The Hannibal DEVENEY family 12-5 birt...

The Hannibal DEVENEY family 12-5 birthday "THRILL" "association".

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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Feb 27, 2013
Yes there IS a Hannibal DEVEVENEY family 12-5 birthday "association" in all of this also..Along with all the other Hannibal DEVENEY "perfec" "COINCIDEMCE" "associations" in "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" also.

Let me go over some of this now..The TIME frame of the purchase of the Oneida St home of Peggy Deveney.

To how it all became a 9-12 NATIONAL GRID set up on her date? Off a summer she did not pay her her bill? Where there other time frames she had not paid her bill? I do not know.

Let me makle one thing clear about Peggy Deveney in all of this about when Aftin Deveny was telling her the story version like Afin had a direct involvement in it..I thought had to have been from the military..Peggy said "How can they say this is not true?" How would Aftin know for sure?..WHY would Aftin get so deeply involved after her boyfriend got arrested even after she was witness and told police what she claims she saw and it did not good?(she knew there was a later cover sory plan-"theft") WHY would she pressure her boyfriend and mother to get involved in her doings still..? I would say someone has something BAD on Aftin Deveney..Dorothy Mills was the same way..a hell bent drive to continue..with the samw belief that "he" will protect her.

To how her daughter Aftin Deveney arrived there to move and circumstances of which on my mothers 10-25 birhday...9-12 was the day my mother took her fall in 2010 also..Not to temtion BUT I will the set up on me Aftin Deveny was in motion off the Peggys relationship with Rob was ending at Thanksgiving time..a MOTHER TIME refocus for them to begin issues..CHRIS T MAS TIME..Thats SCUMBAG RECUITS in motion...with that resulted as my move to my newtown here in Oswego County on the "line up" date with the NEWTOWN shootings on 12-14-12..and that overkill of "association" links right down to the name LANZA here.

To how the nephew "JARROD" arrived at the 12-5 sisters home near my boyfriends mobil home then before "JUDITH" set him up on live with his aunt..Then becomes the scapegoat target of a "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" barn burglary that set it all in how "JUDITH" on 9-6 announced that "JARROD" could "break in anytime you want to" to how shes "gonna leave that door open for him."
Then later "JUDITH" called the Sheriffs dept and claimed the missing items were in the "reverse" Margaretville in Oswego Peggy Deveney home..sfter she went though the motions to set it all up on others..for her own gain of "EVERYHING" off it all.

To how the issue of how my boyfriends mothers death occured on Thanksgiving day off a stoke she suffered apt the "reverse" Margaretville in Oswego home 3 years ago.

To the issue of the sister who has the 12-5 birthday and the stroke she suffered which I believe was induced upon her as an "association" clue now to what scumbags promote my boyfriend was recruited to so to fit their image needs and WHY MAN the 2889 NYS LIC Plate was placed on his SUV for just that purppose..and WHY MAN "JUDITH DEVENEY" secured the RED JEEP from him the way she did during the marriage and then smashed it.

The DEATH "association" LIC PLATE link to the 2889 is on the "reverse" Margaretville in Oswego vehicle NYS LIC Plae 6788..of Peggy the GEORGE LEVEA dates of 8-2-08 and 8-6-08 leaving a 9 and 7..1997?

So there IS a DEVENEY sister who has a 12-5 birthday..Link Andrew Cuomos 12-6 "line up" birthday.."perfect" "COINCIDENCE" also to add,

