Were YOU at the TS Casino yesterday? ...

Were YOU at the TS Casino yesterday? I was...

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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Mar 1, 2013
I was taken to the TS Casino yesterday unexpectedly at the last minute..off a trip we had made to Syracuse that had NOT gone as planned..I am slowly learning the "reverse" meaning of "All GOOD things must come to an end" and this trup to Syraucse was no exception..in "THE TRILL OF THE KILL" and wait till you learn all the FACTS of hwo this latest "reverse" GOOD scumbag deed is coming into place..Something is placed within your reach..that is within your limited resources..something you need that fits your needs ...
and then the test of how much the other side can push you to conform off their scumbags sent to taunt to get what they want out of it..While attemping to slide your ass into a the tib of shit off it all..like using candy to lure a child to his own death.

FIRST scumbags need to realize and I know they do ..BUT enjoy "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" so much they still overlook the outcome..because that is the part that turns them on..

You take someone whos down and out..whos been set up to be down and out..and then work more "THRILL" on him from there by carefully placing issues and set ups on him..While working the image you need off it all around him and behind his back..like a mouse in a cage..YOU set all the traps. Eventually the mosuse gets caught inthem..if he's not careful..and that becomes "THE THRILL" for those behind it all..I am watching this go on again

So by 1:00pm we had arrived at the TS Casino off it all and not in the best of moods.

I was given some money to play..The mood was qiet and slow not much of a crowd..BUT soon things would change. Soon after we got there we beagn to win very small amounts...I had noticed a lot of machines were going off..to make a long story short..we played for over 3 hours on a 50.00 start..I left with 250.00 it was not easy BIG win it took time and these are the types there that make me confortable..Esp when you see many others winning just as much..I sat down and alady sits next to me and she hits the bonus on a few spins also ..I YES retriggered on one machine over 50 times..spins BUT don get excited on the payoff..did not even hit 100.00 actually less than 85.00 yes on that many spins..Now why do I pos this? Because during it all..SCUMAGS were shouting all over the wre fo how the TS Casino was paying me off again.."everywhere she sits down she wins" They are going to pay her taxes off" all kinds of claims.."she going to hit the BIG one hust watch" even I got excited for a minute then a lady a few machines down took 300.00 off on a 60 bet..so I knew that line was done..

So if you were the TS Casino yesterday ..You heard this going on..I don't know who sent them this trip was not planned..He just went there becuase my birthday is close and well he was down now in spirits..and YES they pumped him into thing also the BIG win was coming..I don't ever get the BIG win..In fact my best hot yeterday was I think about 80.00 and not onthe first bet ..I had to put money to win that..BUT I walked about $200.00 ahead yesterday my BIG win..

I had recorder and made no attempts to counteract scumbags who were on me non stop...I wanted others to hear them. So if the TS was doing something I THANK Them..I need the money ..I have no income. I gave my boyfriend back his 50,00 when he did not win BIG either but he had some luck for a while like may did yetsrday for a while..

SO I am still waiting for this "BIG" TS Casin win scumbags who taunt me promise..

No I did not have any idea "what was going on"
I had made no plans to be there..

Manlius, NY

#2 Mar 1, 2013
I wish I was there to see all that. It might explain a few things in less time than it took you to write this.
Proud2B Bosnican

Fayetteville, NY

#3 Mar 1, 2013
Diaina Vickery

New York, NY

#5 Mar 1, 2013
well wrote:
I wish I was there to see all that. It might explain a few things in less time than it took you to write this.
Yes you are right and then you could get first had the MANY versions of things scumbags create..See here's what it sall about...If I and I mean IF I ever was to have a BIG win at the casino..that in others minds would make them believe the casino DID fix one for me..becuase of what took place in the bigo hall on 12-5-09..a win was fixd for me BUT this was not gaming it was BiNGO..My nothers BIG wins there were BINGO also and so were my sisters..BUT I have had family also win what they call BIG on machines ..a NYS taxable amount..where security comes..

