New Haven scumbags LEVON WAMELING dea...

New Haven scumbags LEVON WAMELING deadly activity

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Diana Vickery

Oswego, NY

#1 Jul 1, 2013
First understand this ...The FIRST clue link came from Maegan BUCKS mouth in 2008 ..when she talked of hwo the NYS POLICE vehicle will be parked out in front of the house..That SUV was parked in front of Javon Wamelings Proch in witgh the 3011 NYS lic plate on it...Now I have NOT confirmed myself that the TIME claimed that LEVON(NOVEL) vanished was 11:30pm on the 29th 0f May.
There is male in New Haven who runs the taunts Maeghan BUCK made in 2008 that is now this very story...He has a clever way(and he's being sent to taunt this) of working the lines in..They are the words Maeagn spoke in 2008 during the "garbage bag" time frame.."they found him in a garbage bag" in a "Marshy swampy area like they found Julie Munson" Maegan BUCK was NOT even alive when Julie Munson vanished..That is a story I spoke of in that house from my childhood that I recall very well to this day..Maegan during all of this spoke of the police vehicle that would be parked in front of the house also.
Now this has been a heavy New Haven "the state police said she s crazy" time frame also for me...Now UTICA police are searfch9ing in Marcy" for this child...MARCY when I was young is where they sent all the crazy people..Talk from my grandmothers who lived in the Rome area at the time..This was talked about in 2005 and on also.
So yesterday New Haven scumbags were working a "they are going to take her food stamps this time" as in mine charade..because someone saw me "eat butter" ?? and they were sick of it was were now going to get my food stamps taken away also..The charades have been this..BIG FOOD STAMP claims..of how GOV CUOMO will demand a list fo people from the TS Casino and compare it to who gets food stamps...and then remove those people from the program..well thats ok with me I have not been there realy since my BD and I get taken there..and handed money to play NOT MUCH..I have NO GOV Cuomo can do what he wants..Now I wish I had the money to go just to see if it were true..So the terrorize me woks by scumbags are in full motion..BUT I am not supposed to say anything..
Now the LEVON-NOVEL issues I will not ignore anymore...Its runs onthe same foundation as William Thomas Lindseys shooting..That was an estimated time of 9:29pm..
NO the JAY St does NOT fit nor the address..??
Lindsey was shot at 1125 Neilson at approx 9:29 pm The 1100 block scumbags shouted..BUT never shouted about my birthday BUT of "the TIME was # minutes off"..The TIME on the ALLSTATE 3->29<-05 report was 10:31am a HALLOWEEN clue..Thomas Lindsey -TOMMY and LINDSEY of the movie HALLOWEEN..and somehow KURT MYERS of HERKIMER becomes a Michael MYERS link..CHRIS BOWER hit my parked jeep and that report was set off on the image She did not want to pay for damages..So her and Todd timed the new car purchase etc and of course no damages payment I was mad..that issue with 911 became the 3-29-05 ALLSTATE BILL(FACTOR)JETTY claims adjustor report.
This child is claimed to have vanished on the 29th..the 5-29...thats a GALLOW clue frighten or hang(HALLOWEEN) Is this child dressed in ST Pattys costume jewlery in that pic...We all know the massive effort ROGUES have used to bring the KENNEDY children deaths into this by clever clues and willing use of thier "she yanked or grabbed my wrist mother" that began with HARBOUR CREDIT 5-3-05..
Diana Vickery

Oswego, NY

#2 Jul 1, 2013
My point is this...since many have now become aware of the scumbags..and what they do...I had asked long ago for anyone to usetheir fam,ilies birthdays as the guide to "create"a story like have..BUT YOU get to use any story YOU want anywhere...Mine are specific and brought to my attention...AKA forced down my throat this very controlled not by me life I live...That Oswego County works as THE THRILL OF THE KILL" any ? ask the long list of the WALL OF GREENS ...Oswego DA James("Whitey") Nickelson...and his buddy City of Fulton court Judge Spencer Ludington who used their authority and help scumbag recruits Dorothy Mills and Bill(FACTOR 8-11 VICKERY)McCarty in their "gain" plans in all of this..after Mills set me up on 3-19-12..on a bullshit charge..that was dismissed after Nickelson and Ludington got done playing their games..See Nickelson could NOT dismiss the charge he claimed so he violated my fair and speedy trial rights to help Dorothy and BILL out becuase of the recording of the incident that I ket them know I about..That was NOT part of their planning..

