How Judy GEORGETTI plays the court in...

How Judy GEORGETTI plays the court in this..

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Diana Vickery

Watertown, NY

#2 Oct 17, 2012
Now here for the slower people of which this forum has many..
are the new clue directions off the lastest "friendly fire" death ..that clue is a Nickel less name "decipher" direction" to what scumbag recruit Judy GEORGETTI Charlotta is an active part of the set up of..

Now know this..MY UI ends very soon..this month -HALLOWEEN time frame..

A Federal Agent was shot dead on 10-2-12( HALLOWEEN season clue) The last HALLOWEEN clue cops death was 4-12-07. This Agents name "deciher" as Nickel less and Iny as in Poison ..time frame of a preety bad stomach issue I developed BUT have recovered..

The FEDS "friendly" 10-2-12 death was another "OFF MEXICO" location clue..Now in "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" the FIRST child who died by a an "accident" that was NO "accident" in HANNIBAL in 3-8-06. Is also an "OFF MEXICO" link to LIGHTHOUSE CHURCH of GOD clue<-BIG "HE" direction clue ..The second child who died in all of this now links somehow to what went on in Hannibal Town court last night again..The lawyer, the ONLY one her Judy's husband could the same as that child killers MILLENNIUM 9-9-09 trial date set by a JUDGE lawyer.

Now this dead FEDS Nickel less name is clue to the "OFF MEXICO" plans "he" has on me now scumbags have had tuants non stop about it..My UI ends very soon..and they claim "HE" now wants ot set me up on it... NOW? I have collected NYS UI for Over years..and checked with the state about it all. Could now be part of the "HE" planned set up too..

I knew for sure a cop was going "down" When Officer JESSE showed up at the door..with his 131D lic plate clue also..CHRIS T MAS link..dead cops..

Officer JESSE was hell bent on getting judy's husband into court..I would NOT back off and highly questioned his decisions..Judy got arrested because she lied to him and more than once and it's obvious what Officer Jesses MO was..

Shortly after the 9-6 issue Judy set up on her husband an "EVERYTHING IS MINE" plan...Nickel less if you will..on her husband plan.."I JUST GOT WHAT I WANTED AND YOUR FUCKING DEAD" brag from her own mouth..about it all as she called 911..

"OFF MEXICO" is the direction to a Nickel less plan "He" now has..Now last night her husband at MY push refused the Oswego DAS BULLSHIT last minute offer..while JUDY sat there waiting for her charges(as in plural) to be heard.

Now her usbands trial date is set now for a 'line up" date with his this years MILLENNIUM birthday at CHRIS T MAS time..That's a CHRIS T MAS snow blanket clue to my sons death MY CHILD? seems so and that would mean Orlogreen si being passed over again..and that Officer #12 Gary Percival would be the obvious target of that "scene."

"Or low green state" is overclued again .."HE" is reusing names date clues and all the other OVERKILL MO set clues in this new 'scene" BUT the FBI Agent narration name is already dead..was supposed to TIME syn with the set up plan on Judy's husband off all of "HE" clues through the system "HE" so dispises "HE" will kill MY CHILD next...its a curve ball clue death like the Nickel less "OFF MEXICO" what DSS will help him with they did with Erin Maxwell's LIGHTHOUSE clue death..some stupid ass policy cover story...

Same Judge last name, A MILLENNIUM date Birthday trial date "line up" this time..NYS POLICE OFFICER cop name from the last "scene" link..Ludingtons Lake Berryessa 926 "line up" clue date to CHRIS T MAS'S ZODIAC "reverse."

Judy GEORGETTI Charlotta BRAGS on the audio about her role in this and how she "JUST GOT WHAT I WANTED(was recruited to do) The officer JESSE comes then covers his as..after he rewordedd her husbands words..That happenned ot me onnthe 4-8-04 MV104A report..I said RUNGE cut me off in his oncoming lane..thats what I have ALWAYS said..BUT NOT what NYS OFFICER MD Beiderman #4619 documented.

I need to tell the world about this.
Diana Vickery

Watertown, NY

#3 Oct 17, 2012
7903 year of my sons birth and my month.

The Uitca forum does enjoy sending me the #s clues in "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" sequence like Ludingtons dates..of the next cops killings off those in the system "He" so dispises..

I WOULD really like to know who the DUMB ASS(male) was that inside the court room last night somehwere near the judges bench whp made the comment "They said she wants them to kill cops." and was cut off by "no she don't and YOu sould read those letters..just off JUDYS shout to her husband of READ HER INTERNET LETTERS" to her husbands she sat there herself waiting o heard on the chrage I brought against her when I leanred thourgh officer JESSE that she lied to him too..and then reisisted arrest also during..and Officer JESSE does not know a set up when he sees one? YES he does..This was called the nickelless part of "HE" "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" plans on me continuation.."OFF MEXICO."

Now You know why Erin Maxwell is dead BUT that again is a different NYS LIC Plate clue link to what is now ahead of me.. 7903
Dana Vickery

Watertown, NY

#4 Oct 17, 2012
Ok Margaretville in oswego scumbgs have in the last TWO days put out the following threats..

"They are going to finish "Judy's husbands lawyer..

They are also claiming to now to be on local beer/soda sales/rememption center employee..who apparently disagrees with their doings also.

and of course on Larry.

According to the scumbags "HE" said I "am not going to get out of the next set up" He has planned on me..

