Syracuse, NY

#273 Sep 5, 2012
Julie is still talking herself up to everyone she meets. Julie: you are not sweet or innocent and definitely not pretty! Do you actually believe that?

Utica, NY

#274 Sep 6, 2012
Julie talks about a lot of peoples families yet she can't be a mother to her own kid. What a bitch! She is toxic and the closer she is to you, the better chance she will drag you down with her. I know that firsthand.

Whitesboro, NY

#275 Sep 6, 2012
"Close your legs to married men!"

Utica, NY

#276 Sep 7, 2012
Can you smell the nasty pussss she has from a far. Really keep your legs closed for all are sakes. Julie you are not pretty and you need help. Stop lying we all know your full of shit.

Utica, NY

#277 Sep 7, 2012
Julie is still talking herself up to everyone she meets. Julie: you are not sweet or innocent and definitely not pretty! Do you actually believe that?
Julie Karma

Utica, NY

#279 Sep 19, 2012
Karma. The anwser wasn't devious but it works.

Utica, NY

#280 Sep 19, 2012
Riva living a peaceful life without Julie and David in it is a blessing.Living a good and productive life to the best of your ability and ignoring them with as much distance between you as possible.

What comes around goes around. What you put out into the universe will come back to you. Same with the other person.

The universe will balance itself out in time. David and Julie deserve one another.

Utica, NY

#281 Sep 19, 2012
Riva Never forgive or forget. Revenge is a dish best served up cold. I hope you don't let Julie or david get away with any of this.
Yankee York

Utica, NY

#282 Sep 19, 2012
You either choose to give away your energy to someone who DOESN'T deserve it or you choose to move on with your life and prosper.

Revenge is such a waste of your time.
Riva your better than that!
Cit Cd

Utica, NY

#283 Sep 19, 2012
Riva wait, and never wish anyone anything other than what they truely deserve. It may take decades, but karma is a bitch and it will happen! Putting any of your precious time or energy toward the downfall of another is not a good idea. Your may just get back 10 times what your have given out. Just live a nice, happy productive life and simply delete the monsterous negative people from your life. And yes living well is really and truely the best revenge. We miss you at Mv and hope you leave that dirt bag David. He never deserved you. We all told you that.
Wake up

Utica, NY

#286 Sep 19, 2012
If you let it go because you want to avoid karma you are just as guilty. It's not a reason to NOT get justice.

Revenge can be the only justice available sometimes in this criminal world.

It will be worse karma for the bitch if she does nothing and this person ends up victimizing someone else the same way all because the bitch decided to be selfish and not deal with it anymore.

How can you not see that?

You are all such liars when you say forgive. None of you walk that talk. You would all go after, get revenge on somone who seriously victimized you and you know it. So WHY the santamonious BULLSHIT?

Utica, NY

#289 Sep 19, 2012
Can't afford cable, or just frighted from the memories of you making Riva's life hell. Get some soap and take ashower. You always smell like feet. My bad you know nothing but soaping up David's butt so his butt friend can put it in because we all know David would screww you.. How . Make sure the feds don't see the what really your doing Julie. They know already about you buying herion. Lack knowledge"? So what anyway your a swine. You painfully know that Vinny will always love Riva. Your just a pawn in his chess gave. I know him well and I know Riva and him had more than you think. She only wanted him off drugs at least she never got caught my Utica PD with Mike hayes dealing drugs Bitch. You a scum! When Vinny gets out he has a few things to make up for with us too. Obvious the beef isn't bigger the the bite. The bigger question here would be how bad were you rejected or hurt by the fact Riva was always the one getting Vinny out and making sure he did well if his life. You tag along for the ride. You couldn't have him any other way only when Riva wouldn't let him do drugs you came along like a lost puppy talking all sorts of shit about Riva, but who here is the real women. Your the pussy. Riva would beat the hell out of you. You
Lack knowledge? That whole tangent sure shows us what makes you tick and what you feel are your shortcomings. Chill bitch and don't get Vinny his drugs.
I'm surprised they didn't wreck you over spelling too, they're humoring you Mr. "Knowledge". No dog in the fight but seriously.
Hey you God Damn stupid azz dumb f**khead! No one belives your fabrication. I have no beef with Riva
but you and Vinny owe me money. Where do you come off with your shit for brains rant? And how do you surmise that Riva stalked you. You drove by her house and lived there knowing...stop playing
You better take some MIDOL and Chill, yourslf. Vinny will be leaving you as soon as he out. No way would he bring you around his true friends.
Julie perec

