Maegan Bucks TS Casino game to a VER ...

Maegan Bucks TS Casino game to a VER PLAN Rape

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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Mar 24, 2013
Its clear the POWER is right there..the miltary scumbags recruited in this to buy me inot the deadly MOTHERS plan..Even the FBI getting a little NACO wrhymes with WACO guntrol out of it joined in..after all whats two mens lives the "friendly" way ..since they lost 4 at NACO rhymes with WACO gun control plan clues...and ran that to HERKIMER..on 4 other men..

Are you with me so far? 4 FBI Agents died at WACO..before the raging fire was set(Brinkerhoff shooting cover up continuation later) kill not only David Karesh BUT to teach others a lesson..even if it meant killing children..We go to war and don't use that principal as a nation..

So a MAASIVE "reverse" plan has surfaced and the family was willing..That family was mine.

That "reverse" plan spread to the Raponi family in Fulton..Yes Kim, Autumn and Rene (Monita was a vicitm of it also later) and some exras later added to the working plan Melissa etc. BILL CROMIE steps into it in 1996..Yes he was sent no do what he did..Now here's one BIG difference from then to now...Cromie did NOT use scumbags to taunt me ..They were men BIG men strong looking men..never scumbags these men walked close made their words and walked away..never shouted at my windows or in the streets or stores never..They came they left...and eventually it all faded..stopped..BUT than it all began again later..1999..and by 2003 George Lundy had said "You will be another one that mysteriously dies in police custody" to me off it all on Bill Cromie's name(as I type this in my home,,newtown scumbags comment "She just killed her son" Tammy Rowe gave me that first warnig by taunts in 2005..)

Now think about all that as HERKIMER dims..its an Ultimatium to POLICE" Who began the use of the "car jacking" off it on the VER PLANK (origin) RD now the rape of 10 year old girl. The AGE puzzles me..but maybe it no importance the TIME FRAME was the issue and the Librarian..of course the Librarian..he wants this trial OR he would havee taken out another..

Now "JUDITH DEVENEY" as unstoppable as she has been since the name Hafner..its all a good front AFTER for him..set the plan in words..I have it on audio and then continued with her 3 "missing dogs" charade..fell sorry "JUDITH" Hannibal..plan.

JUDITHS dogs are the clue names to the GOV plan the ROGUES have..She had to set her husband up to do it..He was the one set up ..and of course the "reverse" was in motion there also scumbag stylee ones who taunted It should NOT take this many scumbags..THIS LONG? Nothing they do is GOOD for anyone..So there's your first real clue..If the scumbags are working it it's BAD and ONLY bad will result from it but "gain' for "he" and they is the plan off it all.. No one can disclaim that part..logically..unless your an like LOL the poster here..just a loser scumbag who can those who taunted "You make it sound like cops killing cops is a bad thing" and all the pother puns in this..ok I guess it's not..majority rules..

So this ROGUE band ran to HERKIMER on 3-13-13 om the name KURT Myers..and 4 NACO rhymes with WACO men died.."reverse" in the HER or KIMER ultimatium plan they originally had..She now works at the Post Office..federal go figure and YES they tried to get her daughter in also almost did but she got herself arrested..At the time BOTH were helping my mother out..Cromie had caused a stir..he was Kims "ACE in her pocket" back the DSS..and she used it..Now he's her "ace in the hole" and whats weird is that "ace in the hole" was aid before I knew Cromie was dead.


Ithaca, NY

#2 Mar 24, 2013
Diana will you cover me in peanut butter and invite Judith's dogs to come lick it off?
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#3 Mar 24, 2013
Now off the Cromie issues in 1996 o his death unknown to me in 1999 Scumbag recruit Lorinda Fullington steppoed into..and she beagn her LUNDY thing.. Cromie would die that very same 6 month time frame..cancer what ever..

By 2001 Marla Miller took her Fall for former Mayor John Sullivan..and that became what it became a alomost 2 year saga off which I meet GEORGE LUNDY..Marla never did completely pull off that money fraud "fall" scam with Sullivan ..She just like the rest of them walked away from it..becuase someone covered it up for her..and Sullivan.."be Diana what you post" oh BS,,"Wait till she finds out who he is" Who gives a F??K was my "attitude" just like it is now..

