Cop killer Billy Blake wrote a paper about his 25 year stay in soliop tary confinement off his 77 year sentence...and Onondaga County DA Fitzpatrick does not like that Blake has been awarded a top achievement from the Ivy league for it..He took the time to be on the news tonight to voice his opinion about it..That Billy Blake lkilled a cop and gets recognition for his poem about his boredom in prison..

My point is people are murdered EVERYDAY..and because they are not cops their killers do NOT get a 77 year sentences..The DA should put some effort into that..Take for instance William Spanglers recent crimes against first responders..Spangler had already served time in prison for killing hos own granmother with a hammer I hear...served his less than 10 year sentence and was let out to possibly kill again as he had the potential to..which he did just that.

I think DA Fitzpatrick could be a good DA BUT his preference to advocate for cops is insulting..