utica city drug court
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#64 Jan 8, 2010
Someone said it. They aren't unconstitutional. They won't throw someone in jail because of hearsay. People go to jail because of positive screens and proven bad behavior. Holy fuck - do you hear yourselves? What is the alternative? Jail. Or five years of probation. Don't break the damn law in the first place. Holy shit, its that simple. If you aren't prepared to have your life affected, then don't break laws. God damn you people are amazing. Stay away from the drama, stay away from the appearance of drama and/or questionable behavior, and its no problem whatsoever.

Jamesville, NY

#65 Jan 8, 2010
pete wrote:
hey I drink ,sometimes smoke pot and am doing fine. I have a happy life and enjoy myself. I have quit sometimes for years and start again at my conveinence. No ill effects. Remember the word is moderation. Its people that dont know or cant moderate. No drug house or jail will help the abusers .You have to do anything in moderation. If you eat too much you will suffer. Hey loosers get a hold on life.
the definition of a loser? someone who spells it "looser".

United States

#66 Jul 29, 2010
i think the whole program needs to be looked at better and reformed. most the time it is the addicts fault to not follow the rules. but drug court could make it a little better in trying to really help make them follow their strict rules. the program is mostly a joke, i dont take it seriously with all their unresonable punishments and as for that harris lady she should stop sleepin with her clients and maybe people would take it more seriously.

Gloversville, NY

#67 Aug 2, 2010
As a recovering addict I must say recovery begins with the want to make your life better!No drug court, probation or jail will change you!It can prolong your punishment for a crime but as most people are aware addicts are very good manipulaters!So tax dollars are greatly wasted on giving people treatment opprotunities offered as an alternative to jail.If an addict suffers out their consequences it may be benificial to their future and some day and only when they decide to seek out rehab on their own will it be benificial for the cost effectiveness of tax payers money.If an alternative to jail is needed or recomended it truely should be at least 2 yeas long term treatment in a facility. Especially if they go in not wanting help they will eventually identify what brought them there and give a better chance to seek recovery. Even the prison system only offers or expects 90 days(willard) or 6 months (shock) of treatment and that is surely not enough time to really want to change. I was in treatment for 8 months before I realized what was really keeping me sick and another 6 months before I started identifying what I needed to change in my thought patterns and blaming others, the system, my family, every one BUT MYSELF needed the most focus for change.Constantly feeling like I was the victim of someone elses bahaviors or reaction was a BIG thing. I still need to stop myself from blameing others and feeling like a victim at times and it has been 6 years clean.If I was to use today it would be by personal choice not Disease.Bottom line we will not always be happy with others but we have a choice to deal with them or not.

United States

#68 May 15, 2011
Well i am currently on drug court in utica.... I got to say that it is a very good program. Not only am I out of jail with my kids, but I have learned so much about addiction. My life was getting way out of control, and I was loosing my family. This is all because I loved my marijuna. But today I am a way better person, and got my shit together. Thank you Bob, Stacy,both Kathy's andgood old Judge Balzano, for giving me a chance. I am a way better person today thanks to all of you, and my effort to change.
Richard Camacho

Herkimer, NY

#69 Jun 22, 2011
Utica drug court is a set up. I was pressed to sign a 1 year agreement to avoid a prison sentence. I had to appesr in court weekly and every time you mess up the year starts over after 2.5 in Utica drug courtI was sentenced to prison and none of the jail time on drug court counted for my sentence. Ony 3 or 4 people graduate Utica drug 3 or 4 times a year out of hundreds. Less than 5% morew like 2%

Utica, NY

#72 Jun 23, 2011
Juvenile Drug Court wrote:
Another thought Insight House is suppose to be creating a Juvenile Drug Court in the next year or so. How does a treatment agency run a Drug Court? Only in Utica would this be allowed. So the Drug Court will mandate people to Insight House and Insight House will be able to determine how long people stay in treatment. Seems like a win win for Insight House but what about the people impacted by the disease of addiction? Will they win?
There's already one of these at the Utica courthouse.

Herkimer, NY

#73 Jun 23, 2011
Richard Camacho wrote:
Utica drug court is a set up. I was pressed to sign a 1 year agreement to avoid a prison sentence. I had to appesr in court weekly and every time you mess up the year starts over after 2.5 in Utica drug courtI was sentenced to prison and none of the jail time on drug court counted for my sentence. Ony 3 or 4 people graduate Utica drug 3 or 4 times a year out of hundreds. Less than 5% morew like 2%
You didnt have to sign, your deal stop crying.
Stop messing up--thats what got you in drug court.
Drug court is easier than kindergarten.
Of course you probably had it rough there.

