What is with all the Armenians in NOHO

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Los Angeles, CA

#1 Jul 14, 2009
Ok, first it was Glendale, then Burbank now NOHO and Van Nuys. Too many Beamers and Mercedes for apartment living Armenians. Do they feel that since they are moving to LAPD territory they won't have problems. They think well LAPD is probably going to worse on them then Glendale Police.
Shit - an Armenian just moved into my complex. Well at least we have security cameras. You should of seen the Guidos helping them move-in. All of them were driving Beamers. The rent in our place is about $1000 a month but the "NEW" owners are driving a S500 which is probably at least $1000 a month in lease rate.

Los Angeles, CA

#2 Jul 23, 2009
You know you may spend your money on other things, but these people like to spend it on their cars. What's your problem. Im not Armenian but sometimes i wish i was. they are one of the most kind people with respect for one another. Stop judging and live for yourself. When you door is closed does anyone know what goes on. no right! Thank GOD they are moving here, now this getto city is starting to make some money and look better. it was a dump before. So F off on them will you. dont be a hater...

Los Angeles, CA

#3 Jul 28, 2009
And one of them I know who moved here owns 5 Health Care business. Tell me who in right mind own 5 different Health Care businesses with addresses of all 5 within 5 miles of each other? Oh yea, NOHO going to be in better shape with them performing Health Care Fraud.

Northridge, CA

#4 Aug 3, 2009
Dear VNA
I am not armenian, but I have alot of Armenian friends and neighbors. Consider yourself blessed to have an Armenian around you. They are kind, compasionate, and humble people who care for one another. They are not criminals but loving people who care for others. They are a culture who looks out for their family and friends regardles of their nationality. They have grasped this way of living and maintained it throughout their history, regardless of the obstacles that these unfortunate people have had to endeavor.(i.e. THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE) Despite the near annialation of these peacful people, they have survived. In every culture there are the good, the bad, and the ugly! It's not fair to stereotype them...

Los Angeles, CA

#5 Aug 6, 2009
Please give me a break - I too have met many wonderful Armenian people in my 6 years in the Valley but it has been far and few between that have worked in legitimate jobs. I have even had those who I respect tell me they are sick and tired of what they are seeing in the Armenian community. That from their own race.

I'm formally from the Westside and never had the Armenian race even on my radar. In fact, when I moved from the Westside I thought problems I would encounter would be from the Hispanic community. Truthfully, not one issue with that community. Almost once a week I get blown off the road going down Victory or Van Owen etc... by a speeding Armenian in a BMW or Mercedes. Just today I had an Armenian just decide to stop on Victory in the middle of a time where their is supposed to be no stopping. I gave a quick honk of my horn as it caught me by surprise. The guy, who I didn't know was Armenian at first jumped out of his car and started yelling at me, giving me the finger and then started marching toward my car. Yes, I got out of there as I would have for anyone else regardless of race would have done. FYI, the guy was driving I think an E350 and was about 20 years old. Go figure that one out.

I remember walking along Victory by the 170 and I stopped for about 5 minutes to count number of BMW's and Mercedes going by. I saw about 12 all with Armenians in them and to top that off about 6 of them didn't even have a license plate with numbers only the dealer plate. How is that possible - can we say illegal?

In my apartment complex a new Armenian couple moved in just this weekend. The cost for a two bedroom is about $1400. They are driving a S500 and a Range Rover. Go figure that one out.

Yesterday, I was getting gas and in drove an S600 out gets an Armenian and he's smoking. Just starts to fill up his tank while continuing to smoke. The attendant comes over and tells him to put out his cig as other motarist start scrambling to get away from the station. He start yelling at the Attendent. Figure this one out.

I have not had a single problem with a hispanic or black person in 6 years in the Valley but have weekly occurrences of problems with Armenians. The bulletin boards are lit up with the disgust of Valley residents, Glendale Residents and Burbank residents with all this.

Yes, the Armenians had their Genocide and the Jews had their Disporia but that does not grant either of these groups the right to trample all over their neighbors.

I think I have made my point!

Los Angeles, CA

#6 Aug 18, 2009
I'm sorry but i agree Armenians are the ruddest people ever! I have met some nice ones don't get me wrong, but still by far the rudest people. They act like they deserve something for having been through a genocide. I dont know what the issue is with them but they need an attitude check. Unless you want your life sumed up by the material objects you own they should work on their attitudes and stop trying to rip off insurance companies.
Armenian Citizan of NOHO

Sylmar, CA

#8 Aug 19, 2009
Wow what is this world coming too. Why does it sound like half the people on this thread are not accepting Armenians in the valley. I'm Armenian and i have been living in NOHO for over 20 years and have never heard such an insult to the Armenian community... it is also embarrassing for Topix.com to support such an accusation. All i'm saying is America is the land of opportunity for every race, you should send out a welcome message, not a discrimination news post

Los Angeles, CA

#9 Aug 20, 2009
No problem and we do in the US. If you look through all the threads it is mostly about the "BAD EXPERIENCES" people have with the Armenian community in the Valley not any preconceived notions or ideas. This is brought on by Armenians own actions nothing else.

