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The Informed

United States

#29 Mar 28, 2014
There should never ever be public sector unions. They should nationalize the entire system and get rid of the teachers union.
welfare kids

Evanston, IL

#30 Mar 28, 2014
Typical teacher excuses wrote:
<quoted text>How stupid, blame blame blame. Your faulty logic doesn't hold up to the numbers. NY isn't 30th in caring parents. CNY is, because "parents" there believe education is all about feetball, hawkeeee and other retard "sports".
Again the results can't be denied and the stats don't lie. Lazy worthless liberal teachers DO!

The best public school district in upstate NY also happens to have the largest household income north of the NYC metro area. You don't think there is a reason for this? They have an amazing football program that the whole community is into. Sorry you live in a poor area and have come to associate failure with "liberals". Take some responsibility for your children - its not a teachers job to raise them.
The UNdies

Elmhurst, IL

#32 Mar 28, 2014
buckwheat wrote:
<quoted text>. Hey phuckface, there are schools in the district with almost 100% free or reduced lunch. Poverty equals poor test results. These schools with high minority and refugee (ESL) numbers. Yep, comparable to Notre Dame. Open up your eyes, moron. Go to China and in three months take a test in Chinese. Yet, that's exactly what is happening to these non-English speaking refugees. Yep, again comparable to Notre Dame. You're a friggin douche bag. Take kids at Proctor with the same demographics and you'll get the same results. Maybe better! Proctor teachers are certified in their specific subject area. Plus, public school kids are out performing charter school kids. The numbers prove it. You're too stupid to see this. We do a pretty good job with who we're dealt to teach. You wouldn't last 5 minutes in a class at Proctor, King, or Kernan. Who taught you to read? You're one of those jealous teacher bashers. I can't wait to retire on my fat teacher pension, and move to a Florida retirement community. So eat shit.
Wow, so your a teacher......very eloquent, wish my kid could spend time with you, I'm sure she'd learn alot from you......... Class act all the way. So according to your analysis if you don't come from a privileged background, you have no responsibility and you can never make it. So how do you explain Dr Ben Carson? Moron, yup u r!
Tax Payer

Utica, NY

#33 Mar 28, 2014
There is a lot of wasted money trying to teach the refugees. They don't want to speak English. Just listen to them on the outside. Also the charter school costing too much money. Next the friends and family act.
Why is the relative of the superintendent still employed in a library. Should be laid off to save a teachers position.. School board needs 100 % change. In a business if they had these issues year after year changes in management would be made. Vote them all out. Others couldn't do worst!

Utica, NY

#34 Mar 28, 2014
hey buckwheat wrote:
<quoted text>Hats off to you...I couldn't have said it better..At long last, someone with COMMON SENSE!!
. So well said...agree !!!
Oh no-not again

Whitesboro, NY

#37 Mar 28, 2014
Isn't anyone else tired of the blame game? Everyone points the finger at someone else for the poor situation Utica is in. How about we all take the blame. The school board makes horrible decisions, our administration is top heavy and very overpaid. Our teachers are not the best, brightest or most motivated. The students are apathetic, disrespectful and lack a work ethic. The parents are indifferent and show no support for their child's education. The community continues to elect ineffective board members. Our city brings in refugees but does little to support the school district to help alleviate the special needs that come with refugee students. Where is the refugee center to help support the schools. We have testing mandates that don't work coming from the federal/state government. Teachers have lost their autonomy to judge student progress and create interesting and relevant lessons. We are all the blame!

Utica, NY

#40 Mar 29, 2014
welfare kids wrote:
you can pay the teachers whatever they want but it won't help make the schools any better. Hell Harvard professors couldn't help kids who's parents don't give a darn. These kids don't know their dad's are on free lunch and have no instruction at home. It's families that are to blame for low test scores not teachers.
The Harvard teachers would be chewed up and spit out. You have to be a teacher .an actress, actor , policeman and psychologist all in one ,to survive now adays in the classroom. But I agree with a lot you stated.

Still, a teacher is one of the best professions in the world!
speaking of

Carthage, NY

#41 Mar 29, 2014
CNY Fail Hole USA wrote:
<quoted text>Don't you love the infantile reasoning "YOU MUST BE JEALOUS!!!!" of the low paid teachers stuck in the hoi polloi of utica!
What ignorance on display from these losers defending leeches stuck on the public dime. People who live in poverty - "It's their fault". The ignorance of CNY people is pretty funny! They blame their failure on everyone but themselves! We TRIED IT their way - Show us the money! LMAO!
NY Teacher Phonies: Highest paid in the US yet somehow they are in 30th place! I'm sure they have some ridiculous EXCUSE AS USUAL!
YES these people really are this shallow and immature! Also note how they click click click your opinion down LMAO!
Morons, look in your own backyard, as it is people like YOU who never made it past 9th grade due to YOUR parents lack of support1 Don't blame teachers, they have their own children to raise, not other peoples. You sound like an angry, disrespectful, ungrateful person who NEVER applied him/herself in life, and now blames teachers for his DEFUNCT!!!!
Tax Payer

Utica, NY

#42 Mar 30, 2014
School board cut 95 positions. Let's see who gets raises on the board. Also why isn't the City paying their the school system what they owe? Oh but why the Utica Hotel still owes the city money? Construction companies not paid by city? JFK still not complete. And there was supposed to be a 1.5 M surplus as per the mayor? A lot of questions but no answers ever. City not paying, school board not demanding payment,
Someone is asleep at the wheel. Mean while 95 people to be laid off from school district. But our city says it's on the rise.

Little Falls, NY

#43 Mar 30, 2014
lol wrote:
How is this a teacher problem? What would u morons pay teachers????$10 an hour?? U gotta have masters degree to teach. Basically 6 yrs of college and u wanna pay them peanuts to teach your kids to read and write cause u can't???
A starting teacher in Utica makes like $29,000 a yr.! That ain't much folks.
Teachers should get paid more to watch your rotten kids all day.
yeah rite who are u kidding look it up all u need is an Associates Degree so stop with ur over exaggeration & yes if u can't produce results then why should teachers get paid oh wait where supposed to pay teachers who can't teach lmao men lie women lie numbers don't & our numbers are the worse in the nation

Carthage, NY

#46 Mar 30, 2014
yupper wrote:
<quoted text>yeah rite who are u kidding look it up all u need is an Associates Degree so stop with ur over exaggeration & yes if u can't produce results then why should teachers get paid oh wait where supposed to pay teachers who can't teach lmao men lie women lie numbers don't & our numbers are the worse in the nation
an Associates Degree?????????? Man, you are living in the dark ages... YOU need a Masters to teach, you moron!

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