Bosnian girls who think their supermo...

Middleville, NY

#93 May 27, 2010
Frenchy wrote:
<quoted text>No actually they are right. Especially those whitesboro pigs. They have more illigit babies than average. Just face it. Utica's top export is fat worthless overweight pigs with no future or self-esteem. Of course they'll never admit it through their overinflated egos or faces but it's just true. This is what you get when when an ignorant populace elects career losers like Arcuri Rofaro and all the rest of the losers. From NYM Rob Maciol to NH Earl Reed these people are the scm of the earth charging you all a fortune for their "jobs" while provinding nothing but hot air and a personal form of corruption that is second to none. You all deserve to live here like this. Being a lot smarter than average I'll be leaving and laughing my way on out!
and frenchy ur on a whole other subject i dont even think you know what the heck you are talking about....laugh ur ass off and beat it.

Moravia, NY

#94 May 28, 2010
Unfortunately frenchy is correct about a lot of issues, some people just dont want to hear that stuff. The truth is that these bosnian girls are clean, well dressed, productive, moralistic, gorgeous and have a lot of pride which they deserve, and jealousy of them is rampant because they dont lower their standards to level gutter trash that their counterparts would prefer.
Dos veces

Bayville, NJ

#95 May 28, 2010
At least they can take a shower if they smell and freshen up. If you are ugly there is not much you can do but stay ugly.
Utica-the land of opportunity.

Moravia, NY

#96 May 29, 2010
The hot girls at the colleges seem to be mostly bosnian.

Crystal Lake, IL

#97 Jun 11, 2010
I am Bosnian and no bosnian people smell ESPECIALLY not the girls. Bosnian people are all clean and neat and well put together and beautiful. They are not smelly, mean, or full of them selves as some other people might be.. The girls a pretty and they like to be clean well atleast all of them that i know of...

Nedrow, NY

#98 Jun 12, 2010
Bosnian girls dont fit the new "utica norm", of fatass, sloppy, pushing babycariages with brown babies, rude, sense of entitlement, sloppy, LOSER, unmotivated, hogs as we see daily in utica. These are the future burden have nots that we are stuck with. The bosnian girls will be running circles around these pathetic losers.
Slap a Ho

Camillus, NY

#99 Jun 12, 2010
The Bosnian people that I have met are nice, intelligent, clean, and successful. I think some show arrogance, but I think that is due to the fact that many people see immigrants as dumb or less. Arrogance is the backlash. It is also my experience that the Bosnian culture is one where the male plays a dominant role. I don't think that it is uncommon for Bosnian men to cheat. But, I am not positive about that.
sick and tired

Moravia, NY

#100 Jun 12, 2010
sloveniaaan wrote:
Bosnian people are very very clean, I know because there are thousands of them in my town:) so... I have no idea what you are talking about. In general women from Balcan are very clean, beautiful and stylish. So.. I think your problem is: you were dumped or rejected by a bosnian, or you are a nationalist serbian:)
your opinion is biased because your used to it. And they don't smell good here. try working next to them in a hot factory. My dad got turned it at work by one of them just because he wore cologne. Maybe the other person could've taken notes
Ha Ha Ha

Albany, NY

#101 Jun 16, 2010
Utica is full of "mixed breeds" that have not made anything of themselves and never will. It's easier for them to make fun of productive, motivated immigrants that come into the city from all over the world and make something of themselves, then to deal with their own inadequacies. These immigrants help one another instead of trying to undermine and belittle each other. Those that make fun of the immigrants are the real jokes. They're just too stupid to realize it.
East Utica

Utica, NY

#102 Jun 16, 2010
wow wrote:
In case you havent noticed, you dont see bosnian girls with fat sloppy asses, running around with grungy clothes, and a brother for a bed partner, or pushing a babycarriage with illegitemate rug rats. You people who make these comments are grungy white trash who are jealous, and Im not bosnian and your comments explain everything ootica white trash.
That is true yugo chicos look like yugo dudes!
East Utica

Utica, NY

#103 Jun 16, 2010
mikey wrote:
The hot girls at the colleges seem to be mostly bosnian.
Cause you go to M.V.Yugo's go for free,do you pay?

Utica, NY

#104 Jun 17, 2010
No the Bosnians that come here don't pay for anything for the first seven years of being in the country-must be nice

Level 2

Since: May 10

Whitesboro, NY

#105 Jun 17, 2010
Im not bosnian but the last post is ridiculous they come here with nothing, and work hard for everything they get. Alot of them hd to borrow the money for the airline ticket to get here, along with all the paper work. The y are hard working good people, if other ethnic backgrounds had half their drive this city would be much better.

Austin, MN

#106 Jun 19, 2010
ahah wow ,
bosnians can get guys wrapped arouud there fingers , with out speading there legs open , like some of these white chicks .

Syracuse, NY

#107 Jun 19, 2010
I like the way those big black dicks smell and taste!

Rome, NY

#108 Jun 19, 2010
Wow, what happened to the first 70 posts on this thread? How can they remove that many comments?

United States

#109 Jun 22, 2010
Amina wrote:
ahah wow ,
bosnians can get guys wrapped arouud there fingers , with out speading there legs open , like some of these white chicks .
girlfriend you are in a dream world...bosnian females are no different that white chicks the only thing different is most of the bosnian females have big a$$ heads with no a$$ and white chicks have big fat a$$es, that the black, puerto rican and bosnian men all love, nothing better that a all american back to you bosnian girls having men wrapped around your fingers...hahaha come on your giving up something because i havent seen any that are really that attractive and this is coming from a grown a$$ man

Nedrow, NY

#110 Jun 22, 2010
Bosnian girls dont chase after black or mixmatch breeds, they dont need to, they have too much class, they also dont beleive in mixing races.
trailer trash

United States

#111 Jun 22, 2010
what wrote:
Bosnian girls dont chase after black or mixmatch breeds, they dont need to, they have too much class, they also dont beleive in mixing races.
first of all white trailer trash...stay in the vallyyy where you dont know crap about bosnians many of the younger generation (females) are with and having mixed babies, now the olders on the other hand are with bosnian men because when the came here thats who they where married get the facts straight here and by the way alot of the younger bosnian females swing both ways so talk what ya know clown one more thing my best friend amra is bosnian and married to a puerto rican man they have a beautiful daughter so stick that one nice and deep dip $hit

United States

#112 Jun 23, 2010
us italian girls can out work out love and out f ANY slimy stuck up bosnian chic any time.i had a bosnian hic after my man and he sent her packing ....she knows where to find me if she wants to finish what she started

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