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Dorothy , Bill Chris Angie and Diana Vickery

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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Mar 18, 2013
Ok look at this way and this is for newtown bad scumbags..

You have my mother and the mysterious "small streak of luck " she at the TS Casino..she had other wins before 12-5-09 but the small streak beagn off that night she won BIG like I did that night inthe BINGO HALL...ONLY my game numbers were tainted with blood shed yet to come also..

My mother tells Angie when to go also and Angie has her "wins" My father wins nothing to speak of..BUT yes he does NOT soend gamong like she does BUT she won in the BINGO Hal as I did and Angie a week later...My father went just as my mother same games no "win"

My father is clued as the anti christ of what "He" and "they "do all in my fathers "reverse" image..It beagn on 4-5-07 my fathers birthday shoooting of FED by his own to my newtown address now..and how I got here on the SANDYHOOK "line up" date... Off a deadly 3-8-06 Hannibal "accident" that links to BILL VIKCERYS 8-11 date by the "in the middle" dates of it that end on MY 3-11-06 BIRTHDAY...ALL clued ad new original ZODIAC KLILLER version on 3-29-05 by an In the middle 9-29 CHRIS VICKERY BOWER damage total off a claim report ALLSTATE adjustor BILL(VICKERY FACTOR) JETTY set at a 10:31am, HALLOWEEN clue time..The "HE" and "THEY" assholes like DA Nickelson and JUDGE LUDINGTON come along off it link from scumbag recruits like Dorothy Mills set with her Military scumbag "partner" Bill McCarty..

So IF now GOV Andrew CUOMO takes down the TS Casino..?? Wants to open others..NYS controled of course and do away with Indian casino's(behind the scenes of it all more revenue NYS controled) who now have this image of free money and run of it.

If I take the money that was set up for my "win" on 12-5-09 and "Angie Baby" does too.. CHRIS VICKERY BOWER well she set the "reverse" on 3-29-05 plan to protect BILL VICKERY...WHO does that leave? What did he do wrong?

WHY is there a plan to "get" boyfriend off it all now this way ..SANDYHOOK..SANDY at the Fulton Lib shes working BOTH sides STILL..Clevery like my mother and some other sleazes in all of this,,THERE"S YOUR ROGUE SANDYHOOK Clue..It's why they needed PENNY out of there long ago..

Did I tell how they forced Penny to resign at just the right time and WHO gave her the was SANDY.. BUT she worked it cleverly on Penny also..Penny was then pressured by BOARD memeber who were pressured some to target her and so they did inhe "perfect" TIME frame..after Mirabito had been in that JERRY MIRBITO -Dorothy Mills 2nd JUDGE in all her "fear" plans..pressured Lib staff to "stop" me from writing my posts...from there it became a cover plan for him too..The Penny was forced to resign ..Clever manipulating SANDY(Now a deadly HOOK clue) thought she would get the how she worked it on fell through for SANDY whow as yes bitter at first..


Angie gets a job at the Salvation Army..It was a mind game on me had a double role.
YOU can NEVER count on Angie unless its drinking cigs drugs or casinos..She covered her as in 2005 at SUNOCO and ...well shes knows wha my mothers up to...and the Herkimer narration killings off it all just went on..

What is Herkimer? Her(me)or Kimer..KIM RAPONI STEVENS..the original MOVIE plan..BILL Cromies gal back then BUT hes dead now died in that 6 month time frame I lived at Lorinda Fullingtons in Oswego..and she beagn use of Lundy'sname as havoing a "personl interest" in me that she wanted for her friends described she was "stalking" him then.

Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#2 Mar 18, 2013
Now that it's all at Herkiner..deahs narrration clues..

I'll go wayy back 2003 when I met George Lundy and how..

First...know this..

Lorinda Fullington had alreay used his name Lundy's..She claimed to friends he had a "personal interest" in me and she wanted it for herself..So according to her friends she began "stalking" him...

Bill Cromie had already seriously violated my civil right protecting KIM RAPONI STEVENS who now works for the POST OFFICE(FED clue)in Fulton ...who was commiting fraud off the DSS though her employess and had tried to imtimidate me into it also..That is the riff then she made those threats at my the FEDS revived ti on a dead fFED thats ok with me I had heard it all from Steven herself back themed from Tammy Rowe..So the FBI clue was very appropriae to me..EYE FOR AN EYE IN "REVERSE" thing..Only WHO did it? See how its weird to me? WHY would it uspet me? even though it does..It's supposed to be a LUNDY did it image..Military scumbag recruits in motion and all at the same time..Well if he did he did..Thats an FBI problem..NOT mine..I already knew my end of it..STVENS and Rowe told me..