Utica, NY

#290 Sep 19, 2012
cant pass up on that first time buyer who happens to drive by
also if you give up your corner it's a sign of weakness to your competitors.
Just like the mailman, drug dealers have a creed - Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night, nor the winds of change, nor a nation challenged, will stay us from the swift completion of our appointed rounds to offer up drugs.

Utica, NY

#291 Sep 19, 2012
Any water in the desert will do.

Utica, NY

#292 Sep 19, 2012
There is no revenge so complete as making sure one pays..Don't get mad, get even.Hatred is the coward's revenge for being intimidated. Julie hates Riva and is always on the phone making trouble for her, but you will never see her approuch Riva. Why, because Riva will tear her apart. Julie wants Rivas life and worship what David and her had. She conviced David Riva was cheating a lying to him, but who the real liar Julie.
Something of vengeance ...be careful Julie this all may back fire in your face. I heard the cops know about your dealings.
If an injury has to be done to a
women of your nature it should be so severe that you will never forget the true lies you tell.
Nothing inspires forgiveness quite like revenge.
So who is superior.
Sweet is revenge--especially to women.
Anyone can rat, but it takes a certain amount of ingenuity to re-rat Julie... You talk to much and it will all come to a head reall soon.
You have a narrow mind.
Which, if not victory, is yet revenge. Riva we know the truth don't think that David didn't love you. Honey he did, but he loved his herion more. Julie allows it! Julie is asking everyone to find out information on you and no one will. We hate the whore.Revenge is sweeter than life itself. Julie those who plot the destruction of others often perish in the attempt.
Riva is not scared of you and I don't think she is scared of anything. Riva dragged David out of drug houses and demanded answers and you call her a pysho, but who do you chase around but married men.

Utica, NY

#293 Sep 19, 2012
Julie is still talking herself up to everyone she meets. Julie: you are not sweet or innocent and definitely not pretty! Do you actually believe that?

Utica, NY

#294 Sep 19, 2012
I have followed Benner in the news and papers for years. I can't beleive any women would marry him. Ladies he is a murder. As for what happened at the gas station if my wife caught me with another women I wouldn't be here now. This Riva needs to leave her husband and never look back. Julie doesn't play well with others.

Utica, NY

#295 Sep 19, 2012
Yea, small town mentality.. Julie your a big (hot) fish in a little pond, because in any other mans life you would be a one in a million. Rich left you because your a very mean and uneducated women and he made the money it that marriage. I hope Riva takes care of you. You did that women dirty. Some friend I'm glad my wife ws smart enough to keep you at a distance.You tryed like hell to convince me and her that riva was the nut but you take the cake. Poor choice of words. You would eat anyhting you get your paws on. Rich is doing great without you and we never liked you.

Lair Julie Perec

Utica, NY

#296 Sep 19, 2012
HEY, LOOK, IT'S SCUMBAG LIAR!!! Julie Julie Julie
Julie Perec liar

Utica, NY

#297 Sep 20, 2012
I know the truth

Julie Perec what happened to you bi pass fat surgery. Look like it didn't take. Careful if you keep eating like you do you will need a fork lift. You have cancer now for five years now. You tell the same victim story to everyone. Thought you where dying isn't that what you told Davie. You told him your where sighning the boat and house to him so Rich can't have it. That's funny you don't own it Rich does and your sweet Davie has know idea about your big fat lies. What you going to come up with more lies for that one. Please Julie. You are so demeaning and a liar. Davie will be with his new women really soon.

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