Kentucky cuts $50 million in educatio...

Kentucky cuts $50 million in education...

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Louisville, KY

#1 Jan 24, 2012
... while giving a Creationist theme park a $43 million tax holiday.

United States

#2 Feb 1, 2012
I think KY has already cut enough out of education. Teachers are expected to buy pretty much everything for their classroom. Parents have to buy an abundance of supplies to share with everyone in the room, while deadbeat parents send their kids to school with nothing and expect you to pay for everything for their children. I'm sick of it! If I buy my child a certain pencil, I don't think it should be taken away from her and given to someone else's.
John Masters

Lexington, KY

#3 Jan 20, 2013
Meanwhile, Clay County, one of the 10 poorest counties in all of America, is instituting more police, and surveillance, and metal detectors, in order to "protect" the children... how about books? How about quality teachers? How about actually teaching us a real education? Now, it's just oppression... if there's no real education, and they are forcing us to learn their fake education, isn't that just smashing the children's souls into oblivion? Once a person becomes a lethargic automaton, what chance at survival do they have? If they survive, what chance of thriving do they have? No. We need to teach our children to be super individuals, to combat the seemingly human preference for obedience and order, as outlined by Milgram's Obedience Experiment, and Stanford's Prison Experiment.

Sellersburg, IN

#4 Jan 20, 2013
This is one time where we are close to agreement Masters. We don't educate anymore and educators should be judged on their results. Instead we let the union represent them like this is a manufacturing plant or transportation service. Why should anyone get tenure in their job?

The school board in Jefferson county has been a joke for years. Each of the last four years they have raised taxes so that we can transport kids 20+ miles from their home. Kids spend on average 2 hours on a bus each day that should be spent in a classroom.

We have in-service days for teachers every other month. Why do this when they can get their continuing education during the summer months. The average salary for a teacher is $48K.

I don't believe the failing education system is due to lack of resources. I believe it is due to lack of effective management based on ideology rather than results.
John Masters

Lexington, KY

#5 Jan 20, 2013
I don't agree that Unions are to blame, or that spending money on Education is a bad idea. I do hate that my education at UofL and Xavier University, and public schools in Kentucky for Elementary, Middle, and High, was a waste. They didn't teach me anything. They taught me how to sit down and shut up, while they stood up there, with their snobby uppity faces, acting like they're gods or something. All they taught me is that in order for folks to succeed, all they have to do is act better than everybody, and hope that the obedient students don't question anything, OF which, there's no chance of. Not at UofL. The students at UofL, even the political kids, in SGA, are corporate shills. They won't stand up for diddly crap. They only do as their told. They don't have morals, or make any stances on anything. They act better than you, just like the professors, and the administration... it's one big stupid show. Sit down and shut up... how is that supposed to help me in life ? Experience is real education, and those who can't, teach. They don't know anything about life... just stuck up snobs, who pretend like they're better than you, as if you're supposed to suck on their teet of delicate genius expertise... I saw a caption in a cartoon, and the student asked, "Do you want me to write down what I think the answer is, or do you want me to write down what I think you think is right?" That's it. They want you to sit down and shut up, and when you do speak, or take a test, to just regurgitate all their stupid ideas back them. People LOVE their own ideas. They love saying them, and hearing them. And the sheep are all too happy to capitulate. That's both liberals and conservatives... they're all fascists. That's the problem. I would have done better going to trade school, and learned how to weld. At least I'd have a trade to fall back on. Now, I just know a bunch of history, which has it's uses, but not because of them. That's because I read on my own. My schooling has greatly interfered with my education. To get what you can out of life, you had to stand up and speak up, and go out and get it. My educators didn't tell me that. In fact, that's almost a guaranteed way to fail a course, by showing some independent thought. They wanted me to sit down and shut up, because they want to maintain that social power. They care more for Classroom Management, than for true education, and it's been quite a frustrating experience. I'm indebted over $60,000, and counting, and haven't learned a lick. That's bullshyt.

Sellersburg, IN

#6 Jan 20, 2013
I understand what you mean about the teachers stating there opinion and wanted answers that supported their ideal. That was predominant in my early years but not after I got into business school. Mostly history and political science professors were the worse. I'll never forget the professor would told the class Mondale would defeat Reagan in 1984. What a dope!

What school did teach me was how to persevere. That sticking to a plan and order was a path to success. Getting my college degree was the best thing I ever accomplished because it has provided me opportunity and the ability to earn wealth.

I believe a difference in your and my situation is that I served my time listening to the crap teachers and bosses stated and then advanced to a point to position of power. I learned that you can't start out on top nor be respected, you have to earn it. I am no yes man and have thought many time why being lectured that this SOB is a stupid lunatic.

My point on unions and the $ spent on education is too much of it goes to administrators, transportation other things instead of directly to what benefits the student. The system is flawed and needs an overhaul. We need to get politics out of education.

Louisville, KY

#7 Jan 20, 2013
Kentucky Education = oxymoron.
Hillbilly Ninja

Winchester, KY

#8 Jan 20, 2013
I graduated the 8th grade on my second try head of my class in Martin County.
John Masters

Lexington, KY

#9 Jan 20, 2013 Here's some uplifting news.

I am a yes man, that's the point. I need to learn to stand up and speak up, and yes, it is earned, but if we aren't even applying education in the classroom, then where are we using it ? People forget about things they hear, or it's not always in their brain when they need it...

Sugata Mitra showed how education is a "self-emergent, self-organizing" system. When you put a computer in front of students, they figure out a ton of things, by themselves, without anybody telling them a thing. So really, the only way a professor could fail at teaching, is by stopping something that's self-emergent and self-organizing. That could happen in a lazy professor's class, but a tyrant could stop any and all education from happening... and then I'm tired of not knowing any of my fellow classmates... we can build networks and contacts, but NO! Professors, teachers, HATE when you speak to your classmates... that threatens the only power they got. That social power... which is potent, and pushed sheeple, to b even more automaton, and sheeplelike.

Louisville, KY

#10 Feb 15, 2013
Education is self-emergent and self-organizing. What's that mean? It meaning is Revolutionary. Sugata Mitra is a game changer.

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