The "Angie baby" clue build up to GOV...

The "Angie baby" clue build up to GOV CUOMOS 4-3 Oswego NY visit..

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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Apr 4, 2013
There is always an undertone..always its how clues are "encrypted"

MY JEEP my RED JEEP the one CHRIS VICKERY BOWER hit while parked on 3-29-05 for the HALLOWEEN "trick" cop shooting clued in the issue that links to why the HERKIMER shootings took place with all the HER OR KIMER Raponi Stevens clues in it ultimatium...So The ROGUE FBI and NYS police raped a little girl..shot some men in HERKIMER off scumbags..4 the WACO link rhymed in the "OFF MEXICO" (also an Erin Maxwell link) location of NACO RHYMES with WACO...from there JOHN NY the next military scumbag recuit t make a "scene" move in the GOV link..its all running on a "WHO LET THE DOGS OUT" "soundtrack" linked to JUDITH DEVENEY..who knows herself they shot those cops..well "they" shot others also and raped a few girls along the way..all by the "voices" that were once just in MY head..You should know what those "voices" pushed me to do..while I lived in Fulton at the 151 "get Maureen's(Levea) kids some money" birthday "anagram" address set up on my by my sister in "reverse" on how I arrived there in April 2005 off my sister CHRIS T MAS BOWER..and her "reverse" set up clues on hitting my RED JEEP..a story I was supposed to write in "reverse" about all of this..sort of...Its clear orlo green had plans to bust my boyfriend..that spun off the bad scumbags claim HE was involved inthis and get this set JUDITH up to "protect" himself becuase he knew what his sister Peggy was planning..well he could have prepared himself better off the barn burglary and not got his ass wiped it. Had he known..Then he also could have fened better against Officer L Jesses GOV CUOMO has one interest ..saving NYS from having to pay out probably in the millions to the real vicitms in this..He's a BIG money for NYS GOV..and the clue was 12-06 his BIRTHDAY to a 1206 Angie baby cell phone link..

Now the attempt to make 'Angie Baby" look good went on also..the herilooms photo by the Pall times..LOL I LOVED that one..LOST custody of her last two kids to their burned out on drugs father..who sold me the child porn taunted clue computer..that linked later to the Bill McCarty Dead End JUDY comp clue..Bill M was the set up for it on his "pertner" Dorothy Mills..another NYS Disability collector...Chuck had no idea what the plan was with that comp..I'm convinced.."Angie baby" was supposed to get her kids back off it ..LOL..Hell she even had a job at GOD shop..The Salvation Army..wasn't supposed to get fired though and that maybe part of the planned attack on Orlo as "profiled" SANDY(LIBRARIAN clue)thinks he is involved in this-suspicous for some reason..?? the ROGUE FBI and NYS "or low green state" plan nears..called JOHN NY. MIDNIGHT is a 12 "trick" clue and BUBBLES are home...JOHN NY remains out there...? TIME IS AN IMPORTANT CLUE.. The deadly clues are already in place..a barber shop in HERKIMER to s JOHN shooting..linked to a MOHAWK (Indian)clue undertone at BOTH shooting clue locations-"Angie baby" ROGUE plan..called NYS GOV he MAY be coming..BUT it wilL be their BILL (8-11 FACTOR) VICKERY Novel is for "gain" off it all plan continues.

I DO like the image the FBI lost their DOG now off a scumbag set up on them..ON THEM? LOLOL clever..and that may be the feed to the GOV on it..BUT thats all blown to shit by the Rrymes with rape..

JOKE of SANDYHOOK(HOOK is a LIBRARIAN captian clue in Fulton) gun control off it all..the make of the GUN does NOT matter..Myers drove to TWO locations and killed 4 men..if the plan was 20 he would have pulled it off..PLAN is the clue not the GUN.

Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#2 Apr 4, 2013
As scumbags here rant on "They said Angie was going to do it for us"

It's a joke..HER OR KIMER is my mothers mother so far up the asses of the Raponi family..may have spun off Bill Cromie then..Then my mother hit my JEEP while parked when she was in "reverse" in April 2001 I had just bought it ,,,must be I missed some ALLSTATE clues then..

