Why JUDITH is NOT "going to jail' an...

Why JUDITH is NOT "going to jail' and she already knows it..

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Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#1 May 9, 2013
I have such a hard time explaining all of this in an order that makes sense.There is just so much info AKA "overkill" links of it all..
Take for instance ongoing activty of "JUDITH DEVENEY" her ongoing "THRILL" activity..Let me go back to Judge Eugene Hafner..He was requested by Oswego DA bell to sign a restraining order against "JUDITH" on my behalf ..BUT for some "reason" even after witnessing JUDITH carry on in his courtroom telling people to shut up who were not even taking to her or about her just before the trial she was about to lose..On which Judge Hafner entered the courtroom and pointed his finger at Judith and TOLD her to leave his courtroom..after she had hasseled me also in the room that day..This was after DA Bell had requested the restraining order.
JUDITH threatend her husband the day she set him uo on 9-6 ..she threatend his life.and I have it on audio. That is why he does nto live home anymore..JUDITH was trying to make it appear as though he moved out ..She had clothing removed etc..She lied to police etc..many times...This does not foit talk he was trying to "force" her out..She was doing it to him and set uop and her words are "I JUST GOT WHAT I WANTED AND YOU"RE FUCKING DEAD" to him after she staged a fall called "he pushed me" where she claims she hit her head on a tractor tire ..that seconds later in no way hindered the destructiom she caused to MY property..then caliming over a half hour later to be injured from it all and needing an ambulance ride to the hospital..JUDITH makes no claims at all of injury on the audio. She immediately tells her friend "Karen" I got a call the cops this fucking prick just puched me" then she turns to him and shouts I JUST GOT WHAT I WANTED AND YOU"RE FUCKING DEAD" "YOU"RE FUCKING DEAD" Why was my boyfriend her estranged husband removing my things from his storage barn? It had been robbed on 9-4 and he had found storage space for his remaining things and mine and his other relatives at a new location. During that day of the robbery call to police JUDITH timed her show and made an impression to police of herself as a scorned woman act(like Dottie Mills claimed being assualted by me on 3-19-12<- Keep an eye on that date in this info)"JUDITH"had all summer to be a scorned woman..and she knew he had not taken anything from that barn..someone robbed him as she was planning to do again..while setting it all up on his nephew "JARROD"..JUDITH said as plain as day she would leave the door open for his nephew to take things..and the nephew JARROD did and he sold them on his uncle.."JUDITH" told police she had no nowledge of it..The audio in her own words says she did and she provided for it to happen. Then ROGUE cops comes along for scumbag recruits as they always do in the "THRILL OF THE KILL"

Police(sheriff's dept)told her husband he should not come home that night off the "JUDITH" scorned woman drama..He was being set up for the "reverse" Margaretville "gain" plan his sister Peggy and her daughter Aftin had. Peggy will make appear as she was being "set up" in all of this like Bill Vickery plans too.

"JUDITH" was "profiled" and then manipulated on him for what is now a specific TIME frame...also involving a tax issue with the Deveney family..That they will blame him for that also...so what. Their mother who died on THANKSGIVING 3 years ago after she suffered a stroke at Peggy house..TIME IS AN IMPORTANT(forwarding) CLUE..They married..She's a GEORGETTI(RED FLAG #1) Judy Blanchard was sill alive..She in the short marriage of two years was given his Jeep and was supposed to switch ownership to him of her JETTA and you knwo she didn't and he who loved her let it go..She ended up smashing the Jeep..took the ALLSTATE payoff on it..she aquired the 9 dogs..CONTINUED.
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#2 May 9, 2013
Let me "clarify" this ...scumabgs claim to have police knwoledge and here is what they calim..that Inv Beckwith asked JARROD if he heard JUDITH yell he can take anything he wants fromthe barn..they say JARROD said he did nto hear it..Does NOT matter JUDITH said it and JARRODS answer could be a lie..NOT knowing at the time he's been caught..In any event "JUDITH" gave her verbal permission...and I have it on audio..and she told her husband how she would do it while trying to forcibly stop him.."JUDITH" gave JARROD permission to take things from his uncles barn..then she called police .Inv Beckwith and told him Jarrod brought it all to Peggys house..So did Beckwith ask JARROD who probably knew it was wrong and claimed no ties to JUDITH NOT knowing Beckwith had already nailed him for it and retreived some of the items?
Do you know what a ROGUE cop is? I got the STRONG impression when Beckwith came in he was all JUDITH..and looking hard to blamee JARROD for all of it..and JUDITH was now also..JAROOD never brought anything to his uncle NOTHING..and JUDITH knew he was not going to..since she claimed she knew nothing about the burglary..and then staged this off it at just the right time....?? DONT TELL ME JUDITH DOES NOT HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY..She knows more about what goes on in our home then cops do ..she quotes our private conversations..and plans to blame who? the scumbags who taunt her and told her to hit her head on the tractor to set him up for Margaretville? Do you know how defensive Officer Marino and BATSONE were for Dorothy Mills? the woman could no wrong..JUDITH has the same attitude as Mills...she's untouchable and has been told the money is hers "EVERYTHING" all she has to to is set falsely her husband us and did and cry scorened woman..and she did that too but failed..becuase of the audio..The DA did not violate her husbands fair and speedy trial rights..like mine where becuase DA Nickelson knew he would lose and Dottie should have gone to jail of that trial..for many isues..JUDITH is pulling the same shit..and she is getting her ass kissed also..and she knows it..