Once you get through the ass kissing clouds in Oswego Co. you can see much better whats going on..

I meet Oswego Attorney Joe Wallen off it all hes get this trying to stop Marla..the men are inhis back room talking abut my father and brother work history? Ring a bell now does it link to me..?

Wallen's a "freind of George Lundy..and that is NOT GOOD..

As I type this not posted yet newtown scumbags talk..JOHN will stay out of it also..I don't know Bill M didnt ..Beverly and val didn't .they were in kill me mode ..then to Dottie Bills Aftin running onthe same mind set as Beverly and Dottie "i'm gonna get" out of this others tell them "No you won't".."he said I will" etc..My mother was the same way and she was PISSED when I 'thorws" that casino game later..ohh..and thenthe BIGGER money offer..OHHH she was arguing with my father about how much she would "get" of it..Dad told her "she's not going to give you a dime"..My mother said "he said she will"..cuz he had scums threatening to kill my son over my head..and he was killing was NOT enough to convince me my son was safe..

So one side says nwo JOHN will and the other says JOHN won't... History of the military scumbag recruits says JOHN CREGO will. So I have to prepare.

Valerie Dedich the GOOD WOMAN was all gung ho ..until I talked about her real act in this..she fliped and flap jacked a few times also she was NOT always a "GOOD WOMAN"..scumbags got on her..So shes out ..What I wrote about her anyone could claim..So she got her "gain" off it..The lesbians Beverly was telling it all to were supposed to keep it all quiet..for Bev depending on how she worked them. So her daughter could have a life off it..I guess Erin Maxwell was the cost of it..

Ok so they have made their deadly way to HERKIMER..You know Bill M is not going to talk..and Aftin she's another one..

So JOHN NY is the clue its a DOGS name..starts with "JUDITH" Hispanics are the criminal element..started at Bury the lying bush' also a president Bush smartass tactic on America..pushing Blacks aside joke..They don' wanna work after we worked them to death for years we have to them and don't like it..up until the 60s they used seperate toilets..from whites..and by he BUSH presidentcy OH HISPANICS were it job force..What a smartass he was..GOD BLESS AMERICA,,the sign to relect Pres. BUSHis out back on the barn here at my newtown home..No this si NOT to get Blacks going..NOPE BUSH was provoking that and then Katrina hit..

The SIGN is out back..

Hunterton County Whitehouse station address. You knwo what Hunterdon is right? The COUNTY location in Jersey where FBI Agent BUSH was shot dead on my dads 4-5-07 birthday..and you ORION is the gigantic Orion George Lundys brigade..

"this story is big real big" Joe wallen said to me in 2003 about Marla..? She(me) keeos attacking all the people who are "tryng to help" her now..Well of course they can confirm the story..YES they believe it's true..Can YOU figure out why?
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#4 Mar 24, 2013
LOL wrote:
Diana will you cover me in peanut butter and invite Judith's dogs to come lick it off?
cover yourself and then call the dogs..whats the problem? For you I am sure any dog will do
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#5 Mar 24, 2013
Did all of them know there would be so much blood shed of fit ..? NO.. Did they all know children would die..? No..BUT some of them did..

Tammy Rowe knew..maehgan Buck knew..Tammy NOT military as far as I know..Maegan BUCK is..Beverly Davis is..Val was to run to her military brother off it all and "stick up" for me.. BUT her mother told her NOT to stick up for me BUT that the shootings were true..BUT NO they another plan for me..

Then it moved on to Dottie and Bill..and 3-19-12 set up on me skipping over al that FACTS what it is now a 3-19-12 JOHN CREGOS wife birthday..hes the miltary link scumbag recruit for another "scene"on me in this heavily clued..JOHN NY by JUDITHS dogs and in HERKIMER a babershop shooting..that a BLOODSHED clue..a shack called "Angie baby" SRIHC plan..CHRIS-see Photo fo it on my Facebook page..Angie babys 1206 cell phone links ot Andrew CUOMOS birthday..So don't expect miracles from JOHN..expect he will be like Aftin..HYPE..they were counting on it for the let's a standard MO of the military scumbag use in this..

