Scott Villa Nursing Home
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Stop hating

Fort Thomas, KY

#26 Apr 20, 2013
Browneyedgirl wrote:
I agree with happy citizen! I have had great experiences with the staff at scott villa and i would refer this nursing home to others!
I worked at Scott Villa and Hampton Oaks, and every other nursing home in this area. Scott Villa IS the only place I ever worked at as a CNA for 20 years who actually did care and we had an excellent team there. People shouldn't judge unless they break their backs like we did there for years. Those residents were all in excellent condition and very well taken care of. Hampton Oaks has more dope head nurses and aides working there than anywhere I have ever worked. Why don't some of u concerned citizens and family members ever show up for your "loved one"? Scott Villa is and always will be the best and most caring group of professionals I have ever worked with!

Fort Thomas, KY

#27 Apr 20, 2013
Justice For Gaven wrote:
<quoted text>Apparently that office is just like Department of Child Service's,they do nothing until it's to late!!!!!!!!
Every report of abuse or neglect is investigated by the state of IN immediately. In all the years I worked there, there was no neglect or abuse substantiated by the state. Sounds like the rumor mill is out of control again. I and my co-workers saw maybe a total of ten family members who actually came in and cared about their loved one. We were and the people who work hard there everyday still are those elderly peoples family. All the nursing staff treats each resident as if they are our own family, because they have no one else. and it is the cleanest facility I worked in for over 20 years.
Sorry for your experience

Fort Thomas, KY

#28 Apr 20, 2013
justdontknow wrote:
well my uncle is in that nursing home and they dont give a shit bout u he had piss on his floor and they didnt come clean it up they just let it sit there and he had to eat his super why there was piss in the floor. and he was in a room with a guy that couldnt feed himself,the bitch that came in there to feed that poor man couldnt eat cause she kept sayin u done u done,can u hurry up i have stuff to do, and the old man told her he didnt like pizza and she said thats all we had so the man had to take his time to eat something he didnt like. i know i would never take someone i hated there cause they dont give too shits bout u it needs to be closed down r someone needs to go in there and make them work i mean they dont get paid to sit around n talk bout who they fucked n whos thre baby daddy, do ur job and then when u get off talk bout that stuff then.
Sounds like u got a new or very bad nurses aide. That happens everywhere trust me. I can assure you that the people I worked with there for years would not ever treat anyone that way. Any piss on the floor was always cleaned up immediately.Btw what was wrong with you cleaning up after your uncle if u care so much? Just saying. I know it is their job but that makes u look pretty careless yourself. Everyone is offered a substitute if they don't like their meal. We treated every resident with respect and made sure they maintained their dignity. If what u say is true, then I apologize for whoever the bitch aide was, but that is not the norm there! Until u break your back lifting people and cleaning shit twelve hours straight u should probably not judge the hard work that the aides do. Walk a mile in our shoes and then tell me how much time you have in one shift to sit down let alone talk about who they're fucking.

Fort Thomas, KY

#29 Apr 20, 2013
vyt wrote:
Yeah, it's a shitty place! I wouldn't put my ex mother in law in there. Oh wait, yes I would!
Hampton Oaks has had to fire quite a few nurses and aides who were addicts and thieves. Scott Villa is the best group of caring people in the county!
bad choice

Fort Thomas, KY

#30 Apr 20, 2013
just the facts wrote:
<quoted text> ....I was in Hampton Oaks for rehab from a knee replacement in jan and stayed until the end of march .The people there was so very caring and helpful for their patients . You could tell they really cared for people .Anything i needed they was there to help me .Most places you ask somebody for help its hold on its not my job let me get somebody(NOT HAMPTON OAKS).If i had to go in any nursing home for long term it would be Hampton Oaks . And as far as Scott Villa .I had to put my mom in it 88-89 from a stroke she had that left her paralyzed .Scott Villa didnt impress me then with the service. we moved her to another nursing home .
The reason the nurses and aides at Hampton Oaks are so happy is because they are high on pills constantly. I feel sorry for you cause you are so wrong. You totally have this backwards. Staff comes and goes everywhere. Nursing homes have one of the highest employee turnover rates than any job for a reason. I'm sick of people bitching about the care at Scott Villa. If you ever had to be a caretaker one day in your life for a helpless person you might understand what those girls go through year after year. If you cared so much for your family member, then why didn't you keep them at home and hire a home health aide? Stop putting good people down that u don't even know. There are good aides and bad aides everywhere you go. And by the way we aren't impressed with very many family members we meet either. Most people put their family there cause they are too lazy to take care of them themselves and can't be burdened by them. So please get real. Who do any of you think you are kidding? We hardly ever see concerned family members cause most families do not care!

