The Herkimer POLICE DOG "THRILL"shoot...

The Herkimer POLICE DOG "THRILL"shooting link..

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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Mar 14, 2013
It's pretty clear on the success of the Herkimer killing with an overkill of clues "LINKRD to the THRILL" as to why newtown scumbags are so hard and confident ontheir plan to desroy my boyfriend life now with the same M O they did mine though all of police in Hermiker ask WHY Myers did this ??? They can ask for the rest of time..Myers left according to scumbags long ago NO NOTE..yes it WAS a shotgun..GUN CONTROL anyone?

Are you catching ont rhe POLICE DOG shooting finale of it?..Link to 3 missing DOGS in Hannibal belonging to "JUDITH DEVENEY" time frame sync with it all? Are you catching on yet how 3 "scenes" are taking place at once of fit all to all merge in the end? Sound "crazy" does it? GOOD..cuz this "crazy" like all my other claims is a real as real gets..By FACTS..

So I need to pay close attention to the newtown scumbags who have been on my boyfriend all dwekk claiming more destruction t hsi life will take place now as they claim of moving in on him NOW on his this "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" scumbag recruit THRILL "scene" in Herkimer..

Most of the BAD claims here are coming off the claim of "her MOTHER said" and these kids word and adults word it just as my mother would say it..You're talking about a woman with a 10th grade education and no work exp..My mother's dialougue is very limited..

So just like in SANDYHOOK as police search for answers as to WHY..Scumbags here already know..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#2 Mar 14, 2013
Now I also have to mention that a name was mentioned by DA Nickelson to Judge Ludington..about someone on my Facebook page..I thought was odd...and now that same name is being used by scumbags to taunt me mentally on some posts that Facebook page has's a mental psych game of control scumbags play now...I went though this with another Fulton woman's name whos not on my facebook page as she will be my "public affairs rep" This Fulton HUHTAMAKI woman is on my brother BILLS facebook page and is no link to me. She may bery well be going by the Levea story version BILL tells about what my father saw in the kitchn the day BILL poulled his "Dad he said stop" act..with his cell phoen open..and they were the only TWO in the kitchen..leaving my father to verbally wonder who "He" was...with a reaction of "I'll talk in my house if I want too" from him..They were talking about the levea death and I was behind the door getting mad..and BILL knew also I was "getting up" I was NOT laying on furniture..I was on the floor..That was the day BILL VICKERY let the image out he had the technology in his cell phone..just like he did at SUNOCO in 2005.

So this Fulton woman at HUHTAMAKI..I don't know her and don't care what her BILL side out put may be..Yes I do know she did know the Levea's for along time also.

There were other Jerry links in this also..Jerry is the one who was "rying to help" me move some inthis..his timing of issues was all "perfect' and caused my things to be at my boyfriend barn for the short time before "JUDITH smashed them in her "45s" plan clue..She picked out the "45s" just for the date link..its clear..and she said it to Karen also "45s" repeated "45S!"

Jerry is the one who made the comnnet as he moved me into Bill 8-11 McCartys home "He's the one helping us out" YES JERRY DID SAY IT..and I had said it to BILL M who said "I don't know why he said that"..It was a 3-19-12 FATAL ATTRACTION "witness" set up plan.

So from 8-18-11 to BILL McCartys 8-11 home this is how after meeting my cleaned up and rebuilt scumbag recruit replacement Valerie Dedich at the CROSBY HILL SHIT" as BILL M desribes it location..

"Half of Fulton is gonna wanna kick your ass" he also said on 3-19-12..that scumbag half of Fulton was already in 6 dead cops as of then..I told you all Fulton has an overload of Scumbags..dime a dozen..

Sue gave me the CHRIS T MAS snow blanket for ...NOT knowing the plan behind it..reclued aain on 10-212 on a FEDS life and badge number..My mother opened that blanket package trying to help the other side..So the potential of a date on it would help me out if unopened..she told my father ..YES my mother was helping set me up now "PISSED" she did not get the money she planned to get off it all..she argued with my father about that also.."Dorothy shes not going to give you a dime" That was over the DEAL OR NO DEAL about to air BRETT KURTZ game.."he" would claim "was old it if backfired" and used to set me a cover.

MY TOTES the overload that was in my boyfriend s barn sat on Sues porch till they were moved there and there was MORE than just a few(Jerry was now out of town on his new TRUCK driver job)..She had to move some his truck for get them out JERRYS storage unit as he needed to be timed for "JUDITH" and the 9-4 set up on her husband..All part of the chain of events set up on us right down the 18 PODS truck "reverse" clue.

JERRY showe dme how to play roulette on 12-5-09 for some was a head game I was NOT going to VEGAS..

Utica, NY

#3 Mar 14, 2013
Diana - Shut it! Either you need to up your meds or is your cotton pony bloody?
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#4 Mar 14, 2013
Was Jerry pressured into doing some of the things he did..Like the TS Casino 12-5-09 game invitation? YES I belive he was..told do it or else..and my mother was part of that like Beverly Davis was for Valerie's cover..and Dottie was for Bills Ms cover..etc..Like my mother for my fathers cover? NO My mother was in control of the money and tried to stop my father from being at the casino a few times..She made him sill one Beverly did to me....Valerie received the "gain" off it all and Bill M was planning to if he has not already..and my mother calls hers a "small streak of luck"....Jerry too has cleaned up his act and has a truck now and new home BUT Sue carries a large part of that bill..
The image was CHARLES RUNGE BUT my mother had control..

MY BOIYFRIEND IS BEINF WIPED OUT LIEK I WAS SLOW AND METHODICAL..The same MO..he is swayed by a smiling face..just lie i was..its the same exact scumbags shout "He is involved in it too" as my mother claimed I was the one doing t all...?? BUT she got the money..??

Now let me start another forum of how CHRIS BOWERS "I almost died" rape story claims reflects in ERIN Maxwells death..and the plan to kill ERIN was set up before 4-8-04..How old was she then? The inept DSS Child protective policies were also back then..when I worked at Seneca Hill with her mother in the same building..I don't think Erin was born yet..or was just a toddler...were the parents together then?

Utica, NY

#6 Mar 14, 2013
I see you STILL can't spell. You need to change your cotton pony...

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