Uticas New Apple Store

San Francisco, CA

#36 Mar 30, 2014
So you have apple stores but never bought any Macbook pro's.

Talk about welfare low tech.


San Francisco, CA

#38 Mar 30, 2014
Post all the apple stores up north and down south excluding NYC.

When your done with your lice cake.

San Francisco, CA

#39 Mar 30, 2014
Maybe they'll make a homie iphone special, sends EBT transfers.

Level 4

Since: Jul 13

New Hartford, NY

#45 Mar 30, 2014
Can anyone stick to the original post? There is a store in New Hartford that sells Apple products. I believe it is called Computer Connections.
Rashy Dave

Gouverneur, NY

#47 Mar 30, 2014
Trapped Utican Riggies wrote:
<quoted text>
Trashy is "high tech"!!! Lol!!
Dave is an over 40 loser ending each post name with "Riggies". What else is there to say?
Rashy Dave

Gouverneur, NY

#49 Mar 30, 2014
Trapped Utican Riggies wrote:
<quoted text>
There's one in Albany. There's one in Syracuse. But none in Utica. I don't get it. They're so "high tech?! Lol
Rashy Dave "doesn't get it"...now that's a surprise being the moron that he is.
Rashy Dave

Gouverneur, NY

#51 Mar 30, 2014
Renamed Rigatoni Riggies wrote:
<quoted text>
It is mind boggling that the worlds biggest tech company wouldn't even put a retail store in the "high tech" Utica region.
It boggles the mind of Rashy Dave Smith above that most men like having sex with women.
Look its Mr TechNO

United States

#52 Mar 30, 2014
IS IS SATE wrote:
Now your proper, you you.
You you. need a apple store, your brain can't handle tech.
I can get anything shipped in three days. But with 4 computers I never need anything that fast.
Woooo! 4 HP pavilions WOW!

There she goes again! Mrs. TechNO wearing her consumer-grade dreams on her sleeve again!

So "smart" for a retard pubic servant prison GOURD stuck for life in Utica NY! Forever trying to PROVE she is "tech" savvy but not realizing most of us who ARE don't need to prove it to the world.

So easy to wind you up Mr. Havenot. In your next life skip the shortcuts and hopefully get REAL, intelligent [read: Non racists, statistically ignorant and poor racists] parents!

You shoulda stayed in school Mr. Prosumer wannabe. QUICK NOW!! Dream up some arcane "knowledge" based upon your Malwarebytes/ AVG budget and tastes needy one! The haves of the world don't need to prove it, only the have-nots!





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Rashy Dave

Gouverneur, NY

#54 Mar 30, 2014
Rashy Dave Smith, aka Cliffy/Utica34, couldn't come close to affording an Apple product and yet he obsesses about Apple stores. The attention his older brother RJ got as a child has screwed old Davey boy up but good. He still can't figure out why his fiancé Theresa left his sorry azzz or why his mother stays distant since his dad's unfortunate and untimely passing. It's because you are a loser Dave, an obnoxious pos loser now over 40 with a life as internet troll and no excuses left. Terribly sad.
Rashy Dave

Gouverneur, NY

#58 Mar 30, 2014
No Apple Store Riggies wrote:
<quoted text>
Those are "high tech"!!!! Leave them alone!!! Lol!!!
Dave Smith is over 40 and thinks his post above is funny. Loser extraordinaire. N'uff said.
Begin Beating Wife NOW

Bedford, NY

#60 Mar 30, 2014
Rashy Dave wrote:
<quoted text>
Dave Smith is over 40 and thinks his post above is funny. Loser extraordinaire. N'uff said.
Yet you think modding posts 16 times somehow makes you "look right" and not desperately pathetic for your own sad image. Yup.

Utica soooooo deserves its fate! A whole city full of losers and pubic servant class trying to seem sophisticated!

Ashburn, VA

#62 Mar 30, 2014
Ladies and gentleman:

Dave Smith / Cretin, are so far below us in human evolution it's become boring and just plain pathetic. We hear nothing but empty rants full of meaningless ramble as IT has no skills in life. They have failed any questions asked, and IT can only work around any intelligent questions with nothing that resembles intelligence.

As such they are so far below on the chin of evolution, and truly feeling sorry for them and their parents for failing to have any kind of intelligence and draining the system to raise such atrocities.

I would like to leave you with being able to laugh so hard at the atrocities so hard you bust a gut. The thousands of empty posts, dodges, zero technical skills, and injured feelings, talking about topics, posting topics they couldn't comprehend in a thousands years has grown beyond pathetic.

Dave Smith/ Cretin. lol Posting on a apple thread, pathetic.

RUIN in terminal on your Macbook pro's.( LOL )

$ cd smartmontools-6.0
$ make
$ sudo make install
$/usr/local/sbin/smartctl /dev/disk0 -s on
$/usr/local/sbin/smartctl /dev/disk0 -x

Now take a screen shot of the listed info for all of topix to see. We know you know how to take them as you're so computer literate.( LOL)

Post the screen shot of the info along with the Macbook pro in the pictures section of Topix, show the world the HIGH TECH skills.

