The "garbage bag" Levon Wameling rumors

The "garbage bag" Levon Wameling rumors

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Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#1 Jun 18, 2013
The "garbage bag" rumors...begann 2008 along with the talk "they will park the SUV right in front of the house" That SUV is a NYS POLICE vehicle...that had MY 311 birthday on the lic plate...remer "zero's mean nothing" all to "wake the drug world up" as talk herein New Haven is now being added to it..

They set it up to "hate" me and cause if I go there to "search"..I do not believe this child is with anymore and would not be found in the area of his home..the "technology" plan..I so feel for hie mother...this child did not exist in 2008 BUT the GREEN plan behind it all did..who the taregt became is the ? Levon in" reverse" is NOVEL... I so feel for his childs mother who was cleaing up her life..

It may also be the "bullet in her back" so promoted in 2009 if I ever retured to Utica...ROGUE cops love to use scumbags to fornt their plans..They just used David Renz in Onondaga County thats now a Military sumbag recruit "hero" story plan headed to a FIZPATRICK MASSIVE POWER plan....

YES Dan Maffei had all the drama they said he off addressing issues linked ot the preplanned murder of Lori Breshnahan...while he addressing the assembly on the issue and the nedfor more money...Oswego County has heard that staff story before..

The NYS POLICE SUV was there I saw it myself..and YOU or any scumbag are ever going to get me to recant one word of my claims..the child is all dressed in GREEN..right down to his walker..a plan "they" carefully worked on his mother...
that she would no nothing about...BUT the FATHER - drug linked as he is would...this IS that time frame..

Just a I posted on this very forum..about BOSTON and no more than 3 suspects to how they were no further than NY and were loals to Boston..They were WHITE...The BLACK crime links to the "THRILL" are be beginning now..."HE" never liked theway I defend those people even off how I was raised to hate them..the lasy link Brandon McCarthy

I so want to look for this child..I want to walk every foot of Utica to fnd him..and I know the technology is watching me..a 400 foot range in diameter all around me at all times..that can tell when Im close to a "heartattack" ask any scumbag...the GREEN was a a marshy area garbage bag story..."like where they found Julie Munson"

I so desperately want to wrong...I remember the "garbage bag" trash can near the house story...Just like in a movie scene..

HISPANIC is the clue now...LOTTERY to GLORIA..from 7-7-09 use of 4963 Lindseys badge number and NATIONAL GRID" set up on me that day Peggy Deveney had one to on 9-12..ask her. This was to keep me OUT OF Utica..This story taunted to bring me back in..The NYS POLICE 3011 my birthday SV was in front of the house and everything abut this CHILD is GREEN ...Levon is a NOVEL plan ROGUES have that is NOT my version of it..just like Maegan said ..before she told the "garbage bag" story.."3 days later"....
GED semifinalist

New York, NY

#2 Jun 18, 2013
You just made me volunteer for drug rehab after reading this

Whitesboro, NY

#3 Jun 18, 2013
im lost...

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Since: Jan 08


#4 Jun 18, 2013
I too hate it when the state police play mind games with me by using various license plate numbers on their vehicles as they conduct surveillance on me.
Marcus Fartsmell

Ithaca, NY

#5 Jun 18, 2013
The police are monitoring you because APE rhymes with RAPE and also 9 as in baseball.
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#6 Jun 18, 2013
Marcus Fartsmell wrote:
The police are monitoring you because APE rhymes with RAPE and also 9 as in baseball.
omeone has been monitoring ME for a long time..BUT who cares at this point? I find it flattering now what they overlook during it all off what they pick out from it to talk about..

What I find most flatering is tht double play FBI "friendly fire" my familysbirthdays link to me shootings on 4-5-07 my fathers birthday to 10-2-12 and Agent Nichols Ivies 0225 adge link to my sons birthday...coninues as a juve records plan off a 10 years rape now and that reminds me..of the change in direction scumbags gave me on it..had something to do with 2007 or would not yunderstand...its the APR RHYMES with RAPE issue that started n HERKIMER(Oswego Countys HER(me)OR KIMER plan) tothe APE "line up" rape the next day..Probation depotemployss were was announced today..They need more mone to do their jobs right like the Mexico DSS...BUT at least this time stupidity paid some price..BUT not much..Breshnahan paid with her life..

The joke Oswego County scumbags are having with this childs dissapearance is unreal..NEW HAVEN, N.Y it centers right now..