The BAD part begins not when JUDITH some pieces of history I owned. the real damage beagn in the second phase of it..Margaretville and signs were deadly POWER OUT on a 12..There is another deadly 'trick" in motion..Now how the hell was I supposed to know FBI Agent Nichola's Ivies name? Or that he carried the BIRTHDAY clue on hsi badge?

Let me explain JUDITH she s hands down scumbag.."perfect" for this role..I DONT want to live in that trailer..I would prefer he work out the option of refinance with the back on the bal due and let them take it.. he cannot afford the payment and live he has nothing and is rebuilding..he had no clothes..I DO NOT want ot kive in her left over funk ..I saw he place when he livd there..its a dog hole..and it needs work. Floors are missing, cat urine stains etc..The state is take the land anyway..teh more moeny the back take the less she will get if there is anyhting left at all..we know this is coming and I need a job..I am staying with regardless..even if I have to have DSS pay for my apt..cuz he needs a smaller one.."JUDITH" would have been better off settling in court than doing this and I would have asked him to helo her..get her out of your life ..give her money to go BUT she did this..Now she wants "EVEYTHING" and said that is a "YOU"RE FUCKING DEAD plan..and its all her property she already says it..She said it on the 911 call.."I want him off my property" Her husband he lives there too..SO why didn't JUDGE Hafner sign that restraing order? Do you still not know deadly Oswego County shit when you see it in motion? They are up to something deadly again..

Level 7

Since: Apr 13

New Hartford, NY

#3 May 9, 2013
Marty is in hiding

Level 7

Since: Apr 13

New Hartford, NY

#4 May 9, 2013
Did you hear Monty crying?
Judith Deveney

United States

#5 May 9, 2013
Diana your stories suck!
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#6 May 9, 2013
She aquired the 9 dogs also while married names from ROSIE to CODY to CHARLIE..and all the other "perfects" also right down to JOHN NY..JUDITH got the dogs to wreck his home..she knew she wasn't staying after "YOURE FUCKING DEAD" was completed and "EVERYTHING" was hers..Hopefully he has avoided that "accident" plan on him..The TIRES showed up on the right NYS LIC plate 48408 in Liverpool..the issue of the windsheild..He's NOT using his ins for the Angie baby linked truck..HE NOT..and he is NOT buying the 25,00 aww burn grill the guy wanted him to look at today-9 for some "reason." Maegan had described in detail an accident involving a truck on the GEORGE Rd..and they nailed it this winter..saw the news myself..She also described a deadly accident on the Middle Rd..and then the TRUCK..My boyfriend now owns that truck..same color as my sons Acheiva..BUT the lic plate 12 and 65 ombination..well I know 65 was the year Bill Vickery was born and well know what 12s are very deadly clues..ask Nichola's Ivie if you could 10-2-12..he got two of them..Thomas Lindsey got one.."in the middle" and then my 301108 birthday linked ot it by a JUDGE..How the ROGUE FBI is "working the case" ask a Hafner..or Ludington..

Now remeber my boyfriend is the "reverse" Bill factor ROGUE plan..they even had a sex offender plan set up on him..I'm NOT really mad at my boyfriend ever but I'm worried sick about him all the time..His lawyer the ROGUE finale.."He always sticks up for sex offenders" image..well he takes his job more seriously than the ROGUE JUDGES, DA'S and cops do that's for sure. I had met cops like that before anyway Bill Cromie, KIM RAPONI STEVENS "ace in my pocket" now her ace in the hole. I still believe Stevens gave Cromie the story off Angie's mouth to Autumn..Someone was doing it back then..I recall Mona saying as she when she walked by "she never molested me or my kids" and I thought who's she talking about?