Whats hard for me to understand is this whole HUNERDON image of Lundy being fired..FED shoot FEDS to set him up?..or was it "friendly" thing and the FED who pulled the trigger had no clue what was behind it ..The GOOD THING? all the others turned their back for it to happen again..I knew there would be 3 BUT A DOG? Well GOD begins in "reverse" now is the clue..Is the GOV GOD now? no he's not..and neither are the FEDS, state or any ROGUE behind all of this..they are criminals..clever ones..who have idiots out there everywhere they depend on for help and it works..

Ihe FBI may have set Lundy up..BUT he stayed with them..I'm under "pressure" also..Thta's all part of the "profile" he call my "bullshit" i was heaily taunted in 2008 and on "they dont knwo what hes going to do" "She got more ball then most men he knows" So I am sure they worked from there..and plan name is Valerie Dedich a scumbag recruit military version of a "GOOD WOMAN"(a surgical and housekeeper-HINT to get one Valerie needed a better job to clean herself up "reverse" self made joke on all of you that even I think is funny too..then she was "GOOD WOMAN" after planning to hell her mother set me up if meed to protect her mother BUT she backed out under GOOD scumbag pressure) like the sex offender at Charlie Gasko..I don't know why Brenda lied and caused a riff between me and her BUT she did 9-12) While other scumbag recruits pave the road for that plan.

Do you get how scumbag recruits work it..and make "fools" upon "fools" out of others on it..even now.

COURT games and manipualtion will go on on me..I know this JUDGE Ludington "dismiised" the last one DA Nickelson played on 12-28-12 "TEACH HER A LESSON" date clue..of how that same DA'S office now works the "JUSTICE FOR ERIN MAXWELL" case..again..and she was not the ONLY vicitm of careful "reverse" GOD planning..

Could you please bring me face to face with the asshole you all FEAR so much..I have a few things to tell him about himself..maybe we can exchange some points of view..I hear he has some also..BUT thats a court manipulation game hes NOT ready to play yet..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#3 Mar 18, 2013
So now "HE" whinning to the NY GOV the ROGUE that what it is? Angie baby is the clue and she can't let go of her mother..who told her what wa sup next...

BUT in all of this somehere is why so many people are dead..ongoing activity of the DEADLY "The mother says" scumbags.

8810 18 "either way" clue..One is my son and th other? why ppro Bill Vickery raped his own sister and then cleverly set her up with he ROGUE input off her "profile."
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#4 Mar 18, 2013
According to the TODD BOWER input on Bill Vickerys "statement" CHRIS is the one who instigated more sex between them after the "rape" and and tfromthat is why she wantedtoknow WJY he rapoed her ..that day..? "sex got a little rough" TOOD said and "YOU were mad" to her...You should have heard this going on..I couldn't believe it myself..according to Todd its in BILLS "statement"..that is being so well hid in lawyers files in Syracuse somewhere..

TODD is the one who said they set her up..She said NO they didn't" "THAT MONEYS MINE TODD" She kills me off and Bill has NO defense..and "that statement is out there somewhere and the FBI will find it"
Could work TWO ways..

I don't care what they deny now to all of you..Tammy Rowe left own in 2005 and made it look like she "made of fool of herself" by "supporting"..That's for her later planned use..

Then she left with her "LUNDY" words for me to hear..She knew Bill Cromie was dead by the time she left..She said the Fulton Police were on her cuz I said her name..Maegan BUCK was working BOTH sides also..and set me up to be at the casino...Jackie Martin moved in and helped with the finishing push..

Then my mother "saved" me..Now she pulls Angie back to her side out of the Salvation Army..and NYS GOV CUOMOS birthday is link to her "THRILL " cell phone #.."line up" with my mothers..OK?

Will the GOV act the same way as Orlo Green now?

There's lots of talk BUT ongoing "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" actions speak louder than words..

This is all headed in a JOHNNY-DOG clue an "or low green state" plan..Now the RED colors of CHRISTMAS cop is already dead..

