Truth About Non-Profts

Truth About Non-Profts

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New York, NY

#1 Mar 30, 2009
As a former board member who graciously donated my valuable time to numerous non-profit agencies over the years, I'm spilling the beans for all to read.

What the general public needs to understand, is that often board members are expected to volunteer their time for free. Not all board members expect anything in return. Aside from having people of influence acting in a board capacity, many boards will ask ordinary citizens to do the same. Here is where things get interesting. Those with “for-profit” experience can often smell a rat. Those with no experience have no clue what to ask, let alone what to look for. To complicate matters, most Executive Directors selectively share what they believe is pertinent to these boards who often meet no more than once per month.

Unfortunately, the truth is, that most non-profits exist solely as a means of employment for the Executive Director and a handful of others. Try getting to the heart of the organizations finances and you will discover it's like pulling teeth. Once you discover the organization serves no real purpose or should be consolidated with another agency as a matter of basic finance/fiscal responsibility - look out!

Executive Directors are like sharks. Most only care about self-preservation and could care less about being fiscally responsible to society. Furthermore, most will make you feel the organization can't survive without them and will threaten to quit should you expose this information. Should you strike a nerve, they will attempt to "black ball" you and threaten you with all sorts of ridiculous allegations.

In essence, what most Executive Directors want is nothing more than a RUBBER stamp board to serve the purpose as required by the IRS.

Sadly, this scenario exists all throughout the entire Mohawk Valley as well as many other places. I challenge anyone to identify a non-profit that doesn't fit this description? I would like to see just one that operates in a "logical" manner and serves a genuine purpose. Just one?

United States

#2 Mar 30, 2009
the resonance center could be an example. They started with and operated with little to no money. So, I guess money was never a factor for the exec dir.

I have worked for the boy scouts and the arc. Both are horribly run and fit this discription perfectly. I uncovered abuse to residents and the exec dir Vanderhoof knew about it for two years and did nothing. At the boy scouts they were supposed to spend money on poor kids in the city and they never did because they could stuff there own pocket with money they saved. I started uncovering this and they fired me.

Non-profits in this area stink. We all would be better off with out them.


#3 Mar 30, 2009
any of this referring to our Lynn?

New York, NY

#4 Mar 30, 2009
Lorilei wrote:
any of this referring to our Lynn?
No, I would not say specifically her. Overall, she is really nothing more than a pimple on a donkey's tale. It's the genaeral NP agency climate that exists. T

Take for instance the new Youth Empowerment Project office. The Executive Director has the gall to put her name on the exterior signage as if "she's arrived." C'mon, how tacky and in your face? She forgets that she works for the people but is clearly all about the art of self-promotion. Just another example of the self-serving NP mentality that exists in our community. Can you imagine, if a CEO of a publicly traded company plastered his name on everything? The media, liberals, and shareholders would be going nuts. I'm sure she's a nice person but that kind of tackiness is indicative of a breed of people that otherwise could not make it in the for profit sector (I'm being general, I don't mean her specifically). The again, no wonder more CEO's are heading to the NP side, given the attack on corporate America. We've all but destroyed the private sector through taxation and excessive legislation.

The whole NP thing could really be reduced if the private sector was allowed to prosper. This way, wealthy and well to-do individuals could help those less fortunate or in need of services through tax breaks and incentive programs. All of this was taken away and is largely responsible for the surge in NP's, Much of the blame goes to our elected officials who voted for such frivolousness.
If the shoe fits


#5 Mar 30, 2009
Don't exempt corporate America or the for profits. They cherry pick their boards and also pay them huge amounts of money for their time. Who wants to kil the golden goose. Wall Street is in the news as well as the auto CEO's but don't think that we haven't got them locally. They just exist on a smaller scale (millions instead of billions) right here.

What we have is a loss of values and the growth of greed. Most of the local one's would describe themselves as community leaders, competent, worth every penney and perk and honest upstanding and even religious people.

As for Lynn, this is not the only NFP sheet bilked.
Expose the Corruption

Manlius, NY

#6 Mar 31, 2009
If the shoe fits wrote:
Most of the local one's would describe themselves as community leaders, competent, worth every penney and perk and honest upstanding and even religious people.
So are they just trying to fool us, or are they fooling themselves too? Do the religious ones believe that what they are doing to others is somehow OK (even as far as letting an innocent man go to jail if it gets him out of their way). I asked this on another thread. Do they think they can do enough "hail marys" to get them out of purgatory? Do they think that if they lie in court today and confess it tomorrow, it is as if it didn't happen? That's a bunch of bunk, and everything matters. Everything we do to hurt others matters.

If their belief system is Christianity - they'd better get out their bibles and actually read. When you are really His, a heart change takes place and you stop hurting people. If there's no heart change and you just keep hurting people and confessing - then going back the next day and continue lying and damaging other peoples' lives, then you're not His and you've never been His. Love your neighbor as your self and do unto others what you would have them do unto you. If you are really His, and you hurt someone, you feel it - and you get it right first possible chance.

So I repeat, are they religiouos, or do they just hope the public thinks so when they serve in their churches. Is it part of the disguise?

Some of you are thinking "Man, its just people pocketing a little money." Some go far beyond that when their "pocketing" gets threatened. You would not believe what they will do. When it all gets exposed (and it will), you will be floored at what has been done around here in the name of NFP. Yes, the CEO at the top, and the ones around her getting the kickbacks. The bigger the take, the bigger the greed, the more they will do to someone standing in their way.
Page Six

Oneida, NY

#7 Mar 31, 2009
You all lack depth!
Matt Dillon

New York, NY

#8 Mar 31, 2009
the Genesis Group for one is not necessary. Bunch of wannabes snobs. Anything Joe Carucci has to do with is bad news. Check Guidestar, man that is an eye opener. Genesis owed Joe about 12Gs with a balloon interest type of deal he has to be paid by 12/9. Carucci and Gaetano should pay off their debts on that dinosaur the Hotel Utica. how come every event is at the radisson. and Genesis dont have a irs form 990 for 2008. wonder what durso is knocking down. Tehan at cerebral palsy is making over 200k. all familiar names the leeches of utica and the greater utica area. they shit the bed
Page 6

Oneida, NY

#9 Mar 31, 2009
the OD will bring this all to lite

Albany, NY

#10 Apr 1, 2009
Some of the smaller organizations that help the poor are well run. Hope House, HealthFriends (and a few larger ones like Hospice) really do serve the public.

But too often, executive directors of larger organizations become dictators, fill their boards with people who mainly belong to have something to put on their obituaries, and who forget what their supposed mission is. Ray Shanley is an extreme example of this whose deeds were so foul that they eventually came to light. Some of these organization directors must be crapping their pants that the O-D may be after them next; I'll bet those recycling companies that shred large amounts of paper for businesses are doing well now!

Syracuse, NY

#11 Apr 1, 2009
What good does the reporting do? The OD reported on the Griffiss Institute, all the usual suspects had introduced this non profit in 2003 as the greatest thing to ever happen to the area. In 2007 the OD reported how in 2003 the executive director took 71% of the taxpayer funding for pay and fees. In 2004 the executive director took in over 30% of taxpayer funding for pay and fees. Did anyone get our money back? NO. Was there ever an investigation? NO. This executive director, prior to and during his stint as executive director of the Griffiss Institute, was a member of the board of MV EDGE. So we will rattle our sabers for another week or two and these non profits and the people that are making HUGE money off them will go on unscathed.

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