massive fight
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New Hartford, NY

#1 Jan 11, 2013
A massive fight took place at eight tonight on the parkway at the Utica recreation center 200 hundred were involved.
Fun Tonight

Utica, NY

#3 Jan 11, 2013
terrible wrote:
A massive fight took place at eight tonight on the parkway at the Utica recreation center 200 hundred were involved.
More than likely, 10 were involved and 190 were watching and cheering. Now that's recreation!
Fun Tonight

Utica, NY

#4 Jan 11, 2013
terrible wrote:
A massive fight took place at eight tonight on the parkway at the Utica recreation center 200 hundred were involved.
Oh, wait .... there were 20,000 people there?
mike o

Utica, NY

#5 Jan 11, 2013
they had free hot wings and grape soda and all hell broke loose.I thought the brothers didnt like the cold

Herkimer, NY

#6 Jan 11, 2013
Utica Cath Charities should be ashamed to allow such an obvious opportunity for bedlam without providing security. UPD alerted to situation just prior to breakout, and chose to refrain from attending. Stabbing only tonight. Next time will probably be worse. Let's see what UPD action is decided on then.

Clark Mills, NY

#7 Jan 12, 2013
mike o wrote:
they had free hot wings and grape soda and all hell broke loose.I thought the brothers didnt like the cold
Stop with your was grape KoolAid.

Little Falls, NY

#8 Jan 12, 2013
These teams are what's wrong with society today. CYO..Catholic Youth Organization. None of these kids go to church, or attend the parish that they play for. The kids aren't even the problem. It's the fans. The team that was involved yesterday... the first game of the year, my son's team played them, and one of their fans was yelling at me because I was cheering for our team. There was a group of about 20 of them. They go to the games looking for trouble, not to support their team. CYO should ban these teams from the program. Who determines penalties for such instances ? It has to be addressed. Now. Before someone gets seriously hurt.
Going Bananas

Utica, NY

#9 Jan 12, 2013
cornbread wrote:
<quoted text>
Stop with your was grape KoolAid.
I think it was banana night, 1 free bunch to the first 200 people.
Black History

Saranac Lake, NY

#10 Jan 12, 2013
Why isn't this type of behavior shoved down my kids throats every year. The books seem to leave this out of the text books.

Carthage, NY

#11 Jan 12, 2013
How sad that children and adults violent .Children have no role models to look up to.Parent are just as violent or just don't care
if there is any parent.This is a huge problem here and all over the country.I hope society can change this tread or acceppt it.Parents teachers etc. need to wake up and act right now.People so selfish and put blinders on until its to late.We need adults to act like adults and for childen to stop having children .Parents should be ashamed of themselfs as well as schools teacher etc.No one wants to hear this but its the hard facts and nothing will change until we all do.Teenagers have no resept for themselfs their peers,parent teachers police or life itself .Really people need a wake up call and to get there heads out of their a###!This is what happens when society is so uncaring and selfish.Its become a sad dirty place that can only change when we all wake and work together.
Planet of the Apes

Utica, NY

#12 Jan 12, 2013
Sara wrote:
Its become a sad dirty place that can only change when we all wake and work together.
That's the problem right there....the animals want nothing to do with the word "work"!

Cambridge, MA

#13 Jan 12, 2013
Acting like animals.....sigh...
Shovel Boy

Rome, NY

#14 Jan 12, 2013
Not enough milk!
Abusive UPD excuses

United States

#15 Jan 12, 2013
Funny all these racist comments from the retard foulmouthed immature "champions" of local law enforcement LMAO!

Yes people this is the moral fibre of your own police in their own words here! Uticans are so pathetic ignorant and petty. Look at the backflips they spend their lives defending against their parasite ways. If this doesn't prove what frauds these working poor slobs are nothing will.

Poor little ignorant losers stuck in cny with the snow and the Archie Bunker intellect crowd. This is why you're failures. You tried to steal respect and honor now you will have neither. This is the way they actually live and think! Gee if I can just drag down some ]\[iggers I can make myself look better! THAT'S a utican way of LIFE LMAO!
Lets Hear It

Utica, NY

#16 Jan 12, 2013
It's pretty easy for you to try to steer the conversation away from the fact that the animals were acting like animals ONCE AGAIN, but what is your view on the animals themselves? Let's hear your excuse as to why the fight began in the first place and all the recent local events where it just seems the minority makes a bad decision!!
Abusive UPD excuses

United States

#17 Jan 12, 2013
Steer away? No I'll steer straight into it here you go-

Your school systems invariably raise imbeciles who can't see a week ahead and don't care. You get some kid who learns how a thermocouple works and he's the "Valedictorian" LMAO! It's all "here and now" and your economy and environment have evolved to support the idiocracy you have there. They are all the unwashed product of the environment you created.

You schools are failures and shelves for those who CAN'T and must teach to eat. They don't even do that well.

Your colleges are frauds, designed to fatten theparasites and acedamia nuts who live off selling you nano dreams from a campus that doesn't even have the most rudimentary "nano" test equipment.

Your legal system is the same, a teat for nondoers and parasites to cling to and use to attack "enemies" like Leon Koziol and anyone who bucks your "imbecile crony system".

Anyone who listens to uticans very long soon realizes they can't even communicate correctly, they learn English by word of mouth and the results are often comical.

You have no standards and you all live by "Bully Rule" as witnessed by the laughably ignorant Dan Labella the fat worthless LEOtard parasite who tried to FORCE himself a fat pension raise and sieze the roll of Chief of Corrupt Police.

Don't forget the FAKE attempt at passing the PSC exam he tried to scam.

In short, your government and schools are generationally dysfunctional FAILURES who refuse to step aside therefore utica is a hopeless cesspool full of the Williams and Maciols of the world. Losers who bully their way through life producing nothing but bills, lawsuits and "anal joke" level of intellect.

Anyone who raises their kids there is a loser to most people who see it for what it is. Bully rule idiocracy. It won't change and at this point I like it like this because they can't hide behind their lies and half-truths anymore. The seams are splitting and the cracks are showing.

You're saddled with parasites who pretend they hang the moon but can't hang up their uniforms so they don't look like shipwrecks in person.

Again it won't change so embrace it and have a laugh as they all go down in flames!

Enjoy the tax hikes coming this year people! LMAO!

Cazenovia, NY

#18 Jan 12, 2013
Knives this time. Only a matter of time til they start carrying those guns they sell at the mall stores bb, pellet, etc.....sad society when kids feel the need to carry weapons to protect themselves in schools and basketball games.
crowd control 101

New Hartford, NY

#19 Jan 12, 2013
As usual the UPD was called in after a large fight erupted at the rec center. When they arrived they immediately put out a call for any and all available cops from the surrounding areas. The next step is to send everyone home and clear the scene.
I don't understand why the UPD doesn't send over the paddy wagon and start arresting these thugs for fighting and creating a disturbance instead of letting everyone leave. If the police would be allowed to do their job with arrests they would be able to prevent these situations from happening over and over again.
Go Team

Utica, NY

#20 Jan 12, 2013
Looks like the primates are destined to have more than one homicide this year!!
Marty Luther

Manlius, NY

#21 Jan 12, 2013
Happy Kwanza Utica

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