RoAnn Destito: Trimming the fat

RoAnn Destito: Trimming the fat

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Tully, NY

#1 Dec 17, 2008
An open letter to RoAnn Destito

Dear RoAnn,
Read this:
Here I read your words assemblywoman, found in the Observer Dispatch Paper:
State Assemblywoman RoAnn Destito, D-Rome, said she too wants to look into the proposed fees and taxes.
Destito said she credits Paterson for a “bold and somewhat innovative budget,” but she wants to look more into the specifics because if the taxes and fees hurt small businesses, they would result in a step backward.
The assemblywoman said she also wants to make sure that cuts are balanced and not focused unfairly on education and health care.
“My concern is that we have to look at everything,” she said.“It’s all very painful because it’s very severe.”
Mrs. Destito, I truly do not believe the sincerity of your words. In fact, I think that TO YOU, "innovative budget" means one that DIDN'T INCREASE! For YEARS you have habbled and babbled endless rhetoric; Almost every freakin time you are quoted I hear you say something about "The Businessman" and "Small Business" this, and "Small business" that.
It seems pretty apparant by your doubleplaying the OIN to the benefit to YOUR BOTTOM LINE of over a MILLION DOLLARS a year that the ONLY small business around here that counts is YOUR "SMALL BUSINESS"! I think you are a fraud Mrs. Assemblywoman. You have done nothing but "feel good" bills and ride other's "ideas" while in Albany.
SCREW Albany RoAnn... YOU LIVE HERE, and if you didn't notice PEOPLE HERE seem to think you and just about anyone IN your racket for the last 20 years are blathering spending baboons. ALMOST ALL of our current problems are due to YOU and people like you. YOU in fact, are even worse: YOU seem to have NO voice in Albany. Exactly WHAT have you got to really show for your YEARS of service you public monster? Your inaction, or sheepishness shows you have not only got zero spine, woman, but you actually THRIVE on this inaction!
You Mrs. Destito, may arguably be a good woman, mother, and friend, but you're basically a public pig. You're a degenerate politician. Causing people to live their lives without the State not only bleeding us dry,making us the laughingstock of the WHOLE COUNTRY NOW... but YOU can't hide your greedy face from the cameras. Nope, not OUR public pig! You schpiel all this hot air and "Small Business" rhetoric, and whats worse, you don't even seem to acknowledge the LITTLE GUY TAXPAYER! You Ma'am are probably the most worthless politician I have seen in my own life. Every time I see you I see a fraud.
Above you say: " “It’s all very painful because it’s very severe.”
How would you know that Mrs. D? My children will have almost nothing for christmas, our bills are so bad I'm having a hard time with food Mrs. Destito, let alone Christmas. I imagine that you will give some thoughtful gifts to YOUR kids this season. I can't. Just like YOU can't imagine worrying about a layoff this Chrismas huh?
History has shown us that, not only aren't you a very effective Assemblywoman, you actually deny your gain by conflict-of-interest.
You say: "Well, there are other companies that do business with the Oneida Indian Nation to sell Alcohol" COME OFF IT YOU LYING PIG. Step off the traugh woman.
Shame on the OIN for engaging in this activity with a lying do-nothing.

Tully, NY

#2 Dec 17, 2008
Mrs. Destito, I don't know what the rest of your district thinks, but I suggest YOU get to Albany and tell Gov. Patterson he'd better CUT SOME MORE we're not paying all your new Albany Taxes anymore.
YOU dysfunctional bloodsuckers wanted the job NOW GO DO IT! Don't hand us crumbs and snippets, try actually DELIVERING something other than booze will you?
YOU and your moron friends in Albany sold us taxpayers out, actually feeling ENTITLED to year after year of growth, then YOU people should take some huge pay cuts.
YOU spent us into this mess not watching the pursestrings, and frankly Mrs. Destito, yes your sheppishness has harmed us all. Whatever your communication methods are they must be innefective on some level, and yet you keep right on playing the same recording for us.
You and most of your Albany boneheads talked FOR YEARS about how you all knew "just what to do". The results speak for themselves. You can wish it away but it will stare you in your face the rest of your life.
Silver, Bruno, Schumer, and all the weasels that let them sell us out year after year. You're all going down in history as public scum now, got it? WE will make popular opinion when it's all said and done. You and your kind should take heed.
YOU MADE THE PROBLEMS, the taxpayers didn't. People believed in what you said, until it's just clear you have a string in the back of your neck. Give it a pull, and there's RoAnn, spewing her five buzzwords. Come off it public pig.
DO YOUR JOB so those of us who want change can go make some other degenerate's life miserable. You BUY elections, so what choice do you leave us people? You should be glad.
RoAnn Destito, if you don't come at this from the RIGHT side, OUR SIDE, the taxpayer's side, there won't BE any small businessmen anymore. Tax Haircuts? More cable taxes? SODA??? Screw YOU RoANN go SPEAK FOR US not Albany. US! GO TELL IT TO ALBANY NOT THE OD, bitch. YOUR DUTY to "tighten up" NOT OURS ANYMORE. If you don't come out guns blazing and tell it like it is you're going to get no peace ever again, until you resign or lose your job. We'll be sure of it! Blogs, websites whatever it takes to derail your train lady.