Yesterday I went to the casino something i have not done in long time..and scumbags were on me in short time filling everyones heads that the casino was fixing wins for me..I SO BAD wanted them to be right..I needed the money..BUT their idea fo BIG and mine is not the same..so they carried on yesterday LOUD as ever telling e veryone this was in motion for me...I wish I had walked out with what I saw some collect yesterday NO HUGE wins BUT much bigger than mine..and they had it all played to blame my boyfriend...LOLOLOL. Like he arranged it all ..The scumbags are out to "get" him..part of NYS Officer L JESSES clans doings..so the stories about my boyfriend are endless also..They have buying candy now hoping I will get into it..etc..I will NOT..its NOT good for him either..its all part of clever mind games scumbags play..and then they project he's the one trying to kill me..See my boyfriend is not "gain" ing enough ..he's being clever;ly targeted..over and over..a sure sign he "pissed" the other side off. Remember "JUDITH DEVENEY"S set up on him was supported by NYS Police Officer L JESSE even more..and she is still cleverly planning more with her lawyer.."he" and "they" had it all preplanned..Just like Dorothy Mills and Bill McCarty....every single move and how to work it..Thats why JUDITH" would NOT let her husband have his BARN possessions and was planning to set "JARROD" up later for it all..after she set her husband up..and she did set him up..just to complete that part of her "EVERYTHING IS MINE" part of the plan...that is now in a "YOU'RE FUCKING DEAD" direction on him.

Now YOU cannot blame the TS Casino for this part of the "THRILL" THIS IS OSWEGO COUNTYS ROGUE DOINGS..along with the ROGUE NYS POLICE behind it all...

Diaina Vickery

New York, NY

#6 Mar 1, 2013
YES I am aware of the claim that the other side sent these scumbags to the TS Casino yetserday to image ME being "involved" in something with my boyfriend...becuase this time my mother was not there and money was being won..I won't say flowing as I had seen it do before there...and I so BAD wanted that BIG WIN I was hoping the scumbags were right..BUT as usual it all turned out to by BS..This time over 200.00 when a lot of machines were paying..I did not feel special..I watched I paid attention..

So IF I had won ..fury would begin..thats what scumbags were trying to hype...MAYBE some day they will pull it off...but I have had a diamond card for over 15 years and well..so far no luck with the BIG win...I would call 500.00 a BIG win for me..and remember scums claim they saw me spend hundreds upon hundreds there there all along ..REMEMBER.


Diaina Vickery

New York, NY

#7 Mar 1, 2013
spelled my own name wrong dam..
Its OK

Manlius, NY

#8 Mar 1, 2013
Diaina Vickery wrote:
spelled my own name wrong dam..
It still sounds like you...
hank hill

Ripon, WI

#9 Mar 1, 2013
Good for you Di!

Level 4

Since: Feb 13

Albany, NY

#10 Mar 1, 2013
2.5 minutes of my life spent reading I will never get back.

Ardsley, NY

#11 Mar 1, 2013
I just wish I could understand even one thing that she writes. I keep reading and trying though, eager for the movie to one day come out.
Sister Scholastica

Albany, NY

#12 Mar 1, 2013
Diaina Vickery wrote:
spelled my own name wrong dam..
You spelled damn incorrectly too.
Diaina Vickery

