Tucson Neighborhoods

Glendale, AZ

#22 May 1, 2011
Need I say more! Go south to sahuarita (4 miles) there's a good city to maintain a peace of mind!


#23 Jun 12, 2011
I have lived here for over 20 years. This town has gone from a nice little place to gang-banger's heaven. The weather? The summer will kill you. The winter is ok. The city is 90% shabby, overgrown with dead trees and brown weeds and governed by idiots.

Tucson, AZ

#24 Jul 7, 2011
Need Help wrote:
We are looking to move to Tucson and would like to know which neighborhoods are safest.
Thanks for any help!
It is really easy to find out if a neighborhood is nice or not in Tucson, just look at the prices of homes and rent, if you can buy a 3bedroom 2bath home for $60,000 you will most likely be stabbed in your driveway, if that same home is $110,000 your home and car will be broken into once a month, if that home is 150,000 you are pretty safe

Phoenix, AZ

#25 Oct 23, 2011

Tucson, AZ

#26 Oct 24, 2011
tucson is turning ghetto.

La Puente, CA

#27 Oct 24, 2011
Police Officers SLAM Council Member

Click the above link to see Police Officers slamming Council Member during Council Meeting.

Council Member lies to residents about receiving the Endorsement from the Police Department.

KEEP IN MIND, this is the same city that:

1. Boycotted Arizona.
2. Banned Drive Thru's
3. Banned Soda's

4. Now they want to eliminate the Police Department.

Panama City, FL

#28 Nov 16, 2011
doojza wrote:
im from boston lived in dorchester all my life on blue hill ave / winter hill area so i know a tough neighborhood bad area ive been in tucson since dec and really are you serious about it being bad here this place is like retiree capatail of the earth lets get real people tucon is a lame town and chill
If you don't like it , go home and take that lame ass accent with you when you drive your caw home

Beaver, OH

#29 Nov 17, 2011
wheres that
bornandraised tuc 520

Tucson, AZ

#30 Jan 20, 2012
dont live here stay out go back to where you came from! We do not need anymore visitors here, thank you management.

Tucson, AZ

#31 Feb 22, 2012
My brother has lived here almost 20 years, and he finds it safe as long as you are street smart. I am from Charlotte NC, and if you think this town has Gang Issues, come spend a week in the Dirty South. Personally, I found a place up towards Craycroft and River. I am moving in May 1st. I dont see any issues in that area, but thats not to say Crime only stays in one area. I am street smart, therefor, the crome rate doesnt bother me in this Town.
People that knock their towns should probably leave it, Bottom Line. Ive been knocing Charlotte for years

Since: Feb 12

Taipei, Taiwan

#32 Feb 22, 2012
I graduated from University of Arizona 2 years ago and have been going there for 5 years.

The thing is, anything south of broadway is questionable. Im sure its safe if you keep to urself and dont cause problems, but it does look ghettoish though. The north is the safest and best part. In north Tucson though, there are patches of ghetto places with patches of pretty good looking areas. Of course the suburbs of North Tucson is good and pretty upper class. The places by the hills are good to, but it just depends how far you want to drive when you need to get in city.

I lived very close to Park place mall on broadway and they place is pretty decent.

Every city has sketchy places, some more than others. But over all, Tucson isn't that bad.

Since: Feb 12

Taipei, Taiwan

#33 Feb 22, 2012
Mr_T wrote:
My brother has lived here almost 20 years, and he finds it safe as long as you are street smart. I am from Charlotte NC, and if you think this town has Gang Issues, come spend a week in the Dirty South. Personally, I found a place up towards Craycroft and River. I am moving in May 1st. I dont see any issues in that area, but thats not to say Crime only stays in one area. I am street smart, therefor, the crome rate doesnt bother me in this Town.
People that knock their towns should probably leave it, Bottom Line. Ive been knocing Charlotte for years
The thing about Tucson is that it is pretty gang affiliated. But they normally wont bother you unless you mess with them. Ive actually made a lot of friends that goes to the U of A that are gangbangers. I dont what kind of people these others guys met, but the bangers that I met were either married, looking to change their life around or was trying to get out of gang business. They were actually fun and friendly people with tons of interesting gang stories.

