The Hannibal JUDGE - DA (school ) bee...

The Hannibal JUDGE - DA (school ) beel DA worked it..

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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Jan 25, 2013
Ok to "clarify" on my statement to officer JESSE it reads I want who ever destroyed my stuff arressted..

Now I made this statement that DA bell had in court yesterday working hard to defend JUDITH DEVENEY" with yesterday when Officer Jeese told me (I had NOT seen the dmage yet) what JUDITH had to done ot "property" she claimed to him was hers..That set me off I iwent right the THRILL on him and made a phone call..I was going to calyl everyone who knew those items were mine..EVERYONE.

Anyone who could finger anything for me..right down the BIG collection of brand new cake plans and decorating materials I had from being a professional cake decorator at one cakes the whole 9 yards.

Most of those pans brand new are scracthed and concrect banged now.,BUT I have them..

Now I told Officer I want whoever destroyed my property arrested..I said nothing else..and that what my statment says..Its NOT my falt he charged JUDITH with something else..

DA Bell made a game out of it yesterday.."JUDITH wasn't charged with that" he said..Now charged with "theft" either..I had now to prove what I had there each and every item..Wy didn't you take photo's I had 5 minutes to get what I could..I had photos taken by someone who wacthed her do this..They did want to use them..NO GO FIGURE IT..Now who are they paving the road for here? DA was supposed to be for me the People..against JUDITH DEVENEY.

I'm sure JUDITH did work the did work the judge somehow in "reverse" I'm sure she did..its what these scumbag recruits do and they do for the ROGUES behind it all and they do it well.

Now officer JESSE I hear is "going to get in trouble for doing this for her" scumbags jump with happiness on it..and the comment the JUDGE made to DA BELL "you did this for her." Somehow ties into all the behind the scenes asskissing now..of it they bring "JUDITH" into the limelight it all.

This is how Oswego County ROGUES work "THE THRILL OF THE KILL"

Police take a destroyed statment form you..and the person gets charged...You tend to think it was for the destruction..right? That is what my statement says..Maybe they charged her with shoplifting who knows..after all this is "JUSTICE FOR ERIN MAXWELL" in Oswego County lands..a whole different ball game..its a brother clue..

Here in Oswego Co who knows..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#2 Jan 25, 2013
YES DA Bell for the people..tells me all this 5 minutes before court begins..she was not charged with theft or destruction well what "JUDITH" charged with?

"JUDITH" made a $300.00 restitution "offer" I said $600.00 and was NOT have proper time to get all my stuff or take pictures I was rushed rushed rushed into it and grabbed what I could.... Now Officer Jesse will get in "trouble" for that scumbags rant..How? "JUDITH" lied to him..She was criminal in her actions..

I said destroyed to Officer Jesee NOT knwoing there had also been theft till we got there..

Moved outside held hostage I can death with ..But destroyde as he described it all to me himself at Margaretville In Oswego BEFORE I got there..he said there had been a lot of damage done..

The rush photos my boyfriend took were of the area she claims she hit her head in ..he has the tractor tire etc..that area where the totes were..

Now you should see what I hauled out of there in 5 minutes..a SUV full..Just like I did at McCarty's house..BUT so much of it was sabotaged pieces of this missing and that etc..broken chipped..scratched..JUDITH was slamming he stuff on concrete and someone walked though it kicking it all around..The holes in my records were done with an instrument of some sort..

The plates that are whole in the photos were cracked when I got there..I left them there..they were brand new..they were with the toys and brand new never used Nothing I collected inthat nunch had ever been used..left in a package if that si hwo it came..I had them for YEARS,,I had them when I moved to 2005..what ever YEAR those toys were distrubited is the year it came out..when I got them..Glasses dished was a very extensive complete group of it's all broken up by missing pieces etc..I had no pictire to porve I had them..long ago..Not in court I have witness for this?? WTF?

Now I know why "JUDITH" takes the route she does it so easy to do..piece of cake.

Those totes were so full me and him had to lift some of them when he took them someones porch..where more overflow was being held for me..Someone else had helped me load some of them out of a Hannibal storage unit and there was more than 5 totes there..She used her truck to help us move them..His SUV was full.
A 5 by 5 unit to work with..and the rest went in his barn..

Now people know this regardless of how I got railroaded in Hannibal town court..and I di get railroaded..

Am I collectable person YOU BET I am..Do I buy what I can as low cost as I can YES I do..Do I keep it for years and years ..YES I do..and you what happens it appreciates in value over the years..

Records like "45s" as JUDITH honed in on on the audio she knew what to her "YOUR NOT GONNA WIN AGAISNT ME" plans..

She made a point of telling her friend "Karen" all about MY "45s."

You can't "45s" anymore unless you find them used and most are ones no one wants anyway..and in the original sleeves for get it..You find a good box at auction you will pay..Record players are back..BIG sellers now.."JUDITH" knew what she was doing the whole time and that audio is a admission of all of it by her.. "JUDITH" wasn't charged with damaging or removing anything...Well someone did it..Oh I know blame the nephew...WHY did "JUDITH" make a $300.00 offer? for the hell of it? We were there to put ME on trial for DA Bells shits and giggles off how "JUDITH" worked into place....Look at the situation they it pulled off on.

I just got "dismissed" in court because ther last DA did not do his job right either and I spent the summer homeless off it..See how they build a "sue" to kil my son..

I don't care what JUDGES or DA'S HATE me..Now you know why..Stay tuned for more laughs off the "JUSTICE FOR ERIN MAXWELL jokes..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#3 Jan 25, 2013
So on with the threats fo what JUDGE will "egt" me now..

IT IS WHAT IT IS..and that is all its ever going to be..and along as I am alive..and that is what "He" and "they" hate..

