RoAnn Destito: Trimming the fat
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Rome, NY

#25 Dec 17, 2008
George Romero wrote:
The only way to generate real change is to leave New York. The state is bankrupt, the leadership is corrupt, and there's no end in sight.
Start planning today and on January 1st you can be living in a state with low or no income, property, and sales taxes.
Flee NY! It's the only way.
I don't know if I'd go quite that far but NYC should be federally funded that's for sure. The United Nations is there for God's sake.
i agree

New York, NY

#26 Dec 17, 2008
what a joke she is . she says she doesn't reap the benefits from her husband making allthat cash from the nation.this should be something our other stagnent leaders should be looking into.then again she's probably making hefty donations to their campaigns.if i were halbritter i would throw her husband (beaches rest.)out on his ass. how can she sit there and smile in the od when the gov. is signing the law. what a two face

New York, NY

#27 Dec 18, 2008
Shes a pig alright.

New York, NY

#28 Dec 18, 2008
Destito is a fat disgusting pig. HELLOOOOO! Destto and Arcuri are part of the Working Families Party they SUPPORT UNIONS! She is a shill for that lobby.

She nor Arcuri will NEVER stop kissing WFPs ass they get thousands from them. The unions are one of the reasons we're going broke in NY.

Drag them through the streets

Lamar, MO

#29 Dec 18, 2008
Whether you like an elected official or not, these comments are over the line. Rome topix posters have the ability to criticize a politican so that it may sting a little, but it is funny and not totally distasteful. This kind of stuff should just be removed; remember the polticians that get ripped on here often have kids; do they deserve to have to read rubbish like this?(Is it Mike Arcuri or Jim Brown or Destito's children's fault that they are related to them?)
Stop the leeches

New York, NY

#30 Dec 18, 2008
-Personally I think that they should have considered that before they decided to make theor fortunes by selling the people of this area out.

-Their children shouldn't be shielded from their parent's shortcomings, they should ask their parents why they are so reviled. I can't feel sorry for them, the very food they eat is stolen out of other kids mouths. Kids won't have Christmas this season but their precious children are held harmless from that.

-Like anyone at the LaBella's house will starve this Christmas? Plenty of materialism being nurtured in that family. You can be sure Destito and LaBalla, and Arcuri aren't doing the "Toys for Tots" thing, these people are self-absorbed to the end of days. Their children show signs of becoming the same vile garbage as the parents anyway.

-If these leeches are smart they'll take the hint and find other work before this becomes much, much worse. This is just the begining.

New York, NY

#31 Dec 18, 2008
Both Arcuri AND this fat pig are social liabilities.
O! and since someone else brought up the subject of actually screwing this fat bag of pork grease, why would a man want to pork a woman who looks like an overweight 14 year old boy?
Come to think of it she looks like the fat kid on the "Bob's Big Boy" statue!

Brooklyn, NY

#32 Dec 19, 2008
Overtheline wrote:
Whether you like an elected official or not, these comments are over the line. Rome topix posters have the ability to criticize a politican so that it may sting a little, but it is funny and not totally distasteful. This kind of stuff should just be removed; remember the polticians that get ripped on here often have kids; do they deserve to have to read rubbish like this?(Is it Mike Arcuri or Jim Brown or Destito's children's fault that they are related to them?)
Does the public deserve to be subjected to the bold faced lies of someone who would not know the truth if it slapped them in the face?

No one is bringing into question the children. You brought that up. I agree with the point that the children of these reprehensible human beings should ask them why they are so disliked.

The fact of the matter is any of these "representatives of the people" (loose term) are only around when it serves their own selfish interests (i.e. photo ops) and do not possess any genuine care for the people they serve.

The truth about these people is out there and quite apparent to a vast majority of the population. The arrogance that these individuals possess is the most reprehensible characterisitic of all. To look someone straigt in the eye and lie is wrong. Do you really think that Destito or Arcuri, or anyone else is concerned with those who cannot afford to pay their bills, much less buy their children Christmas gifts?

These people are part of the disease that will never be cured until we start aggressively fighting it instead of just treating the symptoms of the disease itself.

Holland Patent, NY

#33 Dec 19, 2008
i think i need to take a road trip to nh to stock up on everyday goods no sales tax and no sales tax on my beer or 5 cent depoist fees


#34 Dec 19, 2008
Get Ready wrote:
It's time to take back our state and beloved country from these socialist pigs!
it's not the socialists - it's the greedy capitalists !!!!

