2-year-old boy killed by pit bull

2-year-old boy killed by pit bull

There are 18 comments on the WOAI story from Feb 18, 2013, titled 2-year-old boy killed by pit bull. In it, WOAI reports that:

A two-year-old boy was attacked and killed by a pit bull in Uvalde County over the weekend.

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Bellevue, WA

#1 Mar 4, 2013
The pit just had babies and the child got close chasing the balloon and being a natural protector of their babies pits have the nature of attacking when someone gets to close to their puppies so the pit attacked the child. They already put the dog to sleep. God bless the childs family and the child. =[

Uvalde, TX

#2 Mar 5, 2013
isaiahs mom

Ballwin, MO

#3 Mar 22, 2013
I also have a son named isaiah. who only days before this was attacked by a dog while at a bbq with his father in utopia they did nothing to the dog. even though it was the second time the dog did something like that.

United States

#5 Mar 24, 2013
Hey Lisa and Richard how ya doing I wish ya the best u a strong woman I don't know how I would be able to handle something like that. Got rid of my sons pit after what happen to isiah love u guys and god bless you
papa kink

Uvalde, TX

#6 Mar 26, 2013
yep, def. the parents fault.. they should have been watching the child instead of doing something else taking their view away from the child...
uncle ruck

United States

#7 Mar 26, 2013
papa kink wrote:
yep, def. the parents fault.. they should have been watching the child instead of doing something else taking their view away from the child...
Heck yeah! 2 years old? Unsupervised long enough to go into the yard next door where there just so happens to be a pit bull chained up!!! I mean, duh! Poor, poor kiddo. He's sitting on Jesus's lap now, though! Hallelujah.
Mexican Easter Bunny

Barnesville, OH

#9 Mar 28, 2013
Every time I see a pit bull on my property I shoot and kill it immediately.
Jive Turkey

Ballwin, MO

#10 Mar 28, 2013
We do too. We go one further and throw them on the pit. They actually taste pretty Dern good. A lot Like chicken.

San Antonio, TX

#11 Mar 28, 2013
meat with antifreeze usualy does the trick and last , why do all ghetto hood rats have pit bulls ? seems like only trashy people have these dogs and i have an idiot cusin who thinks he is a gangster and all he ever tlks about is breeding his stupid pit bulls and at last bbq he brought it and bit his own grandmother and the dog got a baseball bat across his fuggin head and told him to hit the road or next time i would skin the dog in front of his kids , stpuidazes and thier piece ofshitdogs . hate them ugly azdogs , but hate ganster hoodrats even more ,cant see one ganster stick his finger uphisass cause then they want to do it . if that was my kid ? i would of gone in his yard and stuc shot gun in his mouth and killed the dog then open door to owners house and threw it in there , i dont care if people think it wasnt dogs fault , I even seen news storys where them dogs attack owners of the dogs kids way too many times could of been one of thier own kids too .

El Monte, CA

#12 May 4, 2013
Family gets 2000 dolloars to lil boys parents what for Why on earth would anybody reward or help them out for what cuz they didnt even take care of their son mayor and lions club very proud handing over that money to them shame in you ppl everone should read the paper it on the hill county paper

United States

#13 May 4, 2013
Que te valga verga yes they should not have let the bby out of there sight pero en veses se los hace todo bien facil but if it was u snd u weren't a wealthy person wouldn't u want some help to bury ur child not every one can afford something like that. Dont act like you have never let ur child out bof ur sight to run inside the house to grab something really quick etc.... I've done uve done it every one has done it. What happened really sucks but I hope ppl at least ope n there eyes and realize that we need 2 keep our eyes on our children as much possible cuz anything can happen in a split second.

United States

#14 May 5, 2013
They did get help to bury their child not a big deal but getting money just cuz they have two parents that can work they r already on foodstamps,medicaid, etc. tired of my money supporting them lazy ass parents thats all they r
general statement

Carrizo Springs, TX

#15 May 6, 2013
This is a general statement not directed to these parents but to all sexually active persons. Please think before bringing to many children into this world. Do we all need 5 kids to make ourselves feel fulfilled? No we don't! Stop having so many children stop at a couple and love them as much as you can!!! Give the couple you have your attention and Love! Not even rich people should have that many. It's not about spending more money on your kids it's about knowing when to say enough! This world is over populated enough. Really their should be a GOV cut off for those collecting food stamps after 2 kids. I'm against abortion. But condoms and pills as a preventive are great! We are humans not rabbits. Be responsible!!
Pit owner

United States

#16 May 7, 2013
As an owner and have 3 kids, it's not the animals fault. If you were in the same situation when a stranger would come into your house you would defend yourself and your children. It is sad but the Pit is not at fault. It was chained and in his own yard. It is the irresponsible parents. I or my kids would not give up our Pit, he is loving, caring and very social. It is just an unfortunate accident, but not the Pits fault.

Euless, TX

#18 May 31, 2013
What kind of person has an aggressive breed and keeps it chained up? Or not have fence to contain the dog? I have Doberman's, several of them, and I know the breed can become aggressive if they are not trained right, and even then it is the breeds character to become aggressive, so I do what you are supposed to do as a dog owner of an aggressive breed. I TRAIN THEM. Chaining a dog shows that do is not trained. It also makes the dog more aggressive because it does not have an outlet for it's energy not does it have the option to retreat if it feels threatened. There are many methods to lower the aggression on aggressive breeds that will not change the fact that these dog can and will protect owner and property. My Doberman's are socialized, trained and loved. They are the friendly, loving, playful, etc, yet they will still protect me and my family when they precieve danger but I have trained them to override this instict at my command because there are many times dogs see threats when we know otherwise.

If you are going to have a dog chained up, then don't have a dog. If you are not willing to take the time to educate yourself, to train your dog and to do what your moral duty of being a RESPONSIBLE dog owner, then don't own dogs. No one is born knowing what it takes to be a responsible dog owner or breeder. That's why educating yourself is so imporant. For example, did you know that if dog is inbred it can make their aggression worse as well as up the chances for birth defects and illnesses? I agree that the 2 year old shouldn't have been unattended, but if you've ever had a toddler you know how quickly they can slip out of the house or out of your sight. But knowing that there is a chained up pit bull right next door should have promted the parents into having extra villigence. I feel so bad for the parents, the child and even the dog.

Houston, TX

#19 Jun 1, 2013
In a few hours I will drive around Uvalde and shoot any and all pitbull dogs that I see. I will do this every Saturday night. I will begin my search at every house that I see a vehicle with rims other than factory issue, these people seem to have a lot of pride which tells me they probably own a pit! Known drug dealers will usually have them too. If I should fail in my mission, then so be it, protect our future, our children!

San Antonio, TX

#20 Jun 9, 2013
If u kill my pits i will kill u so u better becareful who's u kill

Houston, TX

#21 Jun 9, 2013
city wrote:
If u kill my pits i will kill u so u better becareful who's u kill
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