They make claims about the mother and how they will "get on her" if she even considers my story..BUT they make those threats about Heidi Alan's sister also ..HEY maybe those to should get together..what would be the harm?

Whitesboro, NY

#7 Jun 19, 2013
im still lost... this post is drivel

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#8 Jun 19, 2013
Jones wrote:
im still lost... this post is drivel
No, no. You're just fine. It's Diana who is lost, off in some alternate reality of fluffy pink clouds and unicorns.

And this early in the morning, too! ;-)
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#11 Jun 20, 2013
Picture this..

A fire in my sisters old apt on Hannibal St..Just as Tammy Rowe described one in 2005.

That sunday am after kids taunt/shout from down the street "why" the "crime scene" fire was set..s my sister CHRIS BOWER old apt..these kids could NOT have known..they were too young..from way back then..her son was infant..Maegan BUCK called police "TIM" came and told them to shut up..

GEORGE LEVEA dies..Kids taunt "Tammy Rowe said they will exhume his body" Maegan BUCK had done some shouting of her own about GEORGE just a week before GEORGE died..Maegan got up one morn to see who the male was inthe GRAY house yard ..who wa claimig It sounds like they did kill that Levea guy" from what he hears kids taunting...She never called police..

Maegan BUCK called someone the night "Megan" played the "HELP ME" charade about a violent male...who then tried to make me who called police look it all..She did for "Angie"

I saw this male in the dark grab her neck and push her head down to the ground ..she screamed for help..

Maegan told someone "they are doing to her now" as this Megan screamed in my windows..

Cops came...Magen tried to make me look stupid for calling 911..

Picture this....

Maegan BUCK spoke of a LIC plate with MY birthday on it..I lived at my mothers when I saw it for the first time. She said "they will park it out in front of the house" and I knew it was State Police linked..

I had also in 2010 gone to WEGMANS Clay with my parents..when I saw 3011 NYS POLICE SUV pass us onthe left on 481. th SUV then traveld ahead of us...MY father had about it and I knew something was up...I bought LOTION that day and it was Jergan's I gave it to my mother car..THAT was the day I saw David Renz in the H and B isle..He looked like he worked there to me..he had a name tag on..

The SUV pulled onto the GRASS on to the right dside of the RD YES the shoulder NOT the center..and he the driver pulled up to the rd as we drove by....I knw from his LIC PLATE something was up ..BUT thatwas the last time I saw it.

Now in UTICA in JAY ST the 3011 SUV was parked in front of the house...STATE POLICE...

LEVON is 9 months old...He vanished on the 29th..of May -5-29 "line up" with 6-29 for me thats a CARRIE "scene."

LEVON in reverse" means NOVEL
LEVON means LION....."LIONS and TIGERS and BEARS OH MY" It's a DOROTHY clue link..

In 2009 off my last trip to Utica ..My brother..guess which one CLUE is "in the middle" was taunted to STOP me from returning OR "they will shoot her in the back" if she ever comes back...threats were NOT BLACKS then BUT ROGUES may have set it all up now..

Maegan BUCK knew in 2008 SUV would be parked in front of the house.. LIC PLATES are deadly clues...

Maegan told the "garbage bag" story and LEVON is all dressed in GREEN...Looks like St Patty's day GREENS...I bet his mom does NOT know the day the "RED COP" taunts started..or who Tammy Kennedy is..

He waited 2 weeks...

Let me add this ...YES CIRINOS 'cousin" lived at 1103 Neilson St..just a block from where he was recruited to shoot Officer Lindsey..that 3-11 trial date..

SO NO "he" and "they" DO NOT want me in this story..."rumors"

New York, NY

#12 Jun 20, 2013
The kid's old man donated Levon to a local charitable cause to dirty up somebody and it will be found, dead. The old man is playin' games and supporting a cause. All logic, there is enough to arrest both these scumbag parents on the charge of child neglect.

Whitesboro, NY

#13 Jun 21, 2013
I cant even comprehend what the point is. Diane, are you a schizophrenic?

Utica, NY

#14 Jun 21, 2013
Levon Wameling lost AMY WARNEYS soap an clean shirt.

Des Moines, IA

#15 Jun 21, 2013
Levon Wameling lost AMY WARNEYS soap an clean shirt.
Good thing your mother turned and looked down while wiping and before flushing or you would have never seen your first birthday.

