"THRILL" Charles Runge- Hannibal Town...

"THRILL" Charles Runge- Hannibal Town Court BROTHER judge.

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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Jan 24, 2013
From how Charles RUNGE pulled out into his oncoming lane on 4-8-04 to cause the NYS MV104A report..where the deadly clues of TIME a 10"52 am links in "reverse" as a 1-52 AGE clue ot the FED who died on my father Charles birthday on 4-5-07 who was shot dead by his own man.

Charles Runge's name also on 12-5-09 became another "perfect" clue off the TS Casino game I "win" that night to my fathers 12-5 cell pone #..and the 9 as in BASEBALL theme of the 23 numbers on it..the Paymaster name that night at the TS Casino was DIMAGGIO.

Charles Runge of Pennelville..(a "state pen" or "writer" clue.)
was 71 years old that day on 4-8-04 when he pulled into hsi oncoming lane at Ver Plank and Morgan Rd on his "right of way" after stalling at the stop sign and he cut me off as I was crossong it ..YES we hit..he then drove up that oncoming lane and off onto the oncoming where RUNGE stayed until NYS Officer MD Beiderman #4619(4-6 is a "line up" date with my fathers 4-5 birthday..The date the FED was shot by his own man..and the 19 is a soldier onward clue plan on me now in all of this) Soldier onward would come to me on 1-10-09 the day Jean Levea died the 2nd memeber of 4 in that family who would die all linked to the THRILL" activity I was soon to learn about in Fulton)

Runges passenger was William Supple.he was 56 that day and I was 41 years old. Now AGES all "adds up like a score" a premature clue to me I understood for sure after the12-5-09 TS casino game. TIME was the origin clue the AGES offthe 10:52 am on it of a"zero's mean nothing" 1-52 age OF FEDERAL AGENT BUSH shot dead by his own man on my fathers BIRTHDAY.. "reverse" the 10:52 time and you have 10-25 my MOTHERS birthday resused again on 10-25-12 by Aftin Deveney in her mother Peggy's "reverse" Margaretville in Oswego home on ONEIDA ST. Aftin was after the TS casino receipt.

71 Runges age =8 41 my age =5 and 56supples age =11..

Maureen Levea's birthday is 11-5 unknown to me until the day her husbands headstone arrived..

8-11 is my brother Bill Vickerys birthday,,aka The day Erin Maxwell came home and died 19 days later. the day the first child die don 3-8-06 and her funeral was my 3-11-06 birthday the clue was "in the middle" 8 and 11..and another "in the middle" clue was placed on 3-29-05 in te 1929.40 total of the CHRIS BOWER caused ALLSTATE damage report that day that brought me to 151 west First st..9-29 is her "in the middle" birthday clue..on a TIME of 10:31aam HALLOWEEN.

The date of Erin Maxwells death 8-30-08 fit the 3088 lic plate put on my sons car by NYS in MARCH of 2008..Erin was attacked on the 29th..and died the "line up" day after..

Now the Oswego County DA'S office is still promising "JUSTICE FOR ERIN MAXWELL."

As they work "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" even further..for me that DA link beagn with the name Nickelson off a scumbag recruit named Dorothy Mills..Nickel son "You will have no money when they kill your son" Just as Maegan BUCK taunted if I throws that TS casino game. On 10-2-12 another deadly clue linked to my son was made the ROGUE way in this.. a badge numnber 0225 Nichola's the name this time a Saint clue move..a CHRIS T MAS TIME move being forced upon me again..POISON is whats left of that name.

My sister hit my parked JEEP to force me to back to Fulton for the April clue..shortly after Tammy kennedy handed me Harbour Credit..dated later by "they" as 5-3-05..the date Mr Robinson(coo coo coo ca choo "soundtrack" clues began and here's to you Mrs Robinson JESUS loves you more than you will know..JOE DIMAGGIO was coming my way..(The victim's date cross was NOT yet complete) this all off the Cicero Walgreens Mr robinson MGR was running his "Kristy Nichols" charade with my photos is dated 3-5-09..because he "forgot" my negatives that night. The ROGUES were looking for photos of my "cop killing signs" "They" want those camera's too.

"No one in Fulton ever saw her sisgns"..ask "He"
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#2 Jan 25, 2013
YES-during one point while i was being while I was being ? by JUDITHS "POWERFUL" lawyer the judge had to ask the Oswego DA Bell if he was going to obejct toline of ? I was being put though..when DA Bell was unable to his job properly..So the judge made the objection for him and stopped her lawyer from badgering me with ? she should not be asking..

