I missed the APE rhymes with Rape clu...

I missed the APE rhymes with Rape clue..I'm sorry

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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Apr 11, 2013
I completely missed the APE rhymes with RAPE clues..in place the day before it all took place...I dont knwo if posting it would have stopped it..The scumbags ..like with SANDYHOOK gave no clear taunts...Right now everything hangs on a JOHN NY plan ROGUES have through their military scumbag recruits..JUDITH DEVENEY gave the clue in her "WHO LET THE DOGS OUT" doings..JOHN NY is still missing..and is a 300.00 reward clue (3) made the hispanic daughters who named the dogs for this deadly "scene."

Now the plan has to be they do what ever they have to do to help their mother out now.

"JUDITH' clearly was setting her husband up...and had no plans to stay in that mobile home..Thats why she brought the 9 "You better get your two dogs out of here cuz I'm sellin um all" as in baseball dogs in to help destroy his home and there was no pain her voice when she said it...just like there wa sno pain or out put of injury whe she claimed he "pushed" her while he was trying to get away from her trying to steal someone elses property from him..BUT you can NYS ROGUE L Officer Jeese for that..I'm sure FBI Agent Nicholas Ivie would like to ..but thats never going to happen...Maybe some day Ivie's family will know how NYS Officer L Jesse does his job..If the scumbags dont get on them first like they did the Brinkerhoff widow who for some reason "pondered" opening according to focourse NYS Police while "Angie baby" was out in her mothers back yard getting married in her rushed wedding to to Marty on 4-24-10 the "line up" memorial date with the Trooper Brinkerhoff shooting..Hey Marla Miller was there too.."GO NEW YORK STATE" BAD scumbags shouted.

Now that explains why "Angie VICKERY Babys" 1206 cell phone is link to NYS GOV Cuomos 12-6 birthday..it's a deadly MILLENNIUM ZODIAC clue..called "THE THRILL OF THE KILL."

Would my boyfriend out of fear harm me?..Off BAD scumbag pressure?..I don't know..I don't put anything past anyone anymore.

Peggy and Aftin Deveny had a very intersting conversation..Where Peggy ? her daughter about "how can they say this is not ture?" Aftin said "they said it not" off the time she was talking about her superiour officers and her platoon and maybe her need to "step outside" of it..but in the end AFtin went ROGUE..
The bad scumbags were not stop there..and a "line up' called SANDYHOOK took place on a LANZA name..that is still in motion here on issues in this now..and in 2008..

It's not that "He" and "they"-(military according to Aftin) don't belive my side of the story version..its that "they" don't have to believe it..YOU are what they have to face and to "HE" and "they" that is NO BIG DEAL. They used their finest(?)military scumbags to get this far..The military as I said before will hire anyone just about any Oakie from miskogie..and the next scene clued by DOGS names is JOHN NY...with an APE Rhymes with rape "in the middle" of it..David Renz did not pick his victims on the night of 3-14-13 randomly..and if I recall right...Had he been in that parking lot before? He was on house arrest..he slips the monitoring device off and NEVER according tothe signal receivers set it off..The press reports they never received the signal..JUDGE Baxter had "whiff" concerns about placing it on Renz in the first place BUT did anyway...This was a severe case of child pornography..Renz had no violent criminal past for what it's worth.

It all fits like a "reverse" image on what scumbags tauned was being set up on me off a used computor I bought from a CHARLES and he was not going to sign no receipt that's for sure...That lead to the Bill McCarty JUDY DEAD END computer set up on me...and McCarty was trying to set her up off it also.

Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#2 Apr 11, 2013
There is only certian people I feel sorry for and those are the vicitms ..The rest of you can go to hell..The FBI clues me by shooting one of their own that they plan to target my son..The time frame had come...What am I suppose to think? Would you be upset about it? Ok so the ROGUE FBI is telling the judges they are "working the case"..Maegan BUCK ws the first military scumbag at 151 then Jacki Martin..Well work it baby work it..That parts pretty clear..it just went through a "whiff" stabbing death...its pretty clear they plan to use a JUDGE and DA to set me up..its their lower form of power..

On 4-15-09 he ROGUR FBI gave me the clues..s to where and how they wouls set me up IF..I dont follow the money scam plan..The talk behind the wall was clear..DATES etc..the mle saying it played how he was suspicous of my fathers date in Hunterdon and then mine..and maeagn figured it out..from there it became a TS Casino pay off plan image..back when i was "crazy"...BUT Charles runge had also already set me up in 204..and that was NYS Police like the "JUDITH" "scene" was..So it's pretty clear keeping the Brinkerhoff shooting issue in this quiet is important to ROGUES...because it might upset the "reverse" ALLSTATE plan if it all..and that is the planned JETTY for Bill Vickery..

