"The STATE POLICE are going to shoot ...

"The STATE POLICE are going to shoot her " part 2.

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Diana Vickery

Sackets Harbor, NY

#1 Jun 21, 2012
Ok so while all the 8-11 BILL FACTOR recruits Dorothy Mills and Bill McCarty are running now as the new THRILL OF THE KILL" scene her in Fulton..

Let me recap the old stuff and hopw it links to be one BIG picture plan..by "HE" and "They"

Going back to how I ended up at the Turning Stone Casino on 12-5-09..for my "win" that night of the 23 numbers that "all adds up like a score" in this..

The claims about this game began with Maegan Buck who was also taunting me "WAIT TILL THEY TELL HER ERIKA"S ALIVE" and crap like that..at the same time..She talked about the LOTTERY and I like all of you about me thought she was NUTS as in "CRAZY" Yes they are just going to give me millions..sure they are..

She had run the Lundy love story also about him being her uncle..

So anyway ..By Oct 08 she moves..and Jacki Moves in..now during this time is when realy bad pressure was put on me..Jacki was part of that..and it only had one direction..let me not leave Jacki Martin out of this..

Fulton Officer Jeremy Hutchingson had written me the seat belt ticket arraged by a phone call ..to help the scumabgs ruin me out of money that summer..and they fed him som other BS..he timed it and stopped me off them..YES HE DID..crap like this..Scum,bags can get a Fulton cop to move and do his job..BUT the rest of us ...??? I'll show also what's on that ticket..They used my sons birthdate<- there it is again as the exp of my Lic..date??? My lic says 3-11-18...and some other little "encryptions" on it..

So my power goes on out for good on 7-7-09 ..and the 4963 tho,mas Lindsey "trick" clue shooting badge number runs like she said to buy tickets on it also that day inthe LOTTERY win 4..

I did not know what to think....NYS STATE is the most internal corrupt state in America..and this is WHY MAN no political anything will touch this story..ok so follow me..on the facts as to why..and this was just the start of it in this story ..Not to mention by the time I got the casino off all of this.. 3 cops were already dead on it..
Diana Vickery

Sackets Harbor, NY

#2 Jun 21, 2012
continued from post one..

That summer was hell..for me no power by that date..

I had now begun my own trips to the casino out of curiosity..and talk and activity there was heavy real heavy BUT informative..NOT like Fulton..it had direction..

The my son-Fulton cops and the hold me over night on an unsigned statement so they could run their BIG news article about me the "crazy" woman off it..That went no where in court.. went on to get my son out of the house by all the tension I was going though it was well worked by scums and took it's toll on both of us..

The summer was hell BUT Fulton had people to help kill..so what could I do.? Sandy's mouth was in full motion here at the library etc..

By OCT after being lied to by DSS caseworker< had no heat or hot water..or elec.. and wating till I felt like I was going to starve to death for them to process my FS(I started to feel sick I began to wonder if I would die-could not tell DSS this though..they just dump you at mental health for pills to cure everything)..My mother came to "save" me from all of you..and by Dec. 5 I was at the casino for my "win."
Diana Vickery

Sackets Harbor, NY

#3 Jun 21, 2012
Continued from post 2.

Now it's Dec. at the casino..My 2003 "finally got job" brother made the invite..and my mother pushed me to go also..so I did..

So there I am and my "win" begins..on 12-5-09..(clue link to CHARLES Runge and WHY he cut me off in his oncoming lane on 4-8-04..embellished by his right of way on the state police reportMD Beiderman - "neat her man till she needs an MD ..if I dont do this on me in 3-19-12..plan...like the law says I hit Dottie(self defense) so she wins cuz she has a STAR witness now..Who did NOT see me hit her first ..

So any way RUNGE is my fathers cell phone clue number ploy..1205) Now the date of the 12-5-09 "win" for me and my mother at the casino..who told me to pick the 11-where the BIG money really was..and I picked "SHE STAYED WITH THOSE COPS" as it was shouted just as...#7 for what it was was worth...and got $ instead..BUT don't feel bad they set up grand win for my mother that night too..still don't understand this..I was there alone a lot..???

So I am home now and the "It all adds up like a score" taunts begins ..Maegan had said 'wit till she sees what those numbers are" etc..they were just 23 game numbers..it took me some time..I got the 4-8-04 report on 3-8-10..and the scumbags started taunting how "stupid" I was..could not decipher" baseball clues..had one back in 09 at Walgreens also..Robinson-managers name who forgot my negatives..became their "Mrs Robinson" Jesus loves you more than you will know" sountrack.."Where have you gone Joe Dimaggio?" clue..Then it all started to hit me..Joe Dimaggio?? Dimaggio is the Paymsters name on the casino receipt..So I looked up his info..and found that 3-8 date again..and the 1125 Utica 4-12-07 "anagram" "trick" shooting address. The it got scary...for me..