Burbank, CA

#10 Aug 20, 2009
Okay I don't know what VNA problem is with Armenians, but you need to stop hating. Just because we like to have certain luxury does not mean that were doing something illegal. It's funny how you talk shit about Armenians doing illegal work and fraud when the biggest credit card and medical supply bust where Jew's, blacks and Asianís behind the whole bust. Not one Armenian was involved. How do you explain that? Stop hating and start appreciating Armenians, because if it was for us NOHO would have been ghetto place to live. Itís because of Armenians that NOHO is safer place to live in now. If you hate living in NOHO so much, then move.

One other thing just because our dadís like to take good care of their kids, does not mean that money comes easy for them. For your information most Armenianís make true and honest living, like my dad and rest of my family member, just because they donít share their finances with you it does not give you the right to judge us. Stop hating loser and get life.

Los Angeles, CA

#11 Aug 21, 2009
As I have said I have said in other post I have met many good hard working Armenians. The problem is the bad ones outnumber the good ones.

Explain to me why there is so much discussion on these boards (Glendale, NOHO, Burbank and Van NUys) about Armenians and not latino's, Jews, asians and blacks but just Aremenians.

Explain to me how one Armenian family I know owns 9 different health care companies all within 6 miles of each other, they drive over 120K worth of BMW's but live in an Apartment. Sounds like they work perfectly legal jobs to me! Explain this.

As I said actions speak louder then words.

Please point to the specific case when you say the biggest Credit Card bust and medical supply bust where Jews, blacks and Asians. I don't doubt you but back it up with exact information.

I'm am very happy your dad works hard to give you and your family a good life but his mistake is to give you a Mercedes or BMW, if that what he did. He is fostering an entitlement that is not justified. I grew up in a very wealthy neighborhood of Los Angeles and my parents could easily of given me everything I wanted. Instead I had to work for what I got,even my first car. They helped me for two years of schooling and then said I had to pay my own way for the last two. When I bought my first house they could of bought it outright for me but instead made me earn my way with money I saved. What this did was make me resiliant to life's hardships. I learned to earn my way in this world and not expect a handout. I'm sorry but if your parents are giving you everything without giving you the capability to earn your own way I'm sorry for you. By the way I never did ask for your Dad or any other Dad including my own to provide for me, I'm fine on my own.

Los Angeles, CA

#12 Aug 24, 2009
AKHS - I see can't come back after an intelligent reply to his arguments.

Burbank, CA

#13 Aug 24, 2009
The only reason I have not replied back to you yet, is because I don't have spare time like you to sit around a computer and wait for reply. After reading your comments its just shows how ignorant you really are, 1st off you make absolutely no sense in why you dislike Armenians. 2nd you keep repeating the same thing over and over again, why and how does your next door neighbor have 9 health care centers (which is completely nonsense, because the state would not even allow someone to have 9 health center with 5 miles from each other, thatís complete lie right there)and drives 120k car but lives in apartment. Who cares if thatís what that person prefers then by all means good for him, why do you care? Why does it bother you so much? 3rd off unlike other cultures Armenia parents like to take care of their kids, they don't kick their kids out of the house when they turn 18. Thatís why you see 18 and 19 year-old kids driving nice cars, because they don't have to worry about paying rent or bills. Oh and also most of these kids pay for their cars. Don't compare yourself to us, every family is different and you have absolutely no right to judge any family on how they raise their kids, or how they spoil their kids. What is it to you? Get a life and get over it.

Oh and to answer your question on where the biggest credit card frauds and medical frauds took place read the articles http://rss.msnbc.msn.com/id/32450595/ , http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/metro/2008... , http://www.cbs8.com/Global/story.asp... , http://www.thefreelibrary.com/3+VALLEY-AREA+R... .(News)-a083604084, http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090729/ap_on_re_... .

Do you need me to send you more links? And you can see NOT ONE ARMENIAN WAS INVOLVED. Now do you feel stupid?

Los Angeles, CA

#14 Aug 25, 2009
The Yahoo report doesn't say exactly who was involved, CBS8 doesn't say who was involved, San Diego says the following: "Three of those charged are U.S. citizens. The others are from Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus and China." and MSNBC list Gonzales which is a Hispanic name. Regardless, you indicate "Jew's, blacks and Asianís" but not one of these reports indicate anyone of that race - not that they weren't. So facts aren't straight.

You say I don't make sense why I dislike Armenians I don't know how much clearer I can be. I don't dislike all Armenians but the majority yes. My experiences in my short time in the Valley with this ethnic group has been proportially more extensive then any other ethnic group. I have been threatened, lied too, almost run over by a speeding Armenian while my kids are in the car, had that same Armenian jump out of his car and come after me just because I honked my horn as he almost hit me (another post); these are just a few of the issues I have encountered with Armenians. I can count on 1 hand the number I have encountered with other ethnic groups in the Valley.

