0D 'welfare' story. god help us

Far Rockaway, NY

#25 Feb 10, 2013
I think the story was a sad commentary on this region....however, when local politicians spend more time filling their pockets, sweeping streets for publicity, and coming up with hair brained ideas to ruin downtown rather than attracting private sector jobs that would have kept good people here, this is what the city becomes.....a haven for public assistance. Thanks goes just as much to this region's last 2 rounds of politicians for attracting every other city's problems, as they and their public safety brass relatives fill their wallets and retire to Florida....so so sad.
hank hill

Milton, WI

#26 Feb 10, 2013
pizzajerk wrote:
How about we do this instead of giving these low life scum a debit card how about we make one line for them to check out at the register that is just dedicated to these low lifes so we the working class do not get heldup in line. We must also force them to buy the generic brand of everything alos no potato chips not slim jims no ice cream, no soda. They must live simple no I phones no cable tv no air conditioning. They should also not get a private apartment to live in they should be forced to live in a shelter
I was with ya right up to the shelter...not that its a bad idea, just easier access to more bums who do nothing but go around knocking up chicks and leaving it up to the rest of us to support. Mandatory sterilization first, shelters second. Of course then we'd have so many stds in one place they'd start their own strains and we'd have to spend more money on treating and figuring out what the hell they have....damnit, I don't have the answer either!!(I'll keep working on it though, lol)
Nope I do fine thx

United States

#27 Feb 10, 2013
utican for too long wrote:
drive atround the welfare dominant neighborhoods.[mostly all of utica] and count the open windows when its zero degrees outside. it must be nice to jack up the heat to 90 and open the windows while u sit home and eat free your food all day while your free gas and electric blows out the window of your free apartment. yay welfare!
Try moving somewhere where the energy is cheap and there are jobs that pay enough where you don't have to sit and stare and think about such stupid shyt.

Seriously you all belong there paying for all the welfare pigs. It's all by your own votes and design. Keep electing those eashootica life-failures and voting for "Roann" or whatever paratsite democrats in the friends and family those stupid oooticans vote for. And surprise! The WORKING WELFARE you are paying is 10x what the poor people welfare costs you.

I'm sure another few dozen layers of public safety, DPW and another wholesale failure DA or Sheriff will help you. Uticans are a damned pathetic and whiny bunch of people.

Level 9

Since: Jun 10

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#28 Feb 10, 2013
Bodhisatva wrote:
As the Middle Class shrinks, and those above and below there expand exponentially, you fools fiddle as Rome Burns. You are all being played, and you think you are so fu**ing smart blaming the poor.
Rich People Pay Fox People to convince Middle Class People to blame Poor People.
Very Christian.
Asking God for help, to start a thread to condemn your fellow Man....Typical Right Wing Hypocrites.
Shut up! you make my balls ache!

Utica, NY

#30 Feb 10, 2013
Yep wrote:
Many from the far righthate Planned Parenthood or promoting birth control. Seems to me that we need more of these programs and should not be trying to exterminate them. When someone is 30 and they have six kids, and could easily have more on the way, even if they work, as the woman in this newspaper article says she does, they are not going to be able to survive on the salary. A person on a fairly decent middle class salary can't even afford to raise six kids today, so how can someone in a lower tier job do it? Just think of how much it can cost to raise just ONE kid.
Young people who receive government assistance should be getting family planning advice and free birth control along with their check or debit card. Of course, many of them might not take advantage of the advice, but it's worth a try; think of how much money it would save all of us if it cut down on the pregnancy rate. How many people in the top one percent, or even in the middle class do you see with six, eight, or ten kids today? This is the problem. There seems to be a 'the more, the merrier' attitude among many of the poor and lower middle class.(And this is not a racist observation--you see it among poor people of all backgrounds and races.) It's not so much that they think they'll get more in benefits (they really don't get a lot more for every kid they pop); it's just that everyone around them has a baker's dozen worth of kids, step kids, grandkids. They think it's what you do--soon as you're 15, you start producing kids, and you don't stop til you can't anymore.
Simple solution: Distribute free guns to every man, woman and child in Cornhill and the rest of Utica. Eventually, they will all just shoot each other and the problem will be over.
Ben Gleck

Utica, NY

#31 Feb 10, 2013
Obama is driving the middle class down into the welfare status. Soon their will be two classes the rich and the poor. The rich leftist elite have used welfare to hold down the poor and destroy the economy. The welfare leech is too stupid to see he or she has been use and fooled into perpetual poverty. Soon the leftist elite will reach down into the bowels of poverty and make you leech idiots their slaves.

“Excuse me while I kiss the sky”

Level 2

Since: Feb 13

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#32 Feb 10, 2013
Apparently it pays to make bad choices... All you gotta do is pop out six kids and smoke alot of crystal meth.