New York, NY

#13 Mar 1, 2013
I am slowly learni ng according to scumbags that I "did not have clue waht was going on" vDid I miss something again..The last I knew 4-5-12 when ROGUES ran slain NYS Trooper Brinkerhoffs 4531 badge number in "reverse" as 1354 in the NYS LOTTERY on wha was my fathers birthday..that date 4-5-in 07 beagn all of this the day a Fed was shot dead..Hos name Barry Lee Bush.."bury the lying bush" ..Now I did nto get involved in any of it "THE THRILL OF THE KILL behind it all..the work so many claim of George Lundy and friends ..his vindication for being fired in 2006..
So I ride to the casino with my boyfriend in an unplanned trip..and have a small win that day and scumbags are all over me about it as I am at the TS Casino..I thought payouts were all over..? I AM confused now..WTF? "They" shot another FED on 10-2-12 his badge number my sons 2-25 birthday link..WRF? I'm living in my newtown "line up" off the set up that was in motion on me by scumbag recruit Aftin Deveney "THE THRILL" plan was to "line up" my move with the "association" shootings to it all on 12-14-12 at SANDYHOOK..The FOCUS here is now on the name LANZA..off a scumbag recruit who set her husband up in a TIME frame 4 years ago VERY familiar to Oswego Countys LANZA..Now I clearly understand the plan is to well railroad LANZA legally like they did in 2009 during the 9-9-09 trial..that he made such an issue over back then..for it all to turn out that way by appeal of the convicted man he represented..off a state appeals court.. Now that part of all of this is a forwarding clue..yet to be known. It FITS the JACKIE BLUE taunts at me years ago..and off Todd Bower.."You'll have to do research to find a way out" (while I am in prison) So right now JUDITH DEVEEY the latest scumbag recruit is working her destruction of value preplanned end of it all through her lawyer and the courts..JUDGES and DAS..same links to the origon time frame she beagn it all..off the whole summer she had to do it..SO who really burglarized her husbands barn?..."JUDITH" works hard to make him and his nephew look guilty of a con..The nephew moved into the area just a month or so before it all went on.
It's pretty clear what JUDITH did ..and how..BUT getting at her past ROGUE cops and JUDGES and DA'S involved in this is the hard part. So far the road she's on has been well paved..and she knows it.. Dottie Mills, Beverly Davis and my mother have the SAME "arrogant" atitude...
So you take all this FACT and compare it to what took place in Oswego County JUDGE Walter Hafners 9-9-09 court room to how it became the TIME frame of the state appeal "association" clue to "JUDITH DEVENEY"S set up and how ROGUE NYS Officer L JESSE came to her rescue..to complete the needed court issue..just like how ROGUE NYS Officer MD Beideramn # 4619 came for Charles Runge on 4-8-04 and embellished the MV104A report..I'M THE TARGET IN ALL OF THIS..in the end by clever manipulations set up to feed "THE THRILL" needs..as a whole picture in the end..if that plan does not work out I'm sure they have a back up plan.
Now the FUNNY part the audacity these scumbags have to say if they hassled "well I'm staying out of it" off claims of having been ones tha were "sticking up" for me..I tell other HOW they know my story is true because they were involved in the activity..scumbags get on them bad ones to shut them up about what they know..and they are now "staying out of it"... well if only the VICTIM'S had been able to make that choice..

Level 8

Since: Jul 12

Brooklyn, NY

#14 Mar 1, 2013
Holt shiznit doggie style. This biaaaaaatch is crazy!!
Di FlewOverKooKoosN est

Manlius, NY

#15 Mar 2, 2013
Dr Nappi

Albany, NY

#16 Mar 2, 2013
Call my office. There is a need for immediate intervention.
Diaina Vickery

New York, NY

#17 Mar 2, 2013
Ok now that the new idiots have posted..Dr Happi for instance..thinks hes a Dr.NOW thats CRAZY..

..I do no know what the hell was in moion the other day at the casino ..yes there are a few possibilities..No it doies NOT seem logical the TS Casino would promote what scumbags were doing ..and claiming..BUT you have to remember the scumbags are linked to the technology and have that for an upper hand..so off it they could affectivly play artful dodger while running their mouths through it all ..often exactly how scumbags do it.

My point is the NEXT time there is a "patoff" going on at the casino be sure to call me or just let me know ..I have NO issue now taking the money...BUT I jhave a feeling 2-28 was a just pure luck and the bad side used it to their advanage..still trying to make it look like I am the one linied to all he wrong doing at the casino..at least they admit now it goes on.


Ithaca, NY

#19 Mar 2, 2013
You really expect people to believe that the Turning Stone casino somehow saw you come in unannounced and reprogrammed all of the machines to pay you money on a moment's notice. Then, they hired people to go around and say things about you within earshot.

Level 4

Since: Feb 13

Albany, NY

#20 Mar 2, 2013
Wowzers wrote:
You really expect people to believe that the Turning Stone casino somehow saw you come in unannounced and reprogrammed all of the machines to pay you money on a moment's notice. Then, they hired people to go around and say things about you within earshot.
Sounds possible.

Holland Patent, NY

#21 Mar 2, 2013
Feel much better after reading the initial post and subsequent comments that no one else knows what this person is babbling about...

Ithaca, NY

#22 Mar 2, 2013
Dizzybluebaby wrote:
Feel much better after reading the initial post and subsequent comments that no one else knows what this person is babbling about...
Don't say things like this. Now she will post some elaborate back story about how someone hit a parked car and that means something about lotto numbers and dead cops.

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