They work hard to set my boyfriend up..That I know.. They are playing it as he knew his sister was going to set him up..well I know my sister is planning to set me up also..No one ever shuts up how could YOU not know? Is that why they taunted him he would know the plan..they did it to me also..It's a repeat patern..I saw I long also at his sisters..claimed National Grid set her up..? Because they did not pay her bill for her? Then the clever way Peggy Deveny's daughter was set up to be there on my Mothers birthday..the cover story Aftin has..then Aftin began her set up on us off it instructed for the SANDYHOOK "he" time frame of it all<-"encrypted" clues are right there the date 10-25 Aftin arrived at her mothers "reverse" Margaretville in Oswego mothers birthday..

YES those NYS ROGUES who shot Brinkhoff down then covered it all up...are looking to cover their asses in this also..and this is how they do it..

co co puffs

Utica, NY

#5 Mar 18, 2013
I am a nut.

Fitchburg, MA

#6 Mar 18, 2013
She is totally out of her mind.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#7 Mar 18, 2013
Kerry wrote:
She is totally out of her mind.
ok Kerry thanks for the input ....that what it is? Phew I thought it was something far more serious...>eyeyroll<
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#8 Mar 18, 2013
Now remember scumbags YOU started this in 2005 and before coached by my family..

Now your input isn't worth shit tot them if you go against them...They say YOU are lying now..

Ok so My son was issue of family court thing in 1994..set up by "Angie baby" with the state police..After that she fell back asleep on it all..

So we went to court..and finished the issue..

In 2008 a peculiar lic plate is placed on my sons GREEN Acheiva...the whole issue of the car is peculiar..Set up on him like Brenda at Charlie Gasko thought she was hiring the sex offender..She did the prelim interview..and Candy made the decision to hire him..Yes Brenda's life is looking up now..BUT I thik that was a ploy on this also..There was strong inoput about it fromthe other side..claiming Brenda WAS involved in this ...and her life started looking up after...I dont know about that part now..could be..iffy,,Candy hired the sex offender..Shemade the decision to promote him..over Brenda's head and did not tell her either..So was she trying to start something with her?? could be..It happenned when she hired me..Brenda WAS bent out of shape over it.Things passed and life went on...Well she believed she hired he sex offender UNTIL she found out he was a sex offender..Then she wasn't so sure..

Do I think Brenda knows more than she lets on ..YES I DO..was she like my son getting hassled BOTH ways YES she was..

Ok so my son bought the JACK HIM WRIGHT" GREEN Acheiva ...believing he picked it out..brenda hired the sex offender believing at first she hired him..did not know he WAS an offender though..I think she knew he had law issues..not deatils..BUT anyway it all went over her head..

Valerie's is whole different ball game..No deceased FED has her birthday as a badge number..For Brenda her birthday well it links all the way to "reverse" Margaretville..many years of links..NOT her doings.

Valerie has an "anagram" address that is Maureen Leveas birthday..Like mine was..Only Valerie is my replacement off that address if I "throws" the TS Casino 12-5-09 game which I did..and then her mother called to play her role off my mothers my 3-11 birthday eviction to me "line up" the Deputy Gallow shcoting narration clues.

Look at the direction now of each clue plan..
and where it all is now by the same M O.

So you have figure out is the "or low green state" plan a deadly narration clue BUT on who? COPS name NOT good..Nickel less could mean or low green..

So the latest clues deadly clues..HERKIMER..

Her(me) or Kimer..i;m not going over all of it again..Diana / Kim Stevens..Thats where MY BILL FACTOR began and the way Lundy played it on me in 2003..BUT there was another BILL FACTOR in motion under it all..

If they are going to shot cops then they are..Thats established..WHY all the "tricks" clues with the two names Orlo Green and Gary Percival?
The most "rock solid" the trial transcript of the Lindsey shooting..You will find "YOU"RE A DEAD MAN WALKING" in it..Just as Tammy Rowe said "tell him to say" "You're a dead man walking."

So let me "clarify" this..They are not going to do anything to Tammy Rowe anymore than "JUSTICE FOR ERIN" is going to happen..The TWO go together..and getting only one would be HALF of the story..

Maegan BUCK was taking to Fulton PD all through it also..She moved in on the "TEACH HER A .ESSON" plan on me..BUT look at how "He" and "they" and bad scumbags tell the story..OR do you need more say dead Levea's to understand it?
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#9 Mar 18, 2013
This is a story where peole have to get up off their asses and make it happen..or it never will..Now I know I said all of this years ago also..

You have to write letter to congress mena and senators..and well..since no one wants to pay for a stamps,,guess what? This is stpory of have to care enough to push and demand answers as to how I write this so how crimes of the most horrific nature fit so well all so weel timed into place..GOD in the sense you know did NOT do it..