The plan is to kill my boyfriend..the Angie baby truck is out inthe driveway and YES we found some issues with it..Thnak GOD he checked it out..and the 48408 tires they set up for it..Charles RUNGE VER PLANK RD clue also..nickel less plan on me and JUDITH walks away with "EVEYTHING" just as she had planned..its how she came though it all so easy and was allowed to "crying" taunt me in a HAFNER controlled courtroom..called "SILENCE OF THE LAMBS again..

There is a few set up on my boyfriend.always back up plans..Ray did NOT die inthe "accident" so they walked him down the road and took him into the woods..then sent Brian Dolbear to "divert" Funny thing is police probably sent scums to work Dolbear..etc.

Logically they should have killed me first ..BUT that would have spoiled the MOVIE plans..and the WACO gun control plan.."association" to balancing off a 10 year girls rape on the.."Second place second time" - Seven Wonders location of VER PLANK RD..and the killing of her mother...called a "car JACKing"

Are you sure those WACO FEDs were shot dead by Karesh Branch Davidians? Who the hell knows now..

HER OR KIMER..Corrections officers= "or low green state" plan..

I get mad sometimes off the stress BUT I always snap back..

They...FEDS are raping little girls to make a point..SHOOT UM ALL..who gives a shit? I don't..

Well is it HER OR KIMERs way..The choice IS YOURS..

they the FEDS were decent enough to tell me they would kill my son..I don't believe it was just was a money offer exchange of stopping it. YOU can believe what you want..

I'm NOT quite sure what they want..I do NOT want to paid fom my mothers hand..I made that clear..

We want to knwo a little bit about you for ou files" Ok so no yu do..change your "profiling errors..

"We want to learn to help you help yourself" ??
Ok then whats with the my mother shit?
I had gone to the casino many times myself..NOT the BINGO Hall ok..BUT you paid my family off on machines also..

I'm being serious here..They just set a little girls rape up and killed her LIBRARIAN "associaion" direction clue mother..

Now WTF?

CHRIS BOWER Only claimed one rape now you have doubled that "reverse" plan..WTF? WHO is geting off on this one? and that is all it is.."HE"S a pedophile..

United States

#6 Mar 24, 2013
Diana will you dress as a librarian and urinate onto me as I chant "He and they! He and they!"
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#7 Mar 24, 2013
The 7 dead cops for the 7 military STARS emerging from this in exhange I understand that... The rest were SILENCE shits and gigiles..BUT TWO Little girls dead for a planned 3 in a DIRTY HARRY clue..TWO of them raped..WTF?

Now I like th epoart of the story where over and over scums are told "She(me) won't win" after every murder assualt crime etc..he jumos right in and says she wont win.."He" knows he's talking to a bunch of assholes and I know it too..

Ok I won't "win"(I already have) according to "HE"..Ok then I say "he's" going to kill more...He clues me he can't let me win..."HE" would have to stop..well I have given up trying to stop him..I just want to understand his mind now..

and the two little girls lives that throws me way off.

HER OR KIMER and 4 more men are dead..and a FBI DOG..JUDITH let the dogs out..the same month..JOHN NY was amoung them..JOHN made his way to the HERKIMER story a barbershop(bloody sign clue).

JOHN is a scumbag recruit no doubt ..the plan to keep him from defecting is on.."He" already knew it was in motion..common sense..I had heard talk last we all went out for dinner at Christmas..

Aftin Devney and Brandon went though the same shit..and played in role off it all anyway..

Now know this.."JUDITH" wants "EVERYTHING" from her husband..the next in line is his daughter..So logically getting rid of "JUDITH" somehow to me makes scumbag military "gain" sense..

Her DOGS nme is JOHN NY..They are on opposite sides..??

Midnight John NY and Bubbles..DOGS like APE rhymes with rape..

So YES I HAVE heard all the "split" me and my boyfreind up stories and all the claism of ow scums will get him screw up his pension in his final work years..its no secrect.

