The GOV CUOMO "THRILL" time frame lin...

The GOV CUOMO "THRILL" time frame link..

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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Feb 11, 2013
1994 Mario Cuomo consecitive terms as Gov ended under defeat from George Pataki.

1994 is the year of ? as to the time frame BILL FACTOR VICKERY "statement" that CHRIS BOWER based all her claims on in 2003..when she set up "the look on her face" plan on me..

BIll is claimed ot have just for reason unknown other than "they were on him" to have gone to a lawyer and made the "statement" which he then brought the info back to CHRIS BOWER to satisfy her
i just want to know why" needs as to why he raped her as she says it..

1994 is also the year of the Kennedy accident in Oswego on March 17th St Patricks Day(an odd Patricks Hyde death "association" also on 4-18 "line up" date in 2011 one week after I moved scumbag recruit beverly davis's home...each clue has at least 3 directions)..and I believe Bill Vickery had made his "statement" before the Kennedy accident took place from this that went on back then and was said that was peculiar to me then BUT make sense now.

1996 Bill Cromie appeared suddenly..and off it my mothers bond with the Raponi family began off those issues.

In 2002 andrew cuono lost his intetnion to run for NYS Gov off some comments he made that pretty much blew his chance for election into the position...2002 was the time frame this story was THRILL OF THE KILL" was really beginning to move..I was full motion with my dispute with Marla Miller and her Lawyer former Oswego mayor John sullivan nd by 2003 -spring..I had contacted Oswego..Gov elections had taken place in Nov..These are how "assocations" to the THRILL run TIME frame far ..I have left out issues I have posted many times before ot focus now on the Gov Cuomo "associations"

Jumpimg ahead in years..again my family cell phone numbers did NOT become releventr until the time frame of 5 years from 4-8-04 to 12-5-09..from the name CHARLES RUNGE on 4-8-04 and the accident I had with him at the Ver Plank and Morgan Rd intersection in Clay , N.Y. where RUNGE had the right of way and this is how he took advantage of that issue to cuase this accident..He waited me out at the intersection which I told NYS Officer Md Beiderman he was there first..BUT he talked to his passenger (WILLIAM SUPPLE) with his head turned and made no motions he planned to turn into the left lane on Morgan Rd off Ver Plank Rd stop sign as I waited across the intersection to croos over and continue on Ver plank..So as set out to do this as RUNGE conversation with his head turned inthe other way with his facing hsi passenger continued..Runge then turned his car into what is his oncoming lane of the Morgan Rd off whcih the front end of my JEEP had just crossed over into..and we hit..His vehicle never stopped and dragged along the front of my Jeep as the damage report on his vehicle will also show. The RUNGE traveled up Morgan Rd at least 4 -5 car lengths before pulling over onto the oncoming shoulder..Where he remained until NYS Officer MD Beiderman #4619 arrived..becuase of the hostile tone fo supple to Runge about it all "she hit you" You make her come over here" I did not approach either of them at the scene or even after..I did to have my cell phone on me and called from a passerbys phone..who had pulled over to see if I was the two men were still sitting "strange" on the ocnoming shoulder she said..She did not approach them either..I called police and she left.

Charles RUNGE lives in Pennelville N.Y. he was 71 at the tie of this 'accident"..the NYS POLICE MV104A report in no way refelct any truth about what took place that day.other than RUNGE had the "right of way" and was at the stop sign first as I had stated also. It makes no mention of his abuse of the oncoming lane or diagrams the correct location of collision.

Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#3 Feb 11, 2013
Now from all that to I am not sure exactly when my mother got the new cell phone plan of the 1205 and 1206 and 1208 far as I know 1207 was the missing number...1205 my parentsa and 1206 Angies and 1208 I think was my neices..

It was before 2006..there was NO Cuomo in off Gov in NYS ..HUD maybe but not high political..

Now in 2002 Andrew Cuomo lost any hopes he had then for election in Nov to the Governers seat off comments he had made. This was during the same time frame that the issues with me and Marla Miller were brewing heavy in Oswego and by spring 2003 I was sitting in George Lundy's office off it was after this the AFD -5166 mini van a Dodge Caravan began to cut me off at several locations in different areas..I knew it some kind of trouble.

I gave this lic plate number to the Syracuse FBI on 4-15-08 ..This mini van had caused me a great deal of stress..during that time frame.

Andrew Cuomo would not run for election again as governer until 2010(21) research shows that President Obama's advisors told that the previous gov had been advised to step down..and that Cuomo was the desired man for the job.

Now here is where all the "associations" to everything in the "THRILL" turn into such an overkill of "association" patterns that even I don't care to detail.. So here's abreif..

By the way all the "association" FACTS "decipher" I mean what else could they be?

