Kim Simon article - Corruption at it...

Somerville, MA

#43 Sep 20, 2013
The lyrics I think are from the album
Tommy by The Who. Song is Acid Queen.

Cortland, NY

#44 Sep 21, 2013
"Happy Jack wasn't old, but he was a man...
He lived in the sand at the Isle of Man...

The kids all would sing, he would take the wrong key...
So they rode on his head with their furry donkey...

But they never stopped Jack in the water lapping...
And they couldn't distract him from the sea gulls flapping...
Tim Juliannn

Utica, NY

#45 Sep 21, 2013
Really wrote:
The lyrics I think are from the album
Tommy by The Who. Song is Acid Queen.
Cool thanks!

Cortland, NY

#47 Sep 21, 2013
"The kids couldn't hurt Jack...
They tried and tried and tried...

They dropped things on his back...
And lied and lied and lied and lied and lied...

They never stopped Jack nor the water lapping...
And they couldn't prevent Jack from feeling happy"

Cortland, NY

#49 Sep 21, 2013
If you want to follow them...

they are gay and play with young mens balls...

And put in the earplugs...

Put on the eye shades...

You know where to put the cork..."
poor baby

Herkimer, NY

#50 Sep 21, 2013
I wish they would solve this case. so sad

Cortland, NY

#51 Sep 21, 2013
"Hey, you getting drunk, so sorry...

I've got you sussed...

Hey, you smoking mother nature...

...This is a bust..."

Georgetown, NY

#52 Sep 21, 2013
Every single time I see her name come up I read through the bs with the hope that someone who knows what happened (and I'm sure there are many who do) has finally come forward. I will never understand the secrecy. It's pathetic.
For The Record

Utica, NY

#53 Sep 21, 2013
REALLY wrote:
<quoted text>Not a UPD case? Get Real! They set up the wire tap on Barnes' house out of a UPD members garage! Another UPD member said he recognized Barnes' bald tire traveling at 55 mph over Mohawk Street. Appears they were "involved" to me!!!
Never said UPD or any other agency wasn't involved. I said it wasn't a UPD case and it wasn't!!!! The Oneida County Sheriff's Department was and is the investigating agency. NOT the UPD. The OCSO is the agency handling the case and always has been. That makes it their case. REALLY. What don't you understand about it????!!!!!
sally simpson

Utica, NY

#54 Sep 22, 2013
"Hey, hung up old Mr. Homosexual...

Don't try to gain my trust..

'Cause you ain't gonna follow me...

Any of those ways...

Although you think you must..."
camel face joe

Utica, NY

#55 Sep 25, 2013
"everybody sing a song"
Get it right

Syracuse, NY

#56 Nov 15, 2013
thoughts wrote:
It will never be "solved". I think it's actually was solved way back when but covered up. The real murderer had some relation to the UPD (Cop's kid or something) and they used Barnes as a scapegoat. But the real murderer will never be brought to justice. Ever.
You got that right. Gillian was there and had a part in it. His father was a Sargent in the upd at the time and the cop that blamed Barnes reported to him.
get it right

Oneida, NY

#57 Nov 15, 2013
wasnt he a cop in new hartford?

didn't they just have a play on this at utica college?
Frank Rizzo

Whitesboro, NY

#58 Nov 16, 2013
This case will never be resolved.

