The real concern is that the leadership of Valdese continues to sit on their behinds and does nothing to bring new industry into our community. The majority of the industrial customers that they have finally noticed are gone have been out of business for ten years now,yet when they see the need to keep up with Rutherford College and build a million dollar plus town hall on a back street in Valdese, money is no object. I am on the triple community side of their water system take over and since this has happened, my water bill has more than doubled. Valdese is flooded with hamburger and pizza joints and the the tax revenue generated will not keep up with wasteful spending that this council has. The largest thing Valdese has going for it, sadly to say is, is a cruise in once a week and guess where it's at, a hamburger joint. The customers of Valdese's water system can not continued to be squeazed every time they see a shortfall in their budget. We need a council that can see past a fast food establishment or money generated from the sale of alcoholic beverages as a source of income and go after some real industry.