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Camillus, NY

#1 Jun 8, 2012
People need to know who Julie Perec really is: Read about her.... She is going to school to be a nurse but has a boyfriend named David Benner who killed two people an set them on fire. Do you want her to be your nurse. Google her and David Benner. Police: Yorkville woman sold tractor that didn't belong to her

Story Updated: Jul 28, 2011

Police say Julie Perec, 38, of Yorkville, was storing a tractor for a neighbor in her garage, but sold it without the permission of the owner. She has now ben charged with grand larceny.(Photo Courtesy of Oneida County Sheriff's Office)

Credit:(Photo Courtesy of Oneida County Sheriff's Office)

YORKVILLE, N.Y.(WKTV)- A Yorkville woman has been charged after police say she sold a tractor that didn't belong to her, but actually belonged to her neighbor.

According to Yorkville Police, Julie Perec, 38, was living in the Town of Floyd earlier this year and was storing a tractor in her garage for a neighbor.

In February, police said Perec and a friend put the tractor up for sale, and sold the tractor without the knowledge or consent of the owner.

When the owner went to get the tractor in April, it was gone.

Perec was charged by Sheriff's Investigators with grand larceny in the fourth degree.

She was arraigned in the Town of Floyd Court and sent to the Oneida County Correctional Facility. Bail was set at $5,000 cash or bond.

Perec is scheduled to return to Floyd Court at a later date

Camillus, NY

#2 Jun 8, 2012
A Rome woman and a Utica man have been accused of possessing methadone without a prescription, Utica police said.
Julie Perec- it's funny for her be a victim so she claims to the police...she hangs with drugs dealers...well or is she the mastermind behind it.
On Monday, Utica police officers Joshua Grande and Charles Goldstein conducted a traffic stop at Leah Street and Howard Avenue and arrested Julie Perec, 38, of Rome, and Michael Hayes, 23, of Utica, on a misdemeanor charge of criminal possession of a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance outside its original container, public health law, police said.

Perec also was cited for an insufficient signal, police said.

Camillus, NY

#3 Jun 8, 2012
I know Julie real well I lived down the road from her when she lived at OLd Floyd road and I worked for her. She is a liar. She told me that her and David Benner would drive but didn't know that Chris Rosstuno and Mark Rosstuno where robbing houses in Marcy. At one point the cops where looking for Chris and she let him stay at her house. The cops came and found the stolen TVs in her bedroom and garage. For a women knowing nothing why was the a heroin needle found under her bed. She claimed to be all innocent and the police believed her. I believed her till I got to really see what type of person she was. I feel bad for her son and ex-husband. Good for you Rich for leaving her. She is a liar and hope she realize now that she has no friends. She is in school for nursing would you want her to be your nurse. Will the real loser please leave.
Try this

Cortland, NY

#4 Jun 8, 2012
So what? Maybe the dumb broad didn't know and who really cares about who the cops are shaking down for fine money. Really.

Do you have any better fkn PRIORITIES in life that are a little larger in scope than sitting around posting childish sht on forums to make yourself somehow feel better? If shes trash yay so what but you're trashier just for sitting around thinking anyone really cares as much or finds it as amusing or whatever you do.

You're whole angle is lame like "Who wants the wife of a bad guy as their nurse?"

Are you that fkn pathetic and upstate brand stupid? Get a life, or at least a better imaginary one and stop poring over the "OD" rag for some dumb shyt to gossip about unless it's at least relevant to your life or people reading at large. Yours is like the 9th moron vengeance post on this crap today. Just saying you really just look like the typical lose form utica upstate retardland ny.
Julie andRivacansuckco ck

Ithaca, NY

#5 Jun 8, 2012
The Nursing Board will never give her a licence so who gives a shit.We all know Julie and Riva are worth less than shit so why even bother.Let both the dumb whales kill each other nobody other than Benner would care.
For Sale

Blackstone, IL

#6 Jun 8, 2012
anyone need a tractor?
Real Facts

Syracuse, NY

#7 Jun 9, 2012
It's sad that no-one has anything better to do as to talk bad about people. I do know Julie and she is bad news. She won't be a nurse she can't spell and is not to smart. The tractor thing she got away with because she put the blame on someone else sounds familiar ( Just Like The Benner Guy). She really needs help after the fact her husband left her for a real women. She is with Benner and he will just cheat and use her like he does every-other women he has every been with.