Fort Thomas, KY

#31 Apr 20, 2013
Community resident wrote:
My grandmother went to scott villa. She broke her spine, femur, shoulded, and ankle. Doctors told us she would never walk again. We were preparred for her to be at Scott Villa for the rest of her life since she was 92. They got her walking again!She even lives by herself with no help. The therpy department is amazing. They are discharging everyday and admitting everyday. I met a lot of honorable people in the community there as they were there as patients. They were worse off than my grandma. They all went home! Also my grandma didnt have to leave the facility. She never had to go to the hospitals or anything. The doctors of the community put their parents there! So for everyone who sees all the bad things about scott villa and go take a tour and see for yourself. You will be amazed. The administrator Heather Merry was on top of it. She new everything about my grandmother and even assisted with her wound care and the don robin. I would recommend anyone to go there. Especially people who they say will never walk again. They work miracles.
Thank you so much for telling people the truth about Scott Villa! Finally someone who knows first hand how terrific these people trully are. I worked the rehab wing for a few years and it is a hard job but very rewarding to give someone their mobility back. More people should compliment these great workers!

Holton, IN

#32 Apr 21, 2013
I worked at scottvilla for awhile we all took good care of people there but the staff got put down a lot by the Adon and some of the aids Joenett and tiff Would lie on u they think they are the best a lot of good cna as left because of them two joe thinks she knows it all .

Since: Mar 13

Location hidden

#33 Apr 21, 2013
I worked. There about 15 years ago as a CNA and a QMAand back then it was a nice place to work and a place that put patient care above all else. I can not tell you what the place is like now. I can only atest to what it was 15 years ago. You can call JACO and check their standings and review a co of all of their JAYCO certifications and state board of health inspections and copies of all former complaints and their findings!

Lexington, KY

#34 Apr 21, 2013
I just want to add some nursing homes do have staff just there for paycheck. I have been a C.N.A. for 15 yrs and I work in home health now do to I didnt like the care some aides were givin. And yes it does take state a bit to follow up on complaints.

Tallahassee, FL

#35 Apr 21, 2013
*why /*while.*their /*they're /*there.*are /*our.*to /*too /*two.

This is not difficult, people. Your teachers attempted to hammer it into your heads in fourth grade.

Scottsburg, IN

#36 Apr 22, 2013
I worked at Scott Villa a few years ago and also had a family member there. When I worked there, it was owned by the Seventh Day Adventist. It was a nonprofit organization, and a very good place to work. When it was sold, things changed. I was there every day for my family member, so I really saw the changes in the care provided to the residents. The housekeeping dept is not very good any more. Thre needs to be more activities provided to the resdents. The food sucks. I ave seen chicken with blood coming out of it. Cookies so hard that you had to put milk on them to make them soft. Faces and bottoms are not washed in the mornings. I don't know about eveyone else, but I wash my face and hands when I get up in the mornings. Hope this helps.
former employee

Indianapolis, IN

#37 Apr 23, 2013
There Is way too much uch drama at Scott Villa everyone talks about everyone else its like high school all over again. I left n couldnt be happier at my new cna job. There are some good aides at Scott Villa as with any facility but seems like most of them at Scott Villa like to run their mouths instead of do their jobs.

Since: Mar 13

Location hidden

#38 Apr 25, 2013
Some Common Sense Advice wrote:
If you suspect any abuse or see it go on or see any evidence
1.. Document it!
2. Photograph or video it. Most cell phones have video recording on them or at least a camera that is good enough for taking pictures. If you can't do that then go to Wal mart or CVS and buy a disposable camera and take Photographs. or call a friend who has a digital camera.
3. Pick up the phone and call the police! Nursing home neglect is the same thing as abuse!
I agree REPORT IT! ALWAYS,but you have to be really careful what and who you take a picture of or a video because the fines for violating HIPA are steep and any nursing hoe will play the HIPA card to skirt around an investigation.

Ft Mitchell, KY

#39 Apr 27, 2013
Hate that place. Skilled nursing facility? My grandmother died in that hole having rehab. We never left her side. If we had, she would have never been fed, bathed, or checked on. Don't put anyone there.
Ty tone

Scottsburg, IN

#41 May 2, 2013
They have lost a lot of good cna because of all the shit that go 's on there they went to work at the waters of scottsburg
Lisa smith

Paris, TN

#42 Aug 7, 2013
I just found this and i know its late on this topic but my mom is in Scott villa now and she has dementia, me and my sister comes everyday for hours and watch what these nurses have to do its not a cake walk.My mom is precious and very very hard to take care of and maybe if more family would take the time to open there eyes and be with there family members more instead of bitching maybe they would see what i have,Some of the sweetest,loving, craziest and busiest nurses i have seen.And its not there fault if the owners of the nursing home may be cheap and want more money for there pockets.BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH SCOTT VILLA NURSES FOR TAKING CARE OF MY MOM DOT SHANEYFELT.maybe people need to put there real names up instead of acting like high schoolers again lol.

Louisville, KY

#44 Jan 14, 2014
baaaam rachael wiggens

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