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lita roach

United States

#21 May 2, 2010

The libs want a la la land letting the gov take over your life
The muslims want to stomp out modern western culture so as to go back to the garden of eve, by getting rid of the infidels ...Allah will not be angry to the true believers.

if you fall in line with Obama he want bad mouth you, if you oppose his opinions he will bad mouth you.

The core beliefs are the same la la Land..Paradise

common sence is the big obsticle in both cases as you said aint gonna happen
Rusty Shackelford

Newland, NC

#22 May 2, 2010
This un wants a little consistency.Sounds like you're a commonist.You wanna subsidize the coast?You forget W W TWO?Them there U-boats be on us like flies on the poo you spew.And regulate mechanics,better hope your engine light works,Cause you gotta obvious short in the ole computer.You're no better than "THAT ONE".You're for government subsidies for mechanics but for Health Care.Yep there's a short.Makes no Sence ,you got no sense, that's the OBSTICLE.
slickk chriz

Winnipeg, Canada

#23 Jun 4, 2010
lita roach wrote:
I am appauled at the profits mechanics make. We should not have to pay the rising costs for repairs. Some places charge $50 and $60.oo per hour. DONT THEY KNOW THAT IS TOO DAMNED MUCH !!!!
We need to stand up and be counted and say enough is enough...NO MORE OUTRAGEOUS PRICES......
Everyone needs a way to get around and the GOVERNMENT SHOULD SUBSIDIZE OUR COASTS
no way...this is the job im mechanic job is still recommended as a laborer except for the fact now a days cars are important for example for work, emergency situation or not etc...don't you get it???....LMFAO!!!...$50 to $60 what kind of parts do u want your car to get repaired or sumthin i think thats the price of an engine problem and trust me $50 to $60 to repair an engine is very low and a dirty job and it depends what kind do you want to get fixed and the auto mechanic will tell you how much the part is.....if its minor it will be lower if its major it can cost more than $100 like for example the engine's piston or the connecting rod was crack or the CR was broken in half then it will cost you a lot and very hard to find a part some people aren't proud of this job cuz it's dirty heavy, power work what do you think about that???? very dirty and dusty job but i love to be an auto mechanic and become a professional someday...

Black Mountain, NC

#24 Jun 4, 2010
Jeff where can we find you? I need to find a good mechanic in Lenoir.
William M

Tallahassee, FL

#25 Feb 10, 2012
I just had to bump this post. My organization Valor Veteran Organization a non profit started by disabled veterans will be opening up a Repair Shop under our non-profit in the near future. That being said a 'non-profit' is NOT a NOT PROFIT business. Like the poster above says, the shop has Rent, Electricity, Water, Telephone, TV/Internet, Computer Systems, Shop Equipment, Building Maint, Taxes, Disposal Fees, Health Insurance costs, mandatory landscaping costs and a whole list of other Permits and fees (Even as a Non Profit) that have to be paid. That being said, the labor rate in this market averages out to close to $100/hr!!!! We will be charging less, and will offer certain customers sliding scale rates AND payment plans and we will be doing all sorts of other things like selling vehicles at COST to low income folks. Even with 20% OFF the Avg labor rates in the area we are talking about $80.00 on the high side, and will work with customers, but geez, don't think for a minute that all these businesses you see out here are making large amounts of $$$. That would be the folks who run the banks, the money handlers, and the large corporations that make US pay $500.00 for a part made in China for $5.00
The Caring TEchnician

Lenoir, NC

#26 Feb 10, 2012
I am a mechanic going on 10 years . started out of high school. WHat bothers me is that in RAleigh , the capitol for those who dont know. Has a County or state Funded Program i cant remember . That takes donated cars which is a tax write off. They fixes the veihcles that can be repaired and crush the other ones . WHy hasnt Caldwell county tried this instead of dss paying 2000.00 dollars to fix a vehicle thats not worht 500.00 dollars . ANd also its not bad enough thats wjen u take ur car to the mechanic thats they charge out the roof , most of them dont fix the complained problem. Just saying
Carolina Watchdog

Terrell, NC

#27 Feb 11, 2012
Simple - stop bitch'n buy a car/truck manual and fix it yourself, then go to the herb and vitamin store and cure your ills
Greedy Mechanic

Pell City, AL

#29 Nov 12, 2012
lita roach wrote:
I am appauled at the profits mechanics make. We should not have to pay the rising costs for repairs. Some places charge $50 and $60.oo per hour. DONT THEY KNOW THAT IS TOO DAMNED MUCH !!!!
We need to stand up and be counted and say enough is enough...NO MORE OUTRAGEOUS PRICES......
Everyone needs a way to get around and the GOVERNMENT SHOULD SUBSIDIZE OUR COASTS
Save YourSelf a ton of money spend 40-50,000 dollars for tools and fix it YourSelf.

Asheville, NC

#30 Nov 13, 2012
A happy customer wrote:
I have a very reliable, honest, and smart meachanic! If your tired of dealership bs and paying all that money for nothing call Neil at Wheelings in kc! He's good with all makes and models, and knows his stuff!
yesterday i could spell mechanic, today i are one , lmao

Lafayette, IN

#31 Apr 7, 2013
Get Real wrote:
Two things:
A long long time ago I worked as a TV repairman and I heard the exact same complaints. All the consumer sees is the 20 min. it took to replace a tube.
Youíre not just paying for that 1 hour it took to replace an alternator. Youíre paying for the building, for the power, for the heating/cooling of the building, for the water, for the telephone, for the internet he uses to order parts. Youíre paying for his health insurance and his retirement plan.
Letís see you pay for all that and only charge 60 dollars and hour.
When Obama gets done taxing small business people itís going to cost you twice that much because the only repair shops left are going to be big box chain shops.
true that true that !
the average person assumes all are the same.
they are dead wrong, regardless of a lot of them choosing to not repair or diag. correctly as they should.
for those of us who guide or customers in the right direction,
while not being dealer rates, it takes a huge amount of money to
keep the overhead paid.
i challenge any of them to attempt to run a shop at less than 50 per hour at a retail location and not a shade tree operation.
those same people would probably complain if the gov't. gave 'em a cell phone for free !!

Newland, NC

#32 Apr 8, 2013
Ain't NOTHING FREE, someone has to foot the bill and most of the time it is those that recieve no benefits from it.

Durham, NC

#33 Apr 9, 2013
Don't take your car to the Chevrolet dealer in Hickory. I made that mistake. They charged $700 and told me my car was 99% fixed. 99% fixed, it either fixed or not. When I drive it I still have the same problem I had when I took it there to be fixed. They kept wanting to change more parts for more money. So now after $700 my car is still not fixed but if I kept letting them change parts, it would have been cheaper just to buy a whole new engine than have them replace it one part at a time.

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