Syracuse, NY

#8 Jun 9, 2012
Julie stole that tracker for her drug user boyfriend David Benner. She is a dirtbag herself. I really don't know why her pyshco a-sss isn't in jail. They both need to be. Hey Julie can you sell me a stolen tractor?

Syracuse, NY

#9 Jun 9, 2012
If Julie hangs with Mike Hayes and David Benner she is a scumbag just like them. If she stole a tractor she must be doing dope herself. Both Mike and Benner are herion junkies. Stay clear from them all.
A Rome woman and a Utica man have been accused of possessing methadone without a prescription, Utica police said.
Fact in Utica

Camillus, NY

#10 Jun 10, 2012
Sad to know that Benner is with Julie what is his problem he has a gorgoues wife. Julie is like a women who has used for years and you know she is sloppy just look at her. Benner send your wife my way will you. You deserve everything you get. Julie can I get a tractor? Scums both of them.
Rusty trombone

Ithaca, NY

#11 Jun 10, 2012
Riva is not gorgeous,she looks like a walrus!

Syracuse, NY

#12 Jun 10, 2012
Hey rusty maybe your not looking through clear eyes. Stay off the drugs..If you know Benner and Julie your just as bad as they are. Yes, Riva is nice looking. Look up his future girlfriend Julie. Hey Riva my walrus anytime you want to chat. Your my walrus.
Rusty trombone

Ithaca, NY

#13 Jun 10, 2012
Dawn,Riva,Candy whatever your name is stfu and look in the look like a walrus.Just because your prison "husband" sue told you otherwise does not make it true.
Northern Kay

Syracuse, NY

#14 Jun 10, 2012
Wow Rusty sounds like you really don't like Riva. Or is this just one of Julie so called friends making Riva's life hell. Sorry but I don't agree with you. Riva is a hottie and I like walrus and you intilled to your own opinion. Tell Julie to get a life and stop trying to be Riva or who ever she is. Funny thing is this is a site on Julie Perec not Riva. You must not have anything better to do with your time but be Julies little puppet. Julie tell your boyfriend to stop by sometime he needs a old-fashion butt-whhiippiiinngg.
Rusty trombone

Ithaca, NY

#15 Jun 10, 2012
Julie is a fat dumpy rag too,I don't like any woman that sucks the cock of a lying murderer.Nobody likes either one of them.I wonder how funny it is that benner shared a needle with someone hiv positive..hopefully within 5 years they will all be DEAD.

Camillus, NY

#16 Jun 10, 2012
Julie is a dumpy rag. For once people will see the true Julie. She would take me and my girl to the store and give us money to find out information about David and Riva. She is a stalker and needs to get her butt kicked for all the trouble she has caused them. Julie wanted me to visit David in jail because she couldn't go visit him. She wanted me to break in Rivas house. I was screwed up at the time and I feel bad what I have done to Riva. I guess now I got what I deserve.
Playing the part

Camillus, NY

#17 Jun 10, 2012
Julie is going to be a nurse. That is scary. She really needs to move back to Texas with her inbreed family and her husband should leave her for cheating on him with David. Everyone thought she was nice we all so found the real Julie. I don't know Riva but I do know Julie and she makes me sick. Rich leave her. Run! Run!

Utica, NY

#18 Jun 11, 2012
I can't see Julie given David head.I hear his little thing didn't work. The only thing I can say is that JUlie and David belong together. If David is HIV positive so is Julie. Julie needs to get herself checked out. David would share a needle with anybody. He is so dirty. He claims he has all this money, but the truth of the matter is he steals it. Loser David. Call daddy he will make it better.

Utica, NY

#19 Jun 11, 2012
How can Julie be a nurse thought she got caught with drugs in her car? Don't people read the paper anymore. Don't know this David but he doesn't sound good at all.

Utica, NY

#20 Jun 11, 2012
Hey if JUlei wants to be with David than they will be happy they are both using drugs. Julie being a nurse very strange. That would not be smart. She will steal the drugs. Only met Riva a few times but she seems like a good egg. Don't trust David.

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