Valerie Dedich buckled to pressure by scumbags who had defected the bad side in her life changing decisons time frame plans to go to hollywood.. Vals MO is her MOTHER got her involved" in this and her innocense was worked by "freinds" from there..They just failed ot teach her to clean her house..during it all...New Haven scums taunt "VALERIES GOING TO BE SEEN IN DESIGNER CLOTHES NOW" well that won't look good in her 115 ONEIDA AKA Maureen Levea Village address..I get sick of hearing it..
Somehow this is all linked to TOM ALBELGORE- City of Fulton Asst police Chief and that strange how good I clean houses talk he made for me to hear when he jogged one day with his wife in FULTON.."STICKING UP" FOR ME THEN...? See it all fit in with Bill McCartys BS..and the NYS STATE POLICE "squalid conditions" set up on me my mother DOROTHY staged..that became my 3-11 birthday they now push for Valerie Dedichs "designer clothes" image taunts off it all ...The FUNNY part is as "HE" promotes how "dirty" I am .."HE" had planned for me to clean up some of "HE scumbags...

The last thing I heard Wendy(my fathers birthday 4-5-11 sucide) DUMEZ say was how TOM DOES BELIVE THE SISTER SET THIS UP" Thats off Price Chopper..on 8-6-08 I say is very true in image and why she was there with TODD..along with TOM and his WIFE..
Diana Vickery

Oswego, NY

#3 Jul 1, 2013
n ow from 8-6-08 the night fo George Leveas funeral..and all the deadly scumbag charades that went on before during and after that...while scumbags play the cover for what is now his widwo Marueen Levea..No one ever asked any ? they just went along with all of it here for later "gain" off it all plans..They used GEORGE LUNDYS travel overseas during that time frame as the cover my signs about him..BUT when Lundy returned he went right back into his military scumbag recruit role..So thats how ROGUES including TOM ABELGORE-who knew the story all along Fulton during it all..

Why do I think TOM knew all along? What was Orlo Green state all about..for that message to be loud and clear a cop has to die..Orlo Green...One of the last things I heard Wendy say in her sisters home in 2001 just off being told Tom would be asst chief some day in Fulton..the decision was made back then..Wedny as I came down the stairs..BLURTED out...
Diana Vickery

Oswego, NY

#4 Jul 1, 2013
If this storys true then I WILL commit suicide and TOM WILL GET THE JOB" as she ran out the door of her sisters home..Wendy DID commit suicide on 4-5-11 my FATHERS birthday..She was part of the dopings in 1999 and on she put me on ORION PATH in Liverpoll in 2000 through Norrel Health care that si nwo ALL Metro health care..Wendy was pushed out of that office form what I know no because she would NOT comply with further activity back then...She had moved me into her sisters Fulton home..because I needed to get out of Lorinda Fullingtons so bad..and had no time to look..Her sisters daughter is married to TOM ABELGORE..and I have always claimed that TOM was running the deadly "RED COP" charade in the Fulton PD just days before Deputy Wyman was shot.."They want her to knwo its somethinbg GREEN"was said by a male from inside TOM'S home on 4-7- the day Wendys death was announced..My mother deadly DOROTHY was also aware of how Wendy made efforts to make sure I heard her "TOM" comments the last time I saw her...My mother had told my father that she saw Wendy make the comments to me and she "know she said something" as we drive by..Thats exactly how Wendy did it..

It was TOMS mother in law who told me how he would be asst chief in Fulton when the one in position left..His mother in law did NOT have a high opinion of him..She now feared off TOMS arrogance for er daughter in the marriage..SO YES TOM ABELGORE kbnew about the "HRILL OF THE KILL" plans and Wendys death link to it.."OM WILL BE CHIEF" ..Placed for me GREEN LACES to frighten or hang continuation clue.."DID YOU KNOW WENDY WAS GOING TO DIE?" the startled fe,male asked that day as she saw me poick the laces up...YES TOM YOU DID..and now I know why she said it too..For TOM to be POLICE CHIEF ..Orlo GREN had to be removed or DIE..That scumbag taunt was called "OR LOW GREEN STATE" and deadly scumbags worked it hard in the FBI "friendly fire" shooting of AGENT NICHOLAS IVIE..and that deadly military scumbag recruits name is AFTIN scumbags now work to target her uncle again as an "asshole" who treats me bad..HE WILL NEVER TREAT ME OR OTHERS AS BAD AS YOU PEOPLE DID AND DO..or cause what you deadly scumbags caused and planned to cause..and here's how that plan works.."either way" as it all heads towards military scumbag recruit JOHN NY plans..