The JUDITH is a scorend woman cover act..and like I said LANZA really slide off onthe arrest issue on JUDOTH that day..he had my things that she said he pushed" her with .."I never said he pushed me with his hands' It was MY stuff and she got arreewste dfor it smaching it as far as I was conceredn I dont know what L Jesse put on paper thats aluxury ROGUES get ..The DA was quick to claim "JUDITH" was not charged with destruction" they only wanted me to prove value and ownership.."Do you have any receipts'..why you assholes..BANG BANG BANG anf the 10-2-12 clue shot came via the FBI....Would you laugh in confusion? I DO al the time...Its a ROGUE FBI, JUDGE, DA courtroom lynching..to make the FBI, NYS Police look good..like the David Renz murder..They cannot recruit me so they will set me up.

BUT you know what seals my thoughts on this..The BROTHER JUDGE link clue to the Erin Maxwell killers 9-9-09 trial and how its being done to me now...Same Judge name different scumbag recruit..Jones used a PIRATES story for his "reverse" Davey Jones locker key...and "JUDITH" is a scorned woman ..."Hell hath no fury image like that of a scorned woman"...deadly.

JUDITH not military as far as I know was NOT military ...and that make me curious..BUT shes still in motion before during and after.."WHO LET THE DOGS OUT" a JOHN NY military scumbag recruit name..that fits..now dont forget the FBI clued the 10-2-12 badge number also..and how..

Now yes I have heard the plans have changed ..my son scums claim will be a drunk and a "suicide' now...and the clues will stop..BUT a stroke took place on 4-8-13 and the VIBRATION sounds were around that night..

So it's still a pretty complicated story of clues..Its her FIRST name that conerns me on 4-8-13..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#3 Apr 11, 2013
is it a covert plan?
hank hill

Hyattsville, MD

#4 Apr 11, 2013
I don't know, but if I had to guess I'd go with yes.
hank hill

Hyattsville, MD

#5 Apr 11, 2013
Who is the target here? You or your son?

Level 1

Since: Mar 13

Livonia, NY

#6 Apr 11, 2013
Before I get started.What the hell is a baseball dog?
Please call Coast to Coast A.M.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#7 Apr 12, 2013
hank hill wrote:
Who is the target here? You or your son?
I had been taunted heavily in 2005 that "they're gonna kill your son" by Tammy Rowe who was telling others she was trying to help" me in 2005..

On 10-2-12 the FBI shot one of their own again and his badge number 0225-my sons 2-25 birthday.

I knew something was up..I was sure back then Orlo Green("or low green state" - Fulton Police Cheif was going to get shot..BUT they pulled this "trick" on me again..I was posting it heavy on this forum and others inthe time frme leading to the FBI death..and then I knew it was another "trick" This is when I lived in Peggy Deveneys "reverse" Margaretville in Oawego..

Its all like the taunts and clues of a 3rd fFED going down..I poste that also after it beagn right after this on 10-2-12..The clue was that winter the 2005 CHRIST MAS snow balnekt atatck on my son would take place..Tammy Rowe was graphic..as to how I would no money or car and my son would lay under the snow some night with a severe head wound bleading to death..She was then trying to help get me a better job..BUt that money was made at Chariie Gasko and Inv Mike Anderson set the drive up off on me and I was fired..Sunoco kept the money.. It was all going into GEORGE LUNDY'S "POLICE CHIEF" charade time in Oswego..of which he was fired a month later..Something was terribly wrong in Fulton really wrong..Soon after Lundy was fired..in 2006..By marhc all the scumbag recruit Charlie Diefenbacher activity had linked to the "accident" that killed a Hannibal child on 3-8-06 by a TRUCK DRIVER...I woorked as a temp at Birdseye then..and the ROGUE FBI article charade was played onme also there..

Lundy had already made his according to Tammy Rowe "involved" appearance in 2005 in my rear view as THE BONE COLLECTOR doing hsi mary charade..That the Jimmy Galloway story of a hit and run mary tells...to test who Me marla? She told the graphic story just as tammy Rowe did..."a tell her to shut her mouth" or Jimmys drug people will get me scare plan. Why would tammy set it up? She was running the Bill Cromie charade all over the city..

On 3-23-13 the POWER BALL LOTTERY ran it 338 Erin Maxwell TRUCK DRIVER win...So keep an eye on traffic in the Dominican Republic soon..maybe they will give it a lay low time frame..Once yoru in your in and you have to do what they say ask my mother.

They can always change routes..
Pleasure Kevin

Troy, NY

#8 Apr 12, 2013
What kind of money does someone make as a scumbag recruit?
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#9 Apr 12, 2013
Pleasure Kevin wrote:
What kind of money does someone make as a scumbag recruit?
It varies BUT be careful...some were promised BIG things and received nothing ...some kept their mouths shut..did what they were told to and got their "gain" Some talked and got their gain also ..some did not.. Some of the amounts were very large..some got jobs..etc.

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