The cell phone number of my parents 1205 was fixed after CHARLES RUNGE was a success to the 12-5-09 TS Casino game.plan..."association " "proof" as part of all of this. From a AFD-5166 NYS LIC plate clue-Gov BIRTHDAY..CUOMO -FATER to his sone on 12-6. a cell phone 1206 "Angie baby" NYS plan.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#2 Feb 28, 2013
I am getting FED UP with the issue of the car in ? right now linked to all of this that sits right now in Syracuse..
I know the story plan behind the car and the "association" to all of planned as a mental..
It is my understanding now the car was NOT supposed to be sold in the first place theirs a lien on it..BUT a receipt was made for a cash down payment taken now by someone who was not the titled owner..
Somebodys playing a game...I have the owners name and all the information about the vehicle and sellers..employers etc..the games need to stop..
You know I had a ex friend sell a car once of mine that was in her driveway..she said could stay there..Then she sold it for cash back with no proof of ownership..signed the receipt for the buyer..BUT gave no title to him..he looked me up and demanded it..I told him the vehicle was NOT hers to sell..I had spoke to a cop about the matter who told me me the legals and she had committed a crime by selling the vehicle and worse signing the receipt.
Upon hearing the police may be now called into the matter this female immediately refunded the buyer his money...before anything could be done about it and I got my nehicle back..Yes it was still a running vehicle road worthy..Now she had she simply asked me to have it I would hawe said yes..I had given cars away before..BUT she got sneaky about it..and wanted some extra cash quick and decided to sell my car..just like that..
Now the issue of this other boyfriend is trying to buy a backup vehicle his SUV is old..and he cannot afford a new one or payments..One comes along that is to say the least tome VERY suspicous for the start before all this tittle issues began just today..Seems the seller does NOT have the title in her name and there is a lien on it in the rightful owners name..My boyfriend has already fgiven a down payment on the female who's selling it who does not own it we have now learned..My boyfreind has also bought parts for this cars repair and inspecyion..that now are not going to take place as expected either..depending on this title and lein issue..
WAIT till you hear the name linked to all of this..The YEAR in ? and all the other overkill of clues already...
Bettter yet wait till you hear the make of the car..
These "in the middle" clues are JUST NOT GOOD..
no matter how or what they link to in all of this.
You can bet if this car fall though I will post the owner info addresses and phone #s and all originals I have out on it,,and where we saw it first and how...This car better be what they sell it to be.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#3 Feb 28, 2013
There is already a suspicous issue about my boyfriend calling the owner who's name appears on the service records to ask him ? about the cars past maintence ..Apparently the people who are linked to took the down payment money did not inform him they were selling his vehicle either..

So now there is another HOLD issue ..The title has a lien on it now?

There is a female in the middle of all of this who's NOT appearing to be on the up and up now..

Last week the push was to just get the money from my boyfriend...and its a good thing he only gave a down payment..This weeks they have a lien issue and inform him he was NOT supposed to call the owner? Because the owner did not know the female in the middle of all of this was selling the vehicle..?

I see a sarcastic set up going on here linked back to an issue I had of the same with a memembr of the Raponi family also..

Like I said the make, year and model of this car along with the color and other overkill of clues are.."perfect" and then all of this takes place....too?

So off that..We went to the TS Casino being on that end of the city today due to all of this..and nothing worked out the way my boyfriend had planned..nothing ever does lately..My BIRTHDAY is near and instead of going out on it..we can't go out arounfd we snuck off today so we thought..I had some LUCK today BUT scumbags there and YES scumbags were there who said
"No" it was all fixed..and they put on quite a promotion today while I was there.

All day long they carried on bwhind us and about us about how the casino was fixing wins for me..HUDE Ones..I waited HUGE ones never came..the had all kinds of claims..I was given 50,00 for my BIRHDAY..March 11th and I walked out with $250.00 om ..not as well as some others did..YES I will report it..I was NOT prepared to be there .not even dressed to be out..BUT he was stressed and wanted a day out and gave me 50.00 for my we played and alone so I thought..I was wrong..about an hour after we got there scumbags were on us bad..Um I did learn today from casino staff that I had not used my card since that long.

So I do not know what today was all about..BUT that is how our day NOT title there yet and we get a call today..there's a lien issue now..

Do I do not know what went on all around today..BUT the GOOD part is there was NO talk of harm or DEATH to any other during any of it..So maybe thats a good sign..scumbags carried on BUT NO TALK OF HARM TO ANOTHER OFF ANY OF IT..BUT there was LOTS of claims of how "they" already "got" me?

I think this is a records issues...I mean if the casino has "records" of things..they must have records of games played and who and how they were won..NOT just payout info..BUT to me that is just as good "either way"

My point is see you can win at the TS casino and NOT have to be killing someone or planning to to do it.

Now yes I saw the NYS police Van D36 parked just off the Thruway om Oneida..63 year of my birth how "perfect"

There is a link to this very suspicous car sale.My boyfriend would not understand it until they've shoved something up his ass from it all like "JUDITH" did and I have a feeling that is what is being planned...and the info about the CHRIS T MAS snow attack on my son.

Shes gets money she can't payback out of him and he gets screwed again and she gets a legal slap on the wrist..?

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