"He said nobody is saying this to her"

"He said nobody is saying this to her"

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Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#1 Sep 24, 2013
That is the line deadly scumbags in New Haven use to backlash my now claims that a NYS police Officer is now target in "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" I am not sure if it is another Trooper direction..or just an officer or if there is even a difference..BUT anyway that is the line deadly scumbags use about it all..

This is normal...they always have some claim...and then it happens..Right now the "THRILL" is locked on the death of LEVON WAMELING and the Divorce completion of "JUDITH DEVENEY" Levon's body of course found on 9-6 one year later to the day that "JUDITH" set her husband up with ROGUE NYS Officer Lee Jesse...and YES its quite possible these new claims being taunted are link to Officer Jesse's actions in the "JUDITH" plan just as Brinkerhoff's death was link to the TS Casino and Amanda Anna's death is a bizarre yet was unnoticed by me link to the activity taking place then by Fulton POSTAL worker** KIM Raponi Stevens(AKA HERKIMER shootings that lead the ROGUE FBI APE RHYMES with RAPE that took place the next day on Ver Planck Rd on 3-13-13..

**The "reverse" get someone "fired" plan ROGUE "association" was in motion in New Haven NY off it all..off our move resulting from the slumlord situation a WATERBURY enterprises clue direction...I should have known "Mashy" "watery" "swampy area"..The child was in the water..

For every ROGUE plan of action failure..there is a counter action attack plan..revenge plan on a failed revenge.

"HE" set up through scumbags the 4B370 lic plate laugh clue on me..and as "support" began to grow..He already had the POSTAL "fired" plan..set up to result off it.."reverse" of how KIM RAPONI STEVENS should have been fired..again protecting his deadly scumbag recruits..and 4 men paid with their lives for the location narration of tit all called HERKIMER..on 3-13-13..

So point is again "HE" planned to laugh at the publics plan to confront "HE" in all of this..and set it all up on a POSTAL clue..

So not only IS Heidi Allen's disappearance a result of what "HE" does..but the plan to slam New haven citizens again of it all was also in motion..who were not swayed by the MASSIVE POWER threat that steams over our heads here.

So I stopped all of it.."HE" is already at the TOP and you were headed up a mountain where he already set boulders to roll down on you..It's the WALL OF GREENS activity you all face..and again by "accident" on 9-15-13 that was clued as a SOLDIER direction..and how "accidents" can happen..So the truck driver backed out and was replaced by a 21 year old soldier named Landon L. Collins-Land on or NO land? The 4th pirates movie is about a STRANGER clue...and old mans "hobby" ask the deadly Fulton scumbags..

"HE" has already infected and controlled the Whitehouse- I would believe through ROGUE FBI who had not yet made their appearance to me yet until 4-15-08 TAX DAY AKA BOSTON-BOSS NOT was a PLOY clue as all 3 Bruce S.-"THE BOSS" "soundtrack" "scenes" took place as the THE RIVER is in motion now on Levon(3011 NOVEL control plan) Wameling's life..

The issue of ROGUE SOLDER began in 2003 with GEORGE LUNDY and was assisted by ROGUE NYS POLICE ON 4-8-04 off the "accident" set up on me by deadly scumbag recruit CHARLES RUNGE..whom scums claim does NOT know about my posts because "HE" was concerned about his age..and how he would react..that was just a other sarcastic "HE" input..

So right now how low profile and how much NYS POLICE will protect Jevon Wameing and possibly an accomplice remains to be seen..LOW PROFILE..
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#2 Sep 24, 2013
There has been NO effort what s ever here in Oswego County to STOP deadly scumbag in motin JUDITH GEORGETTI DEVENEY from continuing her deadly clue charades..the last most significant one her 2-24 "line up" with my sons 2-25 birthday AKA the badge number 0225 of slain by "friendly fire" FBI Agent Nicholas Ivie..on 1-2-12..the CLUE date that another "trick" was going to take place in Utica, N.Y. or linked to it..and this one took place by deadly scumbag recruit Jevon Wameling off his "reverse" NOVEL sons life..a plan that began on the 29th..who's body was found on 9-6..clue right back to direction "JUDITH DEVENEY" ome year later. and the DIVORCE plan ROGUES have now called JUDGE" control..So ? is will this be a "seat her or park her" outcome?

Now JUDITH off all th authors she could have FB hooked with she chose Louis Romano or he chose her...Know what write about to understand..He attacks the Catholic Church for their resistance to acknowledge the issue of sexual predators with in the church.. So I looked into his also..