In reality, may ( you you ) win the lottery, as you have no chance in life to make it unless you are continually raised by the government.

Try not to starve to death.

To the Topix posters:
Just don't hold you breath waiting, it will be years, but all the while you can sit back and watch as the puppets dance beneath your feet.

P.S.RASH Don't forget to specify location using sudo, and we know you won't. Please get that RASH off your face.
Racist TechNO fairy

United States

#63 Mar 30, 2014
Why do white pedophiles outnumber other races 98-1?

Why do racists typically earn 22% less than non racists?

Why do sad oootica racists think people believe they are "high tech" [racist's terms lol!] when it's clear they're like 12 yos desperate to "prove" how smart they are?

So do you want a pic of that Alexa that's worth more then YOUR WHOLE FCKN HOUSE Mr. TechNO?

What do you want me top type into the display to prove it losergurl desperate to look relevant in life?





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Racist TechNO fairy

United States

#64 Mar 30, 2014
In fact my Tiffen filters are each worth more than you make in a week Mr. TechNO.

Picked the wrong argument this time cowardly racist one!





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Utica Positivity Brigade

Blossvale, NY

#66 Mar 30, 2014
Oh, there's a market for Macbooks here. All you need to do is approve a credit card for the hipsters at the Green Onion and they'll all go running out for the latest Macbook.
Larry RapeDem Tanoury

United States

#67 Mar 30, 2014
Racist TechNO fairy wrote:
With my RASH, the UV was going into the hydrogen practicals and when I wait outside schools to get pics of all the boy's I had to come up with a filter, then realized I have a 8 IQ and can't do anything but live off obama so I waited for Tifftin, now I get clear crisp pic's of the boy's,
Last week I was a civil engineer, then a investment broker, then mastercanx, now I am a filter.
I am the GREAT RASH, hail obama for free food.
What's a Macbook pro ??????????
"It truly is all they know. I would really like to see them in a negotiation process.

Outsider " I think it's only worth 1.1 million"

Typical utican " well you're a loser and your fat wh ore mother is on welfare so go give a rim job to another black you homo!!!"

Again scumbag racist poverty case hater: Tell me what you want me to type into this Alexa's display to prove to you that my camcorder is worth more than your wholeFucking Utica HOUSE! LMAO!

We see who has the insecurity here dear racist lowlife stuck in Utica!

What shall I type, and where would you like me to post the pics? Other than that you are PWNED yet again desperate needy child!
Larry RapeDem Tanoury

United States

#69 Mar 30, 2014
Utica Positivity Brigade wrote:
Oh, there's a market for Macbooks here. All you need to do is approve a credit card for the hipsters at the Green Onion and they'll all go running out for the latest Macbook.
So true! Look how "TechNO man" above drools over that, it shows how unsophisticated he really is.

That's the same guy who had to have Solid State Hard Drives explained to him [I'll link the post if you like] and went around obnoxiously "professorizing" how "Free Malware Bytes and "AVG" was "the best"! Ask me, I can show you the links and there's NO DOUBT it's the same retard racist CopSucker that's been on Topix for years. Larry strikes again!

Typical lowlife desperate to-look-important and relevant Oootican end-user, talks a bunch of retardShit and is exposed as a petty child DESPERATE to "prove" he's "HIGH TECHNO" while at the same time licking CopAss, glorifying 60K a year morons and spewwing ignornant race-blame for all his community's problems!
Mr TechNO Tanoury

United States

#71 Mar 30, 2014
No Apple Store Riggies wrote:
<quoted text>
Take a screenshot? Like you did the other day with a camera and listed it on high "high tech" trashy. Have you found the country of Africa yet
Ha ha ha! Did your notice how insecure he is about his own intelligence? Always talking about what's in his "4" walmart computers and recommending mom&pop software you buy at Target?

I told him I'd unpack an 85K pro cinema camera, mount another 25K worth of my toys on it and type whatever he wanted onto the edit display and post the pics at any site of his choice to show him it was no fake and suddenly Mr. TechNO clams up in utter failure!

Typical coward loser Oootican when PWNED!

He shoulda stayed in school then he could be the center of attention like he desperately seems to desire instead of the real men of the world who are far bolder, and far more affluent than he.
Rashy Dave

Newington, CT

#76 Mar 31, 2014
No Apple Store Riggies wrote:
<quoted text>
If you don't know the definition of what a screenshot is you seriously need help. I suggest you work on your mental capacity.
Rashy Dave above is over 40 and arguing over the definition of screenshot. N'uff said.

Little Rock, AR

#78 Mar 31, 2014
I can't tell if rashy is that stupid, or just trying to act smart and put down others. The guy said post a screenshot of the screen and a picture of the Mac, Jesus can he be that stupid.

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