Tully, NY

#3 Dec 17, 2008
Fair warning to you politicians: Somethings coming to a head, we're ALL in uncharted territory now, so don't be the first loser! It's coming! Griffo, Townsend, ALL OF YOU!

Funny you all show up at WKTV for air time during election season yet NONE of you seem to find your way in to WKTVs, the OD's, or Keeler's or ANY toy drives you greedy pricks. Trust us WE HEAR WHO GAVE BIG and none of YOUR names came up.
I KNOW I'm not alone when I say I can't stand what you are, and can't WAIT till you go back to whatever you did before you hitched your current gravy train, but really... whoever you have around you isn't telling you what we really think. You wanted the job, and failed, so now enjoy the "accolades", fraud.
How can you live with yourself knowing you have directly affected THOUSANDS of people's lives in such a negative way? Do you honestly, sincerly think your good has outdone your damage to us? What can you REALLY show us RoANN? No BS I mean it. What do you have to say for all the years? It looks like you fold like a house of cards when any of the Albany bullies come steal your AMD. You're a sellout. You ALWAYS have an excuse and a sound bite. Use FORCE with your words. You've sucked enough ass there and befriended enough scoundrels to have earned at least this. What is your problem?
While I'm at it: You are blind if all you can do is talk while this area loses clout and marketability due to your ever-increasing taxes. You spew "we try to hold the line" soundbites while in reality you haven't saved us a nickel.
What about NYRI you pig? Do you even know what it is? Do you care lady?
Until now I've been curt.
Now I will become rude.
RoAnn, I'm angry, and indulging, but I truly hope, on Christmas Eve, that fat, tubbalard greedy husband you make your precious money with, has a heart attack on top of your fat ass when you "make noise" I mean, love. And as you get squished, flubbering like a fat stinking fish, you die gasping for air like the people you have harmed and allowed to be come poor, overgoverned and disillusioned. And I hope as you die, pig, you realise what a disgusting, lying human being you are. Am I angry? YOU BET! And I'm not alone. Keep pushing it,

Enjoy Christmas, if your conscience lets you.

Brooklyn, NY

#4 Dec 17, 2008
Well put!

“America: Pussified?”

Level 3

Since: Nov 08


#6 Dec 17, 2008
LETS start our revolution Im ready who is with me hell I'll join and train our CNY state Militia. Come get me FBI, CIA, NSA, ATF, Mr. Bush
Get Ready

New York, NY

#8 Dec 17, 2008
It's time to take back our state and beloved country from these socialist pigs!
Coming Soon

New York, NY

#9 Dec 17, 2008
Greece, Ice Land, Now China, NEXT stop USA!

Tully, NY

#10 Dec 17, 2008
Abramstank19k wrote:
LETS start our revolution Im ready who is with me hell I'll join and train our CNY state Militia. Come get me FBI, CIA, NSA, ATF, Mr. Bush
ATank: I don't things will have to come to that, more than once or twice. Should the time come for underhandedness only one or two examples need to be made. These people are so thin-skinned they'll hide in underground bunkers after they hear anyone got reached out and "touched". All it will take is one really bad example to be made and watch how fast these public slimeballs hide behind cops who won't be able to defend them from whoever runs up on them with a bat in the nightforever.

I prefer publically embarassing these clowns. It's a great motivator especially when it's true. At this point I don't think ANY of these people have any more credibility at all. Zero.

No matter what excuse they give you today or tomorrow, it is what they did YESTERDAY that put us where we are. We don't want new super-duper reflective plates Albany just sold us on new ones 8 or so years ago. It's all NOTHING but making busy to collect more money from us. Go FK yourselves, we'll know who signs all this BS into laws and they're GONE come re-election, they can't keep doing this year after year. RoAnn has lied and smiled at us too many times. A lot of these scum have done it and it's gotten to thin to keep believeing it. Remember who these scumbags are and MAKE SURE you vote, and vote them out.