JOHN NY is his son in law JOHN CREGO who orginates from New Haven..what a "perfect" "COINCIDENCE"....He' s active inthe the CAROLINAS(Thats a deadly military scumbags "encrypted" Kennedy LIBRARY on 4-15-13 continuation clue) JOHN NY has already been "told" my version fo things of NOT true..He said to his wife way back as scumbags taunted all about..His wife is the 3-19-13 BIRTHDAY a man I was to meet my boyfriend the "asshole(?)" off how military scumbag recruits Dorothy Mills and her "partner" Bill McCarty set me up in FATAL Attraction images on that same 3-19 date in 2011..I would mee t my boyfriend that summer while still homeless as ROGUE Oswego DA James("Whitey" Nickelson played his fair and speedy trial rights game abuse with his power in court..See I was supposed ot get convicted..then later AFTIN would add toit ..after JUDITH DEVENEY came ot Fulton LIB one day to start her shit also in my "offer" of the 6 month contemplation from DA James "whitey" BUlGER-mobster in BOSTON clue) Nickelson OR if I made it though it be pushed off to the Nickel less and by poison plans..Jesus FEDS are good assholes sometimes..thanks for the "friendly" clues.

Now KEEP this in mind now..My mother Dorothy does NOT like my anti of the way I was raised to hate blacks point of views..So I know what "reverse" means and the Wameling child is that plan..

Ithaca, NY

#5 Jul 1, 2013
did u get some bad lsd?
Diana Vickery

Oswego, NY

#6 Jul 1, 2013
"Association" lets hope not another horror is that plan..and it began in2008 withj talk in Maegan BUCKS apt.

Off AFTIN DEVENEY who pressured her BF Brandon that I was was an issue she pushed many start issues...Aftin has family who racist..whether she likes it or not.

They had a child similiar to the age of the Wameling child..Aftin used that child in her plans ot set me up oiff an argument she started...just as she had at her boyfriends parents home that landed HIM in jail off her..and a layoff from his what she was provoking on me now off 9-12 and 10-25 my mothers birthday dates..The Wameling child is the reality of it..the "association" the "anagram." This was also the TIME frame that FBI AGENNT NICHOLAS IVIE was shot link sons 2-25 birthday..Just as 4-5-07 FBI Agent Bushs shooting BOTH by that "friendly fire"(means internal set up by scumbag agents) links to my fathers birthday AKA the CHARLES RUNGE- TS CASINO(1205)12-5-09 cell phone "win" plan set up on meand played out..for a lousy 1000.00 my mother "win" hers that night also.she was the scumbag recruit who took me there off a cleverly disquised invitation from another scumbag recruit named Jerry Vickery Tarbell..whom they paired up with his military scumbnag recruit planned wife SUE RUSSEL a "OFF MEXICO" LIGHTHOUSE CHURCH GOD "association" taunt at me..Like BILL M supported Dottie Mills on 3-19-11.

So JOHN NY links ot my boyfriend ,,,? is will my boyfriend under deadly scumbag pressure "dispose of everything" I have linkied ot this long time story...if I die as deadly scumbags now heavily taunt and promote is in the a stomach issue..that again began at Peggy Deveny and seems to be getting better..but not quite gone this time?

Will he be shunned by this community as deadly scumbags taunt? YES he plans ot live in FLA...Thats where GLORIA LIVES...the latest ROGUE POWERBALL "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" he was lead to believe I would love it there..from my claims in 2007 of how I hated FLA. Thats how it came to storm after storm..My boyfriend did NOT plan a dam thing on that...All hsi effortse ot help me out are severly sabotaged ..and he was by ROGUE plans set up to be the "reverse" BILL FACTOR VICKERY "association" plkan as BILL VICKERY plan their JETTY get away with it all..called ALLSTATE POLICE now a 3011 NYS POLICE SUV parked in front of the house planned outcome...The LEVON-NOVEL vanised "association" clue plan..
Diana Vickery

Oswego, NY

#7 Jul 1, 2013
wavygravy wrote:
did u get some bad lsd?
No NOT at all but maybe Javon Wameling did or his girlfriend....Think about that..

Ithaca, NY

#8 Jul 1, 2013
no doubt they did, but your thoughts are a bit, uhmmm, incoherent and askew. i got what you're trying to get across, but you're all over the map.
Mike Tubes

Ithaca, NY

#9 Jul 1, 2013
If the scumbags win will that mean you will cease posting drivel on the Utica forum?

Because if so, I will gladly root for them.

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