one who knows

Carthage, NY

#62 Nov 16, 2013
not convinced wrote:
<quoted text>
Why should they apologize to him they should sue those bastards. I'm not convinced Barnes is innocent, I think he knows something but I don't believe he killed her, but he knows something. Why didn't he answer the question as to why he was in that school the next day looking for the girl. Barnes' detriment is his mother.
I think this will destroy the credibility of the Innocence Project of Barry Scheck's and Barnes would NOT be out today if the powers that be are NOT up to something. So in the end, Barnes should be grateful to the person these [email protected] are setting up for if it was not for a conspiracy, Barnes would still be sitting in the joint!
This whole case is a sham from the start and this Helmer is one of the biggest criminals riding the conspiracy trail. Who does he think he is, Lou Schmidt? This case should not be of importance to a loser like this and on top of it, this case was created as by Barnes said "junk science' thus they NEVER would have had any DNA saved and in that day, forensic science was way too new and thus the total jackalls of this area who were in on the heist would never have properly saved any possible forensic evidence, they seed, weed and destroy the lives they want the dollars from.
I hope all end up in jail and all the own seized.
As for the parents, how could they care, they lost. Just wait til they really find out what has been going on with their child, they'll really vomit and all said and done Oneida County MUST go down lower than the losses of Detroit.
YOU don't know what you're talking about!!!!!! I remember those days very, very well and always thought Mr. Barnes was innocent and railroaded into prison. Mrs. Barnes and their entire family did everything finanically they could afford to hire an expertlawyer from Syracuse to defend him - to no avail.

What would you expect from a Mother who knew her son was innocent and being led off to spend the rest of his life in jail? Mrs. Barnes did exactly what any loving mother would do - she fought the best way she knew how to reverse his conviction.

Perhaps YOU have had run ins with Law Enforcement in Oneida County and are slanted in your "opinion" of our Court system. I've lived here all my life and have nothing but the highest respect for ALL of law enforcement and the jobs they all do. The same goes for my entire family. I guess it all depends on what side of the justice system you are on!
Steve Zodiac

Syracuse, NY

#63 Nov 16, 2013
Can't you stupid people let it go?? The sheriff royally f-ed this investigation from the beginning. She's dead & gone. The FBI will find Jimmy Hoffa'a body this case is ever solved. Give it up.
Hey Barb Z

United States

#64 Nov 16, 2013
one who knows wrote:
<quoted text>.
Perhaps YOU have had run ins with Law Enforcement in Oneida County and are slanted in your "opinion" of our Court system. I've lived here all my life and have nothing but the highest respect for ALL of law enforcement and the jobs they all do. The same goes for my entire family. I guess it all depends on what side of the justice system you are on!
Yeah Barb. That's why no one is talking. You underline the failures with your sheeplike fangirl attitudes towards the cops. The cops which I have to remind you, continually screw up and blame the next man. How do you breathe with your head so far up a new cop's ass every day Barb?
Take it or leave it

United States

#65 Nov 16, 2013
hank brackett wrote:
The biggest travesty of this whole case is the lead agency that handled this case - the O. C. Sheriff Dept. led by that fat Steve McGarrett wannabe, Bill Hasenauer. He bulldogged his way thru this with his Acme School investigators just to come up with an arrest and a conviction. When the O-D did their feature story 2 of the investigators were retired in Fla. collecting their pensions and refused to be interviewed. This tells me they had Steve Mcgarrett breathing heavily down their necks just to get a conviction. What did the invest. care? They're drawing their 20-year pensions. This agency should NEVER have been allowed to investigate this.
It has been succinctly stated before I see the Oneida Co crew doesn't get it. When the original cops and Sheriff an prosecutors are help accountable in the media, the man who knows exactly who helped who do what will feel safe enough to talk. Sorry but he's seen what you did to the last ones who had info.
We can play this fucking game another ten years at which point it will make no difference. That's your one choice people. There will be no others. Kick a man in the teeth all his life, let him see you lock up the next man for 20 years, and tell me how much he's supposed to trust you? HAve some more cops beat him up and hang a DWI on him again, see how much he cares about helping them.
You may say you're so concerned but you still try to protect your own. Only a clean slate will make him talk and show you what happened as it's explained to me and I have ZERO compassion for the upstate cops so it's not going to break my heart because you all made this bed, the parents were more than satisfied with Barnes "conviction" so honestly I'm not feelin it. I got sick of OC "officialdom" years ago when I realized what it was and who it served.

North Creek, NY

#66 Nov 16, 2013
knock knock
Johnny Belmont

Sarasota, FL

#67 Feb 6, 2015
APRIL1966 wrote:
<quoted text>Ofthe3peoplequestioned bythecopsatthetime,2ofthemhadf atherswhowereUticacops.
talk about hitting the nail on the head :-)

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