Fnally one of the scums told me how to "adds up like a score"from outside my windows one night cuz they were impatient and I was 'stupid'

Like the number 17 =8 etc..and by the time I was done I had 13 condenced numbers like 3-9s..3-10s and most of them linked already like the 3-9s the trail date set by a JUDGE clue..to how the FBI works a case..(4-15-08) is a 9-9-09 trial date here in Oswego County to a child who was murdered after being sent home on 8-11-08 from Nevada..her name was Erin Maxwell...died on aPirates story tale..and I though Ver Plank and Moragn Rd Charles RUNGE location..and scumbags YELLED its a "ship and a captain"_my family?? Now?? off my mothers stroke?? plan "HE" had..

Now do you understand why I get so rattled by how Judge Ludington narrates Dorothy Mills activity with his "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" court dates..???
Diana Vickery

Sackets Harbor, NY

#4 Jun 21, 2012
continued from post 3..

Now NYS again is the most political corrupt state in America..You won't get a Politican anywhere to touch this anywhere and "HE" knew I could not though Forums with scumbags counteracting me get it out to the amount of people I need too..to make a real difference..while he seels you all "proof" BS.."HE'S" been masterbating with though all of this..

On 4-05-12 the NYS LOTTERY again ran in "reverse" just as I was taunted another clue in all of this..the 4531 badge number of the 4-25-07 slain NYS Trooper by his own man ran in "reverse" that day in the WIN 4 as 1354..4-5-12 is my father's birthday..a "Bury the lying bush" clue to what Dorothy (BILL FACTOR) recruit for "gain" in this set up on me on 3-19-12 with her STAR witness Bill McCarty in their for CHRIS 8-11 BILL FASCTOR dated home..

My choice was DEAL(shut up)OR NO DEAL(die)..and that story now..

On 2-24 10 on GSN cable channel 117 Deal or No Deal aired..My mother had told me I was going on that show..(this was just after I had gotten a "taste of how they could arrange money" at the casino..I was expected now to that show and was to pick case #3..

This angered me upon slowly learning about the 23-12-5-09 "win" casino number links and what was still in motion..Scumbag wise...

There were words about this issue and I rejected the whole thing..

On 2-24 -10 it began on GSN when a constestant named Brett Kurtz(same nbame as the man who drove the truck that killed the 2006 Hannibal child)was on the show..I wondered if it was him..My mother commented angrily "That could have been you." his wife's name was Sophie..struck me odd too Sophies choice a movie taunted at me ??? about a woman who had to pick which one of her children would live..)he had two kids..and was a stay at home dad..for unexplained reasons..he wanted to win and go to Figi..

the show aired in TWO parts..
Diana Vickery

Sackets Harbor, NY

#5 Jun 21, 2012
On 2-25-10 my son's birthday ..there it is again..The second half of the show aired..my mother ran off to the casino and pushed me to go..I stayed home to watch this game...

The cases ran like this under #3 was the Million dollars..under #11 was the 750.000.00 and under 17 was the half a million..I was born on 3-11 and am claimed to be 17 in the story THE BILL FACTOR and CHRIS T MAS claim..that beagn all of this death..

This show aired..and Howie Mandel was the host..as strange as the "crazy" LOTTERY claims..I made..Now Brett Kurtz waleked away with $8.00 after taing a bank offer..off cases he had left of 10 and 5..10-5 is Angie babys birthday..

Now Maegan had claimed this also and said the show was "old" so if that was true,,then Kurtz..made this show before 2008..He's out there somewhere...and scumbags told me to pick those "perfect" COINCIDENCE" ending numbers he had to have known something..

Now I know they are going to kill me just like the rest and with scumbags like Valerie Dedich take the money and run with it..get Maureen Levea's kids some money plans etc ask Sue...
Valerie bothers me bad..she knows her mpother was in on this for her..and YET she still claims all these "perfect "COINCIDENCE" life changes for the Kardashion role they set on it..was all her won doing and she knew nothing..and her TWIN boys are the "anagram" "reverse" to the 3 in the 3 5 7 Dirty Harry plan "HE" has for her..off Tammy Kennedy and the Sheriff "HE" set out to protect that night on 3-17-94 who did not know how to do his job properly either.."You're gonna give me a statement whether you like it or not" to me..by force..
Diana Vickery

Sackets Harbor, NY

#6 Jun 21, 2012
and guess where
HE" though Dorothy Mills is setting me up to be?

"make it look like a hanging"

Brooklyn, NY

#7 Jun 21, 2012
Diana Vickery wrote:
and guess where
HE" though Dorothy Mills is setting me up to be?

"make it look like a hanging"
Please stop. Seek help, or OD already. No one cares.
Please Shoot

Ithaca, NY

#8 Jun 21, 2012
Put her out of her misery already.
Still on my High Horse

Rochester, NY

#9 Jun 21, 2012
Diane, how long have you been smoking Bath Salts?
And why havent you run around nekkid yet and trying to eat your neighbors?

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