Utica, NY

#74 Jun 24, 2011
WAD wrote:
biggest waste of money. most people go to multiple rehabs and still use. the courts will NEVER say how much rehabs / staffing costs. i gaurantee its much cheaper to send them to prison.
Who is the nasty bleached blonde in the kiddie drug court in Utica?
Cranberry Lady

Cortland, NY

#75 Jun 24, 2011
I had a friend go through McPike atc, a state facility down in utica, he has been sober 8 years, but he wanted treatment, he says there were a lot there who didnt really want to be there, because they were mandated. He said it was the best thing for him. Treatment for anything is what you make of it. Downside there was alot of drugs IN the center. He said it was easier to get high there than the street.
Drug Court wrote:
UrHigh I dont know what percentages exist in regards to Syracuse Drug Court and Utica Drug Court success rates but what I do know is that substance abuse treatment in the Utica area is seriously flawed. Basically a monopoly. The one agency providing most of the treatment is run by a person with no addiction treatment experience and a high school diploma who is alleged to be having an affair with a married man, uses nepotism at her agency and is extremely unethical. The Insight House Drug Court representative enjoys seeing clients punished and has nothing but disdain for clients. People would be amazed at how Spina talks about clients behind their backs. Substance abuse treatment in Utica is not about helping people it is about how to make money and often times at the expense of people suffering from addiction and tax payers. Thus, if Syracuse is not corrupted and has a checks and balance system obviously Syracuse Drug Court is going to be much more effective than Utica City Drug court. No checks and balance here. Insight House and Drug Court have free rein to do what they want. Insight House is an extension of the Drug Court. Drug Courts were designed to be separate from the treatment facilities. The real question is how long will Utica citizens sit back and take it before something is done?

Herkimer, NY

#76 Jun 24, 2011
People...If you don't get it I'll tell ya....Oneida county wants you to get the F out of the county...We have no money no time and no patients for all you drug addicted low lives. Get straight or get out...understand??
its all abt you

Sherburne, NY

#77 Dec 1, 2011
Utica drug court is for people who are serious abt getting better and have the tools to do so for them self. You need to have an independent drive to make it and a good support system and you can't expect to much help from the system cause it's totally flawed. but if your smart and take what you can from the insite house (which is a total joke for any one really in need of serious help) than you can make it.
But....and its a big but, unfortunately most of the candidates they choosen to go in to drug court lack most of the skills to do it on there own and that's why there in there in the first place. because there are very few who actually graduate from this and they end up doing a larger sentence than they would of if they never agreed to go in to the drug court system in the first place.
so if you know someone in the D.C. system wright now they are gonna need help to finish and they are gonna need your support....I know I am one of those people who was tricked into joining drug court with out even knowing what type of sentence I would have gotten if I would have just plead out. which brings to mind, If you know any one who is considering the drug court option to have them find out if they can get a better deal than what they are offering and if they choose to take the drug court route you help them out as much as you can. because with help they might just beat the odds....cause I know I'm gonna beat this shit yo

United States

#78 Dec 1, 2011
yo? you people are unbelievable. do you even realize how stupid you sound. word..........thats another beauty. be stupid, and be proud of it.

Utica, NY

#79 Dec 2, 2011
Fava Knows Best!!
Concerned Dad

Penn Yan, NY

#80 Mar 14, 2012
My ex wife is in the McPike atc in Utica and is trying her damndest to make me bring my children there to visit her. I cant believe that she honestly thinks it wouldnt be confusing and traumatizing to them. Ive gona through alm the court nonsense and have full physical custody, all I need is a solid reason why it wouldnt be ok for me to take them there. Any help?

Fulton, NY

#81 May 9, 2013
UrHigh wrote:
If it's at 5 percent they are doing good! Most rehabs(that are truthfull) have a long term rate of under 5 percent. Someone who goes into the "rooms" on their own has a much better chance!And Syracuse having a 50 percent rate????You need to get your peee tested!
5% is good.you are moron.not only that the utica cops are on more drug then the people they lock up.it is funny when some one has 28 grams of pot but when they go to court the judge tells them they had 15 grams.what happened to the other 13 grams.ill tell you what happened to it the UPD smoked or sold it.

Herkimer, NY

#82 May 9, 2013
What a joke

Ithaca, NY

#83 Nov 7, 2013
WAD wrote:
biggest waste of money. most people go to multiple rehabs and still use. the courts will NEVER say how much rehabs / staffing costs. i gaurantee its much cheaper to send them to prison.
It would serve you well to do some research. Prison is much more expensive and has no rehabilitative qualities.
That Guy

Enfield, CT

#84 Nov 8, 2013
As a graduate of the program who is still sober 5 years later, I can tell you it is 100% up to the individual to stay sober. I did not ever once step foot on insight house property. The only problem I had with the program was that I was lied to upon signing up for the program which I didn't find out about until my graduation ceremony. I was told I would not upon completion be charged with a felony on my record. In fact I was. I took the program to keep my record felony free which did not happen. Considering I was charged with nothing more than Possession of a forged instrument in the first place for a check someone else stole and forged and I unknowingly cashed for them. Now I've completed the program been sober 5 years however can never get a decent paying job due to the dishonesty of the District Attorneys office. I could have taken a plea that was offered to me to do county time on a reduced charge instead. They played in the fact that I had a child on the way and no more time in jail was a better option in terms of helping raise my (what I thought at the time) first child.
David Burr
That Guy

Enfield, CT

#85 Nov 8, 2013
As a graduate of McPike I can say I have zero reasons it would be a bad idea to be supportive of her recovery. Your support may be the key to her sobriety. And it is a very safe environment and visitation is held in the cafeteria. The grounds are video monitored 24/7 and patrolled by NYS Troopers who second as campus security of the state grounds.

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