Bosnian girls who think their supermo...

Azle, TX

#158 Feb 29, 2012
bosnian wrote:
those who smell are called "babini"they speak my language .they arent real bosnians .real bosnians dont get married to any other race or have mixed disrespect to any one.but we follow are religion .if you want to know what bosnian really is search.ppl in utica are stupid calling their selves bosnians .they are called babini.
What the hell do you know about religion I can almost garentee you are a muslim girl with a god dam tattoo of a moon and a star wtf! And you come home every night wasted off your ass! Oh lord shut up
Bozo Box

New York, NY

#159 Mar 1, 2012
bosnian wrote:
those who smell are called "babini"they speak my language .they arent real bosnians .real bosnians dont get married to any other race or have mixed disrespect to any one.but we follow are religion .if you want to know what bosnian really is search.ppl in utica are stupid calling their selves bosnians .they are called babini.
Jebo ti alija mater.

Rome, NY

#160 Mar 1, 2012
ddrome wrote:
<quoted text> because we pay for them for everything
sure you do idiot!! We pay taxes like everybody else we worked hard for everything. That we have we're not on welfare like half of your lazy behinds are!!
Syed Saboor

Wheaton, IL

#161 Jul 9, 2012
I agree, American girls are just disgusting. But Bosnian women don't do it for me either. I think most Bosnian women are ugly hags. I prefer Serbian, Bulgarian, and Romanian women to Bosnian women any day. Way better looking. Most Bosnian women are not gorgeous. Actually, overweight and too pale. I do not know where you fools get your information from.

Charlotte, NC

#163 Jan 21, 2013
white girls use to have flat asses past 7yrs. i guest roids in the food now they got some fat bootys 20 years ago 1out 10 had a nice shape but then they thougt thin was in but not for the black guys.

United States

#164 Jan 21, 2013
Top Mod wrote:
Hey Everyone,
This kind of post is unproductive to keeping the forum a useful place. Let's try to remember to be polite and remember that your mom can read everything you write.:)
Admin @ topix
blah blah blah
YouWishYouWereBo snian

Minoa, NY

#165 Jan 21, 2013
We're the cleanest

Hamilton, NY

#166 Jan 22, 2013
they always have stinky coochies
sea salt

Indian Trail, NC

#167 Jan 22, 2013
their p#ssies smell like the dumpster behind red lobster on a 90 degree day

Warren, MI

#168 Jan 22, 2013
Serbian women are dark and disgusting.. Yuck

Clinton, NY

#169 Jan 22, 2013
Dina alic huge slut too and wears too much make up

Stockholm, Sweden

#171 Mar 19, 2013
mama mia wrote:
You italian girls are jealous of bosnian girls because their white and gorgeous, smart, and better than you.
How ironic! I am half bosnian and where my father comes from, no one is completely "white" most of the people are tanned like me! But they are considered as white though. Some bosnian people have turkish blood like me! And some people haven't so they are much lighter skinned etc But thanx for defending anyways

Philadelphia, PA

#172 Apr 21, 2013
The people talkin shit honestly breaks my heart. Lol just playing, but i love seeing how ignorant some of you assholes can be, but then again I don't go trashing every single American I meet just because one or a couple are complete assholes or smell bad... Truth is, yeah maybe you met a Bosnian or two that don't smell the greatest, in my opinion you probably had some type of anger towards a Bosnian and that's why you're here... But that doesn't mean they're all gonna smell the same or act the same.. Who knows maybe they were having a bad day, couldn't shower yet ? Lol.. Oh by the way my names Amera I'm 100% Bosnian, I shower daily and am not nearly as ignorant as the Americans on this site talking shit!:) to all the people that are not as ignorant as those morons, I have so much respect for you.
Defender of the TRUTH

Manchester, UK

#174 Sep 24, 2013
I regret to inform you but its always the non-Muslims who rush out from the toilet cubicle with urine on their underwear because they do know how to clean themselves after urinating. This goes for both the males and the females. So stop pointing fingers at the Bosnians (especially the Muslims) because to cure your ignorance they perform Ablution before each prayer (FIVE times a DAY) unlike the non-Muslims (Serbs).

And to add further you go on about being SERB SERB SERB hey

United States

#175 Oct 20, 2013
its the American way for people to piss on the new groups the Italians and the Irish were hated on early on people get jealous when they see new ethnic groups taking from their piece of the pie but in reality they add to it if all just do their thing. some Bosnian women smell like piss some like roses. who cares some are hot some not. its the same with women of every other ethnic group too. each ethnic group has clowns and idiots too as evident from reading some of these posts

Warwick, RI

#178 Nov 24, 2013
Bosnians got money u need a loan call a bosnian bank i have some american friends and they dont have 20 in the pocket we have cars,money,house,girls, what else

Warwick, RI

#180 Nov 24, 2013
We are just like other immgrants and mafia means big family thats crazy ok

Warwick, RI

#181 Nov 24, 2013
Just like russians,italians,irish,blacks ,latino, the are bosnian mafia too just smarter the all of them we are on Franklin ave in ct hartford
Anon Ymous

Utica, NY

#182 Nov 24, 2013
All I know is I was at a feast this summer and I saw a few Bosnian girls and holy $hit they were dressed in pants so tight the camel's whole foot fell asleep.

Mount Morris, MI

#183 Jan 23, 2014
Im American have a Bosnian guy. I am pretty a Nurse and raised right. Not all American women r like that yea I agree but not all.
michy wrote:
<quoted text>
I am 100% Bosnian and have been living in Utica for 12 years. My boyfriend is full blooded Italian and I can tell you right now he'd prefer dating a Bosnian girl over any fat, white girl anyday. I'm sorry to say this, but American girls are just disgusting. Do you see the way that they dress? They have children with 5 different fathers? And maybe you were talking about Russians or Albanians....don't however get us confused with them because we do not smell.
Your women are horendous and we are taking your jobs along with your men!
And much thanks to the sweet people who actually defend us and who know that we are not scumbags. Its much appreciated Xoxo

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