waterville central school board-grade F

Manlius, NY

#21 Oct 28, 2009
impulsze wrote:
you can see why I moved to New Hartford for my kid's sake. teachers at WCS were the biggest bunch of overpaid, underworked prima donnas we ever met, especially at the elem. level
i work @ waterville & know just what u r talking about. some of the staff is nice & the others can kiss my -ss. of cousre i work through BOCES, maybe that's why they treat us like --it. oh yea, we even have some of their students in our classes because they can't handle them, so send them to BOCES & look down on us. go --ck yourselves!

New York, NY

#22 Feb 17, 2010
Accountability.... Hmm.. Isn't it funny how the people who tend to "lay down the law" in a certain area always seem to be deficient in the same area themselves... Look at the politicians who push family values but are involved in scandals...

Look at the CEO's who urge accountability, but make millions and vacation constantly.

Hope this isnt the case in Waterville.

Utica, NY

#23 Nov 12, 2010
Jumping over the dollars to get to the pennies is accountability?
Whitesboro had him and didn't want him. That should have told the idiots on the Waterville board something.
All but the 2 new members are nothing but Lonzak bobbleheads. Go to a meeting and see for yourself.
Grade, F-!
been there done that

Utica, NY

#24 Nov 12, 2010
Gary was Arnie's flunky at Whitesboro and he kissed Arnie's butt to get his recommendation at Waterville after the Whtb. BOE wouldn't support Arnie's recommendation for Gary to replace him. Whtb's BOE paid dearly for their support of Arnie-3 years straight the incumbents who supported him,including all three sitting Board presidents were defeated in landslides. Watch and see-it will happen in Waterville too. Jim Van Wormer has forgotten more about successfully managing a school district than Gary "Pigeon" Lonczak will ever know.(Inside joke-call him pigeon and ask him about his time with the UPD!
Eyes Wide Open

Buffalo, NY

#25 Nov 21, 2010
People who pay taxes in the Waterville School District need to start going to board meetings and paying attention to who is being cut at the school. Just recently they retitled a job description in order to get rid of someone who is from the comminuty and works in the district office. She has collected our tax money for years and now has been asked to resign because she doesn't fit the new job description. This way Gary Lonczak has complete control of the money. Everyone needs to open their eyes. He isn't going to fill that with someone from the community unless they fit his new description and can be one of his puppets to pull all the strings. He already got rid of the previous finance guy only to fill with one of his buddy's from Whitesboro. What a sneaky vindictive SOB our school has hired. Other tax paying people in the Waterville community need to speak up and speak up at Tuesday nights board meeting. We should be able to pull together like we have for other things in our community. We need to do more to stop Gary Lonczak from ruining our school and our children's futures.
whtb over the hill gang

Utica, NY

#26 Nov 22, 2010
Waterville BOE; it's one of the worst
You can fire the Super, but dump the BOE first.
Pick up the phone, we're always home; it only costs a dime.
If you got the will, we got the way; it just takes a little time...
Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap.

Utica, NY

#27 Nov 22, 2010
Who is going to the board meeting tomorrow night, and take back our school?
Or will you sit back and let the BOE, The Pigeon and Murphy destroy the whole thing?
Tax payer

Arcade, NY

#28 Nov 23, 2010
Another topic of discussion tonight should be "snow removal". Two maintenance workers retired this past summer and two were let go. So the school doesn't have enough help with snow removal. Oh, I got it: hire back the two you let go. Don't hire a company from Whitesboro that will cost the district up to $45,000.

Utica, NY

#29 Nov 23, 2010
It's the end of Nov. Wait until there is 2' on the ground, then hire another of the "pigons" friends without competitive bidding.

Since: Mar 09

Utica, NY

#30 Dec 7, 2010
another thing whats this i hear he hired a sub from whitesboro for $200 a day? last i checked subs ususally make less than $100 a day? does anyone know if this is true? i am so glad that we have some of the old brass back in the school board, maybe things will get back to the way they were once before. whats up with the snow removal, did i hear it correctly that they only have 1 person to remove snow between 2 schools this year? i went to waterville and the parking lots are big and there is no possible way 1 person can do all of that work. must be pigeon has to make up for the raise he gave himself last year, good job class of 2009 BOE...

Utica, NY

#31 Dec 8, 2010
1 person to do snow removal of 2 schools and the bus garage.


#32 Dec 8, 2010
The teachers on staff are lazy and try to get away with everything.

Hancock, NY

#33 Dec 15, 2010
Did Waterville have its dec 14 BOE meeting last night? anybody go ? How did the Wboro people make out???? Any Bloodshed?
The Judge

Whitesboro, NY

#34 Dec 18, 2010
So how's the BOE these days and the Wboro takeovers up there??

Utica, NY

#35 Jan 26, 2011
bob mac waterville wrote:
i want to hear from the taxpayers so please reply..i give the board excluding the two new members a failing grade...A BIG FAT F....now its my understanding that the school board and the superintendant wont answer any questions at the board meetings they have to be put in writing way before the meeting...then and only then will they answer..if the staff has to sign in and out why not the superintendent..maybe he's having coffee with arnie at barnes and nobles when he should be working....my hat off to the superintendent for getting a contract extentioin before he even completed a yr at wcs..the board really proved how brain dead they are...last yrs president spent more time there thenin her full time job but we dont have to be concerned with that anymore it was a landslide victory for the two new members...also last yr they went on a witch hunt for the previous superintendent.the district atty spent almost two hrs with the board and superintendent explaining to them why there was no crime..they still have the blank look on their faces...im just getting started..
Is it true you thow out every ticket that comes into your court?
Best think twice about throwing out the deps you're getting today.
I bet

Utica, NY

#36 Jan 26, 2011
Waterville doesn't have a lock on dumb-ass school boards. You can check out all the boards in Central NY, they're all a bunch of losers. The politics and the sex games going on in any of our local school systems would make Peyton Place seem like a Sunday school. The ones really hurt in the "educational" environment are the students that the adults get involved with. Granted some of the blame belongs with the students for enticing some of the teachers, but the adults are supposed to be adult enough to say no.

Little Falls, NY

#37 Jan 26, 2011
Hang in there Waterville. A good superintendent can come in an undo the Gary mess in a matter of weeks. Whitesboro thought that we were a mess, but good leadership can fix his mess.

Has he learned how to make eye contact yet?n. Or still playing games?

Oxford, NY

#39 Jan 28, 2011
i AGREE 100% get rid of that jackass gary n bring jimmy v back atleast he had things going the right way and in a time like this wee need that leadership. atleast 1 board member is trying to stand up n not coward down....
times are a changing

Utica, NY

#40 Jan 28, 2011
Word is a group or parents, teachers and other residents are organizing to make major changes to the school board; they've even asked for advice from Whitesboro group. Stay tuned

Oxford, NY

#41 Jan 30, 2011
good hope its soon..........

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