JUDITH bragged in HANNIBAL TOWN COURT (of course) that she would take everything i had posted about her that she claims is untrue and go to NY to her lawyer relative..She told DA CIANFARANO this in the hallway..CIANFARANO the HANNIBAL school nurse who helped deliver my son clue direction ..all part of "HE" TEACH HER A LESSON psychology on my head..and death threats that came with it from deadly scumbags.. along with he WACO RHYMES WITH NACO slain FBI 0225 badge number clue..

Judge Hafner -Eugene said they would stop JUDITH...They have NO intentions what so ever f doing that..or any of the rest of them...the plan is now to PROTECT them all still..and the "reverse" POSTAL clue in that direction "scene" was in motion..so I stopped it..See by "HE" way of thinking..another INNOCENT civilian pays for the deadly scumbags wrong doings.."either way" of and every time and ROGUE cop fails..an innocent one goes "down".....It's not hard to figure out. Right now the next "down" is pointing somehow at a NYS Police Officer or Trooper from clues I get.

So YES "HE" manipulated Heidi Allen's 4-3-1994 just after Bill Vickery's "statement" into motion...by deadly scumbags..
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#3 Sep 24, 2013
Going back in time in all of this.....to refresh how info as to how past "THRILL" deadly scumbag recruit activity links to current "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" activity..

Going back to Marla Millers story about missing Oswego woman Carol Wood..that she blew in he direction of her friend Melanies apt direction..

To how "Mary" Lorinda Fullington's cousin JIMMYS GF who told the pretty ballsy Hit and run" story she did about what her BF JIMMY had done to someone and left for dead on the side of the road..

To how every time I see or hear anything linked to the image of MISSING New Haven resident Heidi Allen...and that 4B370 peculiar LIC plate direction called a WATERBURY plan on me finale..and all the deadly scumbags in motion here to work it int place starting with slumlord himself..WATERBURY...to how MISSING carried on a 3011 NYS POLICE Lic plate to Utica in front of JEVIN Wamelings home the day the story of his missing son broke...3011 link o my 3-11 birthday..

MISSING such a BIG deadly scumbag charade theme now..here in New Haven built off an 1994 "association" time frame to what was taking place in MY life then..a result of BILL VICKERYS "statement" and an "Angie Baby' phone call to NYS POLICE..time frame.

There is NO doubt in my mind and expierence in this that Heidi Allen's kidnapping was set up on her as an "association" to me.. and to what ""HE" had profiled" of fit all for later use..HINT In 1994 I lived on ONEIDA ST myself..and in 20120 would live there again only this time in Oswego..

Now to Mary who told the hit and run Jimmy killed someone story in 2001 to Lorinda Fullington...Mary was graphic and very convincing..and there was no doubt after overhearing what i did that day as I lay in bed that JIMMY had committed this very crime against someone..

I don't care what Lorinda or Claude or any of them claim now..Mary TOLD THAT STORY ABOUT JIMMY.

I cannot now help but think of JULIE MUNSON'S death every time I think about Mary and how a story she told and a story Marla told comes together by "association" to it all off Ray Gregory's death.. TWO separate stories being told by TWO women who link together in more ways than one..Mary "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" hit and ruin claim...Why a story like that? She had convinced Lorinda it was true...

It had been determined that JULIE MUNSON'S body had been repeatedly run over by a vehicle before she was left to die or dead in the MONTEZUMA swamp..Even though she was 17 years old ..I DO NOT believe or have reason to believe her death was part of the "THRILL" ...it links now by two "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" stories told by two women who worked "scenes" in "THE THRILL" as it was beginning...MARY was with the "BONE COLLECTOR" GEORGE LUNDY in 2005 when he worked the Tammy Rowe image of who directed it all ..in MY rear view mirror..as Marla was telling and had this bizarre interesting Oswego's still missing Carol Wood.
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#4 Sep 24, 2013
YES one of the most pressing issues in all of this is everyone who knew JIMMY GALLOWAY..knows how abusive or women he is...and did this all of a sudden stop just as Mary claimed it would if JIMMY ever screwed with her again knowing what she knew he had done..Knowing how abusive JIMMY is..Mary told a story like this about him to his own cousin..
YES Mary DID tell that story and I heard her tell it also..and of how she took pictures of the car in case JIMMY GALLOWAY ever screwed with her again...

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