Aftin buckeled to it..quick..She got her boyfriend arrested off it then he got fired..She was so sure "he" would get him hsi job back if they complied so she did..A SANDYHOOK "association" was his plan..what ever they had on Aftin it was make her believe what she was believing OR she knew something all along..Aftin did say she was going to "step outside her platoon" So you know its military goons...which ones..her "platoon" ?

Now its a JOHN NY clue "reverse" Margaretville has passed..FED is down..FBI DOG is down..a little firl is raoed and her mothe rmurdered in one of the sickest BS storie stories yet State Police have put out.."car jacking" ...What depraved indifference balls they have..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#8 Mar 24, 2013
LOL wrote:
Diana will you dress as a librarian and urinate onto me as I chant "He and they! He and they!"
only if you answer my pornography ? truthfully..Have you ever olested a child? truthfully?
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#10 Mar 24, 2013
YES I have heard all the stories out now FULTON has run all of this..He wanted to give me a better life and sow me how POWER works long as I gave my mother some of it..

MRS ROBINSON -AKA Walgreens..Mr Robinson.

That confuses me "We want to help you learn to help yourself " are you sure it was me?

Ok no sountrack song BUT I was wrong they played on me long ago..They did not want me to now..

"Long ago" "Second place" "Second time". "You took my hand all the way down to Emmiline"

I'm not sure who is leading who here..

"But if our paths ever cross" "wwll you know I'm sorry but" "if I live to see the seven wonder" I'll make a path the rainbows end"

Then it changes to...I'll make a path back" my intention all along..
"I hope and I pray that maybe it might work out some day"

So they want a showdown..HER OR KIMER..4 men are dead a new WACO style..(that part I understand)

FBI DOG gets shot by a KURT(WHY MAN) Myers this time.
APE rythems with rape..and so they did..
"Car jacking" cover clue style used a pedophile. Is he getting closer to himself?
Sense of POWER like a rapist?

I would NOT give to be at the scene of the crime (BONE COLLECTOR) and stop it or catch it in motion...but he plays games with the clues.

So what's up with the extra JOHN NY scene?..Got to be a good one..

Swing batter batter swing..

GOOD NEWS I have no more Dead FED clues..BUT a DOG?
BUT I have dead cops clues.
and civilains..

His parents live close to here..
and I will keep on eye on him BUT don't expect to see him for some time..Maybe this summer..YES i am also thinking the 3-19-12 birthday link is a ploy to throw me off another JOHN NY plan..My eyes are open.. TIME WILL TELL "He" likes his "tricks" more than a pimp does..well he knows I could keep up with him.. So "He" has to do something..

Ok STOP NO they won't murder my mother the "association" clue is done..

It's link to a MOTHER and a LIBRARIAN..They killed children in is a Librarian..the murders are done...This little girl an open clue now..I do NOT like the direction of it..

BUT what "he" clue message is is right there..rememebr "He" works in "reverse"

Mother and a librarian..little girl issue..

The plan was HER OR KIMER..they gave her a Federal job postal(shootings) I was offered money though my mother..? My mother was using Kim and her daughter Kim had a Cromie vendetta against me..that lure was easy for my mother.

Now it's in HER OR KIMER..4 men are dead..(WACO exhange killed at least 2 more of their own to front it) and an FBI DOG gets shot..JUDITH is trying to stop her husband ..and now they have is son in law set to role play ..CLUE JOHNS -Herkimer..and JUDITHS dogs and 3-19-12 birthday..

Are you sure the 4 FBI agents at the WACO compund were killed by Branch Davidians? "They" went to SANDYHOOK for gun control changes..on the name LANZA..Now they are raping a young girl for ?? They set it up off a DA and JUDGE..called it a "car JACKing" and I know what that means..Like the Jones depraved indifference was about to happen all over again..only in "reverse"
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#11 Mar 24, 2013
He wants me to see it and NOT post it..well scums are watching whats the difference?


United States

#12 Mar 24, 2013
Diana will you bark like an FBI dog while I ejaculate onto your knees?

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