I was renting a room off Wendy Dumeaz sister...My mother tried to create a fraud issue on me then off the Jeep.."address" address never changed..It was my tax address etc..My employes address etc and I had things stored in her basement..I rented rooms for the jobs locations I had then..My mother and Kims daughter Amanda Stevens played their games with me also then..KIM got hired at the Fulton Post Office..they tried getting Amanda in also but she got her arrested for theft from her employer. Donna willimas and her daughter got their state as far as I know Kim Stevens has NO sex abuse story and neither does either daughter..So WTF is up with that?

Yes my mother was doing this an this is why she feeds to scumbags the "NO" part of it all and pulled Angie back to her side..Now the issue of the TS Casino..I HOPE there are receipts..and records match any video shit they might try ot pull on me..They MUST have BINGO hall records..My mother claims the TS Casino will "escort" me out now..NOW? She had promoted that before though Angie also and it was NOT true..So is it now? how would she know I thought hse had a stroke ..still go to the casino does she?

The HERKIMER side is MY MOTHERS..I was anti to all of it..My mother HIT my parked JEEP..CHRIS hit my parked JEEP..A photo of it sits in the OSWEGO LIBRARY..restoration and addition photo..thats MY JEEP...A former Oswego NY LIBRARIAN was stabbed to death on 3-13-13 off a FEDERAL charges child porn suspoect and that peculiar monitporing device issue..which to me is no issue at all..I undertsand how he did it..Same was the NYS LOTTERY was used in this more than once..(Recognize the 13#s anyone? It's the AGE CHRIS BOWER claimed she was raped at 13 became a "reverse" set up on her by her own doings..She was setting me up. She hit a parked JEEP. That's MY fault? she did almost 2000,00 to JEEP she claims was parked "real close" to her forcing her to hit it in the dark..?? Oh wait 1929.40 her 9-29 clue..So "George Lundy" could "help her out" The hell he was.."in the middle" is a CHRIS clue like Lindsey's shooting in April 2007..My birthday 3-11-08 trial..Thats a ROGUE NYS state and FED doing and no "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" by a Judge. This "WALL OF GREENS" fuckers want to bring the NAT Guard down to protect their little girl APE Rhymes with RAPE on VER PLANK asses...Do you get it now?

The JOHN NY "scene" is the NYS GOV finale off what is supposed to be all the other scumbag set up son me finally merge finale..JUNE is the next apperance of JOHN NY..time frame and JUDITHS WHO LET THE DOGS OUT" JOHN NY is still missing..

JUDITH was NEVER sticking up for me NEVER,,Her role was to start the "or low green state" plan on her husband version of it the way to the "reverse" Margaretville in Oswego all began on me the same way..Is he the money plan to replace me now?(That means it never ends and the second game gets played) The plan first wipe my boyfriend outt..get him "fired" the newtown scumbags plan....set up all kinds of issues to make it "look" like since he hooked up with me his life went to shit.

That simple kind of stuff that "fools" everyone who does NOT take the time to know the FACTS.."HE" since you are all so easily "fool" able.. "He" and "they" counted on that part most.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#3 Apr 4, 2013

Scumbags here in newtown rant "The JUDGE won't like it that you post Bill M is an asshole" well he is..The JUDGE i;m sure will told what to think eat and shit in all of this it makes no difference..I have already met some of this HICK JUDGES also..Ludington and Hafner..This is the most dignified serial killing ever...and the rights of those pulling it all off MUST be protected..ask any bad scumbag....its a real "THRILL" for them to be honered with the pleasure.

Do you understand SANDY the City Of Fulton.. the HOOK clue..called SANDYHOOK -a firmena kinda set theor own fire to look good later of fit and get equiptment from it..Thi stime GUN CONTROL...JOKE is they go out again and set another HERKIMER with a shot gun? Does NOT matter what kind of gun or gins..You can only shot at most 2 at a time..This was not a semi automatic I undersand...Suspect drove to 2 locations and killed 4 men total..he had time to kill hundreds..It's the planning NOT the weapon.