So take all the talk from there ..Ok

United States

#10 Mar 18, 2013
Lol yes let me go ahead and write a letter to my senator saying that a lady on the Internet has evidence of an elaborate conspiracy involving Time Warner and her doctor.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#11 Mar 18, 2013
Kerry wrote:
Lol yes let me go ahead and write a letter to my senator saying that a lady on the Internet has evidence of an elaborate conspiracy involving Time Warner and her doctor.
OK well maybe you shoukd fill your self in on all the facts first "either way" before just jumping in and getting involved because that is what BAD scumbags do and you don't want to be like them..You just want to post crazy claims about something you know nothing about... and that makes a lot more sense doesn't it?
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#12 Mar 18, 2013
Ok of all my posts the word A??hole as refeerred to a Oswego DA who could drop charges BUT did not have the time to deal with time in court till they became a a violation of my fair and speedy trial rights has become the scumbag focal point.."the DAS mad" :wait till you what they do to her now"... well "wait" till you do...It's something scumbags seem to know how to do when tey are not harrassing assiting Remember I have on Hafner authority that I am "arrogant and immature"...But at least I dont spend my time assisting deadly scumbag receuits in "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" while talking out the other side of my mouth on it all..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#13 Mar 18, 2013
All kinds of people in POWER have abused their postion at one time or another..for whatever reasat .One for instance by the trial date of the pre meditated murder of a little girl to cover up the sexaul abuse she was victim of..that mimics the "crime" by overkill of reality to the issue of why he was "pressured" to set the date..

Oswego County's POWER scheme to get the bad scumbags recruits is NOT working..

Fitchburg, MA

#14 Mar 18, 2013
So if your stories are true, what do you suggest the public do to stop it

Fitchburg, MA

#15 Mar 18, 2013
How does one to about becoming a scumbag recruit? Is there an application i fill out? Any benefits? 401K?
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#16 Mar 18, 2013
Kerry wrote:
So if your stories are true, what do you suggest the public do to stop it
First know the story FACTS check them out yourself ..second ask youselves why they chose to do this? WHY most of all is it still in motion..

Fitchburg, MA

#17 Mar 18, 2013
There is no fact so there is nothing to stop.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#18 Mar 18, 2013
Question wrote:
How does one to about becoming a scumbag recruit? Is there an application i fill out? Any benefits? 401K?
Well you know what? U might tbink that's a sarcastic ? BUT wait till you read these FACTS..

The benefits according to scumbag recruit Dorothy Mills was if she continued to perform on me as "HE" instructed her too..She would walk through this unscathed..and receive things of it..Her NYS Disability payments were suddenly stopped in March of 2012 ..Mills has collected a long time shes deaf..BUT she had worked under the table most of her odd jobs..

Mills believed if she and her "partner" in this Bill Mccarty of Fulton set me up as they did on 3-19-12..That she would get her NYS payments for being deaf/ disabled back...I had worked with her myself on a cleaning job..SO now that she did set me up on a charge that was dismissed ..I wonder did the state give her back the money payments back? Mills truly did belive this and told her friends and family also as she was doing it..

The plan MILLS was involved in to lead to my death off the hardships it all causes me..and she also told others the knowledge she had from the "He" behind it all about my diet..and how cantaloupe could harm me also..I dont get any fo this input from my Drs..just pills after pills after pills..and now the claim is I am near having a stroke like my mother did ONLY I will die from it..and that is what the scumbag recruits want..I could be near a stroke and have been to my drs over and over..nothing is sinus issues..I have had stress tests, blood work etc..

I am somewhat suspicous of my Dr the last visit..BUT have to knwo the Fulton Health center FACTS to understand that.."HE" tells them all I'm dying and well they all wait it out..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#19 Mar 18, 2013
Don't get me wrong I know my Dr is tryingh care...and compared to the care I got at Fulton health center where "HE" was king of my care,,My new Dr is real.. and the issues of my life are not his problem so I don't mention them just my health...What he did not know is that I did NOT have my inhalers and nasel meds when I was put out on the street...and with no address you cannot get a ride from medicaid to your Drs..I got what Dorothy Mills thought I should have,,,all part of the force plan to move me out..That Oswego DA Nickelson assisted her with also.. I DO NOT understand why a woman who claimed to have a "consussion" and a "witness" from an attack they claim on her by me was NOT taken seriously regardless of the audio...from the Oswego DA'S Office..

Now YOU know why Erin Maxwell is dead..and the circus trial of BIG promises from the DA was such a joke..

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