Here is what it reads as..

Andrew Cuomo's BIRTHDAY is 12-6.."Angie baby's" cell phone # was 1206..My TS Casino fixed "win" was on 12-5-09.."Line up" with Andrew Cuomo's birthday..lets not forget how it "line up" with how "JUDITH DEVENEY" had her red Jeep at Kohls on 12-4-09 with the 2889 NYS lic plate on it now in my NEWTOWN driveway..a "Get Maureens kids some money "association" ROGUE NYS LIC plate..This is just a few of the "associations" so bare with me..

Now Cuomo had divorced a Kennedy in 2002..a "Kerry." let me explain that in Beverly Davis words to her swan daughter Valerie Dedich whom she told that "Kim Kardashina is to play her in the movie" It's why Valerie needed to clean her self up by "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" at just the right time..
She can take her poly frph about what her mother told her and they can blame woindow scums if need to cover it.

Now the Kennedy clues set for me in all of this..I still have some of them..Brand new some are..Tammy is a Kenndy also..BUT the clues are political..Cuomo divorced a Kennedy..Yes the political family link. Now he's with an actress..Right where JACK Kennedy was imaged to wanting to be...while in the Whitehouse. His girlfriend is an actress..named Sandra Lee..("decipher" Sandy is lying..Sandyhook etc time frame "association" to me)

Kim Kardashian is the new American woman image..a woman who uses her sexuality for her money lots do it, not really a model..just was found after her father died..gets married and decides she made a mistake..and runs off with new guy..gets knocked up shortly after..and now blames her first husband for her unhappiness now(its a classy fronted trailer park trash story)..She's an American ICON now who gets mentioned every day in the press for being nothing...Who was talked about even by my mother as who would be in the movie about all of this. Beverly explained to Valerie how.

"Reverse" is the clue plan to the success of the movie.

So anyway while the scumbag recruits rags to riches plan is in was all very costly to many others in ways that can never be "reverse."

So as the BILL VICKERY (FACTOR) JETTY ALLSTATE NOVEL IS for "gain" off it all later off a nickel less plan continues..the "association" clues are unreal..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#4 Feb 11, 2013
Now here is a little more "association" how the "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" would get there ROGUE style..there as in the Whitehouse and then HOLLYWOOD..

Joe Kennedy, JFK's father was in history claimed to have bought his son the Whitehouse..through the use of his probibition earned money...JFK President at AGE 35 <- Do you know who's address that is in Oswego? Do you see the start of a location "Bury the lying Bush" clue plan on 4-8-04 TIME link to a 1-52 ..AGES that add up an 8, 11 and 5..

I just don't want to go over the whole thing agin..BUT heres a clue I was 41 that = 5 and RUNGE was 71 that =8 and supple was 56that =11..fromthat you can get "perfect" dates..8-11...1-55..etc..5-11 a Bush suspects sentecning story..11-8 the
Brinkerhoff court afidavit..etc.

1-52 comes from the "zero's mean nothing" 10:52am TIME of that RUNGE MD Beiderman(Beat her man till she needs an MD") of the NYS POLICE..

So yes I am hearing that the scumbags cops behind all of this have now used scumbags to appeal to the vicitms families to have them stop ME from getting any control in this.. So more money is theirs LOLOLOL...Well how do YOU figure you would be victim's then? BILL VICKERY would be the vicitim..

YOU think after all "He" and "they" have put you all though.."He's" got a rainbow planned for you later...unless you knew all along.

WHAT I am really trying to say here is this..This Andrew Cuomo Gov issue of overkill of "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" "associations" It all remids me of how Valerie Dedich herself fell into "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" place in all of this right down to her Maureen Levea 115 address..and a boyfriend named Chris while her and her mother talked about the story as it went along..claiming they had NO involvement in it..BUT Valerie knows her mother did..BUT swears she did not..BUT was all ready to get what she could out of it as long as it cost her nothing...

My mother just went out and bought "perfect" cell phone numbers..then through Jerry took me to the casino..on 12-5-09..'line up" with the Governers birthday ..who now wants to open 3 more Casinos in NYS..It all looks now like THE TURNING STONE is going to get the shaft out of it all..

RAY Halbritter ...RAY GREGORY..There is one more RAY in "THE THRILL" the ORIGIN clue of the name RAY KINSELLA-FEILD OF DREAMS..BASEBALL.

Now let me also add..lets NOT ever forget the ERIN MAXWELL "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" NYS LIC plate put on my sons car in March 2008..clue to what "he" and "they" planned soon the 8-11 date clue..called THE BILL VICKERY FACTOR..

What would changing a sexual predator law do against Alan Jones appeal? Then a DA might look good. 9-9-09...

1448 isnt killing litle girls fun? 1448..even after..

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