How do you think the economy will tumble--will the world economy rise on the plus side or tumble to the minus side on the economic supply of oil. The big question is can the Opec countires keep with the demand of supplying the world without the Iranians getting back into the game of world oil supply. Just how many barrels of oil has the Iranians taken off the market? What percentage of container shipping has fallen to less demand for China's products because of the lessening of economic demand for those Chinese products. But China has also started its own strategic reserves of oil. But as China becomes an even larger demand on oil and becomes the largest economy in the world and its demend for oil also increses the price we pay for oil and gas has only one way to go and that is up. Did you know that China is also buying up U.S. oil drilling companies and the drilling rights for property. Even higher prices for gasoline are coming your way. What do you think. Do you think a U.S. company could gop into China and buy drillling companies up and drilling rights to property----nothey could not.