Now and FBI dog gets shot..did Lundy know APE was the DOGS name? The FBI did..who had access to David Renz's records..Lundy? The FBI did that is for sure.

You think Lundy and the military scums blocked that signal on the Renz monitoring device? They could have...Somebody did..was it a "friends" effort?

What caused Renz to this on the "perfect" LINE UP" date..thats yes is BOTH a ROGUE cop and military scumbag clue. So can't be narrow it down guided by that only that you know it's all ROGUE.

Was Renz derranged? Was Myers? No one seems to know...Myers had a gun and hit the right JOHN NY "WHO LET THE DOGS OUT" spot on a couple of Mohawk clues. What could I have possible done to have warrented all this..Way back from the 3-8-06 accident tothe "friendly" shootings in 2007 and on ..Bill Vickery seems ok..seems to have a well balanced life for having been vicitm of ???
They got his "vicitm" CHRIS BOWER involved or it was her idea? or BILL agreed knowingg he could fry her later..Chris planned to steal it from my mother..or blame her later..?

Anyway.."HE" rapes more little girls to prove the point? This guy has he best of BOTH worlds His cake and eat it too..The rest of you are "fools" and scumbags..

HERKIMER is my mother..somehow the Monita Vincent home invasion was set up off all also I had a "No Monita and I did not fight" conversation with Chris..NOT my for me the clues are confusing also at times..I did not know Adam Vincent..last I knew she was a Mills.. and i did not work with her much at St Lukes..never saw her address there..She never spoke of it either..and some scumbags from Syracuse cruise up here and rob her home? My mother could tell you all about Adam Vincents drug issues back then..So did the technology criss cross?..or did my mother and Chris communicate on it?

I'm sure scumbags worked Monita off it all I'm sure they did to get her to say thing they want to hear.

Now it's all a HERKIMER 3-13-13 shooting of 4 innocent GUN CONTROL motion laws of a masacre crime they set up at SANDYHOOK.

Now the name ADAM LANZA "association"-yes is the HERE AND NOW link name is of the lawyer "JUDITH DEVENEY" laughed her husband had to pay for in court..of how she set him up..though ROGUE Officer L Jesse. That was part of the plan to nickel less him..unless he took Aftin's "They'll find you another girlfriend" advice..if not the newtown scumbag plan to "fire" him moves into place on SANDYHOOK day.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#4 Apr 4, 2013
The Dottie Mills "gonna get my state disbaility money back' claim off input she claimed to others "he" promised her...all she had to do was finished The FATAL ATRACTION set up on me and this time I was supposed to kill the poor girlfriend..

COURT-DAS like Nickelson in Oswego and JUDGE like Ludington and Hafner and lawyers like Leslie Germanaw...That's how the ROGUE FBI wins..things that are fixable(cheating)..Like how the NYS LOTTERY gets used in this.."rock solid" dead cop badge number links..Who could have set them up into place also better than the ROGUE FBI themselves? I'm sure NYS Police did not fix the 0225 on Nichola's Ivie..BUT glad someone did just like all the rest. You think the military did it unless a Commander and Chief ordered it..?? Approved it under unknwon to him ROGUE intentions ? Just things to think about in this WHITEHOUSE Station plan ROGUES have off it all..Right now it all links to the NYS GOV. The ZODIAC-CELL PHONE way from it's origin Oswego, N.Y. link in 1999..

Now the LIBRARIAN clues..are like IRIS they burned her house 2006 and in 2008 at ABB she was setting me up..TILL she learned about the fire that took her home in 2006..Then she backed off me..and was all nice then BUT had already sabotaged me too much there as "he" wanted so by 12-19-08 I was let go.."TEACH HER A LESSON" line up date clue..Take the bloddy moneyforces comining upon me again of suffer..