Guess I met a different breed of gangbangers.
520 native

Tucson, AZ

#34 May 22, 2012
As a delivery driver the neighborhoods that I am most nervous in are around 22nd and swan, 29th and craycroft, benson highway and drexel, south 6th and 12th avenue, and possibly anywhere around ruethroff and flowing wells...that neighborhood just screams "white power" to me.

United States

#35 May 23, 2012
I will be moving to Tucson next month, I'm from Phoenix (lived 19 years) originally but currently living in A small town in IL. I'm not familiar with Tucson but will be working on west side near ajo way, can anyone please give me some info on apartments and their surrounding neighborhoods. North mission road on ajo way and also mission and Irvington area. I know all about south Tucson so no need to explain but just need honest up to date information.

Panama City, FL

#36 Jun 12, 2012
The area around 22nd and Swan issafe and cheap

Since: Sep 12

Tucson, AZ

#37 Oct 17, 2012
I've lived in Tucson for almost 7 years. I moved here from Pennsylvania (which until now I thought was the least cultured and most boring place to live). When I got here I was excited about starting out in a new place, but that quickly faded. Tucson is nice enough in the winter, but summers are ridiculous, even air conditioners and swamp coolers cannot keep up with the oppressive heat. My car has been broken into twice, my house once (and I live in one of the so-called safe areas).
Finding anything interesting and fun to do requires at least two hours of driving (and that's dubious because you've still only made it to Phoenix), given that there are few places other than a couple clubs and restaurants here. You may not even get there, because people seem to enjoy ramming their cars into each other, or maybe they just cannot figure out how to control their cars on a flat, dry, straight road with a larger lane width than most cities in the world. Housing prices are atrocious, what I know as a "starter" home (1 floor, 2 bedrooms), which goes for about 60,000-80,000 anywhere else I've seen, goes for over 110,000 in Tucson if you want to be in a place where you won't get shot or lose everything you own the moment you walk out your door. Truly, if one is moving to Tucson, there is not really anywhere in the city that is "safe" unless you pay a ton of money to live with the rich people, and expect to replace several cars if you plan to spend any serious time here.(By the way, many people have little to no insurance so make sure you carry full coverage if you want your car fixed after someone t-bones or rear-ends it).
Oh and if you like vibrant nature, avoid this place like the plague. Most of the nature around here looks sun-baked and half dead. The rest will try to kill you.
Needless to say, as soon as I am finished with college, I plan to shake the dirty Tucson off my shoes and head back to a place that has people who know how to drive and haven't allowed a bunch of gang bangers and garbage to take over and destroy something that I've heard used to be a decent place to live. Not to mention trees...
Go West young one

Muscle Shoals, AL

#38 Nov 18, 2012
LIved in tUcson for 10 years......lived on East-side (harrison/broadway) for 9 months. It was fairly busy adn expanding, i.e. 2001.

We eventually moved west Tucson on way toward Tucson Mountains but not quite toward the pricey homes! We lived up in the hills above the Hollywood Barrio on the valley floor, i.e. West Speedway/North Greasewood Road.

Other than a couple of druggie busts in the neighborhood across the wash (helicopters and the entire Tucson police dept squad cars raiding a stash house) and the occasional random shots fired from vehicle speeding on Speedway between 1200 AM - 300 AM. the neighborhood we lived in was mostly QUIET and no worries of safety for family or home.

I do recall one late summer event that occured in a west neighborhood where the entire family (3) was murdered. It was a DRUGGIE HIT by the DRUGGIE "mafioso". There was another where a teenager highjacked a tractor and led tucson police on a chase one summer going west on Ironwood Hills!

Do any Tucson people recall these events?

The stash houses were random, the drug hit was random, the tractor highjack was random.

We enjoyed our stay on Tucson's west-side for those 9 years. If we ever decide to move back to Tucson (unfortunately we live in ALBQ, NM now), I willl look for a reasonably priced home in Tucson's west-side.

As long as your above the valley-floor, I belive your relatively safe - though nothing too controversial had in Hollywood Barrio.