Bedford, MA

#33 Feb 10, 2013
thanks too that monkey coon obama the demoscums that are not felons who vote get the raise but mark my words before this 4 yr term is up it will be a change you can belive in
i really dont mind obama

Whitesboro, NY

#34 Feb 10, 2013
but this n.y. do nothing and get everything free shit has got to stop. its making people into useless trashbags with no motivtion to do anything but perpetuate the very cycle that strips them of their basic human instincts to succeed

Level 7

Since: Mar 11

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#35 Feb 10, 2013
I always enjoy the schizophrenic behavior of the "Christians" in this "supposedly" Christian Nation.
I suggest a quick perusal of the New Testament, Jesus clearly states, we are not only required to except and help the least among us, we must forgive their most egregious behavior above all else.

Isn't True Christianity a Bitch?

“Excuse me while I kiss the sky”

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Since: Feb 13

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#36 Feb 10, 2013
Bodhisatva wrote:
I always enjoy the schizophrenic behavior of the "Christians" in this "supposedly" Christian Nation.
I suggest a quick perusal of the New Testament, Jesus clearly states, we are not only required to except and help the least among us, we must forgive their most egregious behavior above all else.
Isn't True Christianity a Bitch?
Who said we were all christians?

Ithaca, NY

#37 Feb 10, 2013
Christianity was taken from a combination of Roman Pagan mythology and combined with the belief system of the apostles which rendered the old testament and new testament into apostate religion. The pope is a mimrod like figure who claims to be the vicar of christ. That means he thinks he is god which is blasphemy. The Old Testament was about Ancient Israel which means Europeans. We are supposed to take care of our own-not the whole world. The welfare scum would not be tolerated in Latin America and in Africa they would turn up in the stew pot. Communists want whitey to pay for everyone because that is how they oppress us. That and their capitalist false system which is an oligarchy of the international bankers and drug dealers who run everything. Choose not to believe me-fine. Afghanistan is taken over by the Taliban-no more Opium-USA comes in-back to biggest Opium producer in the world. England grew opium there and shipped it to China until the Chinese rose up. We need to rise up and put some fear into the hearts of these politicians. You do it your way and i will do it my way but don't do it with others or they can get you on a conspiracy charge. V for Vendetta on you politicians you varmints you. Your day is coming.

Fayetteville, NY

#38 Feb 10, 2013
Bodhisatva wrote:
I always enjoy the schizophrenic behavior of the "Christians" in this "supposedly" Christian Nation.
I suggest a quick perusal of the New Testament, Jesus clearly states, we are not only required to except and help the least among us, we must forgive their most egregious behavior above all else.
Isn't True Christianity a Bitch?
Weird how the same culture of people who decided what books to place in the Bible are the one's touching boy's. Wonder why they left out so much. Wonder why Jesus said an eye for an eye.

Who are you or the government to decide what is done with money stolen from us, post your address and I'll tell you what to do with your EBT card.
stolen is right

Whitesboro, NY

#39 Feb 10, 2013
thanxx for that strange i coulndt agree more. keep the painful truth flowing
Ben Gleck

United States

#41 Feb 11, 2013
I always enjoy the leech attitude like people like Bodhi. The people who justify their laziness by blaming others for their own failures. Bodhi spends all day trying to blame others for his own dsyfunctional family. His mother is and has been a welfare leech so Bodhi needs to try and justify stealing from others for him to live.
Ben Gleck

United States

#42 Feb 11, 2013
It is time to make the leeches work for their checks.
welfare reform

Massena, NY

#43 Feb 11, 2013
Most working families decide how many children they can afford. If a working family has 6 children, their employer does not give them a raise, they have to budget with the money they make. A person on public assistance should be allowed 1 child and any thereafter they also must budget with the same amount of money, instead of giving them more money. I blame the county for this, so much fraud, too many EXTRA giveaways.
Drug test

Los Angeles, CA

#45 Feb 11, 2013
Drug test all the welfare scum before giving them a dime!
birth control

Massena, NY

#46 Feb 11, 2013
If more than 1 child, then they should be on birth control or learn to live with the money they are freely given for that one child. More than one child they should pay a tax or work parttime. The SYSTEM in this area has given them nothing but a reason to be LAZY using our money. Do they worry about bills to pay at the end of the month or getting upset everytime gas prices and food prices go up? Drug testing is a very good start, but, much more can be done, if this county has the balls to confront this problem.
A taxpayer

Manlius, NY

#47 Feb 11, 2013
who cares wrote:
It is not just Utica - it is ALL of New York State!!!
Being on Welfare is only suppose to be a "Bridge" until one can put their life together, find a job (or jobs) to support their family, and become someone with self-pride, self-respect, and an asset to Society.
BUT - our Liberal politicians have gone too far providing these parasites even MORE than what the hard working individual can do.
It pays to "work the system" - that is also why you have a high criminal element in Utica, along with all the druggies.
I wish I was younger - I would also move the heck out of Utica and sell all my properties and move to a Southern State where they know from experience how to deal with all this trash.
There is coming a day very soon, when ALL the taxpapers of Utica will have either moved out of the area or died. Let all the greed politicians handle the financial mess these parasites have created.
It's actually over most of the nation. How else can you explain 48 million on food stamps and Obamaphones for all?

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