YES I was cleary on my own as DA BELL clearly had no intentions of doing his job..That was JUDITHS trestraing order comment during her harassment of me that prompted me to call him in the first place and that is how I found out a hearing was scheduled..So arent they clever hwo they set people up..

Yes there was a full conversation between the DA and the judge prior to court issues in whoch the name of some of FACEBOOK firends was nentioned..I dont know if they are going to send out people to attack these people or what is going on now.

I knew when JUDITH made the comment that day about the restraining order and hwo she knew it would not be enforced that day just as I told DA Bell in our phone conversation that day..That something was now being manipulated again for her..

There ws also quotes being made in that conversation off things my father father is claimed ot have said and claery the TWO men in the room where Judge and DA exited were counter acting that talk or planning to..

DA Bell seemed very puzzled as to why the judge had not signed his restrainging order request..and it was right then I knew and I said to DA Bell "so JUDITH can use the law to manipulate thre law" and he agreed that is exactly what JUDITH is doing..YES BUT who is letting her do ithought off his words ..so I hung up..When a DA who's supposedly opposing someone for thr People..off a variety of set ups she has manipulated..You would expect more effort to stop her from the DA'S office..

and that is exactly how "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" works,,

and to the female who made the comments yesterday.. NO I was not looking at the judges wife..Why would I want to look at her?

Lots of "he" talk inside the Hannibal Town Court building yesterday..It sounded like words were being reworked yesterday improperly off old issues and talk in all of this..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#3 Jan 25, 2013
So was a "brother" told or not told to set a date?..That part of the conversation off a room at the Hannobal Town Court was INTERESTING..Did someone put "pressure" on him? or was it all his own doing?
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#4 Jan 25, 2013
YES as I have posted before..off talk also from the backroom in the Hannibal town court..YES i will post the Ludington -"dismissed" and why explalined in the paper work that the People(DA'S office) failed do serve me my rights properly on the issue..and that is how it worked over the summer of 2012 to put me in position for the planned set up on me linked to "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" to how it all became a SANDYHOOK "line up" clue date along with all the other overkill of cluer links that came with it..

Now as the judge yesterday played up to JUDITH ,,GOD only knows what is going to happen nezt in "THE THRILL OF(THEIR) KILL"
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#5 Jan 25, 2013
Scumbags have been taunting "They need to get that audio away from that woman(me)" S I better start pumping it out everywhere I can.

There has been talk of how the judge said it was scratchy..when he played and entered into evidence on 12-11 during the trial..So the judge no doubt will not have a clear memory of what was on it..and it all fits now..BUT he did lean forward when JUDITH yelled I JUST GOT WHAT I WANTED AND YOU"RE FUCKING DEAD"

I dont think the audio is scratchy sounding at all...I had no problems hearing what "JUDITH" says even over the sounds of her destroying MY PROPERTY...and for the DA Bell I was NOT doing anything wrong regardless of what someones post said I still would have done my job to the best of my ability regardless..en dealt with the other issue later..I knew I was being railroaded..before I got there and DA Bell gave me the heads up on it..

So lets watch the demure "JUDITH" now in action..I'll post it as she pulls it off so we all know how its done..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#6 Jan 25, 2013
YES I was made aware yesterday of the DSS "He" talk also "HE" claims I did NOT sedn them anything reagrdong my food stamps..??BUT does claim I sent the MINETTO ticket in..I sent them boht in BUT NOT at the same the ticket went first was DUE on...9-12 and then the 9-12 NATIONAL GRID issues began at the "reverse" margaretville in Oswebo..YES my mothers fall date ..all becuse I chose NOT to soldier onward to victory as clued I should on 1-10-09..

So this is how "HE" works it now ..off the claim I called JUDITH "old" and her daughter told her she "got no dignity"..on the day she stood there harassing me as I entered another home..she made fun of my clothes adn the restraingi order she knew the judge had not signed..that DA BELL confiremd also that day with wonders himself as to why..all part of why the conversations yesterday in the cak room ...like in Joe Wallens office) at the Hannibal town court..YES I know everybody cares..

SO YES I wuld feel safe claiming that is how "He" plans to use the good old Sheriffs at DSS at "put pressure" on my boyfriend or threaten to get him "fired" if he does not comply with the next "scene" of "He" Food stamps plan..

SO ok what heppened to my MINETTO ticket? How did that by "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" come up missing also? WHY? don't "He" know where it is "He" knows everything else..or was it all just a nickel less plan to get more money...

It was the DEC agents name DONETTE..DO NET clue...I don't take the bloody money and "HE" sends cops Beiderman to JESSE and all those in the middle to take mine this way now..Isn't "He" cool? Hey ask him what the name of the last one "He" just had blown away means for sure..

I have other places to post these FACTS BBL..

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