Consider WEST OF GREASEWOOD ROAD ; FROM West STARPASS, over to Broadway, over to Speedway, over to Ironwood Hills, over to.......north of Ironwood Hills......

Pahrump, NV

#39 Nov 19, 2012
You guys have great gun laws, No permit needed for CCW. We're trying to get that in Nevada. As long as you can carry, every neighborhood is safe. Put you on equal footing with the thugs.

Sylacauga, AL

#40 Mar 4, 2013
Patti Foster wrote:
That depends on how affluent you are, Sabino Canyon and Ventana Canyon are the safest for upper class. For regular folks, in central Tucson, anywhere north of Speedway and west of Park I don't like. If you go west on Oracle, past Miracle Mile (Miracle Mile is bad)and past the cemetery to Oro Valley, that's cool if you can afford it. I live south of Broadway on Tucson Blvd and 18th St., it's a decent neighborhood. But past 22nd St begins the south side The south side of is not safe at all. There are gangs in s. Tucson. And Oracle north of Speedway towards Ft. Lowell sucks bad, lots of drugs there. Valencia and 12th is really bad too. The best places are west, out of the city limits, west on Ajo to Kinney, turn right on Bopp. That is nice, used to be just trailers in the early 90's but now there are nice homes and subdivisions being built. Out by Old Tucson and Tucson Mountain Park. I raised my kids out there in the desert. To me, that's where I'd go back to if I had a car. It is so beautiful out in the desert and tranquil compared to living in town. Anywhere around the El Con mall is good if you have to live in town. The University area, is good. Look at maps on Google, you can see streaming photos of neighborhoods by putting an icon on the map. Just stay away from a neighborhood Tucson Police call "team two" it's one of the worst areas in the state. that's Like Oracle and Grant up to Ft Lowell to Stone and Delano areas. Like I said it's all about how much money you have to spend on housing, just like everywhere else.
Just remember, anything can happen anywhere. Good neighborhoods are not gated off from bad elements. Tucson has serious drug problems, just so you know. Being on the streets in Los Angeles at night is less scary than Tucson. Stay away from Grant and Oracle and surrounding areas. Crackhead city. Tucson can be a very violent town and I'm sorry to say that Tucson Police Dept isn't the finest in the nation by far. Out of the City limits the sheriff has jurisdiction, those dudes are bad asses. And Oro Valley has its own PD. I still say your best bet for safety is west out of town and into the desert where the new homes and subdivisions are being built and The Pima County Sheriff has jurisdiction. Even the criminal element is kinda scared of the desert. It's freaken dark out there, there are no leash laws out there, and the criminals don't which good folk have guns out there. Good Luck.
I will be coming to Tucson soon and I'm doing my research. I've heard Tucson was kind of a rough place. But so is Birmingham, AL if you don't know your way around. However I'm sure Tucson, like B'ham has some nice areas too. Is Plantano and E. Speedway a bad area? B'ham has some ethnic areas, places where a white man like me better not show himself. Is Plantano Road and E. Speedway safe? Or would I be a "dirty gringo"? I have no ethnic bigotry myself, but fact is fact, and I want to be safe.

United States

#41 Jun 8, 2013
Gee, I have been here for 4 years. Lost my job in Sacramento, California. I was fed up getting nothing but low wage jobs over there. First stop was west of Tucson. I witnessed a lot of drug busts even just sitting by my apartment door. Police were coming and stopping vehicles for drugs.Since I was and am not into that, I am safe. I know drug dealing was going on but I kept a low profile. I have nothing fancy and was driving an ordinary car. They don't bother you, really. Unless, you want to show off and bad mouth people you don't know, I think they'll leave you alone. Or maybe it's because I am obviously POOR so I don't stand out. I am just like them. Next stop is farther west. Notorious for car theft and drugs again. Police are constantly around.Now, with my family joining me in Tucson, we want to move closer to town...Heard it is safer to own a gun....I am thinking, maybe it's even better not to have anything expensive in your home...get a couple of dogs and sturdy locks..and make friends with your neighbors.

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