SANDY still working those scumbags outside very cleverly even the last day I was there..52 BRYRNE DAIRY pumps day..x2. somethings never change..BUT you if ask SANDY..She swears she's "trying to help"...Who I can't figure out..a FORMER Oswego LIBRARIAN was murdered and it's a MY JEEP clue in a photo there..on the wall..thats MY RED JEEP the plan was I come back to Oswego some day and write the ROGUE version of it..well it here it is..HERKIMER and APE "WHO LET THE DOGS OUT" Rhymes with rape are he ROGUE POWER clues..not to mention the way they secured more money on 3-23 called POWERBALL for a TRUCK DRIVER..Hispnaic this time.

They are "wait"ing for JOHN NY "scene"..You know how to "wait" don't you scumbags?

Then the NYS GOV might come...with the NAT guard to protect his "Angie baby" plans off it all called SANDY is's his G/f name clue...She's an actress too. My mother started to talk BUt she lied.."I got sick" thats why she nevcer cleaned out my "squalid conditions" room..She had only broke her leg on 9-12 -10 I moved in Oct 2009.."yes they did kil my brother' She tried to make it sound like me and Lundy did that why the Cromie date was a deadly GEORGE clue? My mother she's a Her or Kimer clue alright..She would pick KIMER..its deadly ROGUE.

BOY wouldn't you LOVE to know what's in BILL VICKERYD statement? all I know is it's in a lawyers files somewhere in Syracuse..this lawyer had all the psychology BILL needed to explain it...then run it back to CHRIS..? Now if someone was on you about raping your sister..and the guilt made you run to a lawyer..Would you run back and tell her all about it? Then comment later how your mother has lived her life and you the accused don't toget "involved" in it? Now did BILL incriminate my mother in that statement or not? Or was he working them off what new sudden psychology knowedge?

Erin Maxwell is dead because of it..Who cares about some dead cops?..No sense crying over spilt milk right sense no one else is..

BUT right now it points back at the LIBRARYS. now remember my moher did say "He's not going to listen to those librarians".. and dhe would know.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#5 Apr 4, 2013
So it's about a librarian now..names SANDY..who came in to the Fulton library during my sisters and family's planning of this..she began as a scumbag I see no change..BUT the SANDY hOOK SANDRA LEE clue is strong..I do NOT play it BOTH ways so NO I do NOT understand..had YOU not helped strip me maybe some of the victims' would be alive today..That's how I see it..They told me they would kill my son in 2005 Tammy Rowe delivered that message many its all a DEAD FED badge number clue..not sure in which direction now..its confusing of fhow tammy taunted me with it after my son would 'do this' to little girl..It was Alan Jones she taunted me about and the clue "anagram" date was put on his "JACK HIM WRIGHT" GREEN Acheiva and a JACK clue now set in another little girls rape....Again it's all links to him and a dead FEDS badge number clue on 10-2-12..They wanted me to know..They shot him themselves..They gave him the right badge # to fit his name narration.he was only 30 years old younger than my son..This is the most fucked up story...That's the poison and nickel less clue to a "scene" no doubt future planned.ON WHO though?..Everyone should be careful...Some claim why Orlo Green was "getting" my boyfriends truck lic plate # for the address off it ..So "his" cops could..oh shit not them again..I'll buy the flour.

Charlie Diefenbacher gave the clue "I CAN PICK ANY LOCK THERE IS"(it was a sign too) "they told" him 'to say it".."Who did?" Danielle asked..he never replied so I could hear it..I would go in Terry Reynolds direction also on that and he was outside my window in 2008 with his "this scripts already been written" in his irritaing monotone voice..and a Dave Johnson(also there on cop caravan day just happenned ot be walking by with his wife) link to it..Yes Reynolds bragged to me about how he was a locksmith with pick any locks talents...Probably part of the reason they had in 2005 him walk the bridgewith that manill env...Dave was around then also..So are they set up as mind game cover plan now? Or the threat? Knowing how I would go right to their names from HERE AND NOW clues and the past.

so much to think about ..but I have to go for now..

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