Unfortunately, if I divulge who that family is then I would be immediately identified and definately I would have the Guido's coming after me. I can't get into this anymore but this family will be busted from what I hear from my friends on the LAPD. They are watching them.

As for the Cars/Apartment issue it comes down to values. Any ethnic group whether Armenian/Jew/White/Black etc.. that I saw doing this I would say the same thing and it about blacks on the Westside. It just goes to core values and you really have to question where they get the money for 100K+ in cars but only live in 1K apartments.

So here is a nice story - yesterday I was at gas station in NOHO and in drives a nice BMW 750LI and out gets this guy who is about 6'2" 250lbs wearing all white basketball clothes with the number 23 on the back, typical Armenian wear but not 100% until I hear the music coming from the car. The guy was definately not of the caliber who could afford such a car under normal circumstances. He reminded me of the Mob type enforcer or what we used to call Guido. He was Armenian - How do I know he was blasting Armenian music in the car. Why do I care - again it just another example of this ethnic group flaunting their ill gotten gains.

No I don't feel stupid - You just need to look at the comments of others and look at the example of your consulate to see fraud.

Truthfully, I don't care what parents due for their kids what I do care about is the self rightous attitude I see from the Armenian people as reflected by their children. They expect everything handed to them on a silver platter. On top of that the majority are dangerous on the streets with their expensive cars.

Los Angeles, CA

#15 Aug 25, 2009
AKHS - I give you this much at least you can put together a well written paragraph. In all likelehood you are a decent person but like others you try to defend a position that is not defendable. Why would you want to defend such people. I personally don't come to the defense of my own ethnic group when they have done something illegal.

Canyon Country, CA

#16 Aug 28, 2009
I am not Armenian, but my best friend is. I love her and I know her as long as I have been in United States. They are one of the most caring people I have ever met. They very family oriented and later you become the friend of the family. Sure there could be a few bad ones; but as far as it concerns to me, the few bad doesn't bother me as I have one on their best by my side. At the same time for the ones that shows off- they arn't at the best of my interest, simply I dont care. Listen to this saying by mother Teresa, "If you start judging people, you will not have time to love them". Hope it helps you.

North Hollywood, CA

#17 Aug 30, 2009
You bigots are just jealous of people with fancy cars.

Canyon Country, CA

#18 Aug 30, 2009
I am not Armenian, but my best friend is. I love her and I know her as long as I have been in United States. They are one of the most caring people I have ever met. They are very family oriented and later you become the friend of the family. Sure there could be a few bad ones; but as far as it concerns to me, the few bad doesn't bother me as I have one of their best by my side. At the same time for the ones that shows off- they arn't at the best of my interest, simply I dont care. Listen to this saying by mother Teresa, "If you start judging people, you will not have time to love them". Hope it helps you.

PS. Rose- I am not jealous at all and certainly I could be happy for someone driving a good car and living a good life.

Los Angeles, CA

#19 Aug 31, 2009
You just don't get it - everyday I see people in luxury cars speeding through our neighborhood. The majority, when I'm able to see them, are Armenians. Is it the type of cars - NO - but when you see such a a large number driving cars that are out of their true economic range you really start wondering.

If I saw 8 out of 10 Blacks, Hasidic Jews or even Whites driving through my local neighborhood in 75K + Mercedes and BMW's I would be saying the same thing.

To own a 75K car the payments are between 1K and 1.3K a month. Not many qualify, legally, for these types of financial arrangements.

I too have met some very nice Armenians in fact I became friends for too short of a period with a lady who was Armenian. She worked a solid job at a Health Care imaging company (ie body scans etc...) We had a long talk one day and I told her about the problems I was having with an Armenian in our apartment complex. She told me not the other way around that she KNEW that a lot of those driving the 75K + cars couldn't afford it and had gotten them from ill gotten gains. She said she was so sickened by what her fellow Armenians were doing.

Anyways enough about this group - as I always say what comes around goes around (and that was before the song came out). For those who do shady deals the day will come when they are caught.

Los Angeles, CA

#20 Sep 5, 2009
Well, okay. Armenians do like nice cars and it is everyone's own business how you want to spend the money you earn. Some people invest it on their homes, some people eat out at fancy restaurants 7 days a week, list goes on. These people like to invest their money on their cars. What's wrong w/ that? It's a free county. You can go to the dealership tomorrow, lease a BMW and drive it tomorrow. FYI: the dealership is OPEN to anyone. And who knows...you may look like an Armenian too, living in the Vally and driving a nice car:)

At least they don't eat ice cream at the parks and throw away the paper and make the park look like a big trash can, where mostly mexicans happened to be. And, go see a park in Glendale/Burbank areas, spotless...where Armenians mostly happened to be:)

As far as rudness, Armenians are not rude, they just get to the point, nice and short!!

Van Nuys, CA

#21 Dec 3, 2009
ara es inch varvac martik kann HAYERIC lave chka es ashxarumm

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