step-up, give of themselves and ask nothing back from anyone except a chance to do good, we should stand-up and do all we can to help--not slander them.
Most of us don't have the time, but we can help financially. Even $5.00 can help, although Mrs. Torres never asks. She needs all the help we can give.
Thank you Mrs. Torres, and thank your family, friends and co-workers, too. I pray for your husband's quick release, and all the great guys you stand-by. You're an amazing woman. Thanks for putting the (Ummph) back into my heart--I thought I'd lost it.
Kandie R.

Milford, CT

#347 Feb 12, 2012
Anonymous...you sound quite like a real bitter and emotional person. Either you had personal experience with these people, or you are carrying your own life crap. Writing about any family or children is not only immature, but disgusting. Humans need to be good to one another, and mind your own life. Do not worry about Tia's life, AJ, or their children. Mind your own. Stop being so cruel. Even if these were facts....what anger is making you publicly out it? You are the one with problems and questioning character....just my opinion
Anonynous wrote:
I believe Tia is A hack, she makes about a 150 K a year after taxes. So trust me she does not have it too bad. As far as AJ. he's a white supremacist, active member of the Aryan brotherhood. As far as the twins, they're both hooked on meth by IV. And it gets better, did you know they both go out with Tia's two daughter. Not to mention she collected insurance on the fire of her brothel. In brief, racism towards blacks and hispanics,a former madam who prey on women weakness, two twins of hawaiian descent who think they are white. Funny. And yes they did steal that bike, yes they're all on dope . If it smell like shit then its probably is. These are all proven facts, she has a lavish lifestyle for her daughters at the expense of all the tax free contributions of people who buy it. She's a slick grifter, who by the way met AJ thru the mail. It show how insecure she is, meeting an ex convict who is a killer. He killed a child molester in jail. Oh btw the twins get motorcycles, cars, toys, free rent, because they go out with her daughter

Lynn Haven, FL

#348 Feb 12, 2012
Personally, I feel what Tia is doing for animals is wonderful and I firmly believe what ALL good rescues are doing is wonderful. I am very happy for her and the animals; in that Animal Planet is airing a show that is gaining awareness for both the breed and the need for help. So as always, my thought is the bottom line, the animals. It is very easy for any of us from the comfort of hiding behind a computer screen to judge anyone and everyone...BUT the truth is, Tia has been willing to put her private life on display, for awareness of the breed and I commend her for that. THAT is courage very few of us have.
Lisa M

Modesto, CA

#349 Feb 14, 2012
I think Tia is Great... and everything she stands for..... all the kids seem to be cool and show their Mom respect , Tia's doing a Hell of a job raising those kids on her own... So sorry she had to leave Calif... but I will watch her show were ever she goes...

United States

#350 Feb 18, 2012

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