If "JUDGE Lewis" hates me then he does..maybe some day "JUDGE Lewis" will have stand over a "THRILL" victims grave..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#4 Jan 25, 2013
The scumbags are in such a BIG LANZA mind frame..they have this BIG promtion going right now that if he ever takes me as a client...the JUDGES will hate him and he will gothrough the same thing he did with Jones and "he will know something is wrong" ???

I have not been charged or ? about anything and I have never talked to lanza about anything so this muct something "profiled" inthe futrue ..ok so we all know how it goes now can the move on something else...If I just "blew" it well would NOT be the first time... Must be this what they were told, they talk about it like it is happening now..there is no foundation for it what so ever right now anyway..Oh well everyone hates so what else is knew?

Ok now back the issue of 2009...NOPE- I wont say LANZA made a fool of imself..NOT at all I understand it now..

what tranpired in the court room betqeen a judge and a DA..was yes I would say an abuse of the
system..I watched and followed a lot of the 9-9-09 media circus..and I found some of hsi talk hard ot follow..BUT I get it now on the state appeals reduction of his then clients conviction..

Everythign he argued about in court as far as interpretation fo the law..was a very frusstating issue for him..He educated himself in law..and runs into this beteen a judge and Da..his client the ? he cannot overrule the judges decision even though he knows it is wrong..To everyones happiness Jones gets convicted..Lanza was to some degree called a drama queen..I remember it all..Well 4 years later and the time frame in my life of it all is what catches me in this most of all..where I am at in all of it Jones wins his appeal..and everything LANZA argued about with the judge and DA has nwo by outside intervention been corrected..and Lanza was right the whole was judge Hafners duty as judge to do that in the first a comunity we made NO ground what so ever angry as we were then BUT were we really angry or just looking for someone to pick on?...Most of it was caused by media hype..who was behind it? The lawyer who took hsi job serious to provide the best defense he could..or the State Police and DA who hyped it all up for this state appeal reduction..I'm not saying Jones did not do this..NOT at all..BUT there is time and place to be angry..for a good reason. so its 4 years later and everything that went on in 2009 was knocked off it high horse just a few months ago..

Feeling the hype today by scumbags moving in the same direction off me now..When do you scumbags get enough of what does not matter and care about what does??

In 2009 to now who should you be angry at the most?

Alan Jones hell no there is Alan Jones everywhere every city has at least one..and SANDYHOOK had Adam Lanza..and You scumbags know what I mean..

A man who killed his grandmother several years ago with a hammer did his time and got out..and last month he shot dead two firemen responding to fire he set.. So what exactly do scumbags who shout all the time do?

Warn me of legal issue coming my way..? Hype my bofriend up about oney I knew was not coming the DA had already told me..a restraining order that was NOT gong to be "JUDITH DEVENEY" could harass me anytime she wants.. in or out fo the court room and yesterday while i;m sitting onthe witness cahir she tells the court I'm "crying" now..I was not the woamn does not knowo what truth is..and no judge again told her to be quiet..She runs the Hannibal court..and she knows her moves moves in it..

Now should you be mad at the criminal or the system who fails to control them? Tell me scumbags what do you think? Really shout it your minds go back into "He" control..Hurry before "He" gets yours again.."HE" is angry he could NOT have mine..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#5 Jan 25, 2013
oh my forgice the typos LOL oh my glasses..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#6 Jan 25, 2013
I was disgusted the minute I walked inthe hannibal court room..Before the DA got there and he just made it worse..I had talked ot him on the phone and clearly got the impression from him that "JUDITH" was free to do as she pleased and she does the judge was into going to sign a restraining order he asked for She told the court room...Just spoke out I was "crying" and was misleading people again..I was not ..she lied again..I know where she got it from...Here's why she did it..It's probably why "JUDITH" is demure now..when she started her tears in cort on 12-11 talking about her head hitting the tire..Ok on th aduio I have listened to over and over and copied and listend tot off a loud system also for changes and clarity ..Judith never once gives the impression shes crying..or in pain..until she talks on the phone and that is vague also..seconds after she tells Karne and these are her words and she is clear and not crying.."JUDITH can explain "karen I gotta a call the cops" no sign of dazed at all.."This fucking prick just pushed me" Not knocked me downand I banged my head I need medical etc.,,nothing..shes mad and goes right int to her I JUST GOT WHAT I WANTED AND YOU"RE FUCKING DEAD" to him no tears an arrogance..a bad one..

When I saw her perform this in court with tears..YES and I was behind her she could not see me.. BUT the judge said nothing I wipoed my eyes like I was crying..I could NOT belive she was pulling this..I know why she pulled the middel finger tear wipes and told the court I was crying..its all part of the "profiled" YOU"RE NOT GONNA WIN AGAINST ME" out of her motuh on the audio also..and that was pulled on me yesterday the judge even told the DA "and you did this for me" while the hearing was in moiton..of how bad they could treat me with games being and officer discussed damage and ownership..i dont knwo what he charged her with he did not tell me..She made a 300.00 offer on it BUT the judge felt sh e need not pay anything..I was NOT suprsied the DA had said this before I got this make judges hate her husband lawyer time frame now because of her(me) well guess why...I dont like bullshit Judges or others as much as others do to an apparently they like that.

It's all part of the "THRILL" and you bullshit your selves with scumbag recruits in it all you want..

So JUDITH got to destroy someone else's property also that's what she was recruited for..for free..That's makes her feel good..and thats what it's all about..Maybe she'll find some nice judge to take her out and make he feel better also. "arrogant and immature" is much better than being a destructive violent liar anyday..

So anyway I wonder how "JUSTICE FOR ERIN MAXWELL" is progressing..

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