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Liverpool, NY

#85 Dec 12, 2012
upset wrote:
Why is it that some one is instantly a welfare receiving fat, lazy, person if they inquire about lead paint? I am here today because I'm curious as well. and I'm not rich but near 6 digits keeps me from welfare. No one in my house is eating paint but we have headaches and seem to be sick more than normal. I had no idea about how old a house needed to be to worry about this sort of thing and my land lord never mentioned it to me. And since this house is more than 120 years old, I have to be curious. So for those of you who want to degrade people. find something else to do please. Your severe ignorance is quite upsetting.
The symptoms you have described suggest the presence of mold somewhere in your home, perhaps behind your walls or in your heating system's duct work, with mold spores being blown up into your livind spaces every time your furnace cycles on. I'd investigate thoroughly; unseen mold is often the cause of many unexplained health problems. Good Luck.
Chiming In

Liverpool, NY

#86 Dec 12, 2012
"living" Also, frequent unexplained headaches can be attributed to low levels of carbon monoxide present in a home closed up tightly for the winter. Do you have at least one carbon monoxide alarm in the house?? Have your furnace checked out by a pro for peace of mind.

New York, NY

#87 May 26, 2013
I am a tenant and was never given a lead booklet moving in. my husband works i am a stay at home mom. My son does not eat paint! My house is cleaned and dusted daily. How is it my fault i didn't know my apartment had lead paint and my Landlord has know.from 2006 is a.nurse and when i asked told me no lead paint in my apartment. So knowing this do you still think it is wrong i Sue my Landlord? My son could have died if i hadn't had other health issues here called the health department because my Landlord refused to fix them and leas paint was found. My son has to under go treatment. And trust me i am suing cause they knew and didn't care.

Fort Worth, TX

#88 May 31, 2013
my child was tested for lead and its was positive for a high risk. i bought a home lead kit and it came back positive also, i live in a house i know the topic was for apartments but im i able to sue them

Baltimore, MD

#89 Aug 1, 2013
how racist could your comment be if you want to get technical you listed all Caucasian races meaning most of thoes don't live I. 19th ward housing were there's slum lords who do t take care of there properties smh people like you need to fall off the earth

Erie, PA

#90 Oct 3, 2013
i got my daughter tested for lead and her level came back at 12 not good my landlord never told me about led or i never had to sign anything and she wont fix it told me to move what can i do she has she has no money to fix it i have been here 6 years but i do not have a lease anymore

Asheboro, NC

#91 Jan 15, 2014
Wow. What a bunch of ignorant insensitive pricks. If you move into an older place and all they did was cover the lead paint with fresh paint..please. that doesn't solve anything. Don't let any of these hateful fools get to you. You CAN most definitely sue. Especially if you've been taking your child for regular blood tests. That's a good parent, trying to ensure their safety. Most landlords wont admit when their property is screwed. YOU CAN SUE. And if you're like me, with the clear evidence that you've done your part as well as having the state come and investigate your can win. Don't think just because you don't own the property that you have no rights. The courts are on the tenants side 99% of the time. Involve your childs health, and they have no case against you. SUE THE HELL out of them.
cold hard truth

Hagerstown, MD

#92 Jan 22, 2014
You stupid discriminating yuppies will burn in hell for your ignorance. What does welfare have to do with it. If you slumlords would quit trying to profit from everyone else, we would not have this problem. Some people may not have been properly informed of the lead paint. Discovered it on their own, then find out that the slumlord knew and pulled a fast one. A child does not have to eat paint to get lead poisoning you idiots. DO YOUR RESEARCH. I always find that the people bashing the poor are some of the most scummy people on earth. Bashing parenting skills of people you don't even know. Assuming that everyone with less money than you is less intelligent, and a welfare bum. The world would be a much better place without people like you Guy, Inspector, The Grim Reaper, Lead Pencil and Why are your dumb ass kids. I would like to meet you all personally so I can spit in your face! I hope you lose your job and end up on welfare so you can taste the grass on the other side of the fence. Maybe then you wouldn't be so critical of the people who can't afford to live, simply because costs are too high and wages are too low. Peace out Scum!
cold hard truth

Hagerstown, MD

#93 Jan 22, 2014
Don't play landlord if you can't afford it!

United States

#94 Jan 22, 2014
cold hard truth wrote:
Don't play landlord if you can't afford it!
The person who bought the home didn't place the lead there, if it tested and passed why should they be liable to pay you big money? Why look for a payout? It seems all these utica bums dream about a huge payout instead of trying to earn money like their landlord! Lead, loose nails, loose glass, electrical hazards there are thousands of ways to die in a home, take some personal responsibility!

Manassas, VA

#95 Feb 25, 2015
guy wrote:
<quoted text> those lawyers are parasites, if I were the judge and they brought the case in my court I would have the children removed from the parents care for endangering them...
Well what if the parents did not have any knowledge of LEAD in the building because the landlord failed to let them know like what we're going thru now because my baby's blood test came out positive for LEAD poisoning and it's been almost 6months that the landlord have nit done anything to fix it even when department of public Health came for inspection and send them a notice to fix it

Manassas, VA

#96 Feb 25, 2015
lou wrote:
<quoted text>
The person who bought the home didn't place the lead there, if it tested and passed why should they be liable to pay you big money? Why look for a payout? It seems all these utica bums dream about a huge payout instead of trying to earn money like their landlord! Lead, loose nails, loose glass, electrical hazards there are thousands of ways to die in a home, take some personal responsibility!
Even if they weren't the ones who painted the lead paint in there house they can still get fined for it because there job was to check the problems before buying the home and its there fault for not fixing the problem and or not notifying the tenants about the LEAD paint before renting it out to them.. And yes tenants has the rights to sue landlords
If the tenants or any children in the household had been lead poisoned. LEAD is very dangerous for children, it can decreased bone and muscle growth, poor muscle coordination,
damage to the nervous system, kidneys, and/or hearing,speech and language problems
developmental delay, seizures and unconsciousness (in cases of extremely high lead levels)

Potsdam, NY

#97 Feb 25, 2015
Of course one should not eat or injest lead paint, however, this lead paint scare instilled by the oneida county dept of public heath is exaggerated and way overblown. What about 80 years ago, when Lead paint was more prevalent than now? Was a generation of cretins created? No. As long as a fresh coat of paint is applies the oldpaint isimmobilized. People, use common sense instead of listening to these alarmists who are just trying to justify their jobs . There's no more lead paint nowadays to justify these silly scares.

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