Maria Pavelock??? We want Hennessy!!

Maria Pavelock??? We want Hennessy!!

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Politics as usual

New York, NY

#1 May 12, 2010
Can anyone believe the 47th district Democrats have endorsed Maria Pavelock to run against Joe Griffo in the fall election? Maria Pavelock has never held office, has only worked as an adjunct proffesor and made money by divorcing her husband who was a successful doctor. She has a thick Polish accent, an extreme liberal bias and oh yea no experience and no clue. hmmmm now why would the Democrats pick such a weak candidate??

The Democratic Council chose her over Mike Hennessy who has experience as a legislator, is a successful businessman and to his disadvantage speaks out against The Oneida Indian Nation. Seems like Destito who has a lucrative liquor contract with Turning Stone has somehow convinced area dems to vote with Pavelock.. They know that Griffo will lose to Hennessy and the dems are working hard to give Griffo an easy re-election. A vote for Griffo or Pavelock is a vote for POLITICS AS USUAL IN ONEIDA COUNTY!

We the people need to stand up against this corruption and get Griffo, Destito, Arcuri, Roefaro all out of office ASAP. Bill Barry and The democratic council needs to be voted out as well!! They are a group of much older out of touch nepotistic liars and they do not have the voters best interest at heart!!

As if we needed another reason not to trust area politicians!! WE DESPERATELY NEED NEW LEADERSHIP IN THIS AREA!
call of duty

New York, NY

#2 May 12, 2010
wow it would seem as if our government officials aren't all too honest after all.. its a shame when people put money and personal interest over the good of the community
Capt Planet

New York, NY

#3 May 12, 2010
haha democrats are stupid!!

Memphis, TN

#4 May 12, 2010
they endorsed her, really?.....Hennessy is still a clown.....the old....they have it all wrong and i have a plan guy......but herrrr???, where did this come from.....i know her from Clinton...not to bright.....ok educated ( or been told she is )......her kids think they can run the law and do as they all i can say
Liar and Fraud

Minoa, NY

#5 May 13, 2010

Read that one! This is 100% true. I had a conversation with someone from the medical office who said they may sue her for lying about being a co-owner and that she has never had anything to do with that office. She has also lied about her teaching. This woman is a disaster and will embarass the Democrats even more than they have already embarassed themselves. I never thought I'd say this but I really wish I was a Democrat so I could vote for Hennessy in the primary.
politics as usual

New York, NY

#6 May 13, 2010
wow you will get fired for lying about your work history at Mcdonalds but its not problem if your a democratic Senate hopeful. The powers that be are setting up a real easy win for Griffo!

I'm ashamed to be a democrat
Holy Crapola

Manlius, NY

#7 May 13, 2010
maria pavelock is running for office are you serious? She is MESS! Always going on in her stupid accent. I guarantee she won't go far, watch how few votes she gets.

San Mateo, CA

#8 May 13, 2010
It just illustrates how ineffective and useless our local political parties are. While Hennessy is no prize, endorsing Pavelock is like gift wrapping the seat for Griffo.

Herkimer, NY

#9 May 13, 2010
I'm not a democrat so idc really, but to put someone down for their accent i mean come on, grow the F*ck up all of our ancestors that jumped on a boat to get here had accents too. That should not have anything to do with why she is or isn't qualified to run for an elected position. you sound like a bunch of hillbillies.
Liar and Fraud

Minoa, NY

#10 May 13, 2010

And she is STILL lying! I see a lawsuit coming because I KNOW Bruce Smith is not happy with this article.
politics as usual

New York, NY

#11 May 13, 2010
Losers wrote:
I'm not a democrat so idc really, but to put someone down for their accent i mean come on, grow the F*ck up all of our ancestors that jumped on a boat to get here had accents too. That should not have anything to do with why she is or isn't qualified to run for an elected position. you sound like a bunch of hillbillies.
I absolutely agree that her accent should not hold her back from running. My grandparents were immigrants and I'm liberal and open minded by all means so I want to make it clear that as a person she is fine but horribly under-qualified for public office. It's her inability to win this election and lack of experience that is troubling. She is a pawn, sent to lose, her accent is the least of her problems. But when it comes to an election it may be harder for area voters to identify with her and I think that is precisely what the Democrats council and area leaders hope for. They do not expect her to win. They are gift wrapping a package for Griffo.
Hennessy for Senate

Minoa, NY

#12 May 13, 2010
Fortunately they are also grossly underestimating Mike Hennessy's passion and work ethic. He is a Democrat that has won three consecutive elections in a 3 to 1 Republican district. He was ranked the number one Fiscal Conservative on the legislature in 2009 and is socially moderate. Basically, he perfectly represents the values of this district. But he doesn't play the go-along-to-get-along game that the power elite want. That's why they are throwing every roadblock at him. But I can tell you that he will never surrender and will drive this one home.