So at least we all know what diection he is going again.."he" is looking to set m up 24/7..and when he is bored "He" has them smelling and talking about my farts and that IS no be as graphic as they are with it all..

So when he will make this next move ONLY "He" knows right now..

He claims I don't "fill out" my online apps and JUDY said this last night while waiting in court..weird she would know..Well NOT really..

"he" said "all she does is sit around that house and do nothing" She's not looking for a job"

I was sick for a few days BUT I survivied it..and YES I did some onine things..Don't have a printer here and have NOT been to the lib lately..

I have NOT been called for an inerview since of course Tracy Hawthorned calls about a Housekeeper position. Last call where she calls and then NEVER returns MY call she has done it a few times to me.
there like Fulton are NOT many p[laces that dont have my app so online now I go..scumabgs claim they dont see me doing it..could be route path "He" plans to take..well it's been 3 years..of NYS UI..I'm in the last few weeks less than 3 ...and due to circumstances beyond my control..I have to go on line mostly now..I have never kept a record or been asked for one...I have walked MILES to turn in apps..and am NOT going to worry about "HE" latest set up plans on me now. "HE" is always setting someone up..MOST die...The TWO sided scumbag fury over it all for years is MY BEST record.
Dana Vickery

Watertown, NY

#5 Oct 17, 2012
Hey when I was homeless ..I had NO place to keep any records..for a long time..Put in apps because I was bored..and needed a reason to find a place indoors to sit in my ever changing "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" life..So if you really want to know I WILL tell you..

Like I said if "HE" and "they" can FIX the NYS LOTTERY off the badge numbers of "friendly fire" and links to FBI Agents and NYS Troopers in all of this..seriously...scumbags think about it..

"He" could set me up any way why worry? I would rather track his every move and "THE THRILL OF "HE" KILL" of whomever "HE" and "THEY" chose..

As I head in to now what is clued VERY strong already to Fulton Officer Gary #12 Prcival's sync off the Nickel less "friendly fire" FED shooting also an OVERKILL of clue links story to all of this... while scumbag recruit Judy GEORGETTI Charlotta and NYS POLICE Officer JESSE work the nickel less set up oh judy's husband Margaretville in Oswego..and that "sister" stunt they tried to pull too..set up an "Artful Dodger" image to get Judy off the hook was it? Clue to a just "OFF MEXICO" plan again o BOTH of us..because of this very computor right here..That's how I know he's NOT one of the scumbags..Beverly was..for her daughter..Bill M covered by dottie..Judy's BILL has no cover but me....BUT JUDY did..and then JESSE covered his ass...

So seems the "or low green state" plan is out of whack time again.."HE" threw that "friendly" dead FED curve ball...I knew one of them was going "down"..just thought this "scene" hit was Green that's all..
I don't believe Orlo Green involved yet..I think NOW "HE" wants others to think that..MIND GAMES.

and "HE" is not done yet...Those remaining bullets are the chambers...."TIME IS AN IMPORTANT CLUE."

I have to listen intensly to the BAD scumbags..everywhere I go and last night one of them sat in Hannibal Town court running her mouth nonstop..
Dana Vickery

Watertown, NY

#6 Oct 17, 2012
Now the BIGGEST clue right now is Judy's husbands trial date "line up" with his CHRIS T MAS(deadliest cop clue link of all) TIME frame MILLENNIUM birthday date...There is only one every year....

The DA made him an "offer" like I got to behave...He does behave he does NOT need an "offer" to do so..The man has worked all his life and is a pushover..He a softie even under the worst situations and "HE" knew this when "HE" picked him and manipulated JUDY and ME on him by "profiling."

He has worked the same job for 31 years and Judy GEORGETTI Charlotta has wiped out his entire life in TWO years and wants MORE now..

She is a mistake he regrets he made so bad..

Last night Judy laughed about how her husband had to pay for his own lawyer..and how she did not(we PAY for it)..Marla Miller had the same type laugh about John Sullivan in 2001.
Jim Bob

Pennellville, NY

#7 Dec 4, 2012
Do you have the Benny Hill syndrome? Infamy! Infamy! They all got it In For Me! LOL
Worst nightmare

Saranac Lake, NY

#8 Dec 12, 2012
You really shouldnt post about other peoples lives when its none of your bussness!! how big of a scumbag do you really have to be to post about this man Bills life ?? Does he even know you have made his life public?? Probably not seeing how hes with you hes probably blind to alot of things!! And it seems like your just butt hurt that she beat you to his money and got everything before you could!!

Edgewood, MD

#9 Dec 12, 2012
watch out Diana they are coming for you

Edgewood, MD

#10 Dec 12, 2012
watch out Diana, they are coming for you. coming to take you away.
whats it to you

United States

#11 Dec 12, 2012
Worst nightmare wrote:
You really shouldnt post about other peoples lives when its none of your bussness!! how big of a scumbag do you really have to be to post about this man Bills life ?? Does he even know you have made his life public?? Probably not seeing how hes with you hes probably blind to alot of things!! And it seems like your just butt hurt that she beat you to his money and got everything before you could!!
Actually, this is none of your business. Who cares what it does or doesn't do. Why is this your business unless you fear you will have a document filed upon you!

With this sh&t azz president, what makes you think you don't have an FBI file on you.

I don't know who or what these goons are but who cares. This has become the online version of office gossip/water cooler syndrome.

I don't know how it does not become board, but who cares.

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