Rome, NY

#35 Dec 19, 2008
dylan wrote:
<quoted text>it's not the socialists - it's the greedy capitalists !!!!
Sadly, it's both.

New York, NY

#36 Dec 19, 2008
KeepPushinIt wrote:
Fair warning to you politicians: Somethings coming to a head, we're ALL in uncharted territory now, so don't be the first loser! It's coming! Griffo, Townsend, ALL OF YOU!
Funny you all show up at WKTV for air time during election season yet NONE of you seem to find your way in to WKTVs, the OD's, or Keeler's or ANY toy drives you greedy pricks. Trust us WE HEAR WHO GAVE BIG and none of YOUR names came up.
I KNOW I'm not alone when I say I can't stand what you are, and can't WAIT till you go back to whatever you did before you hitched your current gravy train, but really... whoever you have around you isn't telling you what we really think. You wanted the job, and failed, so now enjoy the "accolades", fraud.
How can you live with yourself knowing you have directly affected THOUSANDS of people's lives in such a negative way? Do you honestly, sincerly think your good has outdone your damage to us? What can you REALLY show us RoANN? No BS I mean it. What do you have to say for all the years? It looks like you fold like a house of cards when any of the Albany bullies come steal your AMD. You're a sellout. You ALWAYS have an excuse and a sound bite. Use FORCE with your words. You've sucked enough ass there and befriended enough scoundrels to have earned at least this. What is your problem?
While I'm at it: You are blind if all you can do is talk while this area loses clout and marketability due to your ever-increasing taxes. You spew "we try to hold the line" soundbites while in reality you haven't saved us a nickel.
What about NYRI you pig? Do you even know what it is? Do you care lady?
Until now I've been curt.
Now I will become rude.
RoAnn, I'm angry, and indulging, but I truly hope, on Christmas Eve, that fat, tubbalard greedy husband you make your precious money with, has a heart attack on top of your fat ass when you "make noise" I mean, love. And as you get squished, flubbering like a fat stinking fish, you die gasping for air like the people you have harmed and allowed to be come poor, overgoverned and disillusioned. And I hope as you die, pig, you realise what a disgusting, lying human being you are. Am I angry? YOU BET! And I'm not alone. Keep pushing it,
Enjoy Christmas, if your conscience lets you.
I would love to see these people starting to get spit at, shoes thrown, maybe even a few eggs. They deserve to be embarassed and ridiculed they're douchebags. Anyone who supports them is lying to themselves, ALL THREE of your posts are SPOT ON and people are learning and seeing it now.

Saint Paul, MN

#37 Dec 19, 2008
No. I prefer clubbing them in the back of the head. I don't care what kind of security someone has. If someone wants you bad enough. It won't make a bit of difference. I have to believe that many of these public criminals are entering the status of "wanted bad enough." So remember scumbags. It could happen while you're out taking a walk in your neighborhood or walking to your car in the mall parking lot. Someone can reach out and touch you at any given moment.
KeepPushinIt wrote:
<quoted text>ATank: I don't things will have to come to that, more than once or twice. Should the time come for underhandedness only one or two examples need to be made. These people are so thin-skinned they'll hide in underground bunkers after they hear anyone got reached out and "touched". All it will take is one really bad example to be made and watch how fast these public slimeballs hide behind cops who won't be able to defend them from whoever runs up on them with a bat in the nightforever.
I prefer publically embarassing these clowns. It's a great motivator especially when it's true. At this point I don't think ANY of these people have any more credibility at all. Zero.
No matter what excuse they give you today or tomorrow, it is what they did YESTERDAY that put us where we are. We don't want new super-duper reflective plates Albany just sold us on new ones 8 or so years ago. It's all NOTHING but making busy to collect more money from us. Go FK yourselves, we'll know who signs all this BS into laws and they're GONE come re-election, they can't keep doing this year after year. RoAnn has lied and smiled at us too many times. A lot of these scum have done it and it's gotten to thin to keep believeing it. Remember who these scumbags are and MAKE SURE you vote, and vote them out.
Use your voice and don't worry about being civil. That's their "act" while they rape us. They deserve extreme disdain. They can no longer hide behind "the other legislators did it" any longer. Roll em all out. Ridicule them. Eye for an eye was what they preached before they lost our respect so make sure you give it to them. I know I will, and not just "on the web" either.
Time to trim the fat!

Utica Lies and Riggies

Since: May 14

Clifton Park, NY

#38 Jun 16, 2014
She eats too many riggies.

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