They did not like Mona much for some reason..my mother talked alot about her druggie boyfriend and boom her house gets robbed with her in it at CHRIS T MAS time..I lived at Chris's who had suspicouly asked about the "fights" me and Mona got into at work..??? I think if I had told her we had a fight or two Mona's home would never have been robbed..they needed the camer on name link..Thank GOD he's still alive and I don't even know the boy or her boyfriend..She never spoke of them to me.

I have drifted again in thought..back to "JUDITH" there is DOG DOG DOG..she had to throw the furniture out it was all DOG..the furniture was not that old. The living room floor..rough as hell the pics are deceiving..and the florr has been replaced once already..The trailers not that old..JUDITH had no interest in it..no one brings 9 dogs into a two bedroom mobile home that already has 2 and adds two cats also..She totally ruined the built in microwave and tried to epoxy it..You should see the mess..He gained nothing marrying her..NOTHING..She called the police on him to make him look like a drunk..he's not violent at all and rarely raises his voice..and when he drinks..melloowwww..JUDITH is everything he described and worse..I would have told him GIVE her money and get rid of her..Do yourself a favor.."JUDITH" had an "EVERYTHING HERE IS MINE" plan on him from the start..Listen to the way she talks STILL, What she's doing..How shes doing it and how she got there off all the build up to it.."He pushed me" and half hour or more later she needs an ambulance..The charge was "dismissed" She had no case at all..Just like Dorothy Mills. BUT she had JUDGE Hafner and NYS ROGUE Officer L Jesse to help her out like Mills did also 3-19-12.

He wants his home..
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#7 May 9, 2013
I myself think having to live in "JUDITH'S" dog and cat home is the worst thing..he wants his home..BUT that might now work out..If he has to play for the trailer which the bank says he will unless they repo it and then they have rights..He will have no money.. Now do you understand JUDITHS well timed Nickelles plan..if he had died or was made to feel like he wants to "JUDITH" gets "EVERYHTING."

Now the 3-19-12 from Dottie Mills to "JUDITH" continuation of deadly clues.."WHO LET THE DOGS OUT"..JUDITH did on 2-24 "line up" with my sons 2-25 niclel less clued also birthday..That was a "CARRIE" "scene" he was pressured into on 6-29..its fine with me.

Now "JUDITH" in "jail" might be the plan ROGUES have to link to me in this.."cool" after all this time..BUT I would not hold my breath..I still say nickel less and by poison is very strong whether it be food tampering or a "Ivy League" medical provider etc. I don' know how they got George Levea scums said his coffee and they were sincere..

I won't change one word my Officer L Jesse claims..Don't care how much state police beat me up..

So WHO LET THE DOGS OUT" becomes a "rock solid" APE RHYMES with RAPE clue..of scumbag recruit deadly activity off KIM RAPONI STEVENS "association" that was DOG CODY(fire dept where it began years ago and spread to West Side Manor.. to a hispanic employee named Joanne who provoked me there..She still works there..and Hispnaic recruits have gone become massive gainers in this now..BUT not then..Like JUDITHS cell phone daughters..Who own JOHN NY and BUBBLES amnd MIDNIGHT.."HE" does not allow BOTH partys to be on the same side..and "JUDITH" reeks of BAD..BUT Dottie and Bill and Peggy and Aftin played tag team in the end..so..YES AFTIN DID remove things from stuff..and I don't want to hear any other shit from scumbags about it. She also talked about it to her boyfriend thats her cover up act..She did something for the deadly ROGUES and probably has no choice but to lie and would to her mother also, she had while I was there too..and lied to me and her uncle also..YES Aftin DOES lie alot.

So all the DOG dates are right..the names..and off scumbag recruit "JUDITH DEVENEY" all the deadly links are "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" also.

4 men have died and JUDITH somehwo timed all her moves perfect to links to it all in a story I was in motion with already..Her girls and her gave the dogs all the right names..MIDNIGHT-12..JOHN NY it a military scumbag redcruit husband of my boyfriends daughter..and 3-19-12 is her birthday..while "JUDITH' is setting her father up to get his "EVERYHTNING"..A little girl has been raped and her former Oswego school librarian mother murdered..and Boston was bombed..FBI DE LORE EA (Delauries) handles it.."JUDITH" is now finihsing her end of the "EVERYTHING" plan on her estranged husband and "JUDITH" stil wants more money from him..

So there is another Judge to be leary of..

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