Use your voice and don't worry about being civil. That's their "act" while they rape us. They deserve extreme disdain. They can no longer hide behind "the other legislators did it" any longer. Roll em all out. Ridicule them. Eye for an eye was what they preached before they lost our respect so make sure you give it to them. I know I will, and not just "on the web" either.

Time to trim the fat!

Herkimer, NY

#11 Dec 17, 2008
During the entire election season I wanted to strangle Townsend. That pompous jackass on the TV screen running under the ruse of "Change". Change what? You losers have been sitting down in Albany collecting your big fat raises and driving this state further into the toilet while the rest of us toil away day after day to pay your big fat salaries. Yet back to Albany they all go. Does that sound like change to any of you? And speaking of big and fat, Does Mark Butler look like Christopher Reeve looked after he got paralyzed? Apparently he hasn't been skipping many meals at the old capital building either. Now we're all going to suffer, that is all of us except the local politicians. They'll be sitting back on Christmas day thanking God and Santa ,sucking the marrow out of another ham bone while laughing at all of us suckers struggling to survive. Now remember in 4 more years to send them all right back down there for some more "Change" because that's what you'll have left of your paycheck!

Tully, NY

#12 Dec 17, 2008
I am sickened by their "it is not our fault attitude problems. Arcuri and Destito seem to forget that THEY SERVE US not the other way around. The global economic downturn may not be their fault but it didn't help that NYS was gorging themselves on the taxpayers in the first place.
In the OD that cross-eyes puke Shumer gives himself up: He first mentions "Wall Street Workers" that need to be protected before farmers and children. He mentions THEM last.
You are right I agree these people are loathsome self-serving scumbags.

Tully, NY

#13 Dec 17, 2008
Silver I mean, I get the thieves confused now!!!
They should be publically hung and left to rot on the pole.

New York, NY

#14 Dec 17, 2008
smother them in tar and douse them in feathers
Eat Em and Smile

New York, NY

#15 Dec 17, 2008
Christopher wrote:
smother them in tar and douse them in feathers
That's what Topix is for!
Stupid Voters

Jamesville, NY

#16 Dec 17, 2008
I love it. Everyone sat around when Destito and her cronies thought it was a good idea to punish a third of the population with excessive cigarette taxes. It was such a good idea, screw those smokers. Well now that money is not enough and now they are coming after the rest of you. Once you all said it was ok to target certain citizens with taxation you opened yourselves up for this. Now tax fun, fat, and coming soon air.
This is the worst state in the union and all of you that keep pulling the lever for the same old people are getting what you deserve.

Herkimer, NY

#18 Dec 17, 2008
I voted for everyone that I had never heard of before and did not vote for any incumbents. However, in the end it doesn't matter because it's all about money and who pays to keep these useless f**ks in office.

Auburn, NY

#19 Dec 17, 2008
Roanne can afford to trim the fat she looks like she has been to 1 too many fancy lunches on the taxpayers dollar.
The Defender

Utica, NY

#21 Dec 17, 2008
She is a swine... no one has ever challenged her except the Independence Party.. She needs a primary and Larry Tanoury is the man to do it.. He really knows how to stir things up and he did so with EDGE which is one of the Destito's revenue streams...
Truth Teller

Utica, NY

#22 Dec 17, 2008
None of these new taxes would be necessary if the politicians in this state grew spines and started collecting taxes from the Indian casinos that are popping up all over the state. The revenues from these taxes alone could wipe out the deficit in just a couple of years and we wouldn't need any of these new taxes on the individuals to accomplish it. Unfortunately, scumbag politicians like Roann are too eager to protect the casinos(and their own pockets) while they stab the taxpaying voters, who keep electing them, in the back.

But in all honesty, we really can't totally blame her. The people of this district keep electing her worthless ass every time she runs for re-election. We also need to do our part and start growing spines and vote these pigs out the next time they come up for election.

Herkimer, NY

#23 Dec 17, 2008
The Truth Teller is absolutely correct. The only way to get rid of these people and to truly enact change within this area is to vote them out!
George Romero

Fishers, NY

#24 Dec 17, 2008
The only way to generate real change is to leave New York. The state is bankrupt, the leadership is corrupt, and there's no end in sight.

Start planning today and on January 1st you can be living in a state with low or no income, property, and sales taxes.

Flee NY! It's the only way.

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