Chemtrails disturbing and ruin our cl...

Chemtrails disturbing and ruin our clear blue skies

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Capitan, NM

#1 Dec 6, 2012
The chemtrails have been outrageous and omnipresent the last few days.
It is disturbing to see our clear as a bell days turned to man made cloudy as each day progresses. What are they spraying and why? Anyone else bothered by this?

United States

#2 Jan 27, 2013
Chemtrails? I always thought it was condensation?

Tucson, AZ

#3 Apr 8, 2013
The fact is that we are being sprayed like bugs in Tucson! It's easy to use your eye's and look up and pay attention to the fact that most of our "Clouds" lately are simply powdered metals which have been dumped out of the back airplanes! These powdered dumps are being sprayed out of sprayers put behind the engines to make them look like contrails! The problem with that is contrails are made up of frozen water and they always dissipate shortly behind the plane! White trails that stay around for hours and spread out to look like clouds.....are NOT contrails! That is the spray which you are being spayed with! Don't believe me, do your research! A documentary film about this which you can see free on you tube is called, "Why in the world are they spraying?" Watch it then google the term in quotes: "Chemtrails Tucson" and you'll see many of the events which happened over your heads! Wake-Up!
little chit

Bedford, MA

#4 Apr 15, 2013
Just don't look up and you'll be fine. It's growing vitamins so you can be taller like plants.
James Thachter

Tucson, AZ

#5 Apr 24, 2013
Powdered Metal in the air? Metal of any type has some weight so wouldn't tend to want to follow the flow to the earth cause of gravity? How come they are doing it over Tucson?
How come only you know about this thing.
James Thachter

Tucson, AZ

#6 Apr 24, 2013
Okay, you want me to buy into this chemtrail nonsense then answer these questions WITH 100% factual proof. all your answers HAVE TO BE 100%. No I thinks. No might be? OR I heard. Pretend it's a court of law and you have to show 100% proof to win.

1. Who is doing this spraying. What government entity? For sure?
2. Why? Purpose? 100% certainity?
3. What is it there spraying. NO GUESSING. You are making an statement they are spraying a chemical or metal whatever. Proof? Got a real sample tested by a real crediable known lab?
4. Where are these planes/jets being kept what base? Who is maintaining, servicing and fueling these planes?
5. Where are all these chemicals being stored?
6. Who is making these agents that are being sprayed?
7. Who is paying all the expenses, for all the required people to maintain this operation? Flying jets ain't cheap.
8. With the very tight economy the past 3 years plus show me a money trail a smoking gun.
9. How come no foreign governments blow out this against the government?

These are the beginning of the questions I have. I watched these video's you hype and they really don't show me things that I would trust as real scientific crediable fact. Just someone telling me what they want me to see or believe I'm seeing.

I did my minor in college in Meteorology and I am not seeing what your seeing. How's your science seeing these events as not weather related. Currents and eddies at various altitudes,temp variations at different altitudes and so on.

In this day and age with the likes of WikiLeaks, Anonoymous and so on, they would have loved to expose this type of operation, but nothing. Let me guess there being threatened to be quiet on this, right? SORRY, wouldn't believe that as happening.

Why hasn't someone hired a plane and go up and snatch a sample of this stuff? Have an known independant accredited lab do a blind analysis to show the proof?

SO if you want me to believe your little diatribe about this terrible thing being sprayed on us poor Tucsonians and WHY....You have to show me with 100% certainity answers to my first batch of questions as if I was suing you in court and everything you own is on the line.

I want to know why you are so hell bent believing this? You have to have undeniable proof NOT just this what I heard or THIS IS WHAT I READ on the internet. Put up or shut up as we used to say.

If this is really hush hush can you explain to me why ' they ' even allow these discussions to go on drawing attention to them?

Unless you can answer all these preliminary questions to 100% of my satisfaction then I am just going to still consider this a figment of someones overblown imagination.
And then getting others to follow into them into there paranoia.
Shthead Patrol

Bedford, MA

#7 Apr 28, 2013
So, we really have sprayed into clouds for years to advance the onset of rain. This is not a mystery and has happened for years. Spraying into the air just for the sake of spraying wouldn't make sense. You spray to make it rain and no other reason.

Silver Iodide must be what the conspiracy person is referring to. This is called Cloud Seeding. This is not a secret, not mysterious and not hidden. This has been practiced for a long time. This is public knowledge and has been for a long time.

This is wikipedias version of this, but you can find it all over the place.

Worry more about what you eat and less about what you are breathing (that is very much dependent on where are in space ... Did we pass thru the remnants of a dead star, etc). Be thankful that you still see blue skies.
Bobby G

Tucson, AZ

#8 Jun 5, 2013
Please do not stop the chemical sprying cause it has been real good for me and my friends.
that stuff they has been spraying has landed in my yard and all. I been scooping it up and using it up.
Put a bit in my beers aand dam if it don't get a real great buzz on.
it has been really great in my action in the bed with my woman. This stuff from the spray planes has made my manhood a lot bigger and harder and Rita is loving it.Thanks for the spraying it great.

Since: Jan 12


#9 Jul 4, 2013
Actually the agent they're spraying is called fuhgetaboutite, developed by Monsanto in the 50's and now purchased from them in huge quantities by our government and others. The first symptom of its widespread use is the general dumbing down of the population at large, as evidenced by a growing loss of basic reading, writing & spelling skills. Ironically the stupider the victims become the more they desire to flaunt their ignorance publicly in forums, blogs and newspaper comment sections. There is no reversal of this process; only the certainty of eventual overpowering by a stronger, more vicious proto-civilization invading the national borders.

Hope this helps.

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