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Since: Jan 08


#16 Jun 21, 2013
Diana, do you ever attribute anything to coincidence or is everything linked, premeditated or part of some broad conspiracy?
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#17 Jun 21, 2013
frankcor wrote:
Diana, do you ever attribute anything to coincidence or is everything linked, premeditated or part of some broad conspiracy?
Its ONLY specific issues..NOT everything ..YES I hope "COINCIDENCE" still GOD yes..

To understand my posts..You have ot have knowledge of Oswego Countys activity in it all..sucha s the local scumbag target called the "RED COP" and how I had locked horms over the issue with FULTON PD days before Deputy Wyman was shot dead in the expert" profiling" set up on him..One year later by NO "COINCIDENCE" my mother DOROTHY had her stroke..

the house the Warmeling child vanihed from was talked about here in 2008..the issue of that house was NOT made clear then...BUT the 3011(my birthday NYS LIC PLATE was...and it was "park"ed in front of the house" just as claime din 2008..There is some bizarre scumbag talk here it was done as a "GOOD THING" link to me..? How could potentially searching for a missing child be a good thing?

Was I supposed to go there and walk the areas..with the technology on me ad from there POLICE "would find" whos got the child..later of course -NO link to my walk they would claim..
seems to far fetched ..I think its the bullet in my back plan..they have recruited some scumbag like the did Cirino to shoot Lindsey..Gave him an escape plan all riddled with clues to to my 3-11 birthday incl. the trial date...

You can look at this way ..I can "walk till my legs fall in Utica and I would for child..COPS would then know where the child is NOT or is? See finding that child later in an area that I walked might upset many scumbags here..the technology 400 feet in diameter around ME 24/7 since the "THRILL" began and there is an endless supply of scumbags who know this here and some are Utica..

I don't ususally get involed by posts until stories till they are over then I "associate" them to the scumbag actviity here and scumbags go geez that is what we do...I fill in the blanks for them....BUT since BOSTON etc and the "RED COP" well...and this is a KID...a CHILD reagrdless of who his parents are..

So you think some nut case or her realtive took the kid off the porch in that few while stalking the father(like an Amanda Berry story comes to Utica?)..and found just the right moment to grab the image he had practiced before.

The talk in 2008 that YOU missed..and here is TOO many GREEN clue links in all of this..

Ask the child was NOT born in 2008..NO..BUT the "proile" of his father was...

We could got the scumbag way on this...he is linked to a 13 day old infant death already and he was set up off that image?..BUT waited 2 weeks to report the child gone?...OH how heavy "THRILL" activity was in 2005 when that first child died...Here back then in Oswego County is the "reason" I ended up in Utica in 2009 linked to the Lindsey shooting...Somehow Utica's Cornhill knew I was coming..and was then saying "I'm staying out of it" or told to "stay out of it" before I got there...seems they have changed their minds.. Someone "reverse"d it since then..and that makes sense off how I preceived them then..

In 2009 I and another was taunted if I ever retrun to Utica I will get shot in the back..which means the ROGUES behind all of this used their scumbags to sucker some fool into doing it like they did Cirino to Lindsey)just happenned to see him pulling over his ex gals new man on 4-12-07 so "perfect"(any other date would have screwed up the whole Os Co. "those cops" image) at just about 9:29pm the shot went off) They used Rivera to set the trap..thats why he shit his pants and took off that night or scums say he knew all along...and the bait this time is a missing child.
Marcus Fartsmell

Ithaca, NY

#18 Jun 21, 2013
frankcor wrote:
Diana, do you ever attribute anything to coincidence or is everything linked, premeditated or part of some broad conspiracy?
Nothing is a coincidence, it's only an "encrypted clue" in Diana's world.

What do you expect from a woman who believes that the FBI is using a secret electronic device that is able to tell what she is eating from 400 feet away.

Utica, NY

#19 Jun 21, 2013
all bones now LOL LOL LOL
Hey UPD Chicken Riggen

United States

#20 Jun 21, 2013
Maybe if the UPD wasn't covering for their won they'd have closed the case by now.
help covered in mud

Utica, NY

#21 Jun 21, 2013
garbage good i eat all time.

Albany, NY

#22 Sep 24, 2013
that made my iq drop trying to read and comprehend the incoherent ramblings of diana. what i got out of it was damn someones really out there and it wasnt worth the effort to even try to follow that.

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