Minoa, NY

#13 May 14, 2010
Story now in GCN...

New York, NY

#14 May 14, 2010
Larry- Please stop posting under different names.

Canastota, NY

#15 May 14, 2010
In the Article "Pavelock misrepresents her qualifications",In statements given to the Watertown paper on April 28, Pavelock claimed to be a co-owner of Digestive Disease Medicine...In a letter from Bruce Smith, the Syracuse attorney that represents DDS, they asked Ms. Pavelock to “immediately cease and desist from representing or or holding yourself out as an owner of DDS or that you have any association with Digestive Disease Medicine, including being married to one of its partners.”
...Here is another lie by Ms Pavelock : "According to a source that wished to remain anonymous, Ms. Pavelock told the St. Lawrence County Democratic Committee that she was a co-owner of DDS and that she “knows what it’s like to meet payroll and provide health insurance” to employees."
AND YET SHE STILL BRAZENLY SHAMELESSLY CONTINUES WITH HER LIES : According to statements made to the Watertown Daily Times, Pavelock is still claiming to be a co-owner. However, her statement suggests some confusion.“There are things that make me a co-owner, but there are things that make me not,” Pavelock told the Watertown newspaper.
Notwithstanding Ms. Pavelock had NEVER EVER CAME CLOSE to touching payroll or insurance or any department of Digestive Disease Medicine. In fact - because of her psychotic behavior towards her now ex-husband and her habit to come to the office and grab his paycheck caused her to be BANNED from DDM offices, and an ACTUAL RESTRAINING ORDER was in effect during ms. Pavelock and her now EX-husband's horrific divorce.
No, the fact that she is an immigrant OR has accent has no baring. and I doubt that the other candidates are AT ALL intimidated by this bare-faced lying, unstable person.
The sad fact is, that she is a disgrace to other immigrants who, with sweat, blood, and tears, and honest to goodness hard work, achieved and made something of themselves in this country.
Other then marry a Doctor, use her kids to hold on to him when he tried endless times to leave her, then, finally bankrupt him in a divorce so acrimonious it will be studied in Law Schools for YEARS TO COME, pretty much that's that.
Oh, at least her volunteer work in It's a Zoo theater competition is true. Theater Competition. I guess that's when she learned how to fake, lie and act???
Klaudia K

Szczecin, Poland

#16 May 19, 2010
You all speak for the need of a new government official? Then why the critisim? Maybe this is what small town upstate New York needs. Don't be so small minded to think that even though this is a candidate from abroad, that she doesn't understand the fundamental needs of small town communities from Upstate New York. Labeling her as an alimony sucker is simply an excuse for all of the other failed relationships in the area, which we all know is endemic. Remember family, remember that hardship only makes one stonger and this is a mother who is putting everything on the line, including the respect and love of her children who openly support her. This is fresh. This is new. What have we got to lose?
Natalia S

Szczecin, Poland

#17 May 19, 2010
In response to the incredibly offensive chide remark to IMMIGRANTS, how dare YOU claim that this woman is an illegal immigrant? You make such accusations, and yet you are undermining the fundamentaal RIGHTS of an AMERICAN citizen! Whoever you are? Your child probably read their first piece of literature due to It's a Zoo Competition, created and spearheaded by Maria Pavelock. Don't forget that when your kid ends up in Subway, smoking crack on the parkway.


#18 May 19, 2010
Get over it.Griffo is bad but Henessey cannot win.He is far from being photo-genic.In fact he looks drunk even if he is not.The democrats blew it again.

Memphis, TN

#19 May 19, 2010
what does her kids respect have to do with it?...who are her kids.....the only one i know got arrested last year for DWI and drugs...cop came to his window and he drove off.....told the cop ..." you know who i am " said yes,....the next person to have his name in the Clinotn Courier....and i am not saying she is a bad person....i only know her from watching her walk into basketball games in HS, for her son....fur coats and fluffy hats.....she did know watching to see who was watching her, then watching her son play...but, she was a good dresser
Target Truth

Utica, NY

#20 May 20, 2010
People should understand that this post is just another attempt by